A Psychic's Story

The Conscious Method to Connect and Align with Your Body

August 21, 2019 Jaclyn Winters Episode 7
A Psychic's Story
The Conscious Method to Connect and Align with Your Body
A Psychic's Story
The Conscious Method to Connect and Align with Your Body
Aug 21, 2019 Episode 7
Jaclyn Winters

Our world is a reflection of our collective consciousness. During Jaclyn Winters journey of discovering the best method of how to become stronger physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, she founded a new method that combines workouts and integrates spiritual practices. During this episode of A Psychic’s Story, she discusses The Conscious Method and her volunteer work with a wolf sanctuary. 

For more information about Jaclyn Winters, visit theconsciousmethod.com

For more information about The Wolf Connection, visit https://wolfconnection.org

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Our world is a reflection of our collective consciousness. During Jaclyn Winters journey of discovering the best method of how to become stronger physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, she founded a new method that combines workouts and integrates spiritual practices. During this episode of A Psychic’s Story, she discusses The Conscious Method and her volunteer work with a wolf sanctuary. 

For more information about Jaclyn Winters, visit theconsciousmethod.com

For more information about The Wolf Connection, visit https://wolfconnection.org

A Psychic’s Story wouldn’t be possible without your support so THANK YOU for listening. And if you would like to help out, please consider:

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  • Leaving a 5-star review. 
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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind Magic and you're welcome to a psychic story. Jacqueline Winters is a pioneer in combining yoga, bar, Pilates and other workout methods to not only become physically strong, but also mentally, spiritually and emotionally. In this episode of a psychic story, she shares her journey in discovering new methods of working out and how to integrate spiritual practices along the way. In addition, Jacqueline gives insights into her volunteer work with a wolf sanctuary and how we can all learn from them about owning and grounding in our power. Hi, everyone. Thank you for joining a psychic story with Megan today, and I have the lovely Jacqueline Winters. She is the founder and creator of The Conscious method and very excited to be speaking with her today to talk with her about her method and how she really got involved in its not just about a workout, but about your mental in your spirituality connection and how it all works together. So, Jacqueline, welcome to the show.

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Yeah, but I need to be honest.

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I decided to dive right in and see what's going on in your world. So I saw on Instagram that in addition to all the awesome classes in the sessions and things that you dio and you've dedicated your lifestyle to, this is also working with a wolf sanctuary and what that means. And so, before we get into that piece of it, I thought maybe we could go through and just talk about really What guided June, what got you into bar and fitness in the first place. And then how you came You came up with the with the idea and the concept.

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Well, okay, Well, um, yeah. I started keeping a bar about 10 years ago. I every feeling you moved to California to be an actress and bar kind of looks like a side hustle thing to dio just sick, you know, get income and pay my bills and things like that. And over the years, it kind of turned into the thing that I really loved, and it and I enjoyed, and it hit on every level like there's a performance aspect when you get up in front of people in a peach, so that can give me that. That that is acting it also, you know, I'm helping other people looking up it to help with my soul by that like by and a kind of morph into the single war that just, like, tapped into effort every aspect, myself and everybody, pretty much because I talk a lot about the bodies when I see you know we're not just a physical body were also the mental body emotional body spirit, your body over mean anything kind of tapped into every level of that really kind of, you know, about me, President Grounded. It is like that while I'm teaching bar, I actually started to fall in love with your logo with also dags deeper, especially with the the mental and emotional and spiritual part of the bodies. And so I started taking that and film love and now kind of morphed into the cool thing of glass. Teaching full time, been following my dream and passion of of helping others and, um, guiding people through their own light on.

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That's amazing, because I've said before on this show, and even in prayer, too, is that we are spiritually beings having a human experience. We're not human beings having a spiritual experience of the fact that when you have your classes and you're working with people, you are exploring the deeper levels in just the physical piece of it. Do you mind sharing and going into a little bit of about what, like one particular class would look like?

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Yeah, of course. So we'll give an example of a yoga class because I think what people are more. Ah, it's more relevant. I get that people understand Yoga practice is a little bit more so than bar typical yoga class. I would we would go in, and I and the conscious method. I always start with a grounding that is Houston, So I cool people in the room. It connects into the body to their breath as an after I get them grounded. Then I'll move into more of the movement aspect, so kind of cooling in that ground. You know that grounded nous with the physical body in telling them how that that turnip is connected, and then once I get, um, making warmed up, then I'll move into more of a flow sequence for that strength and more challenging poses. Where that shows you, you know, kind of test. Have people on their their mental body. Like, how do you show up in the town moment, Do you day with your breath, you stay grounded, you say, president, or do you go into story? And there's no judgment behind either. Right? But the goal is is to really keep you in that in that present state and that loving light date, Um, and then we'll get into that strengthening kind of pools is and that mental strength and physical strength, emotional strength. Then I wanna pull you back down and ground and stressed the need to relax, um, and then finally gonna bring you to that fort flowed. You get that full release and that, um, kind of get you carry in your

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old That just sounds great and amazing because I love meditation where I try to get into it, and I think my mind goes into other places where it's not supposed to. This is to be relaxing. And I've always loved yoga and Pilate. Jesus. Well, I tried bar. Oh, my gosh. It was so hard, it looked really easy. It is not as easy as it looks and for good reason, right? Focused on different muscles and things of that nature. And so I think it's very interesting. We've combined all of these different methods Teoh and especially customizing it for a new entire class when you're there, Are there things that, like you've experienced through creating this new method that has, like, opened you up more spiritually and emotionally?

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Yeah, definitely. I mean, there is a certain postures. I feel like that every time in them. Like,

spk_0:   6:09

spk_1:   6:09
example, Kitchen Could Dennis like, Every time I'm in it, I will start hysterically crying because it's such a deep hip opener and our kit cold all of our emotions. So whenever we can get a good seat released and the motions like naturally comes out. So it's really fascinating how our physical body hold energy. So any time that I'm in some kind of foster that really opens me is just like I feel like percent afterward.

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That's great. And so has have you always been? I mean, going to L. A. And the actress piece was kind of the kick off and then you got into the working out in the fitness and it's just expanded from there. But as you were growing up, did you always feel like you had this connection to more of the holistic, wellness, spiritually side of things? And if so, what was that evolution like,

spk_1:   7:03
Yeah, I think I never really fully understood it until recent years, but I definitely looking back, I've always been very sensitive, like very emotionally sensitive, And I always kind of thought of it. Is this me being a mostly? No. But now being that I'm, I think it is. But that empathy, right, that impact, energetic system that we all have, we all have that capability of having that. But I can sensible are a little bit most sensitive to it coming into this world. And I definitely have always felt very sensitive energies and sensitive to other people. And like when somebody tells me a story, I like, feel their opinion or I can, you know, feel their happiness or whatever it is that they are experiencing. I wanna be there with them. So in that Yes, the impasse court definitely has been I've always felt that, but yeah, I've the last few years of kind of evolve into something deeper, and once you understand what it is that you're kind of going through and yourself, you can have your own tools and to play for you don't take on people stuff because that was something I've always been kind of guilty of. I would take on people be depressed, and I'm like, I don't know why I'm depressed. I feel like I things were good and then you realize freedom it that's probably not mine and having the tools to be able to be like, OK, I can release this now and I can get back to my light and my situation and things like that.

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You're definitely a light worker, and I can tell that you just speaking with you and like hearing your passion and everything that's coming through, and I'm assuming that it's probably also very good when you're in classes, because while you are grounded yourself and you're hoping everybody else become ground, become, were grounded and goes through the flow of things, you probably also able to adjust your classes based on what you're feeling from the group. Is that accurate to say

spk_1:   8:55
Oh, yeah, definitely, Definitely, Definitely. And it's. But it's funny you say that because that was definitely a bold for me over the last few years. Being able to do that being like I do to your training's as well. If I train, other teachers help teach. And that's the one thing I tell them. Like once you can get to that stage where you couldn't hold for others and truly mold your class, depending on how the energy is, you know you can't really go in and have a structure line you have to be willing to flow with. However, the energies flowing because everybody shows up differently and you have to be willing Teoh, adjust accordingly. Yeah,

spk_0:   9:34
that's great. I'll have to come to L. A. Just for a class. Check it out. Are you gonna put it put anything online as faras meditations or affirmations or workouts eventually, for people that can't be in person

spk_1:   9:47
as yeah, it's actually funny. You listen that I have a meeting right after this and with somebody who he is the father in a videographer. So we're gonna discuss setting dates to get some videos out? Sure.

spk_0:   10:00
Well, that's great, because I think for me, I you know, I'm doing a lot of research for this. Those kind of things, especially the quick meditations. I mean, there's a lot of stuff out there right where you can get the affirmations. You can get the gratitude journals. You can go to classes and everything of that nature. But if you have the ability to say and start people out small, here's three minutes. Here's five minutes to start your day under day, that kind of thing and then move into some more of the other. You know, it was they like the growth of building up your mind, body and soul in your heart and strengthening that that would be extremely powerful. So I'm glad I picked up on that, cause that's obviously a message that you needed to hear For sure. What does your family think about all of this that you're doing?

spk_1:   10:41
Um, everyone so supportive we helped put the supportive family. Yeah, I think I don't know. I feel so blessed because everyone literally just, like, has followed. You helped me and guided me and and all these crazy dreams I have, you know, like 1st 1st wanting to be an actress now going into the modality. But yeah, I think especially like my my miracles in my mom. And she is also it kind of very spiritual herself. And I feel like as soon as I told her I was gonna freak with method and tell the holder all of the different things I had in mind, She's been my biggest cheerleader. I mean, from Day one, but definitely after I told her about this nothing. She was like, What? What? The

spk_0:   11:22
deal will have to say it to anyone who's listening. So full disclosure. Jacqueline is my cousin. So when you hear me talk about intuition and the things that I have experienced over time, while she and I grew states apart for sure you were in Ohio at the time, and I was wherever we were traveling due to my father's job, we really would see each other during the holidays. And then, of course, when you moved out to the West Coast and your mom is my Aunt Judy and also my godmother, and I would say out of a lot, I mean, all of our family, I feel like has intuitive abilities. But for the most part, she's definitely one of the more intuitive people that can give you a reading and really just also kind of nail, like the the way that people are right, like about their light and the love that they possess and is definitely always a cheerleader. So that's really great to hear. And I'm sure she'll probably want be partaking in some of the classes as well. And she should be thinking about that, too.

spk_1:   12:13
Yes, you get something meditation and stuff.

spk_0:   12:15
It's great.

spk_1:   12:16
And I was that you think is definitely great. One little like workers. Well,

spk_0:   12:20
absolutely. Well, I So I was really fascinated to see on your instagram account on the conscious method about the Wolf Sanctuary. And I think I saw it about maybe a year ago and didn't really. When you're scrolling through and first of all our entire family or huge animal lovers, I feel like I mean between all of us. At one point we counted up and we have, like, 50 pets or something crazy. But that said, um, wolves have always just felt to me. Analyst. It's my spirit animal, but they're the definitely a connection between modern and ancient times for me, right? So how did you get involved in about about this? And what is it taken? And what does it mean?

spk_1:   12:58
Um, yeah, I know the up the well, connection. So in living in L. A. This is what I love about California and general. They're very like they love their and they have their so many incredible animal sanctuaries in just l a county here. Like if the making things. But yes, the what connection has a special place in my heart. I am. I do a lot of volunteer work for different environmental as well as animal or gonna think in. And I volunteered with them problems like you were three years ago, probably three years ago now, and fell in love immediately. Like being around wolf energy is like It's very different than canine energy.

spk_0:   13:37
It's wrong, right? It's just very run from before the domestication, I would say probably

spk_1:   13:42
yes. It definitely is. Like, for example, like the regaled it of them is, like, very fascinating. You can't You can't approach to work like you would a dog. You can't be like Oh my God. You're so here. What they will. They won't like attack you. They will do any. They're not violent like that. They people they want nothing to do with it doesn't feel like Okay, get away from me

spk_0:   13:59
and you're

spk_1:   14:00
grounded. When did you are The more your in your more power center That's when they come to you. That's and they approach to That's when they're like Okay, you're cool, you know, like so it's like it. Zaveri, you can learn so much from just being around alot just how to own your own power and also how the ground it and it's really cool. They have a method anytime you enter into the water sanctuary pretty much where the world bar, you say it's the people there, the volunteers, they you have to take out your energy. You have to take it out. The reason enter because the wolves will pick up on your energy immediately. And if you have bad dude, you're you're holding on to anything. They're gonna send it, and they're gonna want nothing to do with

spk_0:   14:40
the only crazy. I mean that crazy. Don't say it in that way, but that it's so cool that they noticed that one being around the wolves and then to the that is literally what they want. It's almost like taking off your shoes before you go into someone's home, But it's related to your energy to just say, OK, now you need toe, come in and embrace the moment and be present and where you're at versus bringing in any of the old stuff

spk_1:   15:02
back away. And it's so true. And also it's fascinating because a lot of the wolves that they rescue are sick and abused or they've been at for farms or, like, you know, just in a really horrible treatment from other human and see how they're feeling. Process is help. Been alert, is there? Our deal healing process is like that, and, you know, it was fascinating to me. Well, and the world connection, they go a step further with their with their rescue. They also want the rest of the wolf. They bring in at risk youth, and they will pretty much he'll be used with the wolves. So they kind of go through the same real rehabilitation process and they grow together and it feel together and sending to me that,

spk_0:   15:42
but the skin you chills. So what is the life sanctuary called. And also, can you give me a little bit about how you mentioned wolves heal differently than humans? Can you give, like, like, an example or two?

spk_1:   15:55
Yeah, well, it called the Wolf Connection Eyes the organization and, um, Fountain act in Ohio, in Ohio, where they act in California. I'm from Ohio, So I get to do the attack. Yes, and a good example. For example, like, um, I'm going to think of a specific walk T news. Okay, well, this is like a newer. There's three would that recently came in do the world connection and they were actually the owner love their previous on our love them and treated him very well. However, they're very high content will. So a lot of usable Piper it's that should let you know there's either happened half for, like 80% wolf, 20% canine. You know, things like that. So these three wolves were high content work, which means that they're above 80% wolf. So the owner has three high content Wolf and the neighbor said complain because you can imagine we'll Elsa look very different than mobile dogs. They're huge. Been having three of them in your backyard can be a little intimidating. So the neighbor threatened Teoh. Sorry to hear my my canine breakfast back so the neighbours threaten Teoh, turn this guy end for his his wounds. And so, in response, he thought it would be a good idea. Teoh have their vocal cords surgically removed so he could hide these What? Which obviously is horrible, right? That's a bute, right? If you are human and you did that, that's tribute. Luckily, somebody stepped in and the world connection rescued the three high content wolves. And now they are their face and their in their new pack environment. However, without a vocal board, they can't help. And howling is like the way that will communicate with each other

spk_0:   17:45
and really connect on an energetic level. I would imagine to

spk_1:   17:49
actually, yeah, so now these how with the rest of the pack, but they're not really sure they still knew, but they don't really know how. These three wolves, they're going to fit in with the past, But they're they have high hopes and they're working with them. And so far it's been a really positive experience for all of the work and they've been learning communicate with each other in a different way, which is really magical. And I think that feels also like how humans kind of when they're feeling, you know, like it if they something when you're abused in some horrible way like that, right? Disagree, abused in some way. We're a little bit very dumb and, like a little bit you don't we don't kind of connect as easily movie with other humans. But being able to be around supporting and loving humans, really, then you have a little bit more. Before we were new ways to communicate a new ways to show your love in your life and Molson's things like that. So kind of like one little example.

spk_0:   18:49
Yeah, that's a great example to because I also think that bringing in the youth that have had other experience as well they could be completely different Situations are also at the same at the heart of it. The healing process and aunts. I know on some level that animals understand when we're also going through something and vice versa and the ability to help heal each other, go go through a similar kind of healing process that just strengthens everybody involved is a beautiful thing. I would say when you were talking, I got two things. One, I don't know if you've heard of Sonya Fitzpatrick that she's an animal communicator and she was actually on my first episode and we can talk off line. But I think she would definitely be somebody that could potentially communicate with the wolves. Or maybe even, you know, donate some of her time. Could she could do it long distance as well. And then I was also picking up on Ray Key, so I'm sure they probably do this at the center. But if you have any raking masters that air in the area that want to go in person or even that have experience from a long distance cause some of them, depending on levels, don't even need to be in person. You can heal Long distance would be something that you might want to recommend.

spk_1:   20:00
Yeah, no, I love that. Definitely. And I I'm sure they probably have a Ricky Persons there does knowing the owners they're very energetic. I mean, all about energy. Te'o, the owner and founder. He actually just released a book called The wolf connection, and it's about his whole journey. How why he created it, how he created it, what his vision is for the sanctuary and how would you want to evolve it? It is actually like I wrote it, I read it on the plane, split Eureka and I was like, seriously crying Love playing because there's so many beautiful messages within the book and just talked about wolves in, like, the different level. You know, like you know, they have the outside of the Omega and the nanny and and he correlate Powell, like humans, also have those drinking and how we show up for People Week. We're kind of more dominant in one of the level. That's really fascinating.

spk_0:   20:50
Well, I can't wait to read it. I think that that sounds like an amusing book, and I definitely having two dogs and you know, cat myself. I can see that ranking in that pecking order, but you're absolutely right, or he's that absolutely right. When you look at humans human beings to we have that they we have that and we I think we adjust, depending on when, depending on the situation that we go in right, If It's a work situation versus close friends versus people that you've just met, and you're kind of feeling them out. So I think it's a really cool way to look at that and nature and how things we don't have to reinvent the wheel. Just understand the things that are around us and dive in and be open to to that. So I want to get back a little bit more to the conscious method before we wrap up here. And you know, if there are different tips or things that you would have, if there's something that you really wanted somebody, if anything to take away from this conversation today, what would that be

spk_1:   21:46
mainly? Just love yourself. I really think once me find that love within ourselves, then we truly concert to love all the other beings on the planet. And that's my main goal in every class I teach is for you to find that love within yourself like love, love every act, back up your no funny I don't have no pulse alike, but his book transformed my life and actually the reason why I created my method. I read one of his books, and there was a line in it, Up said. Our world is a reflection of our collective

spk_0:   22:19
consciousness, whose

spk_1:   22:21
and that to me, was like mind blowing. That one quote was trance born my empire life Not only could still how much power we have, but also it's kind of our responsibility to love ourselves so we can start to love every part of this world and uplifted by break in and shift it to that level that we truly we all want it not the end of the day. We all want to radiate that love and light. We all want the same thing. So for me, what could be love? Love yourself

spk_0:   22:50
and that's a beautiful message. And it's also something that, as I've been speaking to everyone from tattoos and how tattoos have healing abilities, Teoh, Acupuncturists, Ah, animal communicators yourself. You know how you created this whole fitness thing that's also around our experiences mentally fit physically, spiritually, emotionally Love is literally the underlying message through all of it. And the other thing I've always firmly believed, you know, ever since I was a child is that if we all just I kind of stopped. Yes, there's things going on in this world right now that we may not be happy about it. We're scared or were uncertain how things were gonna be. But we can't always control those external forces. But what we can control and it's not even control. It's more of embracing. And letting go is that knowing that we're not perfect well, in perfect, but that if we make ourselves just a little bit better every single day and each one of us were to focus on ourselves and expanding that love, then the world would be the place that we really want it to be, right? We're we're responsible for light and our own torches and lighting that power within ourselves so that others can experience that themselves. And we all grow consciously together. And so I think that you just hit the nail on the head with that. And I really appreciate it. Is there anything else that you wanted to say before we break?

spk_1:   24:10
I don't think now I think that it I think that's beautiful. What you said do. It's so true. Just taking time. Well, every day that's all. These have to be a whole day.

spk_0:   24:21
Yeah. No, I think. I think that's great. And I would love to talk to you more later as well about you know what you're doing with the meditations and you're practices and things of that nature because they think again, based on the podcast, Most people think that the people that are gonna be coming on this show are all about psychics like psychics only. And the whole point is that we all have intuitive imp abilities. We all have 1/6 sense. In fact, there's eight psychic abilities and eight psychic senses, and I really want to bring awareness to the fact that there are different things out there. And not every tool works for every single person, but just so that people understand that there are resource is out there and the people like yourselves exist. And if they want to reach out, then they can. And if you want to learn more about Jacqueline Winters or contact her, you can get a hold of her on her website, which is the conscious method dot com. And when everything is up and running and you have those sessions, let me know, and I would love to be able to share that information on our various websites and social media channels.

spk_1:   25:24
Thank you so much. I would definitely appreciate that. And I am so proud of you first and foremost for getting this method out if it's so important. And also you nailed it on the head when you said that we all have the technical ability. I can. People need three like that as well that we all happy exact same abilities about person that you're like. Why do they have that? You can have it ill have to believe that you have to trust you have to change the mindset around it. Well,

spk_0:   25:50
exactly. We'll have a beautiful day and best of luck in your next meeting. I can't wait to hear all about it. And please give Aunt Judy a hug for me and I will be talking with you soon.

spk_1:   26:00
E think it will

spk_0:   26:01
not things, Jacqueline by to recap this episode of a psychic story one. We're not just comprised of a physical body, but a mental spiritual and emotional body to there is no judgement. When you work out as much as possible, Stay in a love and light state three our physical bodies hold energy. Try different positions that work for you to release energy and emotions for our world is a reflection of our collective consciousness. Five. Love yourself. Once you start to love yourself every aspect, all of it will fall into place. Thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a psychic story dot com, Okay?