A Psychic's Story

Finding Your Soul Purpose

July 10, 2019 Kim Russo Episode 4
A Psychic's Story
Finding Your Soul Purpose
A Psychic's Story
Finding Your Soul Purpose
Jul 10, 2019 Episode 4
Kim Russo

Ever wonder what the purpose is to life or more specifically what your soul purpose is? In this episode of A Psychic’s Story, Kim Russo, world-renowned medium, frequent guest on “Paranormal State, ” “Psychic Kids” and “Celebrity Ghost” as well as long-time host of "The Haunting Of... ” and “Psychic Intervention” joins to share how love, opening our hearts and being in faith can move mountains. 

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Ever wonder what the purpose is to life or more specifically what your soul purpose is? In this episode of A Psychic’s Story, Kim Russo, world-renowned medium, frequent guest on “Paranormal State, ” “Psychic Kids” and “Celebrity Ghost” as well as long-time host of "The Haunting Of... ” and “Psychic Intervention” joins to share how love, opening our hearts and being in faith can move mountains. 

For more information about Kim Russo, visit kimthehappymedium.com

A Psychic’s Story wouldn’t be possible without your support so THANK YOU for listening. And if you would like to help out, please consider:

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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind magic and more. Welcome to a psychic story. First, I can't believe to thank everyone enough for listening to and following the journey of a psychic story. What started out as a way to help bring awareness to others about the various healing and spiritual modalities has quickly grown and gained traction, even among some of the biggest naysayers. So thank you, thank you for this episode of a psychic story. We have the honor of hearing from Kim Russo Ah, highly sought after medium who has been communicating with spirits for nearly two decades. Fluent in the language of the spirit world, Kim has helped people confront the fears that haunt them most and embrace the truce that bring increased light, love and understanding into our lives. She shares with us how love opening our hearts and being and face can move mountains. So for this episode of a psychic story, were extremely blessed to be speaking with Kim Russo. Some of you may know her as the happy medium or recognise her voice from the hit TV show The hunting Off. Hello, Kim. Thank you for joining us today. How are you?

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Oh, hi. I'm doing great. How you

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I'm doing fantastic. Especially now that we're that I'm talking with you. Thank you again for being on. I thought that would be good for us to start first in your book The Happy Medium Life lessons from the other side you talk about when you realized you had abilities in your childhood. But for those who haven't read your book, do you mind sharing your story and experience with us?

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Oh, no, not at all. In the book, the happiness and I think about what? What? My blood blocks I always had this from when I was a little child are starting on a little ball to in the book. I speak it as a nine years old, but interestingly enough when I backtracking and I spoke to my mother about how long these happening we're going on. When I was a child, I traced back all the way to about five. I was about five and uh, I think something opened up in my or field when I accidentally, with my curious nature, put a pin into the electrical saucers. It was during Christmas time, and I was underneath my Christmas tree on and there was a pin on the floor 60 pen, and my curiosity got the best of me. And I said, Wow, I wonder what would happen if I put this into the electrical socket and I shot across the room. My whole right arm became charge. My mother rushed me to the hospital on at the time. They laughed my arm with this lotion, which I think they still use today. Quote silver didn't and the doctor told my mom that I would probably have fine. Pretty nasty, but there would be no way for him to tell until the bandages taken off. I don't have one baht. You would never know that happened to May. So fast forward, either. Going a very I don't want to say religious, but definitely spiritual child. When I would get in trouble and, you know, get sent to my bedroom or punishment. I would feel I went to Catholic school, too, by the way, but I would feel the blessed mother and Jesu, whom in school I learned a great deal about. I would feel them surrounding me with a bunch of angels. And I was like, You would tell your friends all of your, you know, complaint for problems. And I was going, you know, angry when I would get all but all of that, though what I was in trouble before. I don't remember that thought that. But when I would get sent to my room, I would remember distinctly laying on my bed, crying and telling Jesus Mary that it's just not fair and not fair. And it's not fair. And I would feel them could Bowling May and making me feel like it's OK. So I always have been visible entities that I label, and I'm not sure now if I labelled them because I went to Catholic school and that's what I

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Or maybe they were other types events. She's just knowing. What I know now is in the zone, but I definitely depict them as Jesus Mary, so that always made me feel much more comfortable and then fast forward. I would have these nightly. There's this at the foot of my dad because I think when I was electrocuted, something in my orig field opened up and I was able to connect directly to the heavenly round and over even just other realms like three D for dimensional, where a lot of the soul so really go into the light. And there was this group of told that stands at the foot of my bed every night, and it was always a don't get dark out. There was a street lamp that came on. It was shining into the window of my bedroom that I can't with my sister on the the street light would always shine on making them that much more prevalent and noticeable. And they would always him on my side of the bed, at the foot of the bed. They looked the press, um, they didn't really ever have any kind of expression in their own, so they never smiled. And I never really knew who they were, what they they want it. But every night with Kara going to breathe, and my sister never told that I saw, so that was really, really upsetting to me. So I just really thought that I was imagining anything, although I knew I wasn't. But then there was no logical explanation. No one else saw what I saw. So I glassed with terrifying lightning counselor and then, believe it or not, in my early teens that when it went away, when I started to Dean and having a socialized I will. So it started to get last. Unless we move about around how on that group came with me, they appeared at the bed in my new house, and then I started to notice a group of people. But then my guide, as I got a little he's entity to diminish in the I was able to lead normal like a normal person, never thinking it out again. Is the label on? After I had all of my three Children, then the spirit world came back with avenging. We wanted you to know that in aware back. So when I look back, I could only really determine one thing they wanted. Being too have my Children and with a normal life because have I not, I guess Have they still got it going on? Perhaps maybe my life would have been different. Well, I wouldn't had a normal quote unquote normal childhood or young adulthood. Maybe A I think that might it not might have interfered in my payoff. My life, my soul of having my joking fault. I do understand what we mean. Fairchild We have decided that was all last child when he was young in the crib. I started to see you know, the figures in the doorway again. But this time it was a long day, wasn't at night. And then now the figures Temple is on. The voices come into my mom like is it? I heard them in my mom, but I knew what they were saying. And I knew they will not my thought So I am a curious place when I am a generally I question everything that happens around me. And I started an investigation. Little by little, I started to take and re book out of the library that I could back in those days. The incident was not big. We still have encyclopedia. Believe it or not,

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I recall so

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I mean, I do think it was the Internet, but I dont be called it being much on about this. But I was in my public library In all the books on this real, like are you? Don't very esoteric and ancient material there the goal. Not much of any modern day like it. Except there was on Edward. He was out on the scene. And your dancing, you know, for my town that what is familiar to me on one island

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when you were a child, you obviously were open and telling your sister and maybe your parents as well about your experience. But then when it came back as an adult, how were your mean when you have Children and then your husband, How did you communicate to them? What was going on or did you not read just still in discovery mode at this point trying to read more about it?

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Anyone below me knows that I am. So I think level headed. Oh, very. You know, black and white. I say it as they see it and I question everything. So my family loves that about me on my mom even said something. If this had happened, maybe someone else I wasn't too sure was very grounded. Will double motive shit that I don't love. I truly believe it. She's a but because it happened to you when I remember what you went toe of a little girl, she said. I totally a believer that these things are real and they can happen. But my mom was much more concerning want it was something off the evil. And then I needed to really be careful and used my discernment as to what these people want and who are they aware they from? So I totally expected that I grew up in the church. My mom thought it moved away from the Catholic Church and moved into more of a Baptist type of the church with a lot of mostly just Bible based church with a lot off, um, focus on Jesus and focused on the Holy Spirit. So of course you follow your mind why I was young and I would call it a youth group every week. And I would go toe worship every Sunday, and I was really feeling very moving. I always thought that did, even as a little girl. So this maybe no news on this is very natural, even. And then the happy medium I wrote about the fact that well, the Bible teaches, want we are not to go outside of our senses off and connect with me saying or any family that we cannot have a reason. Visual block. I wasn't trying to do these things. They were just coming to me naturally on. I do feel that my, my abilities, even that's wrong go during my time in the church, which I find now on one hand, the more your heart open, the more connected you off to you are. You don't divinity and spirit Another round. That's Juro Internet connection to these other dimensions is the heart and the heart opening and bringing the spirit then and getting wildly connecting with love and face faces, basing really big, thank you. And in that Bible days church, that's what we did was we talked based on how you know God could move now tens. So I don't like to really felt it on the religious aspect, because I really do the best. Everyone's religion, especially people who were born into their religions and they don't know anything else, but that's natural. Lose them because I just wanted at this point in my life on I am probable Jesus ties with Christ consciousness but people who have not heard of Christ, which is, you know, people that have other God like figures, that is blood to them that they acquire. Powell and I just like to agree with everyone that there is, ah higher power on. Once we can agree on that, then we're all one well connected to that same higher power. It's not so much about religion, but it is about the higher power that I like to talk about and connect with and have people home band that people that'll be we connected with just people that are fearful The one didn't go to light. But once that my dad

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and I remember that as a child, just inherently to your point about religion is that I, my mother's Catholic, of my father, is a Methodist, and we didn't really grow up in a religious household per se more spiritually and open to all religions and ways of thinking. But as a child, it was exactly that is that I I felt a connection to a higher purpose or higher power if you want to call it that and it allowed me to be open to other people's backgrounds and have that curiosity as well. And so I think that is important, is whatever resonates with someone in particular and whatever makes them feel connected. Or, as you mentioned, connected to that love energy and that faith is really what the divine is all about. Instead of necessarily putting definitions on things I

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ride by, Love does. Then you get it by about that, the first book without it really starts to go down. How I learn to embrace my debts as opposed to believing again from my church that it it's not a gift. And it's from quote unquote the devil on that. You are not to agree to our inherit guest gets off the divine, which is all those lights that that new arm, more or less me to follow the Bible. That's what my I thought. Now I don't dispute that there so many bombs in the Bible that it's so uplifting, so beautiful and wandering. And I was totally so even reading bombs. I believe there's a lot, of course, the Bible down off, this, interpreters people lighting, you know, But that's neither here nor there. I don't want to get on the topic of that but my first book does he sit down how I embrace my here and learn to use them for the highest good on. Always use them with everybody's substances that thought not mine. And I do think that that's near. Some people do the wrong, but that's what any beliefs of some well, even if you want to call it a career because it has become my career on my life person, my soul purpose. But once you've thought through use the word I instead of me, then you get into trouble. And I mean, that was a lot of beautiful. This that'll around that maybe you want people to follow couldn't much them on their their ministry. I am a big believer in teaching. The man had a fish and he will eat for a lifetime. And the way he fishes is his business. You know, it doesn't have to fish the way I there's, but it's more about learning that learning how to New York and the book is both basis a two part books. So ah, lot of the first part of it is autobiography and then the second part you have a lot to do with how you too can hone in on your spiritual gifts. And I'm both of their a lot of lessons in the book that I in my courses being transferred, being chances, circles the name off my school, and I teach the actual exercises in lessons in my real life. Oh, so I put those in the book.

spk_0:   15:53
What are some of those? What are some tips of the will for people, obviously to by and look at it and go in there and or take a class? But what are some like day to day or daily tips? Do you offer to people who may be experiencing intuitive our metaphysical things and don't know necessarily what to dio?

spk_1:   16:10
Well, I warned that a lot of people that are having a fearful awakening, believe it or not, I can sort will come down with what's the best way they know how to interpret. The feeling is anxiety on a lot of the fun, that spirit trying toe tap him on the stroll, doing trying to get them a boy. And if you don't Sam of the outward acknowledged what's happening around you and again, tickly, you're letting off it off the decisive because so many of us thought everybody is one psychic. But people are waking up to the spiritual gets like in record numbers now and a lot of still not quite sure what is the feeling? So there's interpreters is in society. Graph can be depression. A lot of psychic people are also impact. Well, like it thunders that pick up on other people's motion, especially in public. So a lot of people who are opening up to the guests will find themselves from be wanting to stay close to home without a lot of big meal wandering around them. They don't like to both clouds because it makes them anxious what they need, not realizes they're picking up the energy of other people's emotions. So in the book, I told the Bubble Medicine I give a lot of meditation for to bring them into the awareness I'm took your damn bring down stress level. There's a lot of meditation in the book, but there are also techniques such as the bubble techniques that especially the Children who the embassies in their rooms, like I did well, parents who don't want how to help their Children well in the book a lot about how to help your child. You are developing trial on many, many, many pills, and it's not also my now are being born with different DNA. They are being going to come here to be light. With the age of the corporations have fallen to the wayside. Many, many Children are coming here to create and to make a living out of their guests. So even if they're artists, their expressions off the talents of the gift, that is the way of the future season. So coming in. That's why there's so many likes. Meetings popping up to so many people are even leaving their corporate job knowing that that model, they will put on this What? So the book really talked about how to work with energy because everything is energy. Even I was sold when they leave all body. That's how medians connect to other rounds. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only change form. So I give a technique. In the book called The Young the Energy Bowl on, I have my site teach how you can actually create energy between the palms of your hands, and you can feel energy and you can actually use this as a technique with your Children or your friends. We do, creating energy calls between my hands by weapon with the hands together, creating you know, the static energy and then opening up, faced with the truth, the pond of your two hands facing each other. And then what? I like to do this even once that further and Celtic person yesterday made their energy bowl infused a color with their thoughts into the ball. And if it's say the color green, then I encourage that person to try an experiment and grow the ball to a friend or or a child or whoever they want to do that, the terms with and have them feel ways inscrutable. Also, like focus on the part of their body. Want to throw the ball if you throw it out there? Summit. Ask the person receiving the energy. Where did you feel the energy touch you on your body? And what color did you feel it would see? And in my classes, nine times out of 10 the receivers was getting it right. And as a teacher, nothing brings me more joy than to see energy in motion and people interpret the energy. That's my biggest joy is to teach people the languages energy because, you know, before we have word on the earth, we didn't need words. Words were created for tried and culture and religion, but before words the people back with a caveman There was a lot of one thing happen, you know, when the only energy that have we communicated when we first put on we didn't have words.

spk_0:   20:42
And do you feel that nowadays and you mentioned people coming in or souls coming into this Earth plane and they have more. They have different type of DNA to be their gifts, but also that you know what's really causing that is that because two were becoming more evolved spiritually, but also, technology is compete in my mind a little bit of a distraction as well. Is that a reason?

spk_1:   21:05
Well, what leaving the age of? I see. So if those people who don't understand astrology, the age of pi ses believe it on on a nickel's wait way back to the Jesus days, walking the art, the age of Pisces, the age of lies and coverups. Okay, and illusions and delusions. We're coming out of the age of type going into think we are really on the precipice, right on the brink of the age of Aquarius. Some astrologers say that we are well into the age of Aquarius. Some say, when not quite there yet because we still have a lot of piracy and energy, which is a lot of religious institutions. And it's more like controlling the population, making them believe things that are not really even. Money is an illusion. It's just a system that was put in place, a belief system. But it's not wheel. It's just figures that, thank you know, shuffle around. But we knew when you think of that, a little lies in the deception that a lot of that has to do with religious organizations and governments and kind of just a lot of set up modalities that made us believe as the congregation or as a society, we believe. Okay, so we believe in these lives. Even the the things they put on the news. A lot of the plant just need with a lot of subliminal messages. That's the age of pricing. So as we go into the age of Aquarius, that is the age of peace, oneness, love. But it was over. The age of Aquarius rules the airwaves and technology, you see, so that by the Internet has been created and being relied on right now with the age of technology, we are supposed to. If you think about what the Internet, it connects everybody as one, right, the World Wide Web. We are all able connect on this one platform. So the age of Aquarius is really dawning on us now on with feeling it, allowing for the ships in our consciousness. So any souls that have decided to come here during the age of Aquarius, or even up being here now we are in the midst of the shift, but we're from the at least I am. I'm from the old paradigm because I was born in 60 and I'm shifting right into the new parents on. So it's not easy. So the result, but isn't in the in your, you know, 50 or above to make that transition unless you want understanding what's happening. It's so much easier for the new generation because they don't know our older world. This is all they know. All right, so I say we can learn from them because they're coming in with this knowledge. We'll have this knowledge. They came in with the upgrade of CNN to change the world through the age of Aquarius. So a lot of the cover ups in the lines that have been really going on for thousands of years, we're going to see a lot of these institutions falling and, you know, people being opposed things that now the government about them to be. So that's just the age of prices fall in the park in the age of Aquarius, which is love, peace and brotherhood. And there was that song in the seventies. You know, the age of the dawning of the age of Aquarius. We're in it now, and that's why our generation's can't really understand the younger generation. Although I try to one, they are the upgraded model and what's interesting. And many people don't understand this. When you talk about the Internet and technology, they do come across Lazier, Elise Easier group of old. However, they're coming in to teach up work, monitor not Hodder

spk_0:   24:57
or work smarter. Not harder is one thing, especially as I've seen things in my day to day work, right? And I'm a M in corporate America is my 9 to 5. And then on my off hours, I do intuitive readings, meditations, things of that self, for my for my own self and now obviously is a host on the show. But ultimately, that's what kind of caused me to shift is I have thes this newer generation coming into the workforce, seen how they work and also held technology can help us, but then also hinder us. And just it's what I usually say to my teams is work smarter, not harder. And because of that, it doesn't mean that it has to be, You know, you just grueling and grinding all the time. It's what is your intention? What do you want to get out of it? How are we gonna help people and help others? And it's just finally one thing that I felt you know, the need to share. So it's amazing you picked up on that. I said that all the time.

spk_1:   25:46
That's definitely connected to you and your vibration. But now, and like everything has a polarity, of course, technology and Indra everything you know, in balance of my motto is a fly on the happy medium because I believe in balance and anything too much of anything no good. So definitely have to find the balance, the middle ground for technology Let it work for you. But yeah, we're totally going into a whole new world voting age and the old paradigms are totally falling apart on. But that's not always easy because because people don't, like change that they really rooted in their in their stories and in their teens and in the way they do things. So I do believe that part of what my mission is one part of my mission is to let people know that it is okay, you know, And like you got this, it's okay to change its OK to move with the fine, like to break things down into its simplest form so that it's not so technical and hard to people. One stands.

spk_0:   26:48
That's a powerful message to give everyone because I think right now a lot of people are in what what I'm trying to do is stay in a place of grounding. And if there's anything on the news or somebody's reacting to something is making sure that you know I'm open to all sides. But really embracing the change in a positive way and not being so fearful about what's happening, whether it's technology or on the news or whatever it is, is that it's nice and uplifting to hear that positive things are coming. They're already actually happening there manifesting and that the people that are here and coming in as well are truly here to help us get to the next level and embrace what's happening right and making sure that our intentions or there is that one of the reasons why you mentioned part of your mission. You decided to write your soul purpose and learn how to access a late within. Is that just a natural extension?

spk_1:   27:37
Absolutely. It is a book that my spirit guy impressed upon my heart and they told me, is much, much needed right now. And they told me not in five years, about two years is needed now. So it was not really the second book that I I thought I'd be writing. I really thought I'd be writing a book telling everybody about how to connect better. Ah, whole book on how to become a medium but also the dangers that are involved in doing energy work. I'm finding balance and not over doing it, and that probably will be a book I will write. But they put this on my heart a little bit out of order, but I don't believe it is out of order. I believe that they gave me a platform, which I'm so grateful for. And they said This book has to reach many on because of the imagery of what's happening now and to go back to the hole turning on the news or what's happening around you. A lot of violence, a lot of things that are there, so many people that are out of control, not knowing how to state grounds. If people are flipping out, they're going. They're going off the deep end because they can't handle the upgrade of energy because we are all being up rated right now, just like a computer where we are being. The grid is being up rated, so there are many people that are blowing their own fuses and it's flipping out and they're going off the defendant is that this vilifies and depression and with a lot of that has to do with not being able to upgrade the energy of circuitry. So that's why I am so big on the techniques I write about my book and learning how to get go in work and knowing that the outward world is definitely gonna keep happening, whether you're in this world, but not as well. And I think that it's not. One person can change the world. One person can change their own universe within. Once you change your own universe and stay in your own lane, you affect what's around your little benefit. I do coach people day in your lane and just change what you can in your little unit. If everybody does that, we will have a lot of little positive university happening. Connecting to the hole in a boat and that's have changed really does happen. Positive change can't look outwardly. We have to totally look inward, and we have to take drug Children to do the same. And if I could do I have three Children and I love Michael and they're great. But there are a lot of old paradigms that I taught him present was the paradigm that I wasn't

spk_0:   30:20
It would be an example. I'll

spk_1:   30:22
tell you what the next them full of that something you happen to challenge. You never want to make it in the workforce. Leisure ticked off. I probably wouldn't go down that road right now. I would allow them. And I'm not knocking college. You know, my two older boys had no choice. Well, they're college graduates, by the time my 3rd 1 And he's a strong one. And I wrote about him and Michael. He teaches me how to be more fearless. Whether I wanted him in college amount. We did try that work with him, and he was very, very insistent that that's not why I came here, Mama Colleges. Not to me. By that time, I totally understood that I have. So let that go and let him find his way. And he will because he one of the more evolved. So he's the younger of my three boys. So I think he came in in the age where he came to upgrade. Maybe he came to upgrade the family of his own little universe, but I wouldn't push that anymore. I would push more, go within what makes your heart sing. Doesn't have to be college. It could be. What do you get? What makes you happen? What gift did you come here with that can actually change your world? And then it's in the fact change of the people's world. That's what I would change. That's one of the biggest things I would change. I would definitely encourage or discourage any type of fear in my household. I would change the way we ate the food. We I would change that, but I didn't know. So I can't beat myself up for what I didn't know then. But I do know now

spk_0:   31:58
and it's it's amazing that you bring that the two messages in there. So you mentioned that if everyone just focused inward and on themselves and making themselves a better person or better human being or spiritual being, whatever that looks like, then the world would be a much better place. And I truly, truly believe that. And also I think it's important because in this day and age, right, as we're changing with new technologies, are also being awakened. Teoh. Our sole purpose, the fact is, is I mean, I even have to check myself half the time you talk about anxiety or her stress? I'm Googling. Okay, Why do I feel stressed? What? I feel anxious And the fact of the matter is, is I'm my own Google, my own Internet. I can look within and it's like and my guides were kind of just slapping me on the head. ST Silly. Listen, here's what you need to do. You need to look inward. I keep getting that message as well. And I think sometimes it's easier for people. Teoh look outward for a reason. Oh, it's it's this. It's my job. It's this situation. But in reality, if you just take a moment to be with yourself and in tuned and listen, then the answer is already lie within.

spk_1:   32:59
Oh, absolutely, about me looking within. And when something triggers May personally, that's me looking within. Okay, why did I get triggered by that statement or by what I just saw? Whatever it may be, the triggers are hints to what it is you're not working through, will you? Will you holding on to. So that's a hint. I feel like that's something the audience safe away as a lesson to look at why you're triggered by something and go back to the original four if you are able to. And I think most people are able to They don't want you because it can be painful, you know, but trialist trauma young. Well, any type of trauma we're holding on to it. And this with upgrades. And the shift of raising our vibration is like when you boil a pot of soup. All the stuff has the lies with the top. You know, when you're boiling chicken soup, right, all the gun

spk_0:   34:00
crews is

spk_1:   34:01
gonna save on the top as boiling up, and it's rising up. And then you have to poop that off and just not take it with you as you go higher. So I following that. That's what's happening now. A lot of people stopped that they've been burying with. The pressing is coming to the surface now is opposed. It needs to be believed and was shedding a skin. The shedding our emotions. We have to get with of the old paradigm. So that even goes back old, Find mine again. I speak about reincarnation again. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. So, off course, we continue with our energetic body energetic fold into different fine lines. So this timeline I'm can Russo in. You know, this this day and age where I am now in my physical form. But I'm sure I know I wasn't going on the timeline at other times. And, um is a little and double get too complicated. But there's little parallel lives that are happening at the same time and other versions of of Ah, but I don't focus on them. I focus on what it's hard enough just containing your own physical being in in the plan when you're in. But if you just one day at a find one. Benedetti, I think the Internet makes us anxious because, especially social media. When we look at and we compare ourselves believe, Look, I wrote about this in your whole purpose. We look at the perfectionism that people are portraying on the Internet, which is nothing but a new illusion. It's not real. You could make any time. Looking perfect is, as you wanted to be with all the filters, but the act they have on, um, well, the captions you can my nobody knows that you might have just haven't knelt down five minutes ago, you're told the fourth Belfi and

spk_0:   35:49
some of the online social media influencers we're doing now where it's they post a photo of real life and then they show their social media life. And I find that refreshing because it actually does show us that no one's perfect new ones lives air perfect. We all go through our things and it doesn't necessarily matter, like just using it. And being your authentic self, I think, is the biggest thing as well. That's a very important point that you bring up, and I think one of the other things. I mean, I did this a lot growing up, and I'm sure you probably get a lot of people that come to you or read your books and also come to your classes asking this question like, What is my destiny in life? What is my sole purpose? Right? And that's why you wrote the book. And what are some of the things can you give us some teasers of what to expect in the book? Or what we could do on maybe a day to day or an exercise that we could we could try out to identify what our sole purpose is

spk_1:   36:39
a great

spk_0:   36:40
day today. I know it's a big question, which is why there's a book of

spk_1:   36:45
the whole care on, um, quite a few of them throughout the book. But there is definitely one of my favorites. And what I find from the feedback from many people was the most difficult to answer is the sole ticket. Cole, Who are you?

spk_0:   37:02

spk_1:   37:03
we never really take the time to that. We're always looking at the other purpose, judging the other person, and we project ourselves onto the other person to our own moon. So in the Toltec, who are you? That is what it calls. There are a bunch of questions that I left such as, such as Who are you in the Middle of the night on? And then the next question would be Are you the same person when you wake up in the middle of the night? As usual off the person at work? Are you the same person that you are at home as you want when you're out with your friends? Because it's human nature for us to create the math that we were in public, especially if you came from a house over. There were a lot of secrets on Think. Where you such a families with alcoholic parents, about no Children of alcoholism? A lot. Ah, bunch of other con secrets. Children always want to be like everyone else. They strong out there young in life, portraying my life stuff like you're, you know, But doing that, you have to put on an act where a mouth and they believe a lot of it's make believe. So you create the middle of the ninth Selves, or work fell for social. So but I think the middle of the night itself is the real you because there's no one around. You need to impress or they believe it. It's just you yourself in you. So I would say that's the most sense. Itself is the middle of the night out, because if you're linking there with your family in your thoughts and you can't body yourself, so the chapter of who are you and answering those questions. So I give some examples such as, and one scenario where the left the counter and you're on your way to going to your sister's wedding in California and full planes are grounded, detained get there and you're the only submissions. Is this wedding? What do you do? How do? Yeah, I mean, I've learned a long time ago. I try everything in my power to get on, you know, to get there. But then when you push fate or destiny, that is the universe telling you they put you're not supposed to be there, even though that doesn't sound like you should be against this wedding. But when all else fails in the universe is keeping you single place and extending you a message that there is no way on God's good Earth that you're getting California. I have learned me personally. Just surrender

spk_0:   39:41
the movement. You said that and I pictured myself. OK, if I was at the airport in this happened to me, my old self totally would have been talking to people looking online, seen other flights, all of that what you just said. All right. Is there a private jet not or drive a friend that has one. Not that I do. But that said the other part of me now would just be like, OK, well, I can't fight this right. It's supposed to be what it is supposed to be anyth. I think that's a really hard thing. Sometimes for people toe process and to get there.

spk_1:   40:09
Yes, the background having so. But can you imagine how many people on that line will be by eating and bang and clean a jumping up and down? And I think those people now, what personal? I was never one of those people. I just wasn't I'm not saying I was always Now get on line. I probably would do what you just like big B to the resource is. And remember what I said. I was always faithful, so I would just play about it. I don't Is that so? But anything that's not in your control, you have to surrender it and trust that there is something behind the scenes that you know better than you. But I have seen people try to control destiny in this situation. I'm actually going through this right now with France, and I'm sitting back trying to be so loving. But watching her hit a brick wall going 90 at every turn because clearly the universe is telling us that whatever this thing is she's trying to do is not for her but she's trying every which way. And I watched the low block have. We were now until she comes to me for advice, I will not feller because I don't want a birth capable. And she will deny reacting because I know so. She believes this is what she wants, definitely, and she believes she's trying to make it happen. But I'm looking back saying God saying no, Right now

spk_0:   41:33
that's a good point you bring up, though to what do we do when? Because I I find myself one. I'm a very opinionated person. And so when people even if they're coming to me and not asking for advice, I find myself trying to bite my tongue and just say OK and holding myself from giving my opinion or what I think right or what I'm being led. Is there any advice that you would give people that may be going through the same thing about whether it's their Children or their friends or a family member, that they just need to trust in the process and let the person figure it out on their own?

spk_1:   42:03
Well, this is what I have found to be very helpful. I will gingerly plan c touch as and I have said to the front, because every day when they call me and tell me about the roadblock, they always will back up the statements with, But I know this is meant to be, so I'm not giving up. So that's on the plate, something I know it's not meant to be, but they're saying, but I know this is meant to bait, but everything energetically is telling you otherwise. So what I have learned to do gingerly plant be such as, well, did it ever occur to you that half this is not meant to be right at this moment? Because a lot of roadblocks are happening. Now I will wait and see what their responses that they get. Old defensive. At least I know I plan to deceit and let the seed grow within them. Full of wisdom world. I don't see that Weiqing as it so to me. That's what I've learned to do, really have to see what the response is from the person. If the person is very receptive and they say, Gee, I miss one of that, that's a great point. Then you have a captive audience um, maybe that's people germinate and grow even bigger, and maybe you can help them see what you're seeing. But it's not, and they resist it that if we will, doctor, they have to learn a little bit of Ah Hardaway. The planting seed does no harm, no foul. I don't believe in pushing your view abuse on other people, because again, it really depends on how receptive they are, you know, and doing the work that we dio, such as intuitive counselors. We are used to people coming to us to give them our insight,

spk_0:   43:44

spk_1:   43:45
But family members and friends, you know, they don't know. We pay us for that, and I don't need pay such as monetary. They're not always looking for our advice, and that's okay, too. But I find that people that come to us for it with complaints on some level are looking for the China, don't you?

spk_0:   44:01
Yes, I dio and I've learned as well that now when a friend comes and asks me, I say and they know about my abilities or whatever, I truly am just upfront and say, Would you like my advice? Or is this just now listening moment for you like that. You wanna you need to decompress. You need to vent. You need to let things kind of go off and and just see you can process it. And so now when they come to me first, it's like, I don't need your advice right now. I just need Gillison like Okay, great.

spk_1:   44:26
You know, I have some friends that will tell me this story on that they will die and my frog. So how do you have for that? But they just want to be validated. But I'm not always in agreement with what their views are so to say. Am I wrong? I'm not going to fly. You're asking me straight out, Feeling like no good. Never. Well,

spk_0:   44:47
really. Right? Yeah, exactly.

spk_1:   44:49
Never you could never be won't be a feeling. But I can also see the other person is going to do to see we have that ability and I could see both people point. But sometimes when they your friends, they want you to see only their point. That's a little bit difficult, because mediums that we see everybody's point. So

spk_0:   45:09
we have the crystal ball, so to speak. So if that's the case, then you don't come toe the crystal ball asking to look in the mirror and

spk_1:   45:15
not the truth right now. I'll tell you what I'm saying, but don't get mad at me because I will never want. That's being out like integrity wise. Some people will tell people what they want in here, but I think that's just code of ethics in what we dio. It's not. The information doesn't come from us. Well, there would be no point the mind. But like people advices him for insight as a medium. But you can't have grown viewed by and so does Nicole. You have your own views.

spk_0:   45:42
Yeah, and there have been times where my own views, in my own opinion, have totally been the opposite of what I'm receiving from that person's guides and angels or my guides and angels. And I'm like, huh, really? So it's insightful for me to to get that information because, to your point earlier about the paradigm shifts, I think that we have these judgments in these beliefs in the back of our mind, of how we've grown up in experienced life and then also as we're changing ourselves, you know, I think that that's something to keep in mind as we're moving forward and two step out of our own way and step out of the ego. But oh my gosh, it's been amazing, I realized were almost that time. So I wanted to ask you before we break. What is the number one thing you'd like people to take away from our conversation today.

spk_1:   46:22
What is what? I hope they think

spk_0:   46:24
you know what's the number one thing you'd like people to take away from our conversation today.

spk_1:   46:29
Basically, what you just ended off saying is, when you live in the eagle, the eagle will lie to you. I keep you in India. So my biggest message mostly in the book is old purpose. And in your happy medium is we were not really meant to live out of the lower shockers of our body in the lower plane with the eagle resides, we were always meant to live in our hearts. And that's the message is if you follow your heart, it knows the way. So that really can lend itself to any problem you have on this planet, you know, such as what do I do? I don't know my next No. Well, your heart doesn't know or when we lose a loved one knowing that Ah hot can never ever be disconnected through physical death And the hearts will always be joined together through love I really believe living in the heart solved every single problem. There is even health conditions because that the heart chakra is the strongest, even stronger than the brain they proved science is a proven ah heart shock Rock is everything and then some. And this is where we will mental Khanna deism received from So the book your sole purpose really shows you how to get into the vibration of your heart. And that's when miracles don't happen. When you lived through the heart chakra money did it please to get to But the book does help you get there.

spk_0:   47:53
That's just wonderful. That's awesome. Well, thank you so much for taking the time to share your journey with us, Kim. And you're certainly welcome back any time. Just let me know. And if anyone is interested in getting more information about Kim, her website, kim the happy medium dot com, or you can also pick up one of her books that we talked about the happy medium or your sole purpose. Learn how to access the light within. And I'm certainly gonna be up late nights reading it and trying to connect with who am I in the middle of the night? So again, Thank you so much, Tim. And look forward to speaking with you. Gay. All right,

spk_1:   48:23
take you

spk_0:   48:29
recapping this episode of a psychic story one. It doesn't matter what religion you practice or believe in. What ultimately matters is that there is a higher power. However, we may define it. When we all agree that there is a higher power, we all become one and are connected to. The more your heart opens, the more connected you become to your intuitive abilities. Three. When asking for divine guidance for yourself or others, ask for what is good for you and their best and highest good for energy cannot be destroyed. It can only change form. I try the energy ball technique. Rub your hands together to create static energy. Open up the base with your two palms facing each other, infuse the color into the ball with your thoughts, tossed the energy ball to someone and have them feel it. Ask where they felt the energy. And what color did they feel her seat? Six. Were all being upgraded energy wise via the earth grid. Just like a computer software to stay grounded and balanced during this process. Go inward for the Outworld World will continue to happen and change. One person cannot change the world, but one person can change their own world within themselves. That is how positive change happens on a larger scale. Seven. When something triggers us, it is a hint that there's something you haven't worked through. Go back to the original source. Released the old paradigms and thought patterns in order to move forward. Eight. Take time to answer the question. Who are you? Who are you in the middle of the night? Are you the same person you are when you wake up at home at work with friends with family? Nine. If something is not in your control, surrender and trust and know that there is something happening behind the scenes that knows better than you. And 10. When you live in the ego, the ego will lie to you and keep you in fear. We were not meant to live in lower vibrations. We were, and always women toe live in our hearts. If you follow your heart, it knows the way. Thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a second story dot com. Uh.