A Psychic's Story

Connecting with Your Spirit and Angel Guides

July 24, 2019 Ellen Mahloy Episode 5
A Psychic's Story
Connecting with Your Spirit and Angel Guides
A Psychic's Story
Connecting with Your Spirit and Angel Guides
Jul 24, 2019 Episode 5
Ellen Mahloy

Ellen Mahloy joins A Psychic’s Story to discuss how a health situation got her involved in the practice of Reiki to heal and quickly from there, how her metaphysical abilities skyrocketed to see and communicate with the dead and angels.

For more information about Ellen Mahloy, visit ellenmahloy.com

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Ellen Mahloy joins A Psychic’s Story to discuss how a health situation got her involved in the practice of Reiki to heal and quickly from there, how her metaphysical abilities skyrocketed to see and communicate with the dead and angels.

For more information about Ellen Mahloy, visit ellenmahloy.com

A Psychic’s Story wouldn’t be possible without your support so THANK YOU for listening. And if you would like to help out, please consider:

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  • Leaving a 5-star review. 
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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind Magic and more welcome to a psychic story. In this episode of a psychic story, Ellen Malloy shares how her seemingly ordinary life exploded when the dead began to communicate with her from the other side after experiencing a health situation. In addition to her journey with Ray Key, she learned how to gain the assistance of angels who still support her. To this day, her experiences are a true testament of how a quote unquote ordinary person merges with the spiritual world. How she turned it into a positive experience to help others is all inspiring. Ellen also tells me how many of the six date psychic senses I possess. Which one or ones do you think I have in this episode, we will be hearing from Ellen Malloy. Ellen came into her intuitive gifts through a personal tragedy and was able to turn it around in a way to help others. She conducts workshops and has clients around the world. Ellen's insight has such wisdom and empathy that you can feel it comes from a higher place. I'm so happy to have her join a psychic story to talk about psychic development and angel communication. Thank you, Ellen, for being here today. Oh,

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thank you, Nicole. I'm happy to be here,

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So why don't you take us back and lead us to your awakening, so to speak. When

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I look back on my life, I realized I was always psychic on. So we're members of my family, but we never used those terms. We never used any metaphysical terms. So my father would have dreams of things that would come true. We never called premonitions of just served something that he did. It didn't happen often. It wasn't like weekly or daily or even yearly. But it just happened. I also had similar things that would occur through to give an example. I was in college. I dream that one of our neighbors passed away and I called it that I dreamed Mesmer already passed away and he said she did. She has passed away yesterday and so it was things like that. That would happen. They were just other things. Nothing that I would say was, you know, dramatic, but just knowing and understandings and communications and intuition. And as I got older, the way interpreted those things was more as served intelligence. I when I even though I picked up on all kinds of psychic things, I just thought it was because I was reading situations really well for that. I just picked up on subtleties the other people didn't notice. I have a degree in fine arts, so I kind of have an attention to detail. And when I got into my corporate career, I ended up falling into I t project management. I started out with marketing, and then I landed in that, and so there were times when it was off. There was obviously something psychic going on, but I never thought of it that way. And Northern, I think most other people around me to use an example early in my career just joined the technical team, and I worked at a big bank from it. All of a sudden, the banking system went down and nobody knew why I was new on the team. I was no help to anyone and so hours are going by, people are frantically running around. There's hundreds of customer service agents were just sitting doing nothing because the call system is a bank. Systems are down. And so finally, after hours, hours, hours, my boss comes to me. No one could figure out what's going on. I'm gonna tell you, and I remember thinking, Well, gosh, okay, I'm new. I don't know, You know, I didn't know what I could possibly do to help him, but I felt well. The only thing I can really do is listen and be empathetic, and I can offer that, you know? So he starts telling me about what's going on. I don't I can't follow any of it because I don't really know the system or the terminology is using, but understood enough that I could make something out of it. And then finally I just crop up and said, It's two problems and he said, Oh, I said, split the team into two. Team A. Does this Team B does that and so we did it and then at the end of the day, when finally the systems roll up, but everybody didn't really go home he came to me, said, How did you know? And I said, How did I know what he does? How did your note was? Two problems.

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had no idea how I knew. And there were all kinds of many, many things like that that I did along the way in my career and occasion. And really more people would occasionally noticed that more than I would notice it, because I just always done it. Things kind of went along that way for a long time, and I had a I was a I T project manager, and I was rolling along in my career and everything was going swimmingly and relatively normal, at least for me, until my late twenties. And then all of a sudden I start to get sick, and I didn't know what was wrong with Mansour having dizzy spells, I started Teoh lose a lot of weight. I got down to a sub zero where doctors say, Are you anorexic? I'm like, No, I eat. I really eat. And, you know, I started having all kinds of problems just assert all kind of wanting to go to It'll kind of help problems and starting doctor after doctor after doctor and they kept diagnosing me with this thing, that thing, the other thing. But nobody could. 10 point wild is things were occurring and finally I was dating someone California and he said, Well, what kind of alternatives are you doing? And I said, Alternative to health

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care And he said Yes.

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And of course, I come from a family where no one I knew did any kind of alternatives. I mean, we're like Irish people who, you know are you know, it's failings. The Catholic. When we don't really do that, we just go to a doctor. So I said, Well, what would those things be? And he goes, you know, like acupuncture, chiropractic or, you know, maybe medical intuitive, which I had never heard of such a thing for. And I just thought, I don't know what any of these things are. I mean, chiropractors, I thought people he went there Faith car sense and you're back with messed up. I wouldn't even think to go to a chiropractor for any other reason. Nothing has any clue what they did or knew anybody had ever been to one, but so I thought, OK, said Well, I guess you know these 25 doctors have been two. Hadn't cured me of anything, I thought, Well, all right. I guess I'll try these alternative thing. So I started trying different, very things and tried acupuncture, and that turned out to be really wonderful. And I ain't trying chiropractor because that turned out to be really wonderful. And I ended up using working with Herbalist that turned out to be wonderful inside all these really wonderful experiences. But nobody still really diagnose me. Until this I worked with this woman. She was a Korean medical doctor. Working in the United States is acupuncture, and she had to meet a birthday party. She said, You are gravely ill and I said yes by now. And she said, Do you know why I said, No, I don't. And she said, We do facial diagnoses in Korea in Asian countries, which I didn't know that either. And she said, I know what's wrong with you. Come to my office on Monday morning. And so I went to her office and she says, You're allergic Food allergies, really. Food allergy. You gotta be kidding me. And I mean, I didn't know much of anything about food allergies. All I knew was kids who 80 nuts and or strawberries and with man, if electric shock. But that was my told some knowledge of physiology. So I had no earthly idea that there were milder, Let's say, food allergies that really could destroy you from the inside out from your intestines outward. And so I started learning a little bit more about food allergies. After she told me that and every symptom I had from every 20 many doctors, I thought all lead back to the same things which were gluten intolerance for me. And so I turned out, I had what would be but he would know is celiac disease. I had not celiac disease, but I had, like, what would be one tier below that in terms of genetics. And so I had something that was very close. That and it was just killing me. It took me about three years to recover for the most part, and then it was even more longer than that to get, you know, almost correct. But anyway, along this journey, I met a lot of interesting people. As you can imagine. I'm trying all these alternative thing, and one of the people that I spoke to was actually a friend of my. The guy that I was dating was from California. He had a friend in California who was an intuitive. I'm not sure that exact word she used for herself, but she could look at people and determine their help that he wanted me to call her. And so I did, um and spoke to her. She was really nice, and she kept emphasizing that I needed to do Ray Key. You need to do breaking. I've never heard of breaking. I have no idea what it was. I thought it was like Tai Chee or Tito, or I thought it was probably an exercise and she said, You have to do that. It's essential that you do. And I was like, OK, final, you know, whatever Overtake a tie CI class. I had already

spk_0:   8:56
taken Diogo. I

spk_1:   8:56
thought that was pretty out there for me. So I look at get home and I look it up on the Internet Ray Key to find a class. And then I discovered that it's not a exercise at all, it's it's laying on hands and It's a Japanese version going on and thinking What?

spk_0:   9:13
I have no

spk_1:   9:13
idea. Anybody even laid on hand at all outside of, like, evangelical churches. So I was just really completely shocked that this is what she was recommending. And and then I couldn't find any classes because right many years ago, we're talking about 20 years ago. So within the United States. But really, they were doing it in, like, Hawaii and, you know, a few sort of really open places, like places in California, maybe Arizona. I mean, nobody in Richmond, Virginia, was doing that so far as I knew. I just thought, cool. I don't even know how I would get into such a thing, even, you know, and I'm just thinking, This is so far out there. I don't even know what it is, how to wrap my head around it. And so I did the only thing that I need to dio, which was I prayed about it, and I just said Okay. God, look, I don't know about this. Ricky thing was pretty wild to me. I don't anything about Japanese culture on anything about laying on hands. I don't know anything about any of this, I said, you know? But if this is what you want me to do, God, then you put a raking master person in my path and I will never look back. I would do to do that. So a few days later, my boyfriend comes home from he has been taking. What was he taking? Not judo. I don't something of Marshall. And so he comes home and he says, I found your regime after I said What Hey was I guess he didn't know he know anything about this stuff either. Even though he's from California, this is needed. But he was asking his kung fu. That's what was confident director. After the concert instructor Guy did. He knew anything about racing, and the guy says, Why I do is a matter of fact. Why do you ask? And then he told him the story of how I was sick and how his friend, who was intuitive, said I needed to learn this and he says, Well, I happen to be a raking master because I don't advertise it. I don't really talk about it, but I'm a Reiki master and he says what? That was the year 2001. So we end up taking a radio cost of them. And it was lovely. It was amazing. Something completely different. I just you so, so different than anything I've ever been exposed to. But I really I took to it, and I enjoyed it. And, um, I had a good experience with it. And so then where I'm kind of going along and, you know, I'm feeling better. I'm healthier. You know, my a lot of my medical problems have gone away Life things are getting better. And we might My boyfriend at the time decided we're going to get me a We want to get married. The acting very. Um so it's 2003 and now things were good. I'm doing my rake Iemma still in I t you know, I'm not any more psychic. Been, You know, I was, you know, before still don't think of myself as like it. And so that when we get married, this country instructor guy offers to give us raise sea level. To which I didn't even know what that waas Well, I find out later. Ready? One is sort of toe work on yourself. Personal development and spiritual connection level to work on other people, which I would have never. I mean, I'm working. I t I wasn't thinking like I would ever work with anybody. I was playing tell anyone I even did Ricky or it was just too weird for this area

spk_0:   12:06
and isn't level stories long distance me? It

spk_1:   12:08
depends on the system. But like level three, distance for level three and my system, which I teach now, little threesome, the master teacher level. I teach distance healing level two. But anyway, that's beside story. So we go ahead. So about a month after we're married, this breaking master gives us our wedding gift, which is the Level two things. And so I don't even look into it. I have no idea what I'm doing before we get there. I go again. It's lovely, it's wonderful. And I start to realize Okey thinks we're gonna work on people. And I thought, Oh, I never work on anybody else. There's none that you're telling people I do this more less, actually offering to do this for somebody else. And so at the end of the class, he does or I can't remember. Actually, what what point the clock at some point Because he does what they call a sacred ceremonies and attainment. And when he after he did it, I felt really disoriented. And that hasn't happened. The first class and it never happened with anything to do it right here. Any of the other things I've ever done. I don't felt disoriented doing chiropractic or acupuncture herbs or anything. That was a little strange. So I was thinking, OK, I'm not sure what's wrong with me. And I think maybe I ate something bad Or, you know, I I couldn't put together. Why was feeling weird. And so the class ends and we had to drive a little distance back to our apartment. So I just put the seat back and I said, I'm feeling weird. I'm just gonna, like, lay back. So I lay back and we're driving home and we get home. And we lived in the few department contact many, many different, um, little parking home. So we head up and when I get into the apartment, I realized I can see dead people and or at least I thought they were dead people. And I am just flabbergasted. I don't know what else to say. My whole brain that goes on tilt and I'm like, What in the world? And I never gave the after life much thought, really. I mean, I guess I figured it existed and so forth. But I never really spent a lot of time thinking about it or Grigore Ghost or people who could talk. I just didn't It just wasn't on my radar and a few friends and college or fascinated with the kinds of things. But I didn't It didn't really light my fire, so I didn't, you know, didn't really been a lot of time, you know, mulling over any of that. And so I'm just completely shocked. In the beginning, my husband, who is also, of course, could actually sense them and see them to. But within a few days, his sense of sort of return back to normal mind didn't. And I kept seeing these the people because my first reaction Oh, my God. I can see that. People. Oh, my God. This is really, really, really weird. And then I just thought Okay, maybe it's a side effect. It will go away. So I just tried to ignore it. But then I realized, Oh my gosh, this isn't going away So we called the concrete guy and I said, Look, we've got problems here.

spk_0:   14:52
I'm seeing people

spk_1:   14:54
and he said, You're seeing dead People said I am and it doesn't happen since she did the gym. It he said, Wow, I've been doing this for many years and he goes Never have I seen that people or anybody has ever worked with Nobody has ever seen that people He said. I think maybe it's just part of your life path and I'm what? No, no, I'm like we need to undo the people. I don't know how to undo it. I don't know how it came to be in the first place and so he just basically said Good luck and I get off the phone. I'm thinking OK, so my default when I when I get upset is to go into my lunch brain

spk_0:   15:32

spk_1:   15:32
that's where I feel safe. So I'm completely trying to be logical about this about this totally illogical thing, and some I think it thing is okay. Um, all right, so he can't help me. I don't anybody else's psychic. I don't know you know anything about this? No, my logic was so as this is the big being were continually coming up to me. And I got I got to figure out a lot of things later. But in the beginning, I couldn't tell that it was someone who was sleeping and walking out of their body versus someone who was dead and trying to talk to me. So thes thes beings are. I guess they know I'm psychic. And that's how it works. They know who can see them. And so they come to people, you know, who can see them and sent them or whatever. So now I'm like a light bulb to them. So they keep coming to me and people will sometimes happy like, Is it people you knew? No, it wasn't people I knew at first it was just It was random dead people and and I didn't know where they were, but I knew they were trying to talk to me. And so what I would do is I start saying, Look, I get that you're dead and you need some sort of help. I said that I am not the person help you. I am not clergy. I am not a counselor. I am not. You know I'm an I t person, and you clearly don't need any. I t you know, I need you to leave and go find somebody else. I said I'm sure there's other people who can help you, but it isn't May And that work. Actually, most of them would they would kind of go

spk_0:   16:55
okay. And

spk_1:   16:56
so they would just leave. And so I thought Okay, well, this is weird, But as long as they just leave, When I asked him to leave, I could deal with.

spk_0:   17:03
And before I live under that what did they start to look like? You say

spk_1:   17:06
I I've learned now over the years, it's different for me. I saw them as transparent a case. I would have other psychics come up to me and say, How can you tell the difficulty of dead people living people? And I'm thinking you can't tell the difference between the dead ones of a living one. And I think, Well, that would be that would be trouble for me. They were transparent, so I could always see through them. So I never mixed up the dead people from the living people. So I was around living people in dead people started to talk to me. I just ignore them because I knew they were the dead people. But but basically what? I could see what I could see there, you know, because they were kind of transparent. It was a little hard to make out all the details, but I could tell us someone had light colored hair. But I couldn't always tell where there was, like blonde or white, you know, because of

spk_0:   17:48
a contract

spk_1:   17:48
for I guess they don't care. With dark, I could tell with dark brown or black, I could make out roughly their shapes. I could tell their height there with, you know, I could tell with child for someone. Don't I could see roughly the kind of clothes they were wearing, but like I couldn't tell the doors that someone who was saying where you read verses orange because I couldn't. But I could tell the difference resort or a red versus green or blue so and I could tell the shape of their clothes. I knew what someone were overall. There were there wearing a dress over there, wearing um, you know that kind of thing. And they would come in the clothing, I guess, that they were from the air when they died. So I could usually immediately tell if I was dealing with someone from more of the modern era for someone who's from some ancient, you know, time going by based on their close. So this is going on for months, you know, I'm working and I've got dead people showing up, and I'm either ignoring them or asking them to leave. And that's kind of it. You know it. Nothing more does. That alone was just bewildering to me, but at least started to learn to get used to it. So then I finally get this lady and she comes in one evening. I'm about ready. Go to bed and she slot comes flying into the room and she's wearing some ancient outfit and she starts screaming at me. Now nobody has ever screamed at me. They just come in the truck, talk to me sometimes they traveled and I couldn't understand what they were talking about. But anyway, that's another story. But she starts screaming at me, and I'm like trying to give her my spiel, ma'am,

spk_0:   19:17
I know you're

spk_1:   19:18
you need some help, but I can't help you. She's not listening to May. She's just yelling and she's talking about somebody being murdered. And if she thought I murdered her or something, I didn't know what was going. All I know she's screaming and there's something do with murder, and I'm and I'm asking relief and she's not leaving. And so my husband, who beside me is saying what is going on? Because at this point, he can't see anything he can't hear. But he couldn't feel to a degree, and he could tell that I'm tryingto have the dialogue with the person who is not leaving. And I said, This woman is screaming at me about someone being murdered and she won't stop and she's freaking me out. And he said, Oh, this is not good. And so I just closed my eyes. I start praying. I said, Look, God, I don't know what do the lady Can you send an angel or something? And I don't know what made me ask for an angel specifically,

spk_0:   20:06

spk_1:   20:07
I guess I just, you know, and all the sudden I opened my eyes out a corner in my left of my room is a gigantic angel And I never seen Angel before. The Angels swoops down and grabs this lady and is gone, and my mouth is just hanging open. And my husband said a giant gush of marriage went by me. What happened? Oh, you're not gonna believe the so every time after that, whenever a dead person would enter my space, I would immediately say God, I need an angel. And every time an angel would show up and take the person, usually before they even got close enough to talk to me.

spk_0:   20:42
And so

spk_1:   20:43
then I thought, This is fabulous. I may be psychic, but at least now I've got a system for dealing with this and the surge of reduced my stress level because now I didn't have to deal with trying out. These people believe I would just ask for an angel. Angel would come in and take them. And then as the months went by, what ended up happening was I would sometimes I would walk in a room or something, and I would really an angel with standing there. But there was no there were no dead people. I hadn't called for an angel, and then I thought, Oh, okay. I thought, Well, all right. So they've, I guess, always been around. I just couldn't see them. So maybe this is looking This is normal, right? There's just an angel around and probably they're all around all people. And I just didn't never knew that. I just thought, OK, we'll write the story, you know? Thank you, Angel. And, you know, and I and so they start seeing them, you know? But they were doing anything. They're just hanging around. So

spk_0:   21:35
how do they differ, Miss Faras? Um so these ghosts of the spirits and souls that

spk_1:   21:40
energy around so I could see them, they were contrast current too. But for me out, that's a problem number. One question I get is what angel look like. Well, to me, they look like Renaissance pictures of angels. So long hair beautiful, glowing down, hovering, big wing. It's the ring for open, you know, just exactly like. But you know what I found out later is not everybody seasoned with the same way Some people, the angels, oddly and trenchcoats. I'm not really sure why. And and then some people see them with no wing and you know they're always all of the place. Some people see him in rainbow colors. And but what I was saying we're the Holy Guardian angel, my guardian angels. So they were white, and I've always seen the Garden Angels wait. But what I realized later is that angels really don't have a form. They don't have a shape. They take on whatever shape

spk_0:   22:32
you would have been seeing her for that

spk_1:   22:34
person. Yeah, What it So you know. So it was funny because of a starting angels. I thought saying that around me first, and then later I started seeing them around other people. So then I could see other people's angel. And so sometimes when I would see Children, I would see what I work sure were if they were angels or other Children, because Childrens angels look like Children. So I would say I would see Children with these, like what I thought were initially dead Children hanging out with them deceased Children. And I thought, Well, that's weird. Why don't each other have other Children dead Children with them? And then they think the angels were realised. My mistake and they would show me their wing. They would pop wings out. Yeah, And so then I was like, Oh, okay, I get it. Your guardian angel to the Children, for whatever reason, Children.

spk_0:   23:21
Yeah, I totally believe you. Because when I because I had heard about guardian angels and everything as a child and I would always picture Michael beside me, And when I got my Ricky certification and went through the classes, I was praying one night before I went to my Ricky master and I went into the office and she kept looking above my head and I said, What are you looking at? And she said, Arcangel, Michael is like clearing out your European chakra. Um and I just got chills because I did not tell her I didn't tell anyone, but I had asked him to continue to work on my shockers until they were all clear and open. And so I know totally that people can see us. I know totally that people can see them and that they're there, kind of feel them. But I don't have the ability to actually see the way you know, physically see the way some people do like you

spk_1:   24:08
when that happening with as I kept in having these encounters, I'm trying to live my normal life. I only told my husband and my best friend of the only two people that knew I was having these experiences. And the racing master guy was country director Brian Take comfort. But I kept it to myself, and I just my thinking was you know what? This is personal and private, and I don't even know why this is happening to me. But you know what? I'm just going to keep it to myself and, you know, so be it. You know, a lot of people believe in life after death and they looked one. You can communicate. A lot of people believe in angels and it's so good and whatever, it will be fine. What I didn't realized was that it would continue to evolve, so you know, it's a long, long story, but basically, over the next year and 1/2 my psychic ability continue to evolve. It got greater, and I started to have all kinds of pick up on all kinds of things. I started giving the people auras and see shockers, and I could see inside people's bodies and, um, and slowly angels or to communicate with May. So if at first they would just do simple things that they would point at something if they wanted me to look at something or see something, and then the pointing became or in sort of not insistent that more. There was more knowledge so that I reached a point where we're getting yeses and noes where I would think of something that they know or I would think of him is, Yes. And I thought, Oh, this is this is interesting And I remember one day after months and months of these yeses the nos and not not to my asking questions, I wasn't asked them questions. They were just off volunteering information and I and the way I sort of filtered everything through my left brain type. Well, grenades was probably always offering people, you know, information. They just don't hear it, you know. And now I'm hearing it. And so what ended up happening with one day? I remember thinking, I wonder if they can say anything other than yes or no.

spk_0:   26:01
Let me try this out a little bit more, you

spk_1:   26:03
know, I'm like Halloween I and all of a sudden in front of me this angel drew the words que in o w I realized they're only limited to Yes and no, they're just giving me Yes. No,

spk_0:   26:15

spk_1:   26:16
they can give all kinds of other information. So anyway, so then sort of slowly, they started to do that. And I started to get the sense that I needed to practice my racy on other people, cause at the time, I was only practicing on myself and on occasion, my husband, my best friend, I wasn't just like, you know, saying, Hey, I d ray key. Would you like me to lay hands on you, You know, which was so out of my personality, I just would never. But I started very slowly telling my absolute closest and best friends with that. I was doing this and I was having these experiences that I had really mixed really super mixed reactions, and I couldn't even tell what you know. So like, one of my friends, I told her what was going on, and she got mad at me because she's like, you know, this has always been my thing. I've been into this stuff all of many years, and now you're trying to be into it. I'm like what I'm like.

spk_0:   27:07

spk_1:   27:07
not like a hobby. I didn't pursue that like this. This is the reactor. And others of my friends were like, This is really weird. And one of my best friends knew that my parents had passed away and they and no young. I was 30. When I want my father and $33 my mother and took, he said, You know what? Maybe this is some sort of a reaction to you losing your parents. I'm thinking, uh oh. Okay, well, I don't know. I know a lot of people have people dying. They don't become like so, like, you know, people were having trouble wrapping their head around it, so they were just trying to make sense of it any way they could. And and then I had other friends who said, You know, Ellen, you've always been intuitive. You have always known weird stuff, and you've always been able to pick up on strange things. And they're like, I'm not surprised. Your psychic anything. You've always been psychic. Now you're having these very obvious psychic experiences. And so, you know, um I mean, like, for instance, I used to when I worked in I t I had no experience in i t before started working in it. So it wasn't like I had any degree in it or exposure to it, or I even knew anybody who coded or with a programmer. So when I would work on these project, I was the project manager. Often I wouldn't know that technology and sometimes I would know I wouldn't know that one of my programmers was hard coding when they need to be soft coding and things like that. But I couldn't prove it because I didn't know any of coat. What happened is I would dream it at night. I would dream the code, and then the next day I would go in and I could print the code out, and I would take a highlighter enough. Highlight the section where there were hard coating, not toe understood any

spk_0:   28:54
of it.

spk_1:   28:55
And then I would go to the person and I would say, Look, you're supposed to be soft coating this and your hard coating up, and here's the proof I said, I'm not gonna tell anybody. I want you to fix this. And, boy, the looks of shock I got were just astounding. They were like and they would say, I didn't know you knew code and I don't know code. I just dream it. But, you know, I couldn't tell I told you what that code said for anything in the world, but all I knew was that was it. So I had all these little weird stuff that I did like that. And so So anyway, so my friends that were supportive ended up, you know, saying, OK, well, you're doing regular out, okay? I'll be, you know, again he take for your rate beer. Whatever. And So I started practicing Ricky on people. I wasn't paying them or they weren't having. They were paying me with nothing. Former. They come to my apartment and now would work on the all these bizarre things start happening so ever. One of my best friends, she comes over my friend from college, and I laid hands on her and I'm doing the thing I've been taught, you know, the little sequence and whatever at all of sudden I looked down and I can see her body like, literally like her pelvic area. I could see directly through the skin as if her skin had become transparent and all I could see was she had assist on an over. It was really, really big. And it was really red. And I said, Oh, my God, I said, You have a giant system, You're over. I said, you have to go and get this. Look up. Promise me you're going to go live. This looked at right away because I didn't know if it was a cancer. If it was first, I had no clue. You know, I have no medical knowledge. All I knew was I suddenly could see this and it was really bad. And so she I was like, OK, that she goes home and she doesn't go to the doctor and that it burst two weeks later and she had to have emergency surgery. And then she told her husband that I identified it and it freaked him out. So then isn't really wonder to do any more regular me. But of course, the raking didn't cause

spk_0:   30:54
when you see the things that you also feel it so like entirely

spk_1:   30:59
depends upon the situation. So I had a woman come to me when I finally started doing breaking with the public. There's so much to my story, but I I ended up working with medical professional, so I wanted to work with chiropractors, acupuncturists and medical doctors and nurses and people like that. And so I was still very, very quiet about it. They basically recommended each people. I worked in offices where my name was on the door. I dressed then white, so people often thought I was a massage therapist or a nurse practitioners, and that was intentional. I did not want people to know who I was unless they needed to know who I waas, and I'm kind of unassuming and ordinary looking, so I sort of flying to the radar. Nobody really notices May if I don't want them to. So I had this woman come in. She was referred, I believe, by medical doctor, and she had been in a horrible car. But I didn't know that, because what I ask is when people come to me, they don't tell me what what's going on

spk_0:   31:53
with them,

spk_1:   31:54
because if they start telling me what's going on, it engages my left brain and then I'm no longer in my intuitive place. I'm now in my analytical place. And so I read best one in my analytically. They don't want people to tell me anything. This woman came in and, um, you know, I asked her a few general questions and then we got Don't got her on the table. As soon as I laid hands on her, the entire room went on tilt. And then I became very, very cold, extremely cold, like it was winter. But this was in the spring or summer, and I said to her, and I started seeing in triplicate, which was that with super special? Because here I am, um, in this room, the room is now tilted. I'm freezing cold night sing in triplicate. And I told her I said, I said, Are you having extreme Burgo? She said yes. And I said, Are you very cold? She says all the time. And I said, Are you seeing things in triplicate? She said yes. And then later I found out that she also could barely speak

spk_0:   32:49

spk_1:   32:49
for when she ended up in the room with me. For some reason, she could speak. She has been in a horrendous car accident and was having a very difficult time recovering. So after that session, I ended up having to work coat every time I worked with her because she I became so cold. But every session the room got more upright that God bless, tilted unless tilted and she got or I got warmer. She got warmer and her vision came back to normal. So by the time it was all done, I worked with her for gosh, probably a year or more, and everything was all normal again after it was all done and she was able to go back to her career, which was, I think, as a mortgage broker. And but it was a very, very long time. So what I ended up discovering was when I laid hands on people, anything goes, I might see things I might hear thing. I might smell things I might taste thing. Anything could happen. And every single session was totally different books for a few people, like the lady with the Vertigo and but often times, whatever was going on in the other person's body, I could feel it on and then I would minute would release It would release in May 1st and a few seconds later the person would say, Oh my God, that pain went away or oh my God, that whatever went away or my vision is corrected or by whatever was corrected.

spk_0:   34:09
So it's almost like you were processing it and healing ums through you.

spk_1:   34:14
I don't think I was feeling through me. I I

spk_0:   34:15
think that

spk_1:   34:16
if they were letting me experience what the person was experiencing in order for me to know what was going

spk_0:   34:22

spk_1:   34:23
it was faster to let me feel it then to try to explain it to me. But when I was first working with people, I I had a massage table. I'm pretty sure that 51 I guess that's really short. But they went 51 so I'm a kind of small person, and I would Ajai just to the table to what I thought would be a height that was comfortable for me to lay on hands for someone, cause I would often do it in the beginning. For an hour. As I got more proficient, I could feel more faster from my sessions, went from an hour, half an hour, and then in some cases they were only 15 minutes. So they got shorter and shorter as I got faster. But anyway, my back started burning, and so I would do it session. I have back pain and then I would adjust the table either higher, lower to a different angle, thinking that it was something going on with me, I was holding myself in a weird way. So try different stances. And then this woman came in and I laid hands on her and we've been second. My whole left side started to go numb, and I could feel my face dropped. And I said that you had a stroke and she said Yes. And that's when I realized, Oh my God, all that back pain that wasn't mine. That was the back pain other people were feeling. And I realized, Gosh, a lot of people back pain. Who knew So I had no idea I didn't particularly back pain, but anyway, I don't have any kind of pain, so I'm kind of a clean slate in that regard, But yeah, So I worked on this lady and you know, it's hard to work on someone when you feel like have your body is so I'm on. Sometimes the symptoms would be so strong that we have to ask Angel. On a lot of times, I didn't know the people. I wouldn't talk out loud to the angels. I would just talk in my head to them so that I didn't sound like a complete

spk_0:   35:59
cuckoo. But

spk_1:   36:00
they, uh But I would just say could you ease up the symptom by I understand person has a stroke, but I can't move around the table effectively, my legs dragging. So that's how would how they would do it. But when I was taught raking and I don't know if you were taught, this is well, but I was taught to go around the body in a sequence was sort of making a you started, you know, one foot and work your way all the way around to the other. But you would hold each position about one or two minutes. I can't remember what the

spk_0:   36:28
about two minutes each and then that always Teoh

spk_1:   36:31
exactly take forever. So I was taught that, and I am a rule follower. So I was following my little rules of how I did it. Now, keep in mind, I've been doing this for a few years before I was practicing with the public. And so what would happen is, you know, I would, you know, start the session. And almost always, people would fall asleep on me, like within a matter of meant. They were sleeping. I usually did all my sessions. People sleep, which is fine, because I'm like seeing things, hearing things. I've got a whole of hoopla going on, and I've got you know, I'm just going around in Memphis is What would happen is that I would have seen a mine Angels, the other person's angels and the Angels will start pointing like So I would let him at the person's needs. And next thing I know, they're pointing the shoulder and wanting me to go the shoulder, and I'm like, No, there's a whole bunch of points between the shoulder. You know, this knee in the shoulder and they're like and so I'm almost, like, argue with them like, No, I've got to go to this point next in this point next, and they're and they're like pointing at the shoulder. Go to the shoulder and like Oprah got. And then I thought, I'm argument Guardians, What is wrong with

spk_0:   37:31
me? So I just go to the

spk_1:   37:32
shoulder and then they want me to go to the ankle and then they want me to go to the risk. And I'm really basically jumping around all over the person. And sometimes I'm holding the positions per second, not two

spk_0:   37:42
minutes, like

spk_1:   37:43
you're supposed to write. And so first, this is totally stressing me out. And I'm like, This is crazy. You're having me do this crazy schizophrenic session where I'm, like, all jumping all over the person. And sometimes they would have me do entire sessions. Where was on Lee on one side of the body or the other never went to the other side, where they have me do an entire session where the vast majority session I hold one position.

spk_0:   38:04
You make me feel a lot better because I did that in the beginning. And then I started just hopping around as well, cause I see it in my mind and like intuitively, I don't know where I'm supposed to years

spk_1:   38:14
and years later, somebody and I can't really the name of the person translated the original teaching of the original Japanese teaching, and they don't have hand

spk_0:   38:25
positions. They do everything

spk_1:   38:27
based on intuition. You're supposed to go where you feel. And so I was actually apparently whoever the lady who brought the teachings of breaking into the United States, she added. The hand positions in because she thought it would be easier for Americans. Follow with a system, or rather than just say, you need to follow your intuition. She made these hand division so you and I are actually following the original way. The system was taught in Japan and, you know, whatever the 19 thirties, So what I ended up finding out was, as I was doing these crazy sessions where I'm like all over the place, some people knew because they study right the end and actually what I didn't realize what I was getting a bunch of client too racy masters because my word was getting out about my breaky and how Ellen's race he was different from everybody else's right. Not just that I'm jumping around, but how would I accomplish or what I achieved? And what I would do is after that session was done, I won't the person up and they would sit down and I would tell them everything that I said and I would. And I learned from for when I was first liking and I started to give reading my initial reading. If I didn't understand something that came to me, I wouldn't want to say it's the person.

spk_0:   39:35

spk_1:   39:36
for instance, if somebody's mom showed up and said, I love you so much, I could understand that Mom loves kid. What you know, like this makes sense to me. I could, But if I'm laying as I'm reading somebody and just like a cuckoo bird shows up, I'm just like, uh okay, I don't know what that means and I don't know how to interpret it. I don't know what you know. It meant nothing to me. But what I found out later, waas some of these things that meant nothing to me were meant something to the person that I was doing the reading for and to give you an example. I was reading for this couple that I knew and they were having some problems and they called me and asked me to meet with them, and so I did, and I'm sit down. And I know this is serious and they're gonna have some serious questions and I cap in and all I could see is a frickin lizard

spk_0:   40:24
and looking like some

spk_1:   40:25
kind of salamander. It's got the blue green policy. And so I keep pushing this lizard out of my mind. Okay, there the one thing lizard, let me move it out. So I keep pushing it out, whether keeps coming back and I finally realized I can't get anything but this lizard like I can't get anything. This lizard fine said, Look, guys, this really awkward. I hate to say this. I know you want your questions. That's all I'm seeing is a lizard and there, and they kind of look at me weird. And I thought, Oh, God, they probably think I'm just crazy. That sounds like to me. And so I describe the lizard because I don't know what else to Dio. You know, I'm seeing this lizard, so I describe it and they burst out laughing and I'm

spk_0:   41:00
just, like

spk_1:   41:01
thinking, Okay, I hope this is good. And they told me that they were leaving to come to the session. Now I didn't know where the people lived. I have never been to their house and they stepped out on the porch. And this lizard that I'm describing to them is exactly what they saw. This lizard with a blue stripe in the green stripe on whatever. And then they went on, you know, But it was so distinctive. They've never seen anything like it before. That it really caught their eye. Well, what The Lizard Waas was confirmation to these people that I actually am psychic because they knew I'd never been to their house. And they knew I didn't know what this weird lizard looked like. So as soon as I told him about the lizard Damn it, just everything started flow. And And what I found out over the years is that when it's important for someone to know that I am psychic, something will happen where I will know something, that there's no way I could possibly know it. So that person knows that I'm authentically psychic, so I don't have to spend my time convincing anybody of psychic ability or whatever. Like my friend who thought that maybe I was having my psychic phenomena. He didn't say your psychic phenomena. Probably psychotic. He didn't say that, but that was what he was thinking. I thought, Well, there's nothing I could do. You know, someone thinks you're crazy. There's really not much you could do about you just have toe say, Well, you know what they think and what can you dio So anyway, So I wake up one morning and I can't see anything in my left eye and I think my left eye anyway and and I better Brookly and I said, Oh my God, is this my eye or somebody else's? And they said it, somebody else's. And then they told me my friend's name. And so I called him and I said, Are you blind in one eye? And he said, Yes. How do you know that? Like a thing I told you about. I said, Would you let me help you? And he said, Um, okay, well, he's in another state, no clue. I'm talking about because I'm going to do, ah dislike feeling. So I do that, you know, I think he agrees, because of course, why not? So I get I get in the idea of the session and then I call him and I said, I said, First of all, this has to do with a fight you had with your mother because I did have a fight with my mother. I said Yes, it was really tough. Fight with your mother, I said. And I said, also, you're gonna have an occlusion. I said, You're going to get your site back. With the exception, there will be an occlusion in the middle of that I But you'll get used to it. You won't notice it. After a while I said that you always have that. And a few weeks later, he called me that. He said, It's exactly as you said he goes. The infection completely cleared up because But I do have a small occlusion in the middle of the I because that I've gotten used to They don't even notice. Is it any more? He said, How did you do that? And I said, You know, I'm like, more than I can explain in a few minutes. So So then there were no questions with him ever after. That is what I'm psychic. So things like that just kept happening with my friends. The vast majority of my closest friends know that I'm psychic because weird stuff happens to help them. Um, no. It, you know, I remember one of my best friends. We hadn't talked in probably 15 years. She had moved away, and she wasn't on the Internet, and she ended up finding me. She lived in Ford and then moved back here. And, um so she didn't cheat to, had no idea any of the old psychic stuff. And she found me. And by the time she found the door, like, you know, tons and tons of stuff about me on the Internet being psychic because I did that I did. I was on the Contact Talk Radio network in 2011 and I did a radio show on there, a talk radio show for a year. And so I ended up having clients all around the world, and at that point, she she found me and was like, You're doing what? It was just very, very shocking to her. So she you know, she was, you know, loved me and knew me. And, you know, she didn't understand any of this psychic stuff, But she was like, OK, I don't get any other And so one day she coming to visit me and she called me on the phone. She's arrest up in shoes, is in here and she said I lost money, she goes up $100 it's in an envelope and she said, I can't find it She said. And I said, Well, let me see if I can find it for you and she's like your where are you? And I said, Well, no, I mean, like, quickly. So I tapped in and I said, Let me let me do this. I'll call you right back. So I hung up and I tapped in and I saw where it was in her bedroom. And so I called her and I said, It's in the bookcase between these types of books on shelf number three, you know, blah, blah, blah. And now I had been to Rome. But when we were kids, we were in high school. I've been to her house and, you know, I mean, God, I was like, 40 then, you know, So I I had been to her house since I was maybe seven hearing, and it certainly didn't look that way. She'd moved out with again. So nothing was in the same place. So she called her mother and after mother to go in and look in the bookcase where I said in Sure enough, that's where the money was. And and so, um yeah, so it's things like like that that would have occurred, not necessary. That specific thing never found another invalid of money. And if that was the only one, But please don't have people calling me

spk_0:   45:51

spk_1:   45:53
But but anyway, but things like that happen. So it's nice that I don't have Teoh try to explain this because it's not. It's harder to explain to people who have no torrent. Captain. When I started getting as my communication with angels got more and more a detailed and I started, it took me the longest time to figure out that I could ask him a question. Get it? Answer. I don't even know why, but for some reason asking a question, getting an answer back didn't even occur to me for years. So I just got whatever they told me because I didn't think to ask, and then finally started asking, and that later, when I start to realize I could do reading. But when I first started doing reading, I didn't understand how to interpret information. And I realize that once I became a teacher that the vast first mastery people come to me and students are already psychic. What they aren't is they don't have control over it.

spk_0:   46:48

spk_1:   46:49
get information, but they get the information intermittently or they get the information. It doesn't make sense to them. So in the beginning, information didn't it really makes sense to me either. So I remember one of my earliest readings. I was in a practice group. I was sitting with the at the time with the rain virtue, and I went to the big class in Hawaii and there were hundreds of people there and on. Guy was matched up with a guy and I saw a backyard, a woman in a wedding dress and I got the word June. So I interpreted that as a backyard wedding in June, right? Well, what it really was with his mother was named June.

spk_0:   47:28

spk_1:   47:28
took photos of brides in her backyard. It was close, but not quite right. And so what I realized from that experience Waas. It was very important for me to relate the information but not interpret

spk_0:   47:44
Antenna later just verbatim showing them what you're seeing are feeling so that they interpret it The message, the way the precipice to receive it

spk_1:   47:51
now, of course, years and years later, As a teacher, I do interpret things. But I do that because I have years and years of experience. And so when I see things, if I don't know what they need, I will ask for the interpretation that I will get the interpretation and I could do it all very quickly. So, you know, sometimes people say, Well, do I need to book you for an hour? Happen? I'm like, Well, I uncover a lot in half an hour. If I were, you start with half an hour and because, you know, I could go fast. But when you're first learning, you don't want to go fat.

spk_0:   48:22

spk_1:   48:23
want to try and develop accuracy, not deep interpretation, because interpretations you've learned how to interpret better over time.

spk_0:   48:31
I would say that totally it makes sense for sure.

spk_1:   48:34
I would first by Thick and I was getting the barrage of, you know, information that I couldn't control and didn't understand. Sometimes I would like I would go to dinner with my husband and we would be sitting at a table and I would know information about all the people around us. I would know this guy's getting on his life. This person has a medical condition. This person is, you know, air viewing. The next morning for a job, I would know all kinds of stuff. It was all random. They're just random information that I was just picking up on, and it I found it overwhelming and unnecessary. I mean, it was like I was going to share anything with any of the people or, you know, I mean, at that point, if I shared anything with people would have been much more a novelty than anything else. Like Oh, I'm weird. I could pick up on stuff about you and, you know, I know you're having a never you tomorrow, but it's not not useful. He It's not like they're having interview tomorrow. You should wear the pink title help

spk_0:   49:23
when I have sound. Is that for me? I the same thing like I wasn't able to necessarily interpret and I would get random information was and Now what I ask is my guides and angels to just give me the information when I'm supposed to receive it kind of tips. Do you give people or would have for people that are listening that if they wanted Teoh Channel in intuition and or, you know, control, it is a little bit more like you were saying what are like the tips that you would give people?

spk_1:   49:49
Well, it took me a long time to learn to control it, but I kept after the angels to help me learn how to control it. And I took me about a year or so, and now I can turn it on and off. So a lot of psychics I know they have their psychic ability on all the time, but they're also psychic from birth, most likely first like that from birth. And so they don't know anything. What, having their psychic going on all the time it would make. No, it would be weird to them to turn it all, but because I became psychic at 33 I having all this barrage of information is very distracting to me. And it makes me feel like I don't live in the ordinary world with ordinary people. I don't know how to explain it. So I prefer that if I am going about my ordinary life, buy in grocery shopping or I am taking my kids to the community pool or I'm having a parent teacher conference. I don't really want my psychic ability

spk_0:   50:41
on. I

spk_1:   50:42
just want to live my ordinary life as a conventional person. Now when I say it's off, it's never really completely off. It's really very, very low. I can't completely turned off, but I keep it very, very low unless there is an emergency situation. And so I have an agreement with the Angels that if there's an emergency, all my psychic ability will flip on. And so that's happening Me On numerous occasions, I just like I was walking down a street in New York with a friend of mine, me taking a class and all the sudden I said, I have to turn here and she and she's like what? And I end. So we turned down the street that we had no plan to go down and I turned quickly and I note something's gonna happen, and all of a sudden the man in front of me starts to stumble. And I knew immediately he was gonna have our tax. So I was holding books, and so is my my friend. I throw my books that my friend,

spk_0:   51:29
I grabbed the

spk_1:   51:30
man. He falls to the ground and I immediately start working on him. Other people call 911 and I mean, we're in, like, Manhattan or not. It's like we're not even some of your ear there come to people around. Most of them are just ignoring. What happened because of New York were happy Bill time. And so I end up working on him, and then the ambulance gets him and takes him away. And and and, you know, I just sent him on his way, hoping that he'll be okay. But I knew that those moments from the time he stumbled until he call the ambulance, got there was a matter of life and death for that man.

spk_0:   52:01
You know, he was

spk_1:   52:01
alone. Oh, are probably work there. I'm sure he has no recollect. He probably remembers the were girls who grabbed him and started praying on him. Lay hands on him. But it is. Have any idea who I am, but that we all had that happen. I was. I worked in a building, was a medical doctor and I was on one in the doctor without the other. And I was talking to student and all of a sudden I still if I said I have to go now and the students just like what? And I jump up and I run down the hallway and I get to the doctor's office, I throw the door open and the doctor is in her business office doing whatever, and this woman is in a chair and she was getting, Ah, I think, a foot bathroom and ownership getting something. And she's having a heart attack in the in the doctor's office, and I threw a plant out of the way. I think it was on Palmer Tree or something, anyway, to get the lady and I immediately get her. And that moment, my God friend walk. Then Jason, who was also a raking master, And I said, Jason, I need you to lay on hands on this woman immediately, and we started laying on hands on her, and by the time she got to a her cardiologists the cardio and thought she was crazy, he said, because she had had a heart attacks player. He said, Your heart has never looked better. There's no way you had a heart attack this morning.

spk_0:   53:15
It didn't

spk_1:   53:15
happen on, um, But, you know, so stuff. Weird stuff like that has has happened to me a lot. When people our first starting out, people will say you, Do you think psychic abilities again? I guess it can be a gift, depending on how how you expect it. But really, I think it's an ability,

spk_0:   53:34

spk_1:   53:34
And I think it's an ability just like artistic abilities, ability, athletic visibility. So I believe there are people who are gifted, challenge and able, and I think you're just like we have gifted athletes. Most people complain play tennis, but only some people are gifted a tenant and me there would be people like me who would be challenged a tennis. I would not be a good center of their so psychic abilities like that. It's just that the reaction you have a child shows athletic ability. There's a good chance that their parents are gonna get them in a sport. You know whether they're male or female. If a child shows artistic ability and you know it depends on on how the parent values aren't they may take their child art classes. They may not, but they're probably not gonna say anything negative about it. May be, however, if a child comes in and says, I just saw a granddad Granddad died last year. That's not gonna probably be welcomed in most households. That's going to be thought of his weird or creepy or negative or, you know, or possibly even, you know, something very negative, you know, demonic. Or, you know, I mean, it could could go any number of directions. But what's not gonna happen is they're gonna go, Oh, darling, you're psychic.

spk_0:   54:49

spk_1:   54:49
wonderful. Let's get you some help with those abilities like That's just not gonna happen, right? So the thing is, it's inability. So most people are able to tap into their psychic ability. And what I have found through just working with, you know, probably a few 1000 people over the last close of 18 years, I guess, is that most people have have their ability is generally dormant. So is there. But it's not necessary. They're not utilizing it in any way, and if they want to tap into it, they have to embrace it. So be kind of the same concept as a person is a wonderful watercolor painter, but they never pick up a

spk_0:   55:29

spk_1:   55:30
so they never know that they have this amazing ability or someone who's fantastic a soccer. But they don't know because they never, ever play soccer, you know, or any other, any other ability, insert thing here, glassful and golf, whatever. So that sort of psychic ability, when people first start embracing their ability, it's a lot easier for me to work with people who have something going on. And then I can, because I want. My gift is because I'm a teacher is I could tap into how other people are psychic as long as they have some ability. So I can generally happen to my students and say OK, you got clairvoyance and you got clear audience, which clairvoyance is seeing

spk_0:   56:09

spk_1:   56:10
site and clear Audi's psychic hearing, and or I could say you've got you know, sometimes I get people with abilities like I had a woman who had her abilities were primarily smelling and tasting when it turned out that she was a chef. My abilities are not really. I don't get a lot of tasting smelling kind of stuff. I get some of it. But what if you're a chef? I can see where that would be Super helpful. When someone comes into my course is a They have a skill and ability that's higher than mine, which is pretty rare than my ability will in train up to there. So while this gal is in my class, I started being able to smell and taste all kinds of things that weren't there. Like I remember, I was out with Jeff and we were at a farmer's market and I kept Melling these amazing peaches, and I was like, Oh my God, where the teachers and just nice and just says, Oh, Jeff, just my husband. And he's also a psychic, but not quite the same way I'm second. He is different type ability, anyway, just started. Be able to sell the peaches to, and so we're walking around. We're looking for these pieces. Were these pictures where the peaches they smell amazing and we couldn't find the peaches? Finally I go to the lady and I said, I wear your peaches Like it. I'm looking for the future sugar. We don't have any peaches. What? I mean, it was the dominant thing. I smelled in the entire farmer's market, where the peaches and I said, Are you kidding me? You don't have any peaches in the entire farmer's market. And she said no. And I looked at Japanese Aiken small into and I thought, This is so super weird and my thinking was made. There must be teaches in here. This lady doesn't know where they are thinking. Why can't she smell them? I mean, they're so predominant. So I go to class that night with my gal with the chef. She had made me a peach cobbler. That was the peaches. And the thing was, while she was making this cobbler for me, I was smelling because I was. She was tapped into me. She was thinking of me. So she was doing what I call a ping. Ah, lot of my terms are computer term. She was pinging me psychically because she was thinking about me while she's making the peach cobbler. And then she was paying me and I was picking up on the peaches, and I was smelling peaches because that's what her dominant ability is. A smell and taste. But I'm smelling the peaches. But there were no peaches there.

spk_0:   58:22
How was the peach cobbler? Fabulous.

spk_1:   58:24
Very, very good. So anyway, so when I start, my first thing I do is I try to figure out what some of these abilities are, even if they don't believe that they have these abilities, I need to figure out what they are. And once I know kind of what their abilities are, what their dominant abilities are, then I can start to help them tap into those abilities. So in my psychic development classes, what I do is I start out the first night and I lecture. So everybody has a common sort of an understanding of what we're gonna be doing, how we're gonna be doing it, why we're gonna be doing it. And they understand the terminology I'm gonna be using. And then we start the next classes are all exercises, and I'm pairing people preparing. People are preparing people up, and I never do the same exercises exactly in each course, because what I do is I change the exercises based on shoes in the class and what they need to learn and so impairing people up in order for them to develop their abilities. And some people, it pops like that. First time we do something banned, their abilities are open, and sometimes it takes the whole court for the sensibilities to come to light. And I like to teach the course best teacher two different ways. I teach it once a week for six a week, or I teach it in an intensive weekend. I prefer to teach it once a week for six weeks. But obviously not everybody can just take six weeks off of work and

spk_0:   59:40
come home

spk_1:   59:40
live here in my area and that he was me for six weeks. So But I find that that way of doing it works best because then people have time, you know, we can between the session. So then sort of allow things to settle into, you know, be with the abilities and let the abilities kind of become deepens and their system instead of like, OK, we did you six hours of reading. Now we're gonna sleep now we're six out of readings again. or whatever the case may be. You know, everybody's different. Everybody is completely different. What I've found is that the vast majority of people usually shoot psychic abilities. They might have sight and hearing, or they might have knowing and feeling they might have feeling and hearing. And occasionally I'll get people who have three abilities or four abilities for five or six. And it's usually the people that have if I see someone who's got four more abilities. Generally, I know their teachers because they're you know, they're to me. There's like the practitioner who is the person that taps into whatever and then usually not only do they have ability to have a specialty, that's just been my experience, my specialties, our health and angels. I can talk to dead people. I can talk to animals. I could see fairies. Yes, fairies exist.

spk_0:   1:0:59
I believe it either,

spk_1:   1:1:00
and start seeing them. I can I can. I had get premonitions, but I can't get him on command. I could see into past lives. I could do a lot of what the healing do. Dog got lots of healing, sort of strange feeling abilities and and I can drive out things I occasionally got get the context for haunted houses, which are almost never haunted. And but anyway, that's another story for another time but anyway, But when people start out, I think it's important to know what you got going on and how to best tap into it. And really, there's no other way to develop your psychic ability. Been practicing with it.

spk_0:   1:1:36

spk_1:   1:1:36
would be like if I said to you, Nicole, your greatest soccer, Why don't you go read books on soccer? Whether you watch movies on a soccer, why don't you study? People have been famous soccer players. That would all be great, but it wouldn't help you develop your ability and soccer right

spk_0:   1:1:53
brain? Absolutely. You

spk_1:   1:1:54
just become like an expert in soccer. Well, if you want to be good at soccer, you have to go play soccer. And that means you can go out and play with you, know yourself or play with friends. But how are you gonna learn talker back with a soccer coach,

spk_0:   1:2:12
right on

spk_1:   1:2:13
a team of people who are playing soccer? Well, that's the same thing with psychic ability. So what I recommend for people is, if you want to learn psychic ability. You gotta figure out what kind of ability you have, at least if you

spk_0:   1:2:24

spk_1:   1:2:25
and find a teacher who has similar style and tap in in a similar way that you you want to because not every teacher is ideal for every student.

spk_0:   1:2:39
And the good thing is is that they're me now with the Internet and the fact that people do this more, it's easier to find. But I'd imagine to do your due diligence as well to find not only the right person, but if they have references or, you know somebody else's experienced, it is usually the best thing, cause there are some people out there that don't, in my opinion, have they say that they're intuitive or they do things and they exploit and you know, it's that you just wanna make sure finding the right person

spk_1:   1:3:06
Well, that's just true of every every never profession you about people who are gonna exploit your lie or exaggerate or whatever I turned away about one out of every 10 people that comes to me to be a student because not because I don't want to help them because I'm not their ideal

spk_0:   1:3:21

spk_1:   1:3:22
and oftentimes I can I guide them toward who their teacher is. Sometimes I don't even know who the teacher. I don't personally know the teacher at all. I just know of them. And I know that that person would study and I get calls or emails back saying, Oh my gosh, thank you so much. You're right. This is the right teacher for May, and occasionally I get people call me and they say, I know that I'm supposed to be studying with Ellen, who speaks Angel. But it's not me. Believe it or not, there's actually other women, a main Ellen

spk_0:   1:3:51

spk_1:   1:3:52
And so I got this very enthusiastic person who called me from Florida and that I know, I know. It's Ellen who talked to Angel. It must be you and I actually not. I said, Is this woman in your backyard made Elena inside guided that I care over her left name, right, saying, Anyway, he was the actual It was funny because she had to find me on the Internet to find the teacher who was in her is this code. So that's what I would recommend doing. And now I I will give some disclaimers here. When I first have people come to me toe learn often times I'll have people say, Well, I want to see Angel, but I don't want to dead people or I wanna I wanna see Angel's I believe in angels and afterlife. But I don't believe then tap lives or I don't believe in fairies or I don't whatever insert, you know, think well, I'm not in control of what people get. Study with me and all you will ever get our lovely white puppy annual, you know, I mean, if you open, if you decide to open an aspect of yourself, you're gonna you're going to tap in all kinds of things. How well you interpret those things or understand those things. I, you know that's unique to that person. But I I have no control over that, and it's really not a thing where you can unring that bell. You know, if you decide I want I understand, stand the metaphysical aspect of things. Then you will learn metaphysical things, but not necessarily things you expected. So I have a friend who took one of my workshop, and she was kind of intuitive. Cheetahs says I don't want, you know, anything to do with dead people or whatever. And I'm like, Well, you know, I have no control over what you're gonna get. What? She ends up taking my class anyway. And she is appearing Trees? Yes, tree speak.

spk_0:   1:5:30
I really believe them.

spk_1:   1:5:31
And not only do they speak if there you're kinda, if you're there, kind of whatever psychic, they have all kinds of things to tell you and what I found out through working with her and then tapping into the tree thing, which you know isn't really my thing. I love trees, Don't get me wrong, but is that trees can communicate with each other all over the world. And so, if you want it, If you were a tree communication, by the way, primarily the Chamonix ability, it's not really a I mean it's a psychic ability but tends to fall into that realm people into Earth, earth stuff. And what they would do is they would ask if someone was had a tree communication ability. They would ask the tree to tell them what was going on in other places on the planet and the trees. It also communicate things back to the shaman like you know, an enemy tribe is coming. Or, you know, a plague is coming or ah, or famine. Or they would tell them things and so that they would know. But they But it was like this, you know, with the Internet of the demonic world where the all the trees are all tapped into each other and could communicate to each other. But anyway, but because that's not really my primary ability, I have all of these abilities. But I don't use them all because I used the ability that I need for what I need to dio And, um, you know, I have kind of, Ah, I have a lot of people call me for reading. But then I have people who study with me, and that's a whole different experience.

spk_0:   1:7:05
When is your next class or how often do you have your classes for? People don't teach

spk_1:   1:7:08
a lot. Before my daughter was born, I taught three weekends out of a month. But after she was born, I took time off and then my in laws moved in with us and they, my father in law, passed away left summer. My mother lost the list, but she's 90. And so we she lives in our house and we, you know, have do a lot of elder care. Riverside. But I've taught I've only taught one workshop in the last few years, and I only usually it's my higher level. Who? That's word of mouth. But I've been receive the message that I'll start teaching again, probably next year, next summer. So about a year from now, start teaching again. But psychic development Level one and level two and I teach racy and my Ricky's only and three levels on Guy called Break You With Angels because I combined that you think the people study with me. Get this through each week, meets West kind of a situation

spk_0:   1:8:02
because that probably jealous, like a lot of different people who, you know, may have the Western logic in mind and having grown up with it. But then also, you get the balance of, you know, the Eastern as well.

spk_1:   1:8:14
Yeah, it is different, and it's it's not, you know, not everybody. There's all kinds of many different types of rate out there, and they're all you know, lovely and just different. I think people go with whatever they resonate with whatever click with them but before

spk_0:   1:8:30
Well, for me personally. Well, before we wrap up, actually, I normally don't do this, but I was gonna ask you almost like I'm in a caller later in schedule session. But I was wondering, based on your intuition, what are you getting as my topic Gifts or my, You know, do I have 1234 earnings before? Okay. Wow. Yeah,

spk_1:   1:8:49
you have all four, actually, technically of all six, but the to you don't have very strongly, which is is okay, they're not necessary. So, no, you've got all four you've got, um, you know, for everybody else, we call it clairvoyant. Cronin's clear sentence for confidence. But will they say you've got tight. You've got hearing you've got seeing you got feeling you got knowing you've got all of them. Now, what you don't have is all of them completely in sync with each other.

spk_0:   1:9:17
Yes, in

spk_1:   1:9:17
order to do better readings, you want everything more synchronized so that as you're doing a reading, your sort of getting this is Doug tingling with that? And so it's hard to explain, but I think you know a little About what? Because you've got enough ability to know what I'm talking about. But when everything doesn't think, And then I would say because you have these abilities, you don't have them. You're not utilizing them all to the highest degree that you can. So you might want Teoh work on that to expand it up to the higher, higher level so that you can have all of the knowledge you would like. And when I say expandable, higher level, I mean, that means gaining more information and a greater and deeper understanding of the information that you get.

spk_0:   1:10:01

spk_1:   1:10:01
I don't see it. I don't see any of your information being mixed up. So sometimes when people get second information, it comes in in a way that sort of walking and like, I'll just give you an example. I worked with someone for a long time who they were coming scared of their ability. So all of the psychic information they would get came in sort of either garbled or mixed up. It wasn't that they weren't authentically psychic. They just weren't able to translate it. And so when they were calling me and asking me about these these things. I mean, sometimes it would come at cartoons or, you know, and I just remember thinking what you know. So I said, OK, angels, let's start from scratch. What are you trying to communicate? And I would skip over all the garbled or confusing stuff because I couldn't make heads or tails out of it, but I knew it was psychic. I just didn't know what it meant. And so I would have them in Bring me the information the way with Mississippi. And over time, we were able to clear the fears that she had a psychic ability so that she could just get information directly and with clarity. I just see you being able to take what you have and expanding it into greater knowledge and more deeper interpretation.

spk_0:   1:11:26
Okay, well, that's great to know. Yeah, I When I was getting the the intuition to start the show, it was more not just to share my story but share other stories And how other people could just experience it. Because I do want to make it, you know, accessible to people. Because to your point earlier, either you're in it. Um, and you have family and friends and embrace it and help nurture, help you nurture it, or at the same time, it's you're afraid of it. And you don't necessarily even know where to start if you want to explore it.

spk_1:   1:11:54
Um, one of the things I start doing before my daughter was born was I did a class. I started practicing, trying, outclasses using a teleconference system. So the way the teleconference system was, I would do the same lecture I would do on the first night teleconference. Everybody would be on the phone, and then the teleconference system would allow me to pair people up randomly two by two. So I would hit that, and it would just pair people up. And it was amazing. My sister in law decided to be on it just kind of be supportive. And she was like, I go on the phone with someone from Australia. Either you have clients Austro, but the cool thing about the teleconferences, nobody has to travel. I do the exact same thing. And then and then nobody gets the, you know.

spk_0:   1:12:38
Yeah, Well, I think so. When you were talking about your classes, the first thing I got was Yes, you're gonna start teaching the more often it was right around the corner. And then two, I pictured almost like a Web video conference where you're actually seen people and that virtual accessibility made it a lot more, Um, you know, in tune and stuff. And I think that to your point, like people that need to be in person But then you can always use that as, like a follow up, right?

spk_1:   1:13:04
So different spiking. Billie said it. Sometimes people ask me, Oh, do you use a pendulum to use crystal ball to use tear apart? Use this. That and the answer for me is no. And it doesn't mean that those other things aren't Dallas. What my experience is a lot of those things are focused tools,

spk_0:   1:13:21

spk_1:   1:13:22
for me, I find that they're distracting. So same thing when people do readings with me, if they're calling me from other countries, I usually do guys, but I don't do the video on the Skype because it distracts me from the reading, and it's not that I want to see. People would love to see their their faces. It's just that I find it distracting to the boat just hearing their voices is better for me to tap in. But when you know, when I first was psychic and I was started going to events, which was a few years after I was into it, I that's when I started realized Oh, my goodness, there, so many different ways of being psychic, just like there's so many different ways of doing art and so many different types of sport. And just because someone is good at one thing doesn't mean they're good at another thing. So, you know, I've had, like, come up with me and say, Well, I'm thinking and I don't see angels. So you're lying. You don't see angels, and I'm like, taking well, if you're psychic, wouldn't you know that lots of people don't think

spk_0:   1:14:24
I'm terrible at math and there's no way you can try and teach me and it's not gonna change my I'd better. Yeah,

spk_1:   1:14:30
you know, everybody so different. And, you know, some people are just really, really good at certain things. There's some people. They're just excellent communicate with animals. Some people that are really good at picking up on like plants. And what kind of you know each plant. How will it grow best and what kind of what What is it need to be? Shade in light next to this kind of plan. Which plants are medicinal or which plants are really nutritious, which plants you shouldn't eat. Or you could look at all of the book. But there's people who just we know that. I mean, you know, how did it become a book in the first place? Someone had to write all this down, right?

spk_0:   1:15:04
Oh, my gosh. Anyway,

spk_1:   1:15:06
it's exciting.

spk_0:   1:15:07
Yeah, Before we break, I wanted to ask you What is the number one thing you would like people to take away from our conversation today? What are you getting from the Angels intuitively?

spk_1:   1:15:17
Well, you know, when people listen to me, you know, they kind of fall into into categories their sort of people that stumble upon me and are flabbergasted. It's kind of like what you know. And then there are people who are speaking to because they're their future seasons and future clients. And those people almost always know, even if they don't know what in the world they're doing. I mean, I've had people call me and say I heard your name and I both profession. I don't even actually know what you dio and I thought, Well, that's interesting, cause I wouldn't have a different look with the person. I didn't even know what they did, but But I just find it. It's funny and fun and, ah, lot of times that the most fun part of all this is the adventure of it. If people can look at it as just open an open minded away as sort of an adventurous thing. And if it's not your thing, it's not your thing. And you know, I'm not in a sport. I don't care about sports. I don't like to go watch for just doesn't light my fire. It's not my thing. I totally get that. Other people are into it, and I think that's a great And if this is not your thing, that that's OK, that's not your thing. And that's all right. Go enjoy whatever does that you enjoy. And, you know, I don't know. Honestly, if I hadn't become psychic suddenly I don't don't think I would have ever looked into this or you know or thought about it or felt about it or anything you know, and now it's just so much a part of my life that I can't imagine not having it. We're not using it or whatever, and I I so enjoy helping other people embrace their abilities and, you know, and go to the next level. Whatever that next level is, it's just a huge adventure, and it's fun. And hopefully it can be fun if it, however, someone is experiencing things that are not fun and they're creeped out or scared. What I would remind them is that everyone have holy guardian angel, and all you have to do is ask them to help you. If something is frightening, you ask for it to be removed, even if it's a simple as a freaking very and it's not gonna cause any problems if it scares you. Abolish. You asked for it to be removed. You know, if you having visitations from deceased loved ones and they don't mean you any harm. They just really just want to come into your space and love on you, you know, from the other side. And sheriff, they've moved over and they're fine. If it's scares you, ask her. Ask God by whatever name you Call the Divine and your Holy Guardian Angels by whatever name you call angels asked them to remove these things from your life and revere space, and they will do it.

spk_0:   1:17:51
Well. What? I know you don't consider it a gift. I consider it an ability and a gift and the gift being what you give to other people through your work. So I just wanted to say thank you again for joining us and sharing your story, and I would definitely love to have you back on to talk about some of these other things. It's been fantastic. And if you were interested in learning more about Ellen, please check out her website at Ellen malloy dot com. That's e l l e n and may h l a y dot com. And thanks again, Ellen, and we'll talk soon. All right. Thank you. Bye. Recapping this episode of a psychic story one the vast majority of people have at least one, if not two psychic abilities to There is no better way to develop your second abilities than toe actually practice with it. Reading about it is not enough. Tap A teacher who has a similar style is yours. Three. Every person has holy guardian angels. If you're bothered, stressed or scared, ask your angels to assist their constantly by your side for disclaimer. You are not in control of what abilities you have or will get. If you decide. Open that aspect of yourself. It is unique to you. And remember, you can't unring that bell in size. There are so many ways at a protein Metaphysical knew two people are alike, and we all have unique abilities. Thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a second story dot com. Uh.