A Psychic's Story

Secrets to Communicating with Your Pets

June 12, 2019 Sonya Fitzpatrick Season 1 Episode 1
A Psychic's Story
Secrets to Communicating with Your Pets
A Psychic's Story
Secrets to Communicating with Your Pets
Jun 12, 2019 Season 1 Episode 1
Sonya Fitzpatrick

It’s the first official episode of A Psychic’s Story!

And to kick us off, Sonya Fitzpatrick, the world’s foremost animal communicator joins to share when and how she began communicating with animals, how you can too (it is way easier than you think) and what my beloved deceased dog has to say.

For more information about Sonya Fitzpatrick, visit sonyafitzpatrick.com.

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Show Notes Transcript

It’s the first official episode of A Psychic’s Story!

And to kick us off, Sonya Fitzpatrick, the world’s foremost animal communicator joins to share when and how she began communicating with animals, how you can too (it is way easier than you think) and what my beloved deceased dog has to say.

For more information about Sonya Fitzpatrick, visit sonyafitzpatrick.com.

A Psychic’s Story wouldn’t be possible without your support so THANK YOU for listening. And if you would like to help out, please consider:

  • Subscribing in your preferred podcast player.
  • Leaving a review. 
  • Telling at least one family member or friend about the show.

Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=30119183)

spk_0:   0:00
you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind magic and lore. Welcome to a psychics. Hi, everyone, Nicole Bigly here and welcome to the first ever episode of a psychic story. In this episode, you will hear from the lovely Sonya Fitzpatrick, who is one of the world's foremost animal communicators. In addition to her multiple books and prior TV show on Animal Planet, Sonya has been a guest on Oprah Live with Kelly and Ryan, to name a few, as well as done readings for celebrities such as Paula Abdul, Wanda Sykes, Mariel Hemingway, Ellen DeGeneres and many more. Before we dive in, I wanted to share some context on why animal communication is not only important, but how it continues to evolve over our lifetimes. It's no secret that I'm a huge animal lover. I grew up with pets and couldn't imagine not having them in my life. They provide so much unconditional love. I became even more fascinated recently about the rules animals play in our lives. When reading a new scientific study about how dogs became domesticated earlier than originally thought is now, believe that dog started become domesticated somewhere in Europe and or western Siberia some 32,000 years ago. That's 22,000 more years of domestication with dogs as initially thought. Meanwhile, cats lived alongside humans for thousands of years before they became to become self domesticated. The domestication process between dogs and cats is about 23,000 year gap. Why is this important? The bond between people and dogs certainly strengthened over this time. The ability for dogs in particular to read human gestures is remarkable. Even our closest relatives chimpanzees can't read our gestures as readily as dogs can. Dogs are similar to human infants in the way they pay attention to US. Dogs are also the only species that, like a human child, actively seek out eye contact with people. Some dogs air so attuned to their owners that they can read a gesture from us. A subtle is just change and I direction. Canines also have the unique ability to pick up on how we're feeling through sense of smell. Similar research is being conducted with cats as well. This leads me to believe that whether you have a dog, cat or other animal for companionship, our ability is humans to communicate with them may not be quite as advanced. They've been observing us and adapting to us and our lifestyles over thousands of years. Or is it that we just don't know how to tap into our abilities to communicate with them? Sonya Fitzpatrick learned in an early age how to communicate with animals, and it isn't as hard as one would think. In this episode, you will not only hear how Sonya discovered here communication abilities and how you can begin to tap into your own. She also picks up on topics my pets told her about me. So here we go. Hello, everyone. Thank you for listening in especially this episode, because you are in for a real treat. Today we will be speaking with world renowned animal communicators. Sonya Fitzpatrick Sonia is most known for her extensive work helping us humans, but our understand our relationships with animals and the crucial role they play not only in our lives but the world itself. She is the author of three books who stood a hit TV series on Animal Planet and currently hosts Animal Intuition. A call in radio show on Sirius XM's airs on Sundays from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern time. I could go on and on, but I'd rather get straight to it. And so, with that, um, please join me and welcoming the lovely Sonya Fitzpatrick Low. Sonia, Thank you and welcome.

spk_1:   3:43
Hi, gardening.

spk_0:   3:44
So I first want to ask you how you're doing today.

spk_1:   3:47
I'm doing thought, darling, I'm surrounded by all my animals so they'll be listening into.

spk_0:   3:52
That's great, cause that's actually one of the questions I had for you is what is it like having? I think I had read nine cats, four dogs on horse and three frogs.

spk_1:   4:03
When it's just

spk_0:   4:04
normal to

spk_1:   4:05
me, you know, I just loved them all. And as you know, many people love their animals more than fail up people.

spk_0:   4:12
Rather is very tria. That is very true. And I had imagined that you the conversations in your home are quite entertaining between them.

spk_1:   4:19
Yes, they are. They talked to me. I have to go over to the other side of my brain when I talk to animals, so I'm not switched on all the time. But I always hear them when they have anything to say.

spk_0:   4:31
Yes. And how do you actually hear them? Is it Do voice?

spk_1:   4:37
People knocked me that all the time. A lot of it is feelings and emotions because we're all transmitting out like radios and they pick up everything from us if we that they know it, if we're happy, they know it. And eventually, you know, are animals that live with us, get to know our language. So they they actually know everything that is going on. There are very smart cat dog fish. As you said, you had some and they will have. They all understand our feelings and emotions

spk_0:   5:13
and in Do you think that that's because they just are pure forms of energy or the fact that they're just more in tuned? What is the reason for that? I

spk_1:   5:22
think it's because they live with us. They love us. They know how to communicate on, um, you know, interestingly enough, I have raccoons and they don't know our language, But I can feel meanings and emotions. Andi, I feed them every night, and, uh, you know they're very sweet because they came the other night. The mother with a baby just to show me I don't get close

spk_0:   5:48
to No,

spk_1:   5:49
I know

spk_0:   5:49
that I see Right you're get you give them their privacy and they know that they can trust you.

spk_1:   5:55
You know, I always think it's good to respect animals. You know, when you meet a talk for the first time Just don't go up, Kontic. Because dogs like to get your when all animals recognized through scent whereas humans recognized special visually on some animals have buying with that. But there are other animals there aren't. So you're better just to leave them until they come to you. If you go to visit someone and they have animals, you know they are also different. Just like Rio,

spk_0:   6:24
right? Yeah, I have an Australian shepherd and she if I hadn't raised her from a baby, you would think that she had come from a bad background. But she's just very shy. And a lot of guests that I have that come and visit me well, you know, feel bad like, well, animals love me and I say, Just ignore, Give her her space. You know, Let your just let her understand that you're okay. But she needs her space to just like you said. Every animal is different and it's just a level of respect to that. I think so. We have to take into account for sure.

spk_1:   6:51
Yeah, congratulations on your baby because they know that, you know, she knows that she feels that it hurts to already. And I always say to people, When you do have a baby, don't close the door on them. Let's will come in and smell the baby and on because they built barely You know that they want to feel part of it. They don't want to feel isolated. Any of you close the mouth, it really hurts their feelings on Do also they get confused with it too.

spk_0:   7:23
What's interesting that you pick up on that? Because I rescued my kitten about last August because my Pomeranian that I had he was not doing very well. And I wanted my Australian shepherd me a tow, have a companion. But I knew that having another dog with everything was just gonna probably be too much turmoil. And so she kind of didn't understand the reason why I got the cat and I had to explain to her right that you know, this is another. This is another companion for you. You don't have to be the best of friends, but this is someone that you know you can have a relationship with if you choose to. So I'm glad that she recognizes that

spk_1:   8:01
you're on it. Good to explain that to, you know, and and some.

spk_0:   8:11
Well, I think she's trying to understand, cause her mother dog were closely bonded. And so she's, you know, this is really more of her first interaction with having a feline like a different species where the cat really wants to have a relationship with her. And she kind of is like, I'm not sure sometimes I will actually play around with you and sometimes I won't. So they're working it out, but they're they're starting to get close. But it's interesting that you picked up on that.

spk_1:   8:36
You get

spk_0:   8:39
Yes, they started to just recently, just recently, and that made me very happy because for a while there it was complete avoidance. Complete avoidance.

spk_1:   8:49
Yes, that's right. They have to get used to each other some. Some take longer than others. You know, some of them take much longer than others. Andi, I find with my dog I have three cats and I bought two new ones. Then on the one that was 17 objective more than my doctor. She didn't

spk_0:   9:10
like the fact that more

spk_1:   9:12
came in,

spk_0:   9:13
right? Well,

spk_1:   9:14
you know, she between any other capture really happy

spk_0:   9:18
now. And they

spk_1:   9:20
rub along together. They don't there no lovey dovey. But they all rub along nicely together on I think to myself. Well, if they don't with me, they wouldn't with anyone else because it's good to talk to them. And when you talk to them, see them behaving how you want them to behave because some people would say, Oh, don't do that. But you've got to visualize it as well so that you see them getting on together and you know, they don't have to be nothing up to each other, but just accepting each other an animal. Do it.

spk_0:   9:53
Yeah, and I mean, you make a very important point that I think that a lot of people, they just rush in to sometimes getting pets, and either don't necessarily give them the time in space or understand that it takes time just like people, to work out relationships and build trust like that

spk_1:   10:11
that very pack animals

spk_0:   10:12

spk_1:   10:13
handle. They love to be with people on. You know, sometimes people leave their dogs in the garden all the time, and I think it's so bad, Why have a dog and leave it outside on, you know, because they get very lonely. And also they need protection from the sun and the cold.

spk_0:   10:32
Yes. Yeah, that's some something that I think that we all need to be more cognisant of. I mean, they are pack animals, and that's the whole reason why we have them, you know, as pets, right? As domesticated pets. Otherwise they would be wild animals. I would love to hear if you could, you know, start a little bit by sharing how you knew you had the gift of speaking with animals.

spk_1:   10:53
Yes. When I was a child, I didn't speak until I was about 76 or seven on the animals Talk me their language on. I didn't need to speak to people because I was talking to animals all the time on they thought that I was deaf and dumb my parents. Obviously, I certainly was dead. I do have to have a severe hearing loss, which I still have. But fortunately with modern technology, I have incredible hearing aid so I can hear everything. So I was always talking to the animals. And then one day there was a cow carp, and it was all wrapped up in barbed wire. And its mother was making the most, you know, so distressed on. I ran all the way back to my We had a village door on Iran and I said to my father, You've got to come. You've got to come. They couldn't believe that I was talking.

spk_0:   11:48
I don't know that.

spk_1:   11:49
They said I never saw

spk_0:   11:51

spk_1:   11:52
father came and cut all the wire off the car on. Do you know she was fine? But that's how I started, then to talk to people.

spk_0:   12:02
And when your parents found out after you start speaking and even your friends on you obviously shared Hey, I can communicate with animals. Maybe not in those words, specifically where they open to it. And what were people's reactions?

spk_1:   12:17
Yeah, very really. They were because they when I started talking verbally, you know, I could explain and I could tell them I spoke to animals and with the things I told hm, it was accurate. Andi. I used to have three G's. My father gave me filled with sex on. I hatched him out. In those days you had attached the mile in incubator on. They don't even saw the more pecking out of their shell and coming out. And I love them. They used to come to school with me, and I used to do My father had a shelf, as I said, a village store and he used to doing newspapers. And I used to did deliver the newspapers in the morning on my dogs have come with me and the geese is well on. They were incredible gothic. They got through that very protective you on guard, que And then one day I came home and it was near Christmas and they were all hanging up there from the rock. And I was heartbroken on it was, you know, to after the war, when food was still very scared. And, you know, I never ever got over that on day. I still, you know, still touches me now. Years and years late, but that was heartbreaking for me on then. I closed down for a long time and didn't talk to animals in that special way. And then, um when I came to America, are friends of mine have coupled with, um they were tearing up the house from running up the curtains, destroying everything good, angry young and she said, Oh, she said, I wish I could stop it So I just said, I think I can So I started talking to them and they thought that when I started communicating with animals,

spk_0:   14:05
Yeah, I can't imagine having that experience. I was a child myself. I remember when I would be playing outside and people would step on ants or I would be in the playground and things would happen naturally, just like it does in life. But the sensitivity piece of it of myself, My my parents were like, Why are you so sad, that thes answer dead or will you know, somebody stepped on the spider, whatever else, and I physically just felt so sad.

spk_1:   14:33
Yeah, I know everything has a like button. I I stopped taking me when I was young because of that because I couldn't a the animals we I'm in those days my father you have land on. He used to keep picks and chickens on some, you know, the chickens would supply a and then when they were old, he used to kill them. And it broke my heart that names for all. And from you know, I really suffered a lot in that way as a child. And I think a lot of people do on there are many Children that do talkto animals of I did. But then when they get to school, their minds full of other things, you know they have to learn to do other things where when their homes, before they go to school, their mind more you know, it's not so full of all the things they're having to learn. But Children, there are many Children that do doing

spk_0:   15:27
Yeah, I think also to because you know, when we're born on this earth or so pure and our energy and we you know, however, we grow up in the things that were taught by adults and parents and sometimes shut us down and we or we just don't become is open. We close it off also to like If we have experiences like yourself or you know others, um that they might not understand because people can't relate. If people or parents have Children that do exhibit and say, you know, I can communicate with animals or pets, Do you have any tips of how parents can help? Um, you know, cultivate that and help encourage their Children so they don't lose that gift or ability.

spk_1:   16:10
They say it's your imagination when they're giving away, because imagination in animal community.

spk_0:   16:18
And so what would what would you suggest that an adult would do if a child were to share that? Um, you know that they can speak with animals,

spk_1:   16:26
I think, to accept it rather than think Oh, you know, You know, it's not riel because it is imagination without our imagination. We will create, create anything because in the beginning my found juice, assailants, our imagination, and now you think, Yes, it is because I didn't feel everything on up to me imagination Israel. If we didn't have that, we would have create very much in our lives,

spk_0:   16:55
right? So that's basically just encouraging. Having parents encourage their Children to share their stories and to trust what they're feeling and seen, and to not be afraid to just share their experiences.

spk_1:   17:09
That shrine right on when when you sort of date or charred Oh, that's ridiculous. To them, it's no. And it's confusing for them, too, because they're hearing all these things on there talking to animals. And then someone comes and says, like a there's a pound. Oh, you know that just your imagination or you can't hear them. It's very upsetting. But when they said it was my imagination, I thought, Oh, they're right

spk_0:   17:37

spk_1:   17:38
you know, if they do and Children when they're very young, Um, you know, their 1,000,000,000 truer to on they think stick with um, for instance, I know that it, you know, I have plants and sometimes that dogs being gone when their Children and they never, ever get over it. And I want to know what apparent with the dog on what happened to the door because they live with that for the rest of their lives. And they suffer with it, too, because when your car you don't have any control over that,

spk_0:   18:11
Do you also think that it's also a soul connection to because in my mind, or at least when I was growing up as a child, I moved around a lot. So for me, my companions were the pets that were in my household because we would move very frequently. And e think that there's a soul connection sometimes, but between Children and animals because they just can relate on that a sick soul level. And that is also why it sometimes can be a closer bond and harder for Children when they can't understand what happens in the rest of the world in the bigger picture, right? Just impact some a little bit harder

spk_1:   18:47
job in a very, very sure,

spk_0:   18:49
Yeah, yeah. My, um my nephew, one of my nephews. He loves my black cat body. He calls in Black Cat and, ah, a little side story. Is that when he when I have two nephews the oldest one? When he found out that his father was doing a business trip down to where I live in Atlanta, he started crying to my sister, his mother, that he couldn't see me, his aunt and then the youngest was like So he's gonna actually go see body Black cat, and then he was crying not because of me, but because he wanted to see the cat. What? We're So they, you know, every every child has, you know, different bonds and relationships. So they're with people are animals And I find that, you know, just amazing. And if we could just nurture that more between adults and Children, we would be living in a in a better world. I'm in a shift gears a little bit and, um, obviously, you've dedicated your life to helping people, and even organizations, you know better understand the role that animals play in our lives and how we can better co exist, which I think is great. And I also love that you've done work with the A S P. C A. And I'd love to hear a little bit more about how you've helped them in the past or how you've worked with them, especially from, you know, rescue perspective, and just maybe share a couple of examples.

spk_1:   20:04
You mean would be able to talk to them, too, because they are I seminars. Every so often, there isn't anyone leave my seminars without being able to, you know, I get them to talk to the animal from where we are on, they usually get at that very view that walk away that can't already do it on. They surprised that it's so. You know, people try too hard sometimes, and it's such an easy thing to do on. You can think it's imagination, but the best time to talk to animal. I think it went just before you go to sleep on. Just ask it questions you feel in a sense they pay attention to your feeling. So on. Also when I talked to them, If you change the food, I can actually taste in my mouth, you know, And from it's like, Oh, some of them like fishy food. Some of them, like chicken food. You know, they all have particular tastes. And some some stocks, particularly some Doctor Lee, anything and everything. They will another doctor more PK that just like people.

spk_0:   21:10
Yeah, I was just gonna say they just feel like people there. They have their own personalities and their own preferences and opinions. I'm sure.

spk_1:   21:18
Yeah, yeah, you know, And on that very good that, you know, tolerating discomfort. You know, if sometimes people get very upset when their dog has been ill for a while and they go to bed and they may pick up a tumor or they may pick up. You know, a problem with kidneys on often cats when they're older, get kidney problems, you know, because when we get older, everything swearing out and they get really upset back. But they haven't recognized bad on, you know, it's just that they animals tolerate it so much better discomfort. So if there's anyone out there that feels upset because they didn't know, you know, that they didn't do something about it sooner, You know, don't blame yourself because animals very good of tolerating.

spk_0:   22:07
Yes, I experienced that with my dog who had recently passed away, and I think so.

spk_1:   22:13

spk_0:   22:14
it is when stocks

spk_1:   22:15
parts away, they get around the other animals and they're still communicating. I talked to Germany dogs in spirit, on which one of your dogs that trouble with the stomach area?

spk_0:   22:26
Well, that would be must. Massimo was my Pomeranian and he had a kidney and a heart condition, and towards

spk_1:   22:34

spk_0:   22:34
and towards the end for about two years I was giving him treatments and both of them conflict, as you know, so one treatment doesn't help the other. And towards the end, he wouldn't really eat and his So I was super hungry. And so I would make him steak every day. Um, because I really wouldn't give him red meat every single, you know, before I try to keep him on a strict diet. And so just so he would eat something.

spk_1:   22:59
Yes, and you know he liked, Tiki said. He said he don't pick her to country small, and you always set him on nice dishes.

spk_0:   23:06
I did. I did make

spk_1:   23:08
a always not this dish is, he said. You were always kicking him on the head through is not that on your talk to me by society, you don't waste any love going in the car.

spk_0:   23:19
He did, and my other dog, Mia hated it, then didn't understand. You

spk_1:   23:24
are used to make people, Smiley said.

spk_0:   23:27
He didn't leave

spk_1:   23:28
the car. They stop it with those things that went called core colors, meaning the traffic bite

spk_0:   23:33

spk_1:   23:34
and people would smile at me.

spk_0:   23:37
You should

spk_1:   23:37
always make people smiley fit.

spk_0:   23:40
Yeah, we had a rule. I told him that he needed to lay down and sit down to be safe when I was driving, but then when I stopped at a light, then he could sit on my lap or he could go out and I would roll down the window so he could look out. But then once the start, the car started again. He had to lay back down. And he did. He did that for about 13 years. He was He listened very well.

spk_1:   24:02
Yeah, they love it, You know, some talk tape it sometimes being with us all the time. And they love going in the car.

spk_0:   24:10
Yes, they dio

spk_1:   24:11
Oh, had a white car.

spk_0:   24:13
That's mine.

spk_1:   24:13
Oh, I love that car. They love that call.

spk_0:   24:17
Yes, that's like

spk_1:   24:18
I said, You do too.

spk_0:   24:19
I do too. I love it. I love that car.

spk_1:   24:22
Yeah, they said your picnic very clean.

spk_0:   24:24
I do keep it very clean. Just like my house

spk_1:   24:28
end up going in. That they said. And could you take them for more rights, Please?

spk_0:   24:34
Even my dog Mia, because she hides in Baghdad.

spk_1:   24:37
He said I I like to go. I don't like it too much. What? What temp? I found it interesting because there was one lady that put dark glasses on her dog when you stick it. Nervous of the traffic that went path? Do you know they get nervous sometimes. But it's moving quickly or be overtaken on, you know, really help that dog law.

spk_0:   24:57
Okay, Yeah, because I always would feel bad. I wouldn't take her is often because she would just hide in the back or on the ground.

spk_1:   25:04
No, because I feel a bit

spk_0:   25:08
right, but she But she still would like to do more.

spk_1:   25:11
They don't like being being everything moving, but dont going to help the stock tremendously.

spk_0:   25:17
Well, I will try those dark glasses on her.

spk_1:   25:19
Try it and see,

spk_0:   25:21
I absolutely will

spk_1:   25:22
and see how it goes because it really worked, you know, with this lady on, then I've told other people about it, worked with them to

spk_0:   25:31
so And that actually brings me to another question. Because I I've adopted, and I've also, um, you know, purchased animals as well, just depending on how I feel if I'm bonded. I know a lot of people say, you know, adopt. Don't shop it. How do you feel? Someone decides that they want a specific type of breed, you know, one that's like hyper allergenic or something else like that to you. I mean, obviously, I would say my opinion has always adopt would be preferred, but do you have a strong enough opinion of somebody purchases? A. Nimal?

spk_1:   26:01
Yes, people. People often go for the same type of dog. They have one drums, shepherd. They're happy with it. So they're going get another ship, German Shepherd on. Then there are other people that just will go to the pound on saver dog's life for a cat's life. You know, everybody is so different. German shepherds are highly intelligent at all animals. Albert German shepherd on my rich bracket to I have a I have a bridge backs and he knows everything that I say. But, you know, I think you have to take when you're purchasing a dog. I think you have to think if you're living in a small apartment, you know, go for smaller doll on. If you have a bigger house and it would, you are, you know you can have a larger dog on. Don't you know it's got more freedom, but always walk your dogs because there were just some small dogs that don't like to walk, but the majority of adults they need to be walked. And I find when there's a lot of problems in the home like they tear up the house is usually because they haven't had that walk every day on Doc. Do need a good walk every day. They love the smell of a scent. Dogs. When they're smelling the scent about that other dog, they can read a lot. It's like them reading a letter when they're sniffing. They contend a lot about the talks in the Senate. The goal. So it's always got to walk doctor every day because it gets them out. You imagine how you feel if you were stuck in a yard in the house, you know they get depressed, just like people.

spk_0:   27:38
My parents have three German shepherds, and they have a big yard, but they're in the process of retiring, and they don't walk the dogs as much as they show.

spk_1:   27:48
No, I'm the one that has a problem.

spk_0:   27:51
Well, one of them is very large. He should probably be about £120 Atticus. And he's 1 40

spk_1:   28:00
Right that big. Take some time.

spk_0:   28:03
He does. Okay.

spk_1:   28:04
Yeah. E need that, you know, they really do need to welcome pick a big dog like that.

spk_0:   28:10
Especially German shepherds. Like you said, because of their intelligence, I will definitely be passing that along to them.

spk_1:   28:17
Yeah, even if they get dog walkers, it makes such a difference to them. And they need the exercise. Big dogs, like people need to exercise when you know I don't always feel like it. And I think, Well, no matter what rain, hail or whatever is I take my dog out for a walk. One of them I have to put a raincoat on

spk_0:   28:38

spk_1:   28:39
of the rapid. But, you know, they do need that exercise. And they knew, you know, they come back and they know flopped down and go to sleep, you know? And they love it when they exercise regularly. They're just the odd small dogs that don't like that

spk_0:   28:55
they like to be carried.

spk_1:   28:56

spk_0:   28:56

spk_1:   28:57
Some people will often carry some a lot to, You know, most dogs need exercise, and it's good for us who I always say to my dog. I wouldn't be as healthy as I am if it wasn't for them.

spk_0:   29:09
That's very true.

spk_1:   29:11
You just being, Oh, you've got to take them for a walk on. I've always, you know, in England people walk their dogs all the time, you know, and I reduced dogs being walked. And I was surprised when I came to America that something didn't get war. So, you know, I would say two people were, You know, do it. Get out. It's good to you. You're you're keeping yourself healthy. It's when it's the dog having, you know, really sort of being able t go into a natural habitat and smell the grass and the trees. Another dog thing. You know, that's what dogs love to do.

spk_0:   29:48
Well, it's also mentally stimulating for them in addition to the exercise. Like you said, they smelled a different sense. And it's a way of them of communicating and getting, um, awareness of their surroundings. So it's both physically and mentally stimulating and exercises them

spk_1:   30:03
on the other thing. You have to be really careful about vaccinating every year. Um, there's a wonderful back that told me this 18 years ago. Dr Mark Ego, staying in your door on vaccinations every year can kill dogs, so they need to be gender up. You know about it. More bets for getting knowledgeable about that today. But I had a lady a couple of weeks ago on. She just had a very small doll on Tuesday. Self to the vaccinations. It was three years old, I think. Yes, on Dolly. So you have to be really, you know, need to look into that thoroughly. I don't that that that once my dog had vaccinations. When I learned about this from my cat, I had two cats, one that left 21 to 21 on my big dog blipped a lot longer. You know, bigger dogs don't always labour's long a small it all. And I had a rescue family and he lived to be 20 years old.

spk_0:   31:08
Wow, that's very old for a big dog you

spk_1:   31:12
because people often think, Oh, they're doing the best thing for them on then. You know, they know on Dr Marty you've got If you look in our field, you'll see on his website about that

spk_0:   31:26
I will look that up in anyone else that's listening. Dr. Murray Goldstein. And does he give recommendations on, like, actually win to vaccinate er Does he say not to do it at all.

spk_1:   31:37
Well, a. A dust, a dust, hepatitis, you know, because you can have that the see it, see if the vaccine has been in the blood. So I do that every year, and it is. It's amazing how it stayed in. So if you do the tightest since you can find out whether it's necessary or no,

spk_0:   31:57
that's really great to know because, you know, I had a pet that was extremely sensitive to shots and vaccinations, and I intuitively just felt like I didn't want to do that. But then also sometimes were legally obligated, like with Rabies and all those other things you know. So I was very much tourney.

spk_1:   32:15
That's right, you know. And it obviously, if adult is prone to biting. There's so many doctors, sweet and gentle wouldn't by anyone. But if it is, it's worth doing it because you're in big trouble it and they do by someone your you'll in big trouble for it to so you have to you have to do That's why you take they through the tightest steps. Every new you see that the vaccination is

spk_0:   32:42
well, I love that tip. I'm definitely going to do that now with both of my pets, for sure every year, instead of just going through it and giving them the shots just to give it to. I love hearing that tip. So another question for you. Have you watched a dog's journey? The movie? Okay, so it's a very popular movie right now. I have not watched it myself either. But it follows the journey of a dog who, through various lifetimes in reincarnation toe, ultimately return to one of his human owners that he had formed a very strong bond with

spk_1:   33:16

spk_0:   33:17
they dio

spk_1:   33:19
not. Yes, they do. There's I've had one of my dogs back three times in the last time and and it was interesting because the stock was thrown out. One of my rescue folks is turning out of a car on the district. Boy came up to a house, he picked the broke out. If you've got this dog in his arms, a small dog and you said Mommy won't let me keep it. But I know you keep you've got a lot of dog on I said, Yes, I have. And I took the dog in and my daughter said to me that through come back, which was one of my ridgeback and when a week later, his hair. They always have a bridge down the middle of the

spk_0:   34:00

spk_1:   34:01
said Life, and he's got the same. You haven't got a really even curl bru when I had him at the top and it was exactly the same. So I knew that people reincarnated back to me, honey, Happy people for many things that prove you do,

spk_0:   34:19
Yeah, I don't want to watch that movie gesture. I think I have to be in the right mental headspace for yeah, yeah, I'm definitely gonna watch it. I just have to be in the right mental headspace. But it's good to hear that they do that because I've heard various, you know, feedback that Petzel reincarnate, but not it's not as often than it's very rare, but I feel differently. I feel that, um, you know, if there they make different decisions, of course. But I do think they can come back to us.

spk_1:   34:48
Yes, they can. I have one of my clients and I put the story in the born in my boat, he said to his daughter and son in law. When I die I will come back for your dog.

spk_0:   35:01
I want you

spk_1:   35:02
to get I take everyday And you know when when after he died, they got another dog and they knew it was him on. They said we gave him a steak every day that they said he was so smart and

spk_0:   35:16
so intelligent.

spk_1:   35:18
And it's like a feeding. You get it in awareness. You get

spk_0:   35:21
correct is

spk_1:   35:22
Earnest when you know that you've got adults back. The three incarnated You're aware of certain things, certain idiosyncrasies, that I like the dog that over. And a lot of people recognize that Don't say so. Not my old dog. Not really. I think that that old dog reincarnated back,

spk_0:   35:42
Yeah, that's just amazing. That's amazing. It is. It is

spk_1:   35:46
like this. In many, many ways, it's just an animal. But, you know, I think sometimes, God, I don't know what I'd do without animals I've never been without without animals will finalize bad animals with me.

spk_0:   35:59
The same

spk_1:   36:00
on the company. You know, whenever we walked through the door, Doctor, so

spk_0:   36:05
has he.

spk_1:   36:05
Figures, you know, everyone. You've been out five minutes. It's like, Oh, you know, my months back on, but so happy to see us, and they appreciate so much, you know? I mean, you can tell a lot from their body language.

spk_0:   36:19
Yeah, and I think we can all take a page out of any pet we have. But there, but, you know, book, right, Because they're so grateful and they live in the moment. And the experiences that they give us in terms of unconditional love for me has really helped frame my way of thinking more were I want to be more present, and I want to get out of my head as a human, right? I've always said we're human beings, Yes, but we're actually spiritually beans, um, having a human experience and they're spiritually themselves. Um, and it's just fascinating to see

spk_1:   36:53
they are so appreciative with us. You know, they appreciate a so mark on, As I said earlier, some people love their animals more than the people around them and that more lovable, aren't they?

spk_0:   37:04
Yeah, maybe raising my hand on that one, too. That's That's the except except for Hicks up for a few people. That's like why they probably have all those bumper stickers and T shirts and, you know, rather be with my dogs?

spk_1:   37:15
Yeah, I had a plan and the doctor told me my mom left me more than she loved my dad and the client said, You bet I do.

spk_0:   37:25
And you know, it's actually, it's it's really made me feel good. I fostered a dog just for a couple weeks. He was Ah, they think he was like a pit bull and I won't get into the back story of it, but he's not. They are so sweet and so misunderstood, I think just based on stories and how people have treated them in the past. But anyway, I was fostering him. I just felt very compelled to do it. And at the time I had two cats, two dogs. I'm fostering. I'm living in a small place. But I just was like, I can't have him go to a shelter because I know that he it's he's gonna not necessarily make it. And so I only had him. I had like him less than two weeks. He was the most loving, cuddly dog, and a woman ended up adopting him through another friend of mine, and it was her first dog ever. And I was a little worried cause she was a small, teeny little petite woman. And here's his big dog and she's like, You know, even I had a teacher at a walk home. She never walked a dog before. And she had a boyfriend, a longtime boyfriend. And she told him after like two weeks of just having the dog's name is Gus. And she said, If we get married or if we even when we stay together, we don't get married If there's ever a decision made, it's the dog over you.

spk_1:   38:35
Do you know that? Very

spk_0:   38:36
important to think you

spk_1:   38:37
bought that goingto because I think it won a beauty up. Stalk someone one of you doesn't you know it's very hard for you if you love a dog. And you know, if your partner doesn't love it and doesn't want one, it's really hard. So before you get married, make sure your dog lover, you or a cat lover that you married

spk_0:   38:58
or that somebody that understands where your stances and you're not gonna get rid of the pick, cause a lot of people do do that, you know, even when they have Children and things. So

spk_1:   39:06
I know you know, I think nice for Children to grow up with a dog or cat. You know, they appreciate them and they learn how to treat them to kristic act. Because Children can be quite hard on animals. You have to be get when you have to. You know they can. They can jump on the door sometimes, then the double bind, because it's the only form of defense of the has and those that dogs end up going to the shell draw being put to sleep, respect animals when they're very tiny. Of course, they don't understand that, but you just have to be careful. And if it if you have got a situation like that, get the bulk of face and let it get in going your bedroom and close the door. You know so big that the child doesn't, you know, keep on every taking the door

spk_0:   39:58

spk_1:   39:59
I think you have to have respect for your dog and it Children do overdo it. You have to let them know that I think

spk_0:   40:06
when I would think to, just like you said, talking to your pet and letting them know that a baby or a child is coming in this world and that things are gonna be a little chaotic in the beginning, and it may be a little bit rough, but be patient, and then it's almost like you become a mediator between them and then as the child learns, and then hopefully the bond is formed than everyone can happily co exist straight.

spk_1:   40:30
That's right on when you talk to them, you know you're talking to animals. Always put out the right, see them doing what you want them to do right. But you don't otherwise, As I said earlier, that will confuse them if you're sending them, you know, to behave well and seeing them fighting with another dog or being abused it to another dog because you always get some dogs at the very bossy without the dogs. And they could make that felt locked in this story, and you have to let them know that there's a pet controller that you can get it. A little spray can, and it's called equity, and if you spray it, sometimes the noise alone will stop barking. Do you know a lot of bad habits they have? It's a great training tools because it they some box dogs bark and also not drive their human companions. Not if you get is quitting, you just spray. You don't have to always spray on them on just the noise of it. Baxam on some if they don't and just playing on their back, and then they start associating what they're doing with that friend that stop it.

spk_0:   41:38
And you said it's a spray called Quit it like key U I T.

spk_1:   41:42
If you go to pick open our weather sprays, stop. Stop barking and they will show you where it is. But it's called quick. It's

spk_0:   41:52
great to

spk_1:   41:53
you are quick it, and it's a wonderful evening. If you've got a young dog, you know the front because they you have to train them. I I always you know, I always trained by have a young daughter with training myself, making it second day on. If you're not good at that, I'm making them walk to heal Park Pastors franchise called Bark Busters and popular treat you. They'll take you out and tell you how to do everything and take join. They will stay with you. I think you pay one time Freud and then don't do it as long as they can. They'll do it until they've got the docks really trained and you understand out a hand for that dog and train that dog yourself on. Then they need. But it's an incredible organization.

spk_0:   42:40
Well, I had not heard of them before. Bark Buster's, I'll have to do that if the next time I adopt, um, another dog

spk_1:   42:48
on some people, you know, they're very good with their dogs, but they're not so called training them and sending you away for training. I always think, you know, okay, they come back, but you don't know how they've been trained on. You don't know what message they've used, whereas we bark busters, you go wisdom and you learn how to handle everything with your dog. That's what I like about.

spk_0:   43:11
Yeah, I know a lot of people that will send their dogs for training and exactly what you say happens, and they give you like a crash course of. Here's what we've done and they give you the commands. But then they go back into an environment that if you are not consistent and you haven't been there to see the progress than it's very hard to apply it.

spk_1:   43:29
Yeah, on you have to be. You don't have to let them get away with things that they annoy you. Or I bet you you have to be consistent. Being consistent is very important, you know.

spk_0:   43:43
Oh, yes. Consistency is key. I feel like with those Children and with pets. Well, actually, any any human being right in any for for child. Um, in your book, the pet psychic. What the animals tell me which I have. And I have a signed copy which I feel very honored. You share how we can be more attuned with animals and communicate with, um And I also know that you offer a seminar or an online course where you give various guided visualizations through meditation and other things. But for the listeners listening to this episode, what are some tips that you would want to share and or what are like your top ones that we should all kind of keep in mind as we are communicating with their pets?

spk_1:   44:29
Yes, you will start to get things back from your animals, and it will feel like your imagination, but trust it, that's the thing to trust it. And a quiet on you can. They can communicate with you when they're fast asleep, too. You know, if they're sleeping, they can still communicate. Where if we don't

spk_0:   44:49
really and didn't I didn't know that part

spk_1:   44:52
of your community when they're sleeping and they'll understand what you're saying. I often dude, you know when I got So

spk_0:   45:00
why is

spk_1:   45:02
I think it's the way they bring with the way their brain work. That's what I think it is, because when we were sleep with that to the world,

spk_0:   45:11
True, true.

spk_1:   45:14
But they can understand actually under standers when, when when they're actually in sleep state. That's one thing they got on Earth animals.

spk_0:   45:26
Yeah, and maybe that I mean, like you had said earlier, when you are going to bed or you're going about to go to sleep. If your pet has been in sleeping in the room or beside you because they can communicate when they're sleeping there in a very relaxed state, that's then, Yes, so that's probably like why you had made that recommendation. But that's great. Okay, so one tip is trust your imagination, and also when you're Pettus sleeping, that's another opportunity because they can receive your communications when they're asleep, whereas we don't necessarily have the same ability as humans. What other things?

spk_1:   45:59
That's right. They take and they pick up so quickly they pick up from a very sensitive on. You can talk to them, you know, sort of 1000 miles away and then here you because it worked through magnetic field lines. We have magnetic field running through the body. We have a certain amount of electricity running through the body, and we just connect with the magnetic field that run through the universe so you could talk to them. You don't have to happen there to talk to them. A lot of people would say on the front or bring my doc Doc And I say, Don't worry, because you can talk to them and they come pick it up from May through magnetic field rhymes, how birds fly thousands of miles. You know, in England they go out for the winter to a hot climate. Then they'll come back in the summer. I used to have slaughters, I had no farmhouse innings and that I left in and they had outbuildings and barns and the birds would start to come back every summer when when the weather changed. Mine drink cold in England, even in the summer? Sometimes. But they would and I wait for them to come on. They'd arrive within two weeks. You get some? Come on, then the other came on. They've come back within two weeks and they use those magnetic field lines that way.

spk_0:   47:20
Yeah, it's amazing. And when you say that you can communicate with your pets or animals from miles away, do you speak to them out loud? Is it g visualized?

spk_1:   47:34
You know, you're them just by thinking thing on, you know, you can think about it and you can talk like come, you number verbal communications and they still pick up from you.

spk_0:   47:48
That's amazing.

spk_1:   47:49
Yeah, we can't

spk_0:   47:51
well, wait.

spk_1:   47:52
I equipment on other people can can if they thought the awareness, they'll understand that making do it just simply as I can. I mean, people about how to do this. And it It's so easy, so simple to talkto.

spk_0:   48:08

spk_1:   48:09
just by thinking and feeling and using visualizations and feeling the emotions. And as I said earlier, they are domestic animals. Get to know our, um you know, get to know on angry,

spk_0:   48:22
and I think it's exactly that. What you say is Thean imagination part is that it's not our imagination. We just need to trust our gut and go with it and know that we can communicate with. That's we have been. And we've been communicating with animals on a level or several thousands of years when you look back to when dogs were first domesticated and we've lost a little bit of about of that as we've grown away from just coexisting and, you know, being more connected to technology and other things, that's a whole another topic. We could talk about it another day, but, um so Well, thank you so much.

spk_1:   48:58
Thank you.

spk_0:   49:00
Yeah, I enjoyed our conversation as well. Before we close. Is there anything else you'd like to share or anything for the listeners out there? Any other tips you would like to provide

spk_1:   49:09
when I think just, you know, when you are with animals like people, some of the murder of slower it, understanding things. Another thing. You just have to be irritation. If you have an animal on, be very clear that you put your visualization with what you're saying. The right vision, eyes days by what you're trying to tell them vision. I didn't see them doing what you want them to do rather than what you don't want.

spk_0:   49:36
Kind of like if you have a dog that can be aggressive when you're walking it and you tennis up and then you immediately think of the dog barking and at the other dog because that's been the pattern.

spk_1:   49:48
Yes, I have a yeah, I had a current husband. It never happened with the dog, but with the lady because she was always worried that it was going to go for another dog. So the dog picked that up from us, and it does what we don't want you doing that, what we do.

spk_0:   50:02
So what we would do in that situation is we would think of the dog. Just walking perfectly fine by the dog may be sniffing, being more social and engaging and not visualizing it cause the dog is picking up thinking that that person wants them to respond the dog to respond in that manner.

spk_1:   50:21
And I I had another thing happened. We had I had one lady who called me and she had to talk great years and they never got into a fight. And they got into the terrible fight where she had to take them both to the bed. Tony Tucker up pretty badly. And she just wanted if I could find out what it wa I asked them, and I suddenly felt this sort of around my neck. I could feel some a chain or something different around my neck. I'm one of them have had a gun in some competition and won this like next. It was like a gold color.

spk_0:   50:58
My guns.

spk_1:   50:59
Yeah, on the other one happened about one, and it was three of weeks or six weeks. I can't remember exactly before they got into this big fight. So they are brood over something for a long time, and then they get into the site and she didn't understand what it was about. So it she said, What can I do? I said, Well, won't you have to do is when Dr like this. You know, sometimes stocks couldn't care that that's a dog can. Just whenever you buy something for one bite for the other, if you change a caller, did the other one a caller don't ever do just one thing for that one dog without doing it to the other and about. We were waiting months later, she called me and she said, Sonia, it just works. They've never had another. Fine. I said Yes, that's it, she said. I wouldn't have thought they'd have noticed are telling were some dogs? Couldn't care less like people

spk_0:   51:52

spk_1:   51:52
other dogs can. No, you ever Anything like that happens, you give you an idea. Let's think about this. What did I give my dog? But I didn't get to the other door. But I have two cats. One was on a special food on the other Walkmans because it had kidney problems. So the ladies putting on special food on the other cat was very annoyed about him

spk_0:   52:16

spk_1:   52:16
annoyed with his mama and turned its back on it from off the column on. She couldn't understand it. You said he was so affectionate, and he was so annoyed about this cat having different food, I said, So when you see the other cat giving just a little bit too, we it was fine, then we just didn't like it. Put the other cat at the different food to him. They annoy things going on. That 40 per going about then he was very affectionate with his mom again.

spk_0:   52:48
That's amazing. I mean, it's just again, like Children that do you treat Children equally. You wouldn't give one child a lollipop in the other one. Not

spk_1:   52:56

spk_0:   52:56

spk_1:   52:57
there with anyone. Have problems like that. Just looking to what You come

spk_0:   53:00
forward. Don't be

spk_1:   53:01
up. You could have five captain on day three of the other warden care, you know? And then you get one that does and you know the different. Just like people on you. Just have to work out. Why? Because it doesn't brood on it sometimes for a while before they do it. So, you know, just know that it isn't. Think back when it started, you know what happened? What you've been doing or what could a patent. And then you can work it out and sew up that when they have the same thing all the time, the same colors, the same goal they were fine.

spk_0:   53:40
You just balance it out and you treat them equally and cheer point. Some may care, and some may not. But you know what? You might as Well, just be proactive and get ahead of it, right? Yeah, And not have to worry about it the other way around

spk_1:   53:53
that, right? And then you'll get another dog. Kappa couldn't care less would as long as it gets it

spk_0:   53:59

spk_1:   53:59

spk_0:   53:59
you know,

spk_1:   54:00
it's OK about it, but I think it's so different when you know that all the animals have different personalities. All of them just like people.

spk_0:   54:08
Yeah, they certainly are wonderful. And well again. Thank you so much for joining and sharing your story and perspectives. Yes. And guidance on how we all can become more aware of the importance of animals playing our lives. And, you know, for those interested in finding out more about Sonya Fitzpatrick, you can go to www dot sonya Fitzpatrick That's eso. And why a f i t z p a t r a c k dot com Or you can also tune into her serious X M call in radio show that airs each Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern time and again, Sonja, thank you so much. It was certainly a pleasure speaking with you. You have a fantastic rest of the day, but by

spk_1:   54:48
are you to

spk_0:   54:51
to recap this episode with a psychic story. One. We all transmit energy and animals. Pick up our feelings and emotions through sense to the best way to communicate with animals or your pets. Is divisional ized how you would like them to behave in your mind? Three. If you have Children encourage their imagination when they say they can talk with animals, they are more in tune than we are as adults. Four. Don't try to heart the best time to talk to animals before you go to sleep. Ask questions, then pay attention to what you feel. Incense. Five. Animals can receive information from us and understand while they're sleeping. Six. We human animals connected via magnetic lines so you don't need to be in person in order to communicate with an animal. Seven. Trust what you're feeling and your imagination, and don't be afraid to share your experiences. Eight. Before vaccinating your pets every year, ask your vet to conduct a tighter test to see what it is in their systems. Most often, vaccinations air still in their system, and they may not need it each year and finally be patient when communicating with your pet and may take some time, but it will happen. Thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a second story dot com.