A Psychic's Story

Awakening Your Inner Guru

August 07, 2019 Priya Lakhi Episode 6
A Psychic's Story
Awakening Your Inner Guru
A Psychic's Story
Awakening Your Inner Guru
Aug 07, 2019 Episode 6
Priya Lakhi

What do burn-outs or life crises have in common? More than you think. In this episode of A Psychic’s Story, Priya Lakhi, a holistic medicine practitioner, discusses how mother Earth and each one of us are going through spiritual awakenings and how we can embrace this process and support our inner guru. 

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What do burn-outs or life crises have in common? More than you think. In this episode of A Psychic’s Story, Priya Lakhi, a holistic medicine practitioner, discusses how mother Earth and each one of us are going through spiritual awakenings and how we can embrace this process and support our inner guru. 

For more information about Priya Lakhi, visit awakenananda.com.

A Psychic’s Story wouldn’t be possible without your support so THANK YOU for listening. And if you would like to help out, please consider:

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  • Leaving a 5-star review. 
  • Telling at least one family member or friend about the show.

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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind Magic and you're welcome to a psychic story. Thin this episode of a psychic story. Pre Laki, a holistic medicine practitioner, discusses how she shifted her career from defending people on Death Row toe learning about Ricky and other spiritually modalities in order to begin her spiritual coaching journey. Burnout in midlife crises or common terms we use in today's society, but Preah was able to recognize that is more than just a fad. In fact, it is a spiritual awakening on this episode of a Psychics story, pre a la Que joins us to talk about her career and justice and fighting for people's lives and how that took a turn to help other spiritually through awaken a nada. I'm thrilled to have pre adjoined to discuss how to awaken your inner guru. Thank you for joining today Pria

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Oh, it's really great to be here. Thank you for having me,

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of course, of course. Why don't you start with sharing how you came into energy works and everything from and going from your corporate career into the metaphysical.

spk_1:   1:37
Sure, um, that's the story that started ah, a few years ago when I was severely burned out from being a criminal defense player. And ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer on. As I chose the profession, I recognized that it was taxing and demanding, and I had no tools within me to actually have what people would consider work. Life balance. And there are so many signs along the way. There's my career where I was using a lot of skills to numb out versus transcends that was drinking lots of partying too much. I was not paying offensive to my feelings and not paying attention to the signs that my health was, you know, maybe not declining, but not great. On one day, my but my mind essentially gave out on me. I couldn't get out of bed. My relationship with my partner was really suffering. I was not happy. There was no joy in my life on my career. The one thing that I thought was my purpose for existence had been so difficulty that I no longer wanted to put a work. So then I was really, really stuck because the type of lawyering I did was passion driven, in purpose, driven. I work with clients on death growth. It was something that I was really believed in on. I didn't know what else do I have been to therapy and that wasn't working for me. I tried yoga classes and that wasn't working for me. And so when my body gave out on me and I couldn't get out of bed for three days, I felt like that was the start of a spiritual awakening on and I really went into a speak big place of feeling. A lot of it was out of my conscious and through those three days I got into it a tip that I needed to go to India. I didn't really want to go to India. I was looking to go to the big India with a difficult place to go from my family from, but I did not feel we feel it connects in India and yet I didn't know what else to do. So I answered that call. I didn't know it was intuition speaking to me because I had never really trusted my intuition before that. But a heavily then finally had a dancer to everyone who has asking me what's wrong and what are you gonna do about it? I was like, I'm gonna go to India and then the next question was, What you gonna do there? I said, I don't know. And so that's what I did. I bought it. I bought a ticket to India back in 2016 at the end of 2016 and I knew that the place I needed so land with my mother's house. My mother's sister is a yoga teacher and a racy energy healer. And so I said, OK, she's that we're going to do something because there's something to be done here and luckily from need, she took one look at me when I landed at the airport and said, I got I'm gonna take care of you. And because of her beautiful spiritual practice and years and years of devotion, energy works, he was able very quickly to look at my energy bodies and look at my mental. They all look at my physical health and she literally nursed me back to life. And I thought India was gonna be 2 to 3 weeks, and I would come back to the U. S. And it was signed. It was about my job and like to be just normal and what ended up happening, as I stated into it for well over a year.

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it was a long time ability. Unplanned, right. So I left. I love the condo. I e stop the mail on the way. I just like I just come back. And so what I recognized after those initials 2 to 3 weeks when I finally started feeling a little bit of relief in my body and my mind and my spirit was that what I thought was a burnout, I would actually the start of a spiritual awakening or commonly caused called the dark night of the soul, which is it was a kind of initiation into a higher calling or a higher purpose

spk_0:   5:41
When I just show me the chills

spk_1:   5:45
that that that phrase, Yeah, it's a beautiful, beautiful flying in record stuff, but when you're going through it, it's like your world falls apart at lightning speed and you're in complete chaos.

spk_0:   5:59
How did you find out that that was what you were going through? Is it through the year of being there and and getting inserting to trust her intuition? More?

spk_1:   6:05
It was definitely part of it. But I'll tell you what. The biggest difference between what I would consider what I would have thought was to be in a severely depressed state,

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spk_1:   6:15
versus the dark side of. So the difference was that I was questioning my purpose. And who and I and what am I doing here on the Klan and in this body?

spk_0:   6:26
A bigger existential question of just everything versus feeling sad and yeah,

spk_1:   6:32
yeah, Although many, many of the signs of similar the biggest difference between Depression and the Dark Knight is that question of purpose and the wanting to get to the bottom of who am I really? And what is the point of this thing called like? Really, and I recognize that that's what I was going through probably a couple of months in my journey when when I started feeling a little better, literally feeling better. Then my brain and my heart and my mind was able to go to the bigger existential questions. And then I would became a voracious speaker. I was going to rape me classes. I was going Teoh coaching. I was going to be Aircell Development Classes. I during about these from philosophy and all of the sudden I felt like I had a purpose like I have never had in my hand higher life while dealing with emotional trauma. My shadow was coming up, so I knew that I was in a feeling crisis, not a like Frank. And that's Bentley. How I started down my journey towards the esoteric and about a physical with when my old life sided for my new life to show up and it forced me down.

spk_0:   7:53
Do you think that people who go through midlife crises, obviously it is a thing? But do you think that some people that are going through that actually are going through this spiritual awakening as well? I know it's

spk_1:   8:06
yeah, lutely. I call it a midlife awakening.

spk_0:   8:09
Okay, Yeah, I feel that it's just in a lot of ways in the Western world, we do. We speak to when somebody's going through that, because when you're questioning, what is your purpose in life. Why are you here? How can you make a difference? Is what I'm doing actually making an impact? Most people think, Oh, well, that's because they're going through X, y and Z, and it just sort of an age thing. And I think that that's very important for people to hear and learn more about is exactly that you were able to recognize it for what it is and also know that if you are going through that yourself, that maybe it is a higher calling and it is something that actually is something beautiful can come out of it

spk_1:   8:47
absolutely. And it doesn't have to be made light. But you have 1/4 life awakening, and it wants easy, more about the dark night of the soul. You recognize that their instances that happened in your childhood that are equivalent to the dark night of the soul that is what happened in your young adulthood, and you're at election fall with the purpose of showing you that it's time to get off autopilot. It's time to really, really wonder what you're all about. And what is the intention of your I know in the work that I do now victims of the energetic of the plant and as they're moving and speeding up and we're moving into a higher consciousness. But Mama Earth is going through her phone Dark night of the soul. More and more people are coming into my office in a severe state of awakening. But having no, you'll recognize what to do about it because no one, actually

spk_0:   9:44
let's get into that because I think that that is definitely why you were talking today is one how to people recognize the signs in themselves, and it sounds like, you know, you've already touched upon a little bit of that. But then also, what are the tools that people can do individually? And then also how we can support one another?

spk_1:   10:04
Yeah, absolutely. I think the biggest goal or the biggest thought have with the most beneficial thought to remember is that you're descending into the heart of yourself when you're in the midst. With spiritual awakening as profound as the dark knight, and it's one in which it's taking you from one phase of the light to another, and more often than not, we don't choose it willingly. We don't choose to have this happen our sole use of it for us. And there's a sign of, like a higher calling right. And it's a sign that your pain and lonely is actually here to prepare you for your destiny as so remembering that the breakdown is going to leave a break through. I believe it's the number one tool because it's not easy when you're in crisis. It's not easy when someone doesn't understand. What you're feeling is not easy when you don't understand what you're feeling.

spk_0:   11:10
You mentioned the numbing part, and I think that that's a really important piece for me. And but then hopefully it also resonates with others out there to that for me, that going through things, I always have tried to not feel it, because I think to myself, if I'm not feeling it, then I don't have to experience it. And that always is not is not a good idea that I would say probably never it being a good idea because it doesn't, um, you and you aren't open then, and it also then takes that much longer for that energy to pass through you and you don't get the lesson and you don't it doesn't resonate. So you think that that's something that we go to doctors and we pop pills and we do, you know, we may go to therapy Like you said, I'm not knocking any of that. But it is also just a look within yourself. Moment of okay, I'm experiencing this for a reason, embracing it and then trying to figure out OK, what am I learning from this? And when you embrace it and learn the lesson, then you move on a lot more quickly.

spk_1:   12:07
Yeah, yes, but it's heart right for herself in the mirror part recognized her shadow it. Parts of feel supported when we're going to the depths of our despair and all the things that we don't actually want to believe are true about us and the death where I think the second really important stuff comes in, which is we are not meant to go through the dark night alone. There is a lot of work that we do with introspection. There's a lot of work that we do by going inwards, but it is vitally important. Have a court system for person for tea around you to help remind you that you're going through the pain so the light can shine through and say whether that's an energy healer, whether that's a code, whether that's a spiritual teacher, whether that's a pasture, whether that the friends who really committed being your Magnifico when you can't to me that a vitally important because house you both of the part in which he'd rather numb birth of steel, that's when you're gonna be most lifting up. And the best way to do that, someone else you walking along

spk_0:   13:16
and if people don't know necessarily were to go for that. Is that e? I would, I would say first, look within and trust your intuition. But a lot of times when you're in turmoil, you don't necessarily even know where to begin. So what resource is air or what areas could people research to find that support?

spk_1:   13:34
There's a lot of great online metaphysical group awakening groups, women circle groups, depending on wherever people are located. If you're in the Atlanta area, the Center for Love and Light, where I worked filled with practitioners that do this kind of work, I know if I do this kind of work with many money of my clients, but there's resource is online. There's resource is if you go to metaphysical shock, often times they'll have cards. They're individuals that you might be able to talk Course residence matters, right? Hop to a human before you. Besides, whether they're the right human for you to help walk there That popped up and sometimes don't start with one demon. I decided to eating another human because your vibrational change and it no longer resonates with the person in front of you. I mean, that is all part of the growth rate of the men in the Dark. Knight is here and one way and with dark that want to use your discernment. And it wants you to use your intuition,

spk_0:   14:41
so definitely embracing it and looking for support externally and what your support system is and then walk me through our US through what it actually I mean, for each person, I imagine it's gonna be very different because it's individual and it is spiritual. But what are some of the things that you went through so that we could kind of see how you evolved? And you know what to kind of expect when you're going through the dark night.

spk_1:   15:08
Yeah, absolutely. I need There are absolutely no too dark nights. However, there are depths or stages that I believe each one of us who has either in it or has gone through it or will go through experience on the first day just called the craft from you. Very simply, Ra Light begins falling apart, and it's different for each of us. And then I think you go something of falling into an unknown like I did So I craft and I was like, What? Everything I thought was me was supposed to make me happy. And now I'm not happy. So what is it that I'm falling into? What is it that I'm speaking? What is the UN's knows right? And that the knee does step in and trying to help us be The thing that we're actually no longer are because I think now we get look like but what I really want, what I don't want and what's real and was not deal to get ready for that

spk_0:   16:08

spk_1:   16:09
then, I believe you fall deeper into the shadow because once bikini go comes off your like boat and that's not a lawyer. But I thought I, Woz and I don't want to be the Hartner that I think I am. And I don't want to live in the house I live in anymore. And I don't want this and I don't want That wasn't What do I want? And before we could get to What do I want? We've got to get to what caused all the pain to begin with. So I used to call that basically Underworld. I thought what that was just like in an underworld, that no one else knew what was going on. And I would be really happy on the outside, sometimes to be completely unfulfilled, encased in on the inside. I remember that so vividly because if I went around outside and really comfortable feeling on the inside, I think people would think that I was really not able to take anything together. So in that data work, if I said the most and out of time, I got really crystal clear on what was wrong or what I thought was wrong with me versus now, recognizing that there was actually nothing wrong with maybe for the lessons I had to learn lessons about maybe how I does people, or what anger I held for what raid I was sleeping or how I was manipulating others, or how treating other people right shadow the stuff that we wanted to come out. That the underworld. And then finally, I think once you get through that, you start transcending the pain. But moving beyond the pain and recognizing that the pain is a gift and recognizing that there's light at the end of the tunnel and these first few days is left month for you, right? It just depends on the individual on the journey that they're on. There's no right wrong, good or bad. And then I think once you start translating the pain, he finally started coming around to being comfortable with yourself, embodying your beauty, diss finding yourself again, remembering that the whole fun You were the one that you were looking for. You were the one that you were missing. And then he finally start beginning to trust. You finally start coming back to life, And then there's joy and bliss and a complete metamorphosis from the caterpillar to the butterfly. I think those are the status of the Dark knight,

spk_0:   18:29
and you mentioned to the Mother Earth or Mama Earth, which I love. That reference is going through her own dark night and then therefore, that means that other people are being awakened a little bit faster. Or more commonly. I should say, What exactly is is the earth experiencing? I mean, I could probably guess, based on what are you just here and CIA's well, but just share a little bit with that because that's interesting to me.

spk_1:   18:54
There's a new ascension happening on the planet. Ascension means the moving beyond and removing from one vibrational frequency to another and Mother Earth, the planet the meal inhabit is also going through her foes. Ascension as this is, we are part of nature because we aren't nature. We're feeling her frequency and her rumble and first aid on that awakening up hurt earthquakes or causing life quake. Her volcano eruptions are calling like corruptions because we're all connected and we always have been. And so the beauty of what's happening is that the planet is evolving, and so what? We would call unity, consciousness or really starting to believe and understand that there's more to life than separations that were actually more connected than we are different. That piece of us individually are starting to recognize that we're more than our egos and our personality on that. There's more love than state within ourselves in our lives that causing literally the energy vibration that shifting on Earth, uh, causing humans change their own energy vibrations. People are taking their energy vibrations. That's causing on the question. But what the heck is going on in my life? Why my feeling? Is that the emergency right? And those folks coming into my office really seeking clarity and asking questions that are deep and profound questions that they would have never asked themselves a year ago

spk_0:   20:26
when I think like you said it, that's the beauty of it, right is that we're going through this. And so people are wondering, OK, my crazy Is this happening to me? It's a good thing to just keep in mind that we're not alone or you're not alone. And then also that it is a gift, and it is a blessing that we're experiencing it because I truly believe that if we look inward and we were, too, unless he fix. But if we're to embrace what we are and you mentioned love and everything at the heart is love, and we made ourselves a better person and better, you know, whatever that is better and betterment, then that would be a place on this earth that everyone is healed versus trying to look externally and just sex sticks, right. It's not to say that people don't need help and support and love and caring, but when you look inward, that's really weird. It resides

spk_1:   21:19
absolutely inward is the only way because my truth is not your truth and nurtured my truth, right? And truth is the ultimate evidence that we need. But how do we know? We know, because it's our truth and the only way to know to go inward.

spk_0:   21:36
Yeah, that's that's amusing to hear. And it's just nice to hear to that again, not being alone, and that we do have the power or we are in power to make a difference by focusing on ourselves and then spreading that love and that support and light and truth as much as we can. What are some things with the people that come to see you and your clients that, you know, walk me through? What are some of the exercises or some of the work that you do. I know when I had come to see you a while back, that was more the energy, the rake E. But now you're doing a lot more classes and sessions on how to awaken your inner guru and things of that nature. So how has that evolved in terms of your practice and how you're supporting people that are coming to see you?

spk_1:   22:21
Oh, yeah, I think that's a great question. You know, I my pockets of all desirable, just like everybody else. And so I've evolved now to really, really interested in the unconscious mind recognizing that the unconscious mind is where all believes all decision making all choices come from and understanding that it's only three working with the unconscious mind. Can we have a clear, intuitive ability working with our higher self? Because the higher self on Lee talks to the unconscious mind, which is a fascinating and so a lot of the work that I'm doing now is the mind, body spirit approach, which I've always done. But now the mind comes in with doing something called neuro linguistic programming and his noticed, which completely gives people whole new operating system. So the rate the energy could do an apple of grace and the NLP and hypnosis could do an entirely new operating system from which to view the world. And the spirituality allows you to get the purpose and awakening and understand your own inner wisdom in your own need for what is your purpose? Admission on the plan. And so the work that I do now with clients and in classes that I teach then workshop is 100% me in my evolution and what I know has worked for me because I don't expect Clinton to anything that I haven't tried. And so I know that the combination of unconsciously patterning break the energy has been spiritual. Teaching is the perfect trifecta for the mind body soul connection, because I want all of my teaching modalities believe the wholeness that that feels Mikel. I want to help people get the Holman, and then I know the way to do that is through mind, body and heart and spirit.

spk_0:   24:06
That's fascinating to me because and I've always believed this even as a child, but that you, your mind does what you say it to dio. So if you are talking down to yourself making comments, just you might not even realize that you're doing it. Your mind thinks okay, Well, she once I I want to be sad. I want to do all these things right or yes, I'm not enough. All of those things that we talked ourselves, we don't realize how much we're actually impacting ourselves physically and emotionally. And when you look at their the rules of the mind and what we're consciously putting out there But then you also mentioned that the unconscious mind is the only thing that you know your higher self speaks to. What does that look like? And what is that exactly? Impact that a little bit for me.

spk_1:   24:54
It's the higher self, right, with their intuition, speaks to the unconscious mind because the unconscious mine is actually the gold getter. Whereas the conscious mind is the goal better so the higher self peaks and symbol peaks in God speaks in metaphors. Six story. The higher self very rarely speaks to us in full paragraph like you and I are talking about now. Right in The only way to access it is through the unconscious. And so right now a lot of us have a lot of oh, programming in our unconscious mind. Like things you were saying I'm unworthy, I'm undeserving. I'm not good enough. And you're right. Every time they either speak or have a thought were literally casting a spell in the universe because the unconscious mind takes everything personally. And so if we want a clear connection with our highest felt that we need to do the work of clearing out the old app, we have a clean slate from which we've been actually here are so

spk_0:   26:04
calling and

spk_1:   26:04

spk_0:   26:05
So it's kind of like a blueprint of sorts. Is that if you if you're saying something, thinking something with these biases and then you're like use of the symbols and the other things that your unconscious mind pulls through, that is then a blueprint or steps on an action plan. So to speak of, then your unconscious mind just saying Okay, well, this is what I've what's been communicated to me to dio, right?

spk_1:   26:31
Right in your higher self is the perfect blueprint for you Always. But we don't access,

spk_0:   26:35
so you use like a combination of methods and definitely. I'm going to try and check that help and come in. Come see you because I think that that's really great to hear. So you mentioned the hypnotherapy and other things. But what are some of, I guess, the exercises, or what? Something that just to give an idea of, like, what happens, or is there an example that you would ensure it about yourself or, you know, something that's happened that's helped somebody move on to the next step when they're going through something like this,

spk_1:   27:03
for sure, you know that this is something I believe in. It is that in that way, I also wouldn't call full break room. And that's a 60 to 90 day packets, I suppose, for lack of a better word with me and I'm now certified board certified in 38 countries, which allows me to give the money back guarantee. I think I want really want people to hear that I went because it's so profound, right? It's basically does. Did you come in when we talk about what you want to change your life and if it doesn't change in your life based on the evidence of you determined you get your money back because these schools working with the unconscious minds are so powerful that literally there's a money back guarantee. So when you come into the office and we do the my body will connect when we do a full of stuff. Not right. What's going on in your life that you, Howard. Then we dio pool to help get rid of negative emotions and limiting the citizens like I'm not good enough or I can't take that stuff or I'm not smart enough or I'm not lovable for men. Just don't ask me out on dates for whatever beliefs that we convinced ourselves is true. We literally wiped the slate clean. Then we go in. We seem clan new. I literally knew Kobrin, what is it that you won't satellite? And we have the tools that it seems. Plant that in here unconscious. Bring the murmur of the unconscious is the gold getter for in placing new gold, and then the unconscious now has a job to do. It's going to help you get those goals has been help you do that because they take it all the filters away about why you do that. Then we take the spirits will be things to get into purpose. We get into conversations around energy. We do that. It tasters we do energy tapping. We do energy healing way really give you a 3 60 approach to life the wholeness as then we integrate and I stay with you. Leslie, integrate this into your life because the worst thing would be to give you the tools and then send you on your way and not be the person that walks beside you while you figure out how these new tools book in your life. So, for example, I had a woman You want to quit her dog and wondered the start her own business of the freelancers. I wanted to be a life coach. A lot of clients. A company has decided they want to quit corporate and go to some sort of feeling art that happens to be asleep. But I guess it all these within existence. I waas he couldn't do it and he did that The big breakthrough. We worked together for 90 days, and today she is a successful practicing hope. Making money is happy, healthy, wealthy and using. If you were at first, he would say that 100% do with recognizing that you can't deal with choices and limiting decisions from a conscious place, that it has to be the unconscious.

spk_0:   30:13
That's amazing. And for people that can't come in person because I do know a lot of energy, work and some things. It is good to always be around and in person. But is there also in a long distance options?

spk_1:   30:27
Yes, this is all available by do all of it is and in any homework and passed, uh, also all available by Zoom. I have clients, since I'm sure you do have clients all over the country, so I will never recommended modality with someone has to be right in front of me, although there's definitely times what it makes it more fun.

spk_0:   30:46
And the tapping Teoh. I'm sure in some instances which I'm a firm believer of that I've just tried it a couple times on my own, like by Google and even just like if you're stressed out or if you're feeling tired or something else and you just do. Some of the simple techniques have been very amazed about how your energy points kick in.

spk_1:   31:04
There's a beautiful. There's a gentleman and I get no endorsement by this. There's the guy named Bradgate. He has a use, Kale. It's all free. And I think, one of the best rappers in the world.

spk_0:   31:14
Well, I'm definitely gonna check that out. Brad Yates on YouTube. What would you say has been the most surprising thing for you on the journey from where you started out and and I say just in general, in life. But then also where you are now, what surprised you the most,

spk_1:   31:30
Uh, thing that surprised me even though the power of blood I've heard it all of my life that love is the answer. I've heard that love will do the work Piper, that love is the way to go. I have never understood it that families I've understood in the last two years about the capacity to give love and the capacity to seize love to the capacity to be in the energy of love and how it's been absolutely transformed any situation. So I think for me, the most surprising part is the power of that word. And then use is a sore, intentional way. Love these after they all you need And it's not just some cheesy songs like I've witnessed it, I embrace it. I in power it.

spk_0:   32:17
It's pure love. I mean, when you're in a conflict or you're having something simple, it's happen. Technology were a mercury retrograde right now, which I feel like we're always going through. Every time I turn around, it's around, it's around the corner. But if you're sending love, Teoh your technology, if you are in an argument with somebody, or you feel tension and immediate at work, even just being in center and thinking of love, not even sending that necessarily to the other person. If you don't feel comfortable with that but to yourself, it can completely transform the conversation or the outcome versus reacting in a way that we don't think. And I think that that's just a beautiful message that you gave because time and time again, when I'm speaking with people on the show, they bring up love and that that is at the heart of everything. It's at the heart of energy, and whatever you believe, you don't have to believe something. Some people want to see it first and experience it before they believe it. But I do think that love is a at the heart of the core.

spk_1:   33:16
It is love that delayed the heart of yourself, e. I mean, that's what it is, brings me back to yourself. And then when you realized that well connected, that means they are in love with somebody else. You're actually also defending it back.

spk_0:   33:30
What's the number? One thing you'd like for people to take away from our conversation today

spk_1:   33:36
that you're not alone with many, many people who have been down the path of the dark knight, that there's a family of sold around you. But when you're struggling, you have support when you feel like you can't take anymore, you're in the heart of the universal heart mind and that there are people around you who will help you get through this. I mean, you don't believe that you will get through the new that you will because we did, and that the journey from past in the present is one of the most beautiful in profound your needle ever take so that you will absolutely be grateful for when it's over.

spk_0:   34:13
Amen. I just think that that's such a It resonates with me and short resonates with a lot of people that are listening, and I couldn't thank you enough for joining and sharing your story with us. And it has. Certainly now we've been enlightening but a blessing as well and would love to have you back on another time. And if you were interested in finding out more on weaken another or from pre A and what she offers, or even just to I I was fascinated about her story as an attorney prior to and just everything she's given out. Feel free to check out her website at awaken ennahda dot com. That's a w a que en a an a d a dot com and thanks again Pria and I will definitely be calling you for some of that work.

spk_1:   34:57
If you look for having me, I really appreciate,

spk_0:   34:59
of course, enjoy the rest of your day. Have a blessed day Recap This episode of a psychic story one Often what we think of as burnout is actually an awakening of the soul, also known as the Dark Night of the Soul, which is a calling toe. Our higher purpose to sometimes we don't recognize that we're going through is not a life crisis, but rather healing crisis. It is time to get off of autopilot. Take the time to figure out what is the intention of your existence. Three. The biggest thing to remember is that during this time you were descending into the heart of yourself. It is taking you from one phase of your life to another. We don't consciously choose for toe happen our soul unconsciously choose. Is it for us? For your pain and loneliness are preparing you for your destiny. Five. Well, it certainly is not easy. When you were in crisis, you are not meant to go through it alone. There is a lot of work to do when we go inward. Remember to tap your support system to remind you that you are magnificent. Six Mother Earth is experiencing her own ascension. Her earthquakes are creating our life Quicks There is more to life than separation and we're more connected than were different. This is causing us to express more love and vibrate on a higher plane. Seven inward is the only way You're Truth is not my truth Ate the conscious mind is the goal. Get earthy. Unconscious mind is the goal getter. So the only way to access our higher Selves is to go within nine. You are never alone. There is a family of souls around you supporting you. You will get through this. The journey is one of the most beautiful and profound journeys you will ever experience. Thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a second story dot com.