A Psychic's Story

Conscious Ink: The Hidden Meaning of Tattoos

June 19, 2019 Lisa Barretta Episode 2
A Psychic's Story
Conscious Ink: The Hidden Meaning of Tattoos
A Psychic's Story
Conscious Ink: The Hidden Meaning of Tattoos
Jun 19, 2019 Episode 2
Lisa Barretta

When most people consider getting a tattoo they intentionally think about the importance and meaning of it in their lives. However, did you know that unconsciously, we may be craving a certain type of energy that we need on a mental, spiritual or emotional level? Even the location in which a tattoo is placed has the ability to ground us in that energy and even heal. 

In this episode of A Psychic’s Story, Lisa Barretta talks about how ancient cultures laid the groundwork of our modern tattoo practices, the hidden power and symbolism behind tattoos and how tattoos are in essence spiritual birthmarks. And while we’re at it, we also dive into astrology, tarot card readings, past lives, elementals and much more! Because, why not?

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When most people consider getting a tattoo they intentionally think about the importance and meaning of it in their lives. However, did you know that unconsciously, we may be craving a certain type of energy that we need on a mental, spiritual or emotional level? Even the location in which a tattoo is placed has the ability to ground us in that energy and even heal. 

In this episode of A Psychic’s Story, Lisa Barretta talks about how ancient cultures laid the groundwork of our modern tattoo practices, the hidden power and symbolism behind tattoos and how tattoos are in essence spiritual birthmarks. And while we’re at it, we also dive into astrology, tarot card readings, past lives, elementals and much more! Because, why not?

For more information about Lisa Barretta, visit lisabarretta.mystrikingly.com

A Psychic’s Story wouldn’t be possible without your support so THANK YOU for listening. And if you would like to help out, please consider:

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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind magic and lore. Welcome to a psychic story theme. There are hidden, powerful meanings and wisdom and tattoos, both in the symbolism behind them, as well as the ancient practice of getting one. Applied Cultures that practiced Chamonix Tattooing laid the groundwork for today's modern exploration of the tattoo process. Tattoos are revelations and proclamations of your dreams, emotions and can even hint at past lives. That's why I'm very excited to have Lisa Beretta join this episode of a psychic story. For 35 years, Lisa has researched the fields of consciousness and psychic sensing, a member of the National Council for Geo Cosmic Research, the Federation of Astrologers and the International Astrological Research. Her work in The Metaphysical is backed by scientific studies and experts and their respective fields. More importantly, Lisa published a book conscious Inc that shows how skin art interfaces with our bodies own energy field and reveals how tattoo imagery can help expand our in self awareness. In addition to her book Conscious Inc, Lisa also authored The Street Smart Seconds Guide to Getting a Good Reading and the Book of Transformation As an astrologer, reiki practitioner and intuitive counselor. I can't wait to hear more about her metaphysical journey and dive into the ancient practice of and wisdom behind tattoos. Please join me in welcoming Lisa to a psychic story. ELISA, Thanks for joining us today. How are you doing? You

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know, how are you?

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I'm doing great. And so it's summer solstice, and you're able to chat today with Lisa Beretta, everyone, and she's here to first. What we like to do is start out a little bit about how you even got started in the business. And when I say the business and industry of all things and metaphysical spiritual, whatever you wanna call it,

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Okay, well, we're gonna go back. I'm going to rewind back to the time I was about three or four years old. I used to see spirits and then I would tell my mom and dad I saw them and they just thought I had a fantastic imagination. Then when I went to grade school, My big thing was all the kids were talking about their toys. I was talking about my Zodiac sign, and I started to buy these little tiny books about your sign that you could get in any type of, Ah, check out counter. And then I bought my blocks away for my first set of terror cards. And I was about 14 years old and I started to read my friends card and I was like, a natural thing and then forward a little bit. When I was about 2021 years old, I had a past, like reading on this guy. Knew nothing about me. He was amazing. He told me that I did this in a prior life, and he didn't even know at the time that I had an interest in astrology or or tarot card goes past lives. Abduction. Do you name it? I mean, I guess you could say I'm a typical pipe. Anything that metaphysical paranormal appeals to me.

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And what did your family and friends think when you started emanating as a child? I would imagine that it's, you know, Imagineer, playmates and other things like that. But then when you started reading tarot cards and everything. Was it just for fun? Or did people take you seriously?

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All my friends took me seriously, especially the first time I wanted to. I would play around with them for myself and more or less have, like Taro solitary until I got familiar with the cars. And the first time I read a group of my girlfriends, there were about four or five of us together. And I had predicted something about a girl who was not in the group, and I didn't realize the same things. And, you know, they're listening. Well, I actually, But it turned out I felt that this girl was going to get pregnant. But I saw her making a long distance move and all kinds of things were coming up in the card. As it turned out. About three months later, no one could find this girl. They thought she was a runaway when actually she moved from the east coast to the West Coast because she was pregnant. So

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did you find it hard? I do this with my friends, right? They know now not to really ask me. I say I'm not a parlor trick. Right or I'm not just for it. But if I do get a message, I will happily give my friends that message. But it's I try and keep it off unless I'm turning it on. And are your friends respectful of that as well? They

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are over the years. One thing you have to learn when you do this type of work, whether it be astrology or tarot, is you have to learn to have boundaries because if you don't have boundaries, no matter where you go, someone convicted, you bring your car there, Brit, make sure you bring your cars. At a certain point, I wasn't going to get invited anywhere in the car, could come to. They were my plus one,

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so I had to

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put up boundaries and haven't realized that I do it. But you, as anyone who has any type of ability, you're not always on basketball player could be a star basketball player, but he's not gonna make every basket. But it doesn't mean he's less of a star, and that's what people I think need to understand about anyone who's in the metaphysical field. It's not that they were wrong. It means they're not any good. We have our off days. We have our own days. We have our troubles and our problems. Also, we weren't are psychics to get an answer. It took me a while. T realize that. Actually, it took me to into my thirties until I realized that, you know, you better put up boundaries.

spk_0:   5:41
Yeah, I definitely find that. And I like to describe it because people ask me and I would like to ask you because we haven't talked about this, but what it's like for me. So when I get a message, a lot of times it's almost like tuning into radio frequent state to your point, like sometimes you're on, sometimes you're not. Sometimes the signals really strong. Sometimes it isn't, and I think that that's a dance between the energy, and we can get into that later. But it's just more of an intuitive, knowing and a feeling. And then I know that, especially if I'm not thinking about something in particular at Pops in just out of nowhere, then that is something that is more divine and guided, and then, especially if I get a different feeling when tuning in What what do you feel especially like walk me through is well, I find it fascinating that you can see you saw spirits when you were younger. Do you still like each one of those? Um, a little bit.

spk_1:   6:26
Oh, yeah. I still have visits and things. Thinking back to your original question about

spk_0:   6:31
Can you turn

spk_1:   6:31
it off? Can you turn it on? I don't think I've turning off number were always psychic, but if I'm with a group of people, I have enough distractions going on where I'm not focusing in on anybody. Home like that's invasive anyway. And you really should not. That's a cold reading. Tell somebody something. And unless they ask, of course, if you pick up something that you feel they need to know because you just have that feeling that don't go on that trip or you shouldn't do that then tell them. But it's how you deliver the message now, you know, with my kids pretty straightforward. If I get a feeling and then that's always you know, they want to shoot the messenger.

spk_0:   7:04

spk_1:   7:04
I can't help myself when it comes to them.

spk_0:   7:07
Yeah, and that's what I That's what I meant more. I don't read people normally or anything like that. I have a normal, like a regular job where I go into the office, and I recently in the last several years, was just very open, not just with my friends and family, but then also my coworkers in the corporate field about what ideo, which is the other reason why I wanted to start this show, was so that people could share their stories about their past forward and also help other people understand and embrace it, in case they're questioning or wanting to understand their past forward and what they can dio and to not be so afraid and not be scared of things as they're evolving. Because it is, it's a natural process, yes,

spk_1:   7:47
and I think we'll intuitive way. We'll have gift. The psychic senses are nothing more than the upgrade to our physical senses, and I think everyone has them. But if you don't honor them or become aware of them, then you don't really pay attention to them. And I have a lot of people when I I want my client. So the people I know to really use their own intuition first, their own guidance and then, if they need somebody to weigh in on a second opinion or help them find tune it then goes for reading. Some people put it all in the hands of the reader and say, Fix it.

spk_0:   8:18
It's never a

spk_1:   8:19
quick fix. So for high tone, this usually works out kind of muscle test. What you want to know? If someone really wants to know? Should I stay in this job or leave it? Write yourself a note like very specific note about the job and put the name on it. And how does it feel? Standard ive and then hold the paper. Then pull it in close to your solar plexus area and you're either gonna feel like pulled forward towards that. Where you going to feel pushed back? And that's how you start to become aware. Like I know how to turn on my intuition. Now I know how toe pitch start to trust myself, because I think a lot of people rely on psychic readings as the Silver Bullet for any problem or the T T to a test, and we all have our own journey. I really take it seriously. What ideo and you know it's more about giving the potential and the possibilities and not so much prediction because everyone has free will. You can't tell someone which I have in the past. You really should not marry that guy is not gonna be. I see think. But Brazil asked me, Is that a good choice? And I'll tell them why. It looks like it's not a graduate, not my opinion, and then they do what they want to do anyway. And then afterwards they come back and they said you were right. It didn't work out, but I used astrology in tandem with the terror because that really helped me. One is my golden key, and one is my silver case. So it helps me kind of get a better sense of timing and the energy that I'm working with

spk_0:   9:42
and you mentioned something and that's great that you find that balance and I want to dig into a little bit of that here. Shortly when you talked about the stress tester, that actual physical test of writing something down on a piece of paper and then seeing how your muscle in your body reacts to it, that also is a Segway into also I would imagine your book about Conscious Inc and hidden symbols and other things because you've said before that the spoken word is powerful, but the written word and the symbolism and everything else is even more ancient and even more pure. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

spk_1:   10:12
Exactly. The inception of contacting actually came about because I was researching how birthmarks are actually clues the past life and Dr Ian Stevenson. He was affiliated with the University of Virginia. He had a whole department on this and he wrote some amazing books and he did study set around believable. So at the end of this article that I wrote a block pissed and I put it on lengthen its like can tattoos, the spiritual birthmarks, and that led me into Wow. Symbols are very powerful. You can look at a symbol and it will say a 1,000,000 things to you. You know what it represents like a logo. And of course, everybody knows you know the good symbols and what we think of the bad symbol. So when you consciously tattoo, even when you put on silly touches, if you want to put making mouth when you. You're putting that symbol on and what it's doing. It's feeding into your consciousness. Like Why? Why do you want that? And some people who are maybe very serious minded have making now to show people the silly side or their lighter side. But beyond that, in one chapter, well, I could have made this chapter really big. I I believe it was chapter sex, the importance of symbols and what they mean. And when you put him on your body, you're basically wearing your magic. For instance, you need more strength in your life or you want to speak up more. You may not even realize it at the time. You may be inclined to want maybe a tiger, you know? So you're importing that energy into your body. And some people who get tattoos, they don't research their symbol, and they're basically wearing a symbol that may not really vibe with who they are, because what the symbol does it wakes up three archetypes inside of you. They all keep in mind like acupuncture. Now, when they give you acupuncture, they're around all your meridians, and you know they're moving your energy alone when you're getting a tattoo. The piercing of the skin also moves energy. Of course, it doesn't go in as deep as the acupuncture needle, but it's still moving the energy and opening a portal. And I cover all the mysticism with tattoos and Chapter three, and some of the people interviewed were had incredible stories of their cat to experience. I mean, really amazing as the fact that made me go out and get another tattoo. We have to talk to these people.

spk_0:   12:24
That is very fascinating. So first of all, at a lot of questions there, what do your tattoos that you have?

spk_1:   12:29
Before I wrote the book, I would say, Wow, maybe about 20 years ago, I got my first tattoo and on the back of my neck it's a distinctly for my Zodiac sign, which is spicy, very small, only about the size of maybe 1/2 dollar. And I didn't realize it at the time until I wrote the book. After I got that tattoo, I went through this personal journey and metamorphosis, made a lot of changes in my life, whether they were conscious or unconscious, and I became more like I would say more. My place e self instead of my Virgo moon, which was always very critical, picky and totally a type has done to embrace the pie Seaside more. I wrote my first, both the street smarts like X Guide to getting a good reading and believe me, never did I ever want to write a book. I didn't even want to do homework, and

spk_0:   13:15
that just

spk_1:   13:16
came about. Then the second book in the third book and then after I wrote Contest thank the hitting meeting of tattoos after I talked to Damon Rohan Child, who was like my mainly feature tattoo artist. E is amazing. I started to research symbols, and what I did is I designed, I guess you can call it almost like a sickle for the upper left arm, because I wanted it on the left arm. And I have basically symbols for different planetary energies that I wanted to show up in myself. But I used the alchemy symbol for the planet's instead of the moon. I used this balcony symbol for silver designed. It's really cool. On the line are tattoo that work. Oh, and then after I got that tattoo that caught two of two, did it his name's Nick Santiago. He's amazing. I didn't know Nika the time I wrote the book. I wish I did. But he But he was another tattoo shaman that I ran into when he gave me that, too. We stood. Then we looked at each other and I said, I think I need something else. Okay, let's just connect, don't speak. And we're just going to connect and we did. And then all the sudden, okay. And he drew a turn on my wrist. And you Do you like that ago? I do like, let's think it and we ain't it. When I went home, I looked up the meaning of front. It's like, Wow, it should sincerity to others able to keep a confidence and basically embracing your psychic abilities. And we didn't know what the symbol meant At the time, he just was feeling fun, and it feels good on my wrist. Then it's like I need it one morning I wasn't satisfied. I really was never into the load because I got Wow, the lotus is so overdone. Every spot you go to has a big lotus, and anybody does breaking as a big lotus logo. But after I wrote the book and I realized really, what The Lotus simple means and the pedals up the load is the expansion of consciousness. Now, I wanted a little bit and I have the lotus. I guess you could call between my angel wing area on my back. And I picked out the colors that I wanted. I needed a lot of, like, probably used in there. And I wanted the arm symbol kind of like work into the Lotus because I really felt that what I needed in my life at this date to be more peaceful, show more gratitude and basically, you know, really get that type a part of me under control. My must I feel it work.

spk_0:   15:24
I got a tattoo when I was a teenager, and I think, you know, for me was I wanted to a little bit of a rebellion in there, and I forget that I have access kind of by my lower back and every other year or so I feel like I want to add something. I'm like, Nope, don't do it because I want to. I've intuitively felt that exactly what you said when you put something on your body, especially when it's permanent like that, and even when you remove it, it does scar. And so there's still the energy there, but that you should be very intention, new based and know what you want to be bringing into your life both physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. And do you have any? Like where areas on the body of somebody wants a certain type of energy to come in or certain area, like grounding? For example?

spk_1:   16:07
Chapter two, I went into the whole thing where you know the design you pick out. Of course, you wanted to fit the contours of your body in the tattoo. Artist will go over that with you, but in Chapter two I how the body has its own voice. Also, certain parts of the body resonate to certain energies. For example, if you want to put something on the captive, your leg, that's more like stability in your life for feet or for grounding your hands there for what you embrace in like psycho, through basically all the body parts and say, if you want to get it to because maybe you do feel that you need to be more stable Okay, let's put it on the leg. And then there's the right side of the body or the left side of the body. They both have their voice also. Then it's like, what symbol do you want? And you? And sometimes it's best to design your own tattoo, make it your own. You go into a shop and you can see all the flash art. But but make it your own, Actually, take the time because this is a part of you. Now this symbol is going to become a part of your consciousness. You're gonna resonate with this symbol, and it's gonna say more about you than anything, and it is gonna wake up in our exercise. Then you also and I have that in chapter, I think five. How we all embody these different personas to Maybe you want to bring out more than the warrior and you speak up more to be a little bit more, you know, uh, forward in situations and not socialize. What symbol will help that warrior have a voice? And what part of your body do you need it? So it makes it you're more hands on on picking your tattoo because it is a part of you, and there are people that just, you know, went out and got a tattoo. Their friend got one. And after I talked to these people, they said, You know what? In a weird sense, maybe I needed that symbol. When I got it, I talked to very few people that had regret so many people that have regrets were the ones who either had a bad tattoo artist or had gang related tattoos. You know, they were the people that were sorry they did it because that also lots of the gang type prior life, maybe you're you're just honoring a past life is somebody who maybe was a criminal or didn't have such a nice life, you know, But it it needed to be resolved in some way. But the book explains it, and there it's a quick read, I think altogether it's seven chapter, but they all flow from what it was. What it means to get a tattoo had a pic attach. You are even the shop that you go to has a certain energy to it. There's a difference between walking into a shop that's kind of 30 and not looking together or shop where somebody's actually burning incense, playing some cool music, the the energy and everything. And most importantly, a lot of people don't realize getting a tattoo is a blood ritual in any type of because you could say metaphysical paranormal type of event. A blood ritual is very potent because blood is Archie or our life force. And when you have blood, they say the spirit world or the other dimensions are attracted to that. So you're forming a bond with your tattoo artists, in a sense, because you're having this sharing this blood rituals. So no, your tattoo artists. Also, they don't want somebody who's high or drunk. So when you do it consciously, wow, you get the full impact of being there. You really get what? It's supposed to be the same as if you differences do read your daily horoscope in your inbox. It's one thing, but if you really go to an astrologer and really sit down and do it the proper way, it's a whole other experience, and you get a lot of enlightenment getting a tattoo from getting tired of reading from getting your astrology tar done, because all of these things. They're tools that somehow over the centuries have been kind of put in a box of silly nonsense when actually they're very valuable and self empowering.

spk_0:   19:44
You mentioned that there were some healings and a lot of people that are in the book and you you share their stories. Give us an example of one of the healing things because I think that while somebody may want to bring an energy that they may be off balance or something, and I love the idea about the pie ceasing because I'm very type A as well. But then also the fact that you could be you could even do something from a healing liken, ultimately physical healing or emotional healing standpoint. On top of it, that can be even more powerful When you consciously like you said, choose your artist, choose your symbols like you did and and just move forward and be very conscious about it

spk_1:   20:21
right now. One of the most powerful story while there are a lot of them, but there's two that really stand out, although there they're all amazing. One woman went to Damon, and she's in the medical profession, and she it has you know, a mastectomy in issue with her breast. So she wanted to go get a tattoo from Damon cause she had her that he does this transformative tattooing where he uses almost a poking method because when you top tapping on the body is, in a sense, moving energy and healing. So she wanted him beauty back to her body, where she had the scarf so prior to getting the She always had a weird acre pain there, but she wanted to talk to Anyway, she got the tattoo. Now Rick utilized in the medical profession, and she wrote this in and she signed off the death printed and I printed her words. They're not lying, But she went home that night. She laid in bed and she said she actually felt like this dark and we smoke coming out of the area. That was tattoo. And as this images smoke left the pain that should always had there left also. So, Damon, because of who he is and how he tattoos and he really healing the way he does it and the symbols that she picked in the color actually brought about the healing for her on all levels of consciousness. Physically, she liked it, but just a mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It did something. It moved some energy blocks may have been holding a block of energy there, That was, you know, related to the trauma of having the operation. And somehow the tattoo just kind of release that energy the same way you could say it could puncture moves energy in another story. I love this one. He's featured in Chapter six, where I do symbols. Days Day was a police officer who had post traumatic stress syndrome, and he really having a tough time with it. So he also went to Damon, and he wanted a tattoo on the side of his torso of a boat, and words to the song shipwrecked. So Damon did it, and he did a beautiful job. Now they gave me the picture to put in the book and that they had post traumatic stress. Now I heard us an author and as somebody who wants to see how this fits in, I went through. But all of the symbols in his tattoo, what they represent, and I kind of formulated my own hypothesis about how this brought about his healing. And afterwards I got a great Duke from him. He said, Thank you so much. Had I never really realized that you're right with the symbols represent with the boat represents how the water represents the healing, the words and it's amazing. I mean, you get sitting re tattoos endlessly, you know? But these are people that did it consciously. They need it to honor something in themselves, and that's how they work through their trauma. But in a sense, they receive the healing. I'm like going to tattoos. I mean, yeah, I'm probably gonna get another one.

spk_0:   23:06
And I think that what you were saying about those both of these people is that they went into it with intent, but they felt that there was a need, and at first maybe it was just like, you know, they may think that they're being a little bit rebellious, or they may think that they are making something beautiful, but inherently. They just knew that they needed to move something, or he'll something and their bodies. And so they went to a place that actually would bring about all of that. And I think that that's so great. Also, that you list out. If somebody is interested in learning more about it in the book, they can actually go in. And like you said, pick the tattoo artists and figure out the symbolism and everything else that goes with it, and that's just great. But what about the overall, like symbols like their ancient race? So they go back from, like, the Donna time, um, back in the day, also to like Indians and all of that, like they used them as ways because they didn't have the technology that we have. And so I think sometimes we forget about just the history and the meaning in the mysticism that these symbols bring about.

spk_1:   24:05
Oh yeah, they found on Egyptian mummies, where the women actually had fertility symbols tattooed on their abdomen because they believe that by putting the fertility symbols on their abdomen, these women would either have an easy childbirth or, if they have difficulty getting pregnant, would be able to experience the pregnancy. The Polynesian people to get a tattoo was an honor. You had to earn your tattoos. That's crossing the threshold, and it really is because when you get a tattoo, your changed. Because Percival you've altered your body, so that's changed and something inside of you changes to when you sit with your tattoo. You can't help but love it, and it does re release endorphins when you get it. We can't overlook that, but I feel that the symbols are the most important. I actually interviewed a group of women who said they all wanted to get the cancer, the little cancer tie symbol, Britain, because a friend who was going through cancer and they wanted to support her. One woman didn't want to do it. And I said, Is there a reason why you chose not to get this symbol? And she said Yes, because I did not want to embody the symbol for fear that I would get cancer. I would dwell on it, and I thought I would co create it So everyone has their own

spk_0:   25:15
personal way

spk_1:   25:16
of dealing with their consciousness, and I respect her for that. It's not that she didn't support her friend, but she knew herself well enough that that symbol is not for him, and it's not for you. Don't do it because somebody else is getting it. You have to resonate with it. you have to, Really, your body has to want it.

spk_0:   25:32
That's definitely true with with all of that, it's just being in tune with yourself and knowing what is what's possible. But then also going into it with intent, like

spk_1:   25:41
somebody who got three sixes had nothing but did it as a joke. I wrote about that. I think the book to and she thought it was gonna be funny to get the 36 is the mark of the beast. But because I have how she knew that symbol, what it meant. She said when she got it, she just seemed to attract a lot of negativity into her life. She was mugged, you know. She lost things. It was not a good symbol for huh? And because it all starts with intention and her intention was basically to be, you know, and she got what she wanted.

spk_0:   26:14
So we had talked before about shockers was the whole and also like where you place the you know, where you placed tattoos on your body. Tell us a little bit about chakras and how touches can kind of help influence the energy within that.

spk_1:   26:30
Well, our shock razor, basically our human spark plugs. And, for example, they all relate to a psychic sense. The higher psychic sense it like, for example, your root chakra related to your psychic sense of smell. That's how come some psychics can go into a room when there's a paranormal event and they can smell a cigar. They could smell food or perking because they're very open. They're grounded, just, you know, just like when the heart chakra that chakra has a lot to do with my comma tree. When you hold something, touch something, what you feel from it. So even though the shockers review them is going down are fine. Of course, they're just not there. They go in and out the front and the back. So sometimes when you tattoo around the Shaqra Center, you can empower that Shaqra, even if it doesn't have to be a specific shocker symbol. You can put a flower and make it a color that relates to that shop for that. Crazy chocolate is really good colors also, and I do feel that there's a there's more than just the seven main shockers there, a lot of shockers on our body. We have a lot of time on our hands and our feet. That's how come we can sense things where we want

spk_0:   27:37

spk_1:   27:37
that feel safe. When we touch things, does that feel right? But the main ones are the ones that get the most press because educate everybody and chakras. We need a school for that. I wish they would teach it in school. But when you talk to you are tattooing near a main meridian, a shocker center. So re chapter two and find out like Okay, what Meridian And my activating now, because you are activating it, the energy in that area is gonna play out.

spk_0:   28:02
Yeah, I think again, it's asshole thing. I definitely want to get the book. I did not have a chance to get it yet. Yes, I definitely gonna be getting the book and reading about it because now I am winning to get another one and, yeah, it's just a great Celeste's kind of change. Tracks a little bit and talk a little bit more too. So you grew up knowing that you have this gift in this ability and nurturing it. You had friends and family that were very nurturing. You mentioned that you had you know Children as well. What advice would you give to people that are going through this, You know, or having had abilities? Because I believe that we all do is Children. And as we get older, we sometimes are either afraid or we stay away from it. And we don't necessarily want Teoh go in that direction because of what society or what others tell us or for fear of judgment. What tips would you give people either for themselves or for their Children?

spk_1:   28:54
Yeah, because I feel that there's a a large fraction of Children now that get written off being autistic or different. I think they're tuned a little differently and they're more intuitive, You know, they feel things more than half to do things they get if they have feelings are very sensitive, I would say, First of all, you have to get rid of the fear. Chris here is false emotions appearing real. You know, I was always reluctant people say what you do for a living, and I used to flip it back to what I went. My formal education is in our graphic design art history, so it's a Lamanno artist because as soon as I would say, Well, I'm an astrologer, and I also intuitively read the tarot. You know, most people you believe in that stuff and that shuts it right down. Or you get the other people that are so curious they want and they want a picture

spk_0:   29:38
brain, and

spk_1:   29:39
then they

spk_0:   29:39

spk_1:   29:39
pick their palm in my face. It's like, No, I'm not a Palm reader when he's just coming out, this one line means, you know. So the thing is, I think it's more mainstream stream now. I do feel that this generation of one passed mine. My Children's generation. They feel they're more open, you know, to this there about being authentic and honoring who they are and not being afraid of it, because when you use it respectfully, it's like any gift you have. When you use it respectfully, it could enhance your own life more so than being. You know, the entertainment for other people. You can use it for yourself. I, some of my peers, but they do sometimes is they just have for themselves. They'll shop with the tarot cards and in the morning, randomly pick one card, and that's their message for the day, and you you take the information in the card, whether it's good or whether it's bad. And if it's a bad card, you know that you have the power now to flip it and work through that cause. Not every journey is pleasant. We will have to go through tough times, and it helps you tune in. When you look at the cars, there are so many different decks and the color speak to use the symbol. Speak to you months again, we're back to the symbols. It's all about the symbols on the card. I always tell people when you buy the terror, Yeah, look at the book and put it aside and make it your own because everybody's intuition is a very personal thing. And I think you should use it in the workplace, your gut feeling, your intuitive feelings with your family, and it really does make your life more whole. I think you're not missing out on anything. I mean, I haven't looked around my room, and if I see something sometimes I get a feeling that I think that that statue wants to be moved over there. The energy needs to shift and just by moving one small light and whether it's a throw, pillow or statue, you shifted the energy in the room. And when we become more where that we're energy, everything around, this is energy. And if you want something to change in your life, you have to get unstuck. And that may mean altering your retain a little bit or removing a chair, moving a piece of furniture. And all of this sounds silly, but it works. I mean, I just had an experience yesterday with working with energy. Now this is a lot of fun. I forgot when we used to do this way back when I was a teenager, when I went through my wicked phase, which a lot of people go through their with phase, we would sit and make the phone ring once, and you'd be surprised how many times that would work. And that was so cool. That was before cell phones even existed. Were dog meant landlines, we'd make it ring. So my repairman, he's an excellent guy. He's hard to get a whole of you can call him,

spk_0:   32:12
and he may not get not to

spk_1:   32:14
you for days and days, and I needed him, you know? And this is the God's honest truth. I mean, like, I would wear take a lie detector test. So it was yesterday, and it was about 2 33 in the afternoon. I'm like, I can't go through the weekend, but not having you know the thing. My house repaired. That hurt. Okay, use your personal magic. Now you can impose on the free will of others. So it wasn't really a spell. So what I did is I went outside because I wanted to be around nature. And I took my finger and in the air, I wrote his name. And then I wrote it down three times in the air, and I took my finger and around his name, I did a clockwise circle three times, because when you do a clockwise, it's going to bring it to you counterclockwise. Gonna take it away. And then I sat there and I just visualized his face in the middle

spk_0:   33:03
of the

spk_1:   33:03
circle. I swear to God within, like, not even five minutes, my daughter called after me shoes. Somebody's at the door. I go. Who is it if you this guy here to repair what you get repaired like okay? And I'm like, Wow, it's still work. You know?

spk_0:   33:22
You know,

spk_1:   33:22
I had, like, my you know, my my moment of, like, believing, trusting get out of my own way And yeah, we we can when Once we get ourself in that place, we can bring things about. But the intention was to get something repaired. Not that, you know, do anything weird to the guy,

spk_0:   33:43
right? And when? Because when I get up in the morning, I've started this I say an affirmation or I love I love the idea pulling cards and everything else. But it is about setting your intention for the day and also for the rest of your life with that consciousness, right? And just making sure that you choose what you want to put out into that world. Because I do firmly believe that we're all human beings. But yet with here were spiritually beings having a human experience, and hopefully that is spiritual. And we forget that when you mentioned moving things around in the room and changing the energy up. One of the biggest takeaways I here for people is that if you're afraid, one don't be to ensure that you are, you know, just trusting your own gut in your own intuition. Yes, we're human beings, but truly and first and foremost for spiritual beings. And because of that, sometimes we lose that connection, and we want to trust what that is. And so if you get up and you like a certain color or you want something, just reflect on that and make sure that you understand and have a little bit of grace with yourself that you are experiencing this for a reason and then just pull within yourself and say, OK, do I or do I not necessarily want to do this? And when you set forth anything with a positive grateful attitude and everything, I think that that is really what it's all about and just also just embracing it is as much as you can when you do these little tricks, then you start to see other things that just pop up, you know, for me it for a while. It was numbers. Um, you know, I had a for a dear friend of mine in college, and she had lost her sister at a very young agent. But every time she saw the numbers 11 11. She remembered that that was her sister's favorite numbers, and so she knew it was a message from her sister. So for me, it was numbers. You can see them on your clock or on your phone or whatever it is, you know. You see, you're driving down the highway and you just see something or on the radio station, and that can resonate. And so you can look that up for what is that that hidden meaning? And that is just one of the greatest gifts I think we can give ourselves just to be open. And at least you know that there is something else that's out there and just not be a afraid of it.

spk_1:   35:43
Exactly. That's what when they say, stay in the moment. It means like the moment means be aware of everything that's going on, Everybody myself included. Sometimes we're always thinking about what we're gonna do in a few hours or what we have to do in a few days. So we don't realize in that moment when we're thinking of these things, we're co creating what's gonna happen. And if we were feeling anxiety, we're putting anxiety into, but we're gonna create if you just stay in the moment, almost like the Peacefulness of the Buddhist monks, and you look around and you just even if you're just in your room and you just have a gratitude for what you do have and focusing on what you really want to get just that active, like being having gratitude for what you have suddenly flipped all the energy, and it makes everything like dark to sync up. And there is a certain rhythm in life, and when you get into the rhythm of it, it's not that bad. And to even take the time that seem more challenging as lessons. If you look at it as a lesson, it's not as bad as you think it is. It certainly brings about a time certain inner peace and getting back to things. I would ask people, if you have a lot of things in a corner of your room, clear out the corner because stagnant energy will settle in corners. And when you have piles of clothes and books and junk, you're actually blocking things. You're blocking your flow. It's like having a hardened of artery somewhere.

spk_0:   37:06
Your till the ticking upon me. F Y I because I literally have book. I was gonna clear and clean it out this weekend because I was feeling stagnant. I was moving some stuff around some other closets and I'm in my bedroom and here I am, sitting around with boxes. And as soon as you said close, I add an image of my closet and I'm I'll have to take a photo and send it to you later. Maybe I'll post step so you guys can see that I'm not making this up. But, no, you were picking up on that because I'm like, even today I'm like, Why is the technology not working? I mean, it's the summer solstice. Have everything kind of go and flow. And it's just been kind of a little rocky day today, you know? And now you even pointed out you just us sitting here talking like you need to clean out your closet and your rhythmical. Yeah,

spk_1:   37:46
I learned a little stage in policy Santo in that corner after cleared up. But if you're technology was not working the way it should Mercury and we all know what Mercury retro God does to Mercury retrograde those two mechanical electrical things and communications. It makes him a little nuts for a while. Mercury will go retrograde on July 7th, but today it actually enters its shadow phase. And it's funny. As an astrologer, I find that some people are more sensitive to that shadow days before cause retrograde, then when it actually goes retrograde. So if anybody who's listening you

spk_0:   38:21
might want

spk_1:   38:21
to keep that in mind during mercury retrograde. Sometimes a little shadow phase could be more disruptive in than the actual retrograde.

spk_0:   38:29
You have such a great background of different modalities and things that that you offer if somebody can. You kind of unpack that for us and say, OK, well, if I you mentioned earlier we talked about that. If you want to go to a psychic or you want to go to a medium and you want to reading done. But if you want a healing, if you want your charts done where people may be in their areas of life, and if they actually do need that helping the no on an intuitive level where they go because that I think that's the biggest thing. I am lucky enough where I can reach out to my network and also a little bit no where I need the help, right? It's like you need a house cleaner. You need your handyman. You can't fix the Russian dry yourself. But for the person that's not doesn't know all of these areas, where would you even suggest they start? Other than Google,

spk_1:   39:12
I'm gonna tell you, first of all, if you I'm a breaky practitioner and I love breaking because it really did open me up to being more aware of my subtle bodies. And we just think they have the physical body. We realized we have the emotional body, the mental body, you know. And if you can catch a problem, well, it's still like in one of those subtle bodies. Then then your won't have a problem. It's when you don't catch it when it's there, whether it be thought, form or physical condition, it will show up in the physical world. So now you have to look at it. You know, I find a lot of people that maybe they have skin problems or something. They're not feeling comfortable about something that had happened in their life. Whether it be a trauma from a past life or something they experienced in this life. You get a break, you get all the channels clear first. Now you're clear

spk_0:   39:59
real quick. Before you do that, can you explain if somebody's listening? Doesn't know what Ricky is. What? Ricky is first and foremost.

spk_1:   40:05
Before I took Grady, I thought break. It was some kind of like, Is it

spk_0:   40:07
a weird? Yeah, I say that it's acupuncture without the needles. Absolutely, really. And

spk_1:   40:12
I had an amazing raking master who her class was. Wow. And I'm not really a joiner and more of like a lone wolf when I do think

spk_0:   40:20

spk_1:   40:21
or I'm better one just a one on one. And when I took the racy cliff, I thought, You know what? I'll probably go one day and I probably won't go back the second day. So what? I was mesmerized. She explained How you know about the shock rose. There are energy centers how they relate to our psychic senses about awareness and how we cross our our whole system. It's like putting bad gas in your car, but negative thoughts, and they lay there in our body, and they may materialize into an illness. Or they just made materializing toe a bad attitude or going around your house breaking things. And we don't know why. We just think you know what happened up so rake. He helped push this energy. It helps move these energy, but and I like what you said. It's like acupuncture without the needle. It starts to clear the channels. And once you clear the channels, a lot of people find that their own intuition Taixing, they become more. I guess you could say intuitive psychic about themselves more where they feel better. They feel like, you know, like this, more purposeful, and they start to see Okay, if I can work with the energy now, you know, we choose to just live in the one dimension that third dimension. But Breaky opened your eyes that wither than all the dimensions. So if you can't beat it on the lower level, go up to the higher level and work with the energy and then see what comes about and anybody can do it. It's about intention, and it's about really understanding what it is like you said, just google it and then think you do it go to a breaking after you have to get a rake e attunement. You have to become attuned. So I did the silly method of breaking, and there are different methods. But the DUI method is, but I'm familiar with. So once you're clear, or even if you don't want to take breaking, you want some guidance. If you approach a terror reading or after a logical chart reading more for insight instead of fortune telling, I don't even like that term, you know you get so much more out of it. It's unbelievable what you can walk away with the information. And in the past, I have done a lot of radio shows, and I always ask the ever doing the show. Can we not have, like, the calling questions? Because he might get two or three people that really legitimately understand what it is to get a reading. Then you always get people that call it. Can you give me a lucky number? So I come in the lottery. That's not what it's about, you know?

spk_0:   42:40

spk_1:   42:41
And if I got a lucky number for you, I'll definitely give it to you. But have me pulling out of the air. You're not a Dolgen pony show. You have to understand how psychic energy works. You know, it's the giver, the receiver, the intention but energy. Are you around cause energies very sensitive or around negative people. You're going to attract negative situations in your life. It's very, very contagious. So that's also important about having boundaries to, you know, and you get a reading, understand what it is. Anything. If you hear something you don't like, you can change it. That's where your

spk_0:   43:14
free will

spk_1:   43:14
comes in because its potential and possibilities

spk_0:   43:17

spk_1:   43:17
do get a prediction and a prediction. Still, you can get the prediction. If you have the awareness, then you could do something to work around it or make it a smoother landing. When you have that understanding wow, the readings. You really get the most out of it. You connected better with the person doing the reading also, and that's another thing. When you get a reader, research them the way you would if you were going to a doctor, a specialist for physical condition, because these people are working with your energy. If they're not grounded and then a hot mess, you know what you're gonna it that energy exchange you're gonna be picking up some of their nonsense to You may not want to bring that home.

spk_0:   43:52
Yeah, it all goes back, Teoh, from what we talked about originally, and it just seems to be a come.