A Psychic's Story

The Healing Power of Sound

September 04, 2019 David Kennet Episode 8
A Psychic's Story
The Healing Power of Sound
A Psychic's Story
The Healing Power of Sound
Sep 04, 2019 Episode 8
David Kennet

David Kennet, a registered holistic nutritionist and vocal sound healer and coach, joins a Psychic’s Story to explain how our voice and the power of vibrational sound can heal – everything from allergies to addictions. David founded Soul Sounding as a way to help others tap into that power and even shares tips he hasn’t publicly disclosed before – such as how to battle the common cold. 

“Life is a symphony and the action of every person in this life is the playing of their particular part in the music.” 

For more information about David Kennet, visit soul-sounding.com

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David Kennet, a registered holistic nutritionist and vocal sound healer and coach, joins a Psychic’s Story to explain how our voice and the power of vibrational sound can heal – everything from allergies to addictions. David founded Soul Sounding as a way to help others tap into that power and even shares tips he hasn’t publicly disclosed before – such as how to battle the common cold. 

“Life is a symphony and the action of every person in this life is the playing of their particular part in the music.” 

For more information about David Kennet, visit soul-sounding.com

A Psychic’s Story wouldn’t be possible without your support so THANK YOU for listening. And if you would like to help out, please consider:

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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind Magic and you're welcome to a psychic story. The Law of Nature states that everything has a vibration and is made up of atoms. 99% of our bodies are made up of Elektronik vibrations with each Adam and body elements, such as an organ having its own vibration necessary for its sustenance and equilibrium. The's Adams are in a constant state of motion, and depending on the speed of these atoms, things appears. A solid liquid or gas sound is also a vibration, and so are our thoughts to think. Give it another way. Humans are made up of cells which are made up of atoms which are just made of particles, and those particles are actually vibrating energy. Every Adam is a wave, and most of the things we call physical matter is really made up of completely empty space. When parts of the body becomes stressed or disease, they're no longer producing the correct sound waves. In other words, they're not vibrating at their prime or optimal, resonant frequency. Further, everything that manifests itself in our lives is there because it matches the vibrational energy from our thoughts. From molecular science to string theory, Modern day researchers are proving what the ancients taught for millennia, that our bodies respond to vibration and that the trillions of cells inside us form one grand symphony of sound. What is fascinating about all of this is that when you truly think about it, sound is the only form they can penetrate the empty space in our physical space. Which is why I feel truly blessed to be able to speak with David Kennett on this episode of a psychic story. David joins to discuss his own past to what he calls soul sounding and even shares a tip he has never publicly disclosed before and how we can heal ourselves against the common cold way we're in for a real treat today, because we get to hear from the one and only. David Canon, a musical artist and founder of Soul sounding David, uses his voice, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls and musical instruments like the drum and flute to tap into our vibrations and help transmit and release energy thought patterns or emotions that no longer service. A lot of you listening may relate if you've ever heard of or taking a sound bath class, but it's so much more so let's dive in. David, thank you so much for joining today.

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Oh, thank you for having medical nickel.

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I saw that you got into sound and it's healing power due to your experiences as a teenager. And then it just evolved from there. Would you please share what happened that led you on the path to Seoul sounding

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sure. Well, I was born as a child with cross severe asthma. My asthma was so bad that my mom would have to rush me to the hospital in the middle and it'll night, and she would have to run red lights just to get me to the ER Room saved my life. And when I got to the year room, they gave me the adrenaline shot, which would open up my, uh, lungs, my bronchial tubes so I could breathe again. I believe they call the f B 10 shot the same thing, so Western medicine saved my life more than once, and I was even hospitalized. It was so bad. But when I grew into my teens, I was fortunate to meet remarkable individual. Manteno G. Mills, who was a Canadian philosopher, met a physician but also a musical director of an incredible singing group called the Starscape Singers, who had toward around Europe and sing in Carnegie Hall many times. And this gentleman, Can it move? Had this a gift of helping people find their voice? And so my parents were good friends with him, and I was attending a rehearsal with the singer's. At one point I think I was 18 or 19 years old, and I had the opportunity to have my voice opens by Kenneth Miller. So what that means, essentially, is that even if you don't think you can sing suddenly you can sink. Many of the singers had never sung before Ah, and we're suddenly in the great group called Starscape Singers who ended up having like, you know, each of them had 3 to 4 octave ranges, and I kind of jumped on the bandwagon. I was very, you know, young man, But all so, um, you know, has a little bit of a musical background. My father was a film composer, so there was music in my family. And here's what happened. Basically, the more I began to sing, the more my asthma went away. Incredible miracle, because I have not, You know, I'm 40 years old now. I haven't had an episode with asthma since my teenage years, and I really do a tribute to the singing I attribute to just the pure grace of God. But there I got. This is when I got very, very curious and started doing some research regarding the voice and sound. And it turns out there's been quite a bit of clinical studies with regards to how our voice affects our body. And they know to clinical trials that singing increases endorphins. That changes the newer chemistry of a body, increasing endorphins that that that hormone that makes us, uh, let's mitigates pain and also increases oxytocin, which is the love hormone but interesting. Also interesting to note is that it increases nitric oxide, which is what's responsible for helping us absorb oxygen on our blood. So I was getting more and more oxygen, and the more I think are the more oxygen getting into my body. And also, of course, the physiology of it is using my lungs more, you know, using my dire FAM to take bigger breath. Um, so I feel all of these factors contributed to my healing.

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That's so cool, because it's almost like when we think of bettering ourselves and becoming well or healing. We think of working out and fitness and eating right, and you thinking state affirmations, maybe even meditating. But we don't necessarily think of the power of using our voice other than choose your words right as faras actually being a you know, modality or a way to heal us. And I also think that, you know, most of us here on Earth as human beings, we are actually here to have a spiritual experience, right? It's it's, you know, we're spiritually beings having this human experience, and hopefully with that we're tapping into the more spiritual vibration er of our energy. And for me, it's like OK, well, you you tapped into something specific there because we're all made up of cells, winter atoms and particles and then through that were just vibrating energy and so really the most of what we see feeling here. It's actually empty space around us, and by using that ability to our voice or tone ality or anything of that nature to kind of navigate and guide us around, it is just really cool and fascinating. So this

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is something that I'm sharing note with people individually, because it was my journey and it's one of my great joys is to help people find their voice. And regardless of whether you think you can sing or not, there's always, ah, place for a voice lesson because you can actually greatly affect your speaking voice, too. And just coming from a I called the Soul Sound, because when we access this authentic voice, we are accessing our soul. We're accessing our heart, our highest, greatest potential, and we're tapping into the core of our being. And so you can be saying hello, how are you? And as soon as you voice those words from an authentic place, you are the vibration of your voice. Is realigning all the cells of your body to hire frequent?

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That's really, really cool. So what people experience when they come to you, if if they're having like a session. What is what would they expect?

spk_0:   8:07
Well, this is, you know, I do a few different things, depending on what What the goals of my clients are. But what I just mentioned to you is obviously a would be a singing lesson

spk_1:   8:17

spk_0:   8:17
lesson. But I also work with a phobias and addictions, and what I have found is that sound on music. But I'm you know, I'm really calling it sound therapy because I didn't study music there, but that's a whole another field. But sound and vibration is something that can also help us with stagnant emotions and what I What I do is I. You know, I have my clients tell me what their goals are, for instance, that they want to bring in a healthy relationship into their lives. They want to meet their soul mate if they wish to let go of trauma, whatever it might be. Um, we we set their intentions and using sound, we can actually amplify the intention. Whatever it might be like a something to bring in something to manifest something in our lives. Or I can help people release what standing in their way, one of things that sound will do. Is it? It actually bypasses our conscious mind. So it's that kind of a way to hack the unconscious. They say the unconscious right is really at the driver's seat of our experience that governs our habits, our thoughts, our activity and behavior. So it's really, you know, it's it's really kind of wise to take a nice, honest look if you know what's going on in the unconscious, because that's really going to affect our long term behavior. We can have a beautiful, relaxing healing session with Ray Key and found sound bath. But unless you really have an intention, it's really unlikely that that beautiful experience can be sustainable. And so that's why I have gone into this more this unconscious work. So, yeah, I'll ask people what their goals are and and then we go. We go from there. I have found that muscle testing that this is a modality. I use a lot. I don't know if your audience is familiar with this. It was it was kind of probably proceeded, doctor. Good heart, But Dr Good Hard made it more public. He was a car packed it doctor who lived in the 19 sixties fifties sixties. You live beyond that. But this is when he brought forth this. This technique, called muscle testing, are applied kinesiology, which basically is a way to use the body as a biofeedback. So you can have somebody say something like, I love who I am. I love myself and you can muscle test them on that on those words and that someone could voice those words out loud. And if the body goes weak, it's a sign that the unconscious is actually not okay for that statement

spk_1:   10:51
kind of

spk_0:   10:51
injecting. It is useful to know, because then you've gotten something very specific to work on because the unconscious is unconscious. That's one of the challenges of working with the unconscious because it's not conscious. So it you have to kind of do some detective work to find out. You know what's going on in that noodle of ours.

spk_1:   11:10
Yeah, and so what you're saying they're too is so people I'm tracking. But the way I also see it as well is that that unconsciousness is essentially what we are not as aware of and our body, Then our physical body becomes the tool. That or the technique that you can use by seeing if our but if we actually believe it ourselves, like we may be saying it. But that vibrational resonance of where we we're at, we may not be tapped into it, and so within you do is you help have our vibrations go to the level of what it is that we actually want to attain.

spk_0:   11:43
Exactly. So you're conscious, unconscious mind to be saying, You know, I want to be making a lot of more money right now, but your unconscious mind might be saying, You know what? Your worthless. You don't deserve that. And therefore it's going to be very difficult to actually create that as a reality. It doesn't matter how many times you look at yourself repeating those words. I know I am. You really have to get into the unconscious and sounds and vibrations is one method. Obviously, there's other methods out there, but this is certainly an effective one. And so, yeah, that's that's one thing. And you mentioned the body, Nicole the I actually developing a protocol right now where people can actually communicate with the cells of the body because there's the you know, the body is we talk about. We are we kind of. There's this feeling that emotions kind of reside, you know, with our within strictly our brain and the intelligence and thinking only resides but in our brain. But really, when you look at how the body functions, particularly, the immune system is very obvious that there is intelligent, there's intelligence, and I would even go as part it to say, type of an emotion that exists within ourselves themselves. So this is how our immune system is able to effectively, you know, kill a pathogen are viruses because there's this communication between the white blood cells and they team up like an army to surround a pathogen or virus and then kill it. You know, in a healthy individual, though, viruses like colds and flues are easily killed with why are immune system once it's recognized? So I think it's useful to actually release emotions specifically if we can from ourselves. And this is the protocol that I'm I'm creating now, which which involved just simply acknowledging emotions, because that's really the first stage of all of this is to actually say hello and greet the emotion.

spk_1:   13:33
Yeah, and I think a lot of people could use that help because sometimes we don't know how to navigate it, right? I mean, I go to a therapist, I'll talk to go to my primary doctor, my dentist, Whatever would have you have gone acupuncture and with the acupuncture, I'm glad you mentioned the missile testing says, always wondering what they were doing. What is not really gonna draw me right or tell you? But it's like our body is connected. And this mirrors area. And even now that they've done more research recently about the heart and how the heart actually communicates more to the brain and tells the brain what to do and sends the signals. And then that's just one piece of like us now discovering it in this modern day and age that we had no idea about as much. And we hold on so much of our motions there and so releasing it not just in maybe your heart or your mind it, but also specifically areas of the body. It makes a lot of sense to me, and so it's really cool that you're putting together that protocol. When will it be available?

spk_0:   14:24
Well, it's still it. It's kind of experimental stage because I'm currently I have been working with allergies for years. This is one of one of the things that I've had great, great successes, but a 90% success rate with all types of allergies. It could be shellfish. Allergies that could be dog allergies had allergies to dust Holland. And the way this works is it used sound as a way to almost. It's almost like a massive allergy shots to the body. So let's say somebody is allergic to dust percent The energy of the dust in crew sound waves into the body. If you think about it when you stand next to speaker, allowed speaker at a concert or you've even if you're not next speaker there blaring the music right, and if you ever been to a rock concert,

spk_1:   15:06
you'll feel

spk_0:   15:07
the base to feel a drum, actually literally vibrating your body. Those those those pressurized waves called sounds are literally penetrating your skin and actually getting into deep in the marrow of your bones. Right? So this is a way to actually get into the body on through frequencies with that kind of experience that it's enjoyable and it's entertaining. It's not necessarily intentional, right, so you could do the same thing. But using intention off Princeton Getting Dust, The frequency of death We're not talking physical dust because that could cause office being allergic response. But let's say somebody massively alerted the dust. You can send the energy of dust into the cells by placing for Winston since is just 11 technique edge I've used, but just not just sound. I'd also use cream with physical therapy and acupressure, but it's placing the allergen on the belly in an enclosed bag or in a sealed container, obviously, so the clients not exposed to the allergen, but then sending that into the cell's cytoplasm of the body and using sound. And what happens is it's like a clarification, because when we have a immune system response, principally get congested or we start sneezing or we have a rash with an allergy. Basically, that's the way the body is processing information. It's it's saying, This is not good for you. We need to protect you. This is this is a bad situation, So essentially it's kind of like a confusion. I mean, in terms of something that's harmless like dust. It's not going to kill you. And yet some people have a very severe reaction, right? So this is what needs to happen is a clarification. And so we're reintroducing the dust in a very kind of Safeway injury, reintroducing the information, the frequency of dust into the thousands and sound. And what happens after one or two sessions people stopped reacting to dust on. And this is this is quite life changing. I've even had results with gluten, allergies and weak, which is very common these days. And one of the most powerful examples of this was with a client who had a anaphylactic response to shellfish. And she had this for many years, and then as an adult she was still dealing with it. It had been since her childhood, and I don't particularly like the work of NFL action plan because it's life for death. You know,

spk_1:   17:27
we have an

spk_0:   17:28
animal acted shocked or something. You could potentially die because what happens is you're just kind of similar to asthma and bronchial tubes swell up the broken clothes off and people are dying off almost a fixation. They can't, they can't breathe anymore. So she came to be four times and we worked with shellfish. And because I'm not a medical doctor, I would never, ever my wildest dreams ever ever know you're fine, you know? Go, go. Go out and eat shellfish. I said go to go back to Doctor. You have to go back to your doctor, get a blood test and see what they say. So she did. But I said, wait, no, wait about eight or nine months because it takes time for the blood to actually, the antigens, blood, everything to actually change. And she did weight. And she went back to Dr Had a blood test and he gave her the green light. It was actually completely clear. And next thing I know, she's posting pictures of,

spk_1:   18:23

spk_0:   18:24
know, her plate of shellfish and fish. But she's now able to eat without any reaction and completely

spk_1:   18:32

spk_0:   18:32
it was cool to have the medical validation

spk_1:   18:35
confirmation, of course. Yeah, you mentioned that the body gets confused where is is confused, and in hence, that's why we have an allergic reaction or something of that nature. What are the reasons for that? What? What triggers it? Do we know

spk_0:   18:48
I think that's the $1,000,000 question. I don't think anybody really knows. I have some suspicions. I mean, even a medical doctor. Nobody really knows. I mean, you know, the doctors don't really know what causes analogy, but there's some suspicions. Obviously, there's genetics or there's congee. I don't know if I completely subscribe to, You know, I really feel could be something inherited on an energetic

spk_1:   19:08
level from

spk_0:   19:09
our ancestors. But it emotional, I think, at the root of it. This is why I'm creating this other protocol because I want to get further to the roots, the actual root cause of the confusion, which would be I feel emotional. And that could be a simple A something like, You know, you're eating on avocado and you're watching the news and you see some horrible event that occurred in the world, and you're actually you're happen to be injecting avocado. In that moment, something as simple as that can trigger a response that from then on you can actually have an allergy to an avocado. This woman told me who had the shellfish allergy, and she wasn't just allergic to shellfish. I should clarify. She's also looking fish. She recalled. Heck of after that. Have you ever had any trauma around fish? Just Wow, I've never thought about this, but I suddenly remember as a child, going fishing with my dad and being horrified when he quite efficient hook seem to die on the hook was just absolutely horrifying to make. And that's when I began to also connect the docks with emotions and allergies. Um, there is I mean, I'm not totally, you know, uh uh, definitely not the only one thing. It's about allergies. There's a There's a whole branch of science that connects emotions to the immune system and the nervous system, and April kind of connected. But that's one cause. I believe it is emotional. Somebody could argue. Well, what about babies? You know, babies have allergies and they haven't had the chance go through trauma or whatever. I would say, Well, it's possible that something happened during perhaps emotionally with the mom or dad during the pregnancy or not just during the pregnancy. It could be something that's again a little. This is a little more far out of an idea of a front, something ancestral on that's really hard to prove. Of course,

spk_1:   20:59

spk_0:   20:59
that he is the only way. The only way to really I don't know that proving is not the word, but result are obviously really what people are looking for it. So it doesn't really matter whether you know you believe you know your ancestors could affect your physical health or you know that you're currently being affected. Anyway, on emotional level from, um, you know what your mom is going through? Well, she was pregnant with you. The bottom line is, you know, are you now allergic to what you thought you were alert to orange, right? It's always the results that speak for themselves, and and I, fortunately have had a very, very high death rate allergies and helping people in this way.

spk_1:   21:40
I truly believe, though, that that is the root cause is our emotions, because we that's how we communicate if you think about it with our mind, our body and our soul. And that's the only way, and sometimes we're just not aware of it. So I think it totally makes sense that that is where the root cause of something could either be triggered or we've experienced it in this lifetime or the past lifetime. Whether people believe that or not, that's what. But I, you know, feel intuitively and what I've always believed that, you know, as a child. So I just think it's very cool that you are offering these tools to people to experience, and he'll in different ways. And you know that we didn't think was necessarily possible. Were even trying it right,

spk_0:   22:17
right. And I feel, you know, ultimately the universe is regardless of whether we're having a positive experience or negative experience. And it kind of harder to kind of embrace this idea when you're going through something really difficult and horrible in your life. But ultimately, I believe that the universe is trying to make a stronger and there's a lesson. So there's a lesson going on. There's something to learn from the fear, something to learn from the pain or discomfort there's. There's a message, and and to really go deep with it and to attempt to see what you can learn from from that experience. And I feel that allergies are the same way, and so there's there's something there's something there that is worth X flooring and one once. The lesson. Once the Whatever you feel like that is showing you is accepted, then you can let it go. It's just it's kind of just there, waiting for your attention, waiting to be acknowledge. Just like we like Teoh. Everybody in this planet we want to feel seem like if you don't feel seen, you know, it's it's a horrible thing. And I feel like in some ways emotions are almost like are almost like this, that they are actually jealous where our attention and we try to. Some of us tried to, you know, push them aside and they'll I'm just going ignore fear. I'm going to ignore these feelings because then they'll go away. Well, it works the opposite way. In fact, it gets more stubborn And until you say hello and you know I recognizing that there is an opportunity to learn something and then let it go, that's when it actually can move. And sometimes we're not ready to let go of something. Perhaps there's still something need to work true, but there will become a time perhaps when you're ready to let those things go, and that's when our vibrational residents can go to a whole new level

spk_1:   24:06
Yeah, that's and you You said that beautifully because that goes back to what we were talking about earlier that were spiritually beings here having a human experience. And if we can connect those dots and not knocking any sort of, you know, Dr anything out out there, you know, as I mentioned, I go to therapy. I think it's important. But what I've noticed when I'm talking, sometimes you know you, they'll say, Well, you're entitled to feel that way. Well, that's fine. But then what is? What is it that it's almost like we've enabled a culture of OK, tell me about your feelings and then exploring that. Okay, your time's up. Here's a script prescription or what? What not? And I'm not saying that that's not something that people should experience. But we should look at other ways to and other tools to help us than hell on different levels. And what does it really hurt in terms of if you're adding something else to it, whether it is the sound of your voice or actually going and seeing, like what muscle testing and things of that nature acupuncture really just It's a combination of things that It's really truly like an army. Hope for you that works in your favor, right?

spk_0:   25:06
Yes, yes. And I totally agree with what you're saying. And I you know, I'm my own very clear with my clients, anybody I meet. But I'm not a therapist. I'm nice psychotherapist, and this is what I do is an incredible adjunct to that work. If you are on that journey and the fact that actually therapist, send me their patients, I feel pretty confident that what I'm doing is safe and then also effective. So it's exciting to use are to view emotions as almost like, you know, like a separate entity that we are just like you say, we're humans having a human experience. Or were Spirou experiential being having a human experience? It's kind of like, you know, we did. There's this expression that we are not our emotion and yet we have emotions, right. We are not our emotions, and yet we have emotions, so there's almost like the separate. We have a symbiotic relationship with this energy called emotion,

spk_1:   26:01
and usually we push that aside. Like they said, we don't recognize it as much. What are some tips that listeners conduce do at home. Other than you know, booking a session with you or listening to your music and everything online are doing their own research orders and simple things that maybe people could starts you embrace in tow and to maybe their daily routine.

spk_0:   26:20
Good question. I feel that using affirmations is a very powerful practice, combined with the use of the own prince. And some of us out there might be familiar with the omens the Universal found the universal healing sound it's and its, uh, you can tone, even if you don't do omen, you could, you could tone. But the thing is, before you make that sound to have and intention other words you could write down. I like writing because just clarifies our thoughts, and you can write down something like I deserve these air. These are powerful words. I am worthy off blank. Whatever it is that you want to bring in, I give myself permission. These are all good ways to start an affirmation. I am worthy. I deserve again Michael permission. And then once you've written down your intention on a piece of paper, you can place it on your belly when start to tone. So how does that look? You could, as I said, you could own. You could go alone. The key is to actually vibrate your body. And if you can, if you have an instrument, you can play an instrument you don't feel comfortable with toning. You could you could play a drum. I like to drum my body, actually drum the bodies of my client that I have a drum and I place it over their body as I'm playing drums the hand drum and Or you could play a singing bowl or you could just home you could just home, not even not even own you could come your body and what that does The revive aeration is helping the energy move throughout your body. But if you as you have that intention on your belly, it's kind of gonna act like a almost like a vacuum, it's gonna suck the fat energy that frequency of written with you written down on a piece of paper into the cells, your body and possibly into your unconscious as well. And so this isn't just an idea anymore. It's kind of like your own troops. It becomes like two plus two equals four rather than something that's just like a positive spot or a positive attention. It becomes so solid that it actually becomes your true.

spk_1:   28:29
I love that, really, Dio, Because when I was before I was even, you know, helping on here to talk to you. I was actually looking at my voice and doing the home and trying to do vibrations. And then I became more cognisant of the fact that I usually and I'm not even aware of it until literally today, maybe like or whatever, and or, for example, I have a puppy whose teething and I'm like, Oh, wow, just teach him, you know, the power of it. And when I started to do the different vibrations with my voice, he was really intrigued and he, you know, and then even my cat came in and was like, What's going on and everything. And I really just felt like this literal grounding and it wasn't an intention said into that. It was just practicing with my voice. So something as simple as that and then also doing that, Um, even on a daily basis, I love it So saying the affirmation I'm writing it down and then saying it on placing it on your belly and then doing some sort of vibration work.

spk_0:   29:26
Yes, and here is a huge or gift for your audience, and I I think this is the first time I publicly share this. But you can, actually, and I like to people the audience to do this. And I'd like to get some feedback because I have had amazing results with helping people get rid of cold very quickly. And what you do is you would write down the word common cold virus on a piece of paper, and I like index cards. By the way, I use index cards, and then you could also write down. There's two things you should write down if you feel a cold coming on and you want to do this immediately when you feel a cold coming on the slightest little tinge of a sore throat or you know what have you any kind of little symptoms? You want to get on it immediately, right down common cold virus, and then you also want to write down optimal immune function. Okay, those two things and you're gonna be sending that into that information that frequency into your body Now, your audience, I'd be like, Well, you know, why would I write down common cold virus? Isn't that going to make my virus were sores and not going to create a him? No, the answer is no. And the reason for it Kind of like a homeopathic remedy. So what you want to do is in homeopathy, you treat like which,

spk_1:   30:37
like you

spk_0:   30:38
think of analogue with Imagine, like a wave aways like an algorithm on your Like you've seen sound waves on a computer screen like imagine that you know, the common cold virus has away. And then what you want to do is you want to send the exact same wave back into the body because what it does is two identical way forms that come together well, actually flat long. This is how our noise cancellation headphones work. You know, the bows or other companies out there that created headphones that matched the frequency of the noise, able to cancel out the noise by matching frequency. That's essentially what you'll be doing by reading on common cold virus and opt immune system is just awakening bad intention to your body, the optimal immune function. And so what I have seen is that the cold virus will basically be killed in about, you know, within hours. And, you know, depending on how fast you catch your symptoms will depend on type of, you know, fallout, you know, sort of

spk_1:   31:37
like we

spk_0:   31:38
can kill a cold, right? But then we also it's not necessarily going to get rid of the fact that your body has already produced a lot of mucus to kill. Kill the virus. So sometimes, even though the cold is gone, we'll still have a lot of like Nukus because, you know, you may not have caught it just in time, but the virus itself will be killed. So

spk_1:   31:57
So just to clarify the when, when they're writing it down on an index card or for anyone out there that's trying, you also want a do the vibration piece of it, or you just writing it on the card

spk_0:   32:07

spk_1:   32:08
what you would want

spk_0:   32:08
to do the vibration. Ideally, I mean, I I feel the drum is one of the most. This is why the shamans of the path and present have used the drum because the drum is so penetrating, you know, you feel a drum over your body, you feel like your bones like vibrating

spk_1:   32:24
and those

spk_0:   32:25
very deep. And so I like to drone because it kind of like it's just like there's no there's no escaping, you know you can't, like, try to, like, think your way out and you can can't even self sabotage yourself with the drum. It just it bypassed All that goes deep.

spk_1:   32:41
And that's actually a physical drum, then or would you be able to a notes? Probably not ideal, but to listen to drum vibrations and kind of blast it.

spk_0:   32:48
Ah, you know, ideally, if you will

spk_1:   32:50

spk_0:   32:50
Yeah, I'm not sure I haven't experimented with

spk_1:   32:52
I'm gonna add some things to my Amazon CART index card, but

spk_0:   32:58
you can use your voice to our thinking both. Oh, this is another thing. This is another tip for your your audience. You could also put the index card, the common cold virus or in up immune function to produce to index card in a singing bowl and play the bowl. That's another way to send that vibration into your body.

spk_1:   33:17
Oh, that's a great way. Yeah, I think to its So, yeah, if you're laying down its little harder. But if you're kind of sitting up in meditation and kind of pose and have the bowl you know around or you're kind of embracing it a little bit and then have that in there, that's an awesome way to

spk_0:   33:31
I'd call it Sonic only opera.

spk_1:   33:33
That sonic coming up is a Well, that is just amazing. I just want to say thank you again. And is there anything that we haven't talked about or anything that you know you would like to say to the audience before we part?

spk_0:   33:45
Jeez, I just feel like we're We're in a very powerful time right now. I feel there has been a lot of energetic shifts on the planet. And to honor yourself, to love yourself, to love all the cells, your body, how can we possibly help this planet, the Earth, the governments of this without first honoring ourselves and really authentically getting in touch with ourselves in a very authentic way, the more we can be honest with ourselves. More change. We will see in the external world,

spk_1:   34:21
love yourself and take care of yourself. And if you if everyone just made themselves a little bit better every day and looked inward and embraced it and not seem were perfect were in perfect. But that's the point. And that's the beautiful nous of the journey and the spiritual aspect of it in whichever way or belief that you have. And so again, I just want to say Thank you so much, David. And that's David Kennett. And if you guys want to find out more information about him or book a session cause I'm definitely going to do that, you go to Seoul. S o u l hyphen sounding dot com and thank you again, David. I really appreciate it.

spk_0:   34:54
My pleasure. Nicole. Thank you so much for having me.

spk_1:   34:56
Alright, You have a great one by

spk_0:   34:57
you to buy.

spk_1:   35:03
To recap this episode of a psychic story one our voice affects our body singing increases endorphins, oxytocin and nitric oxide to tapping into your authentic voice accesses our hearts and higher self and soul and the resulting vibration of your voice than realigns all of yourselves to a higher frequency. Three sound and vibrations can help us release stagnant emotions and energy for setting intentions such as when practicing yoga. Ricky taking a sound bath, meditating, etcetera and in using your voice or sound is the most powerful way to reconnect and realign your vibrations. Five. Muscle testing is a good way to tune into the truth and how you are feeling unconsciously. Six. You can communicate with your body or cells to help the healing process. Emotions reside not only in our brains but within ourselves and immune systems, So simply by acknowledging your motions, it can release blockages within ourselves. Seven. The universe is trying to make a stronger. There is a lesson. There is something to learn that no matter what you're going through, positively or negatively, attempt to see what you can learn from that experience. Once the lesson is accepted, you can let it go. It is waiting to be acknowledged. Eight. Consider your motions almost like a separate entity. The old saying We're not our emotions is not true. We have emotions, and that's what makes us human. Nine. Set an intention by writing it down on a flash card. I deserve. Insert blank. I am worthy of blank. I give myself permission to once you've written down your intention on a piece of paper. Place it on your belly, vibrate your body through your voice via tone or a musical instrument. 10. If you feel cold coming down immediately, right down on an index card. Common cold virus. Optimal immune function. Place it on your stomach. Be sure to use vibration methods such as your voice or musical instrument, like a drum or crystal singing bolt. This treats, like with like this method sends two identical wavelength or frequency together and flattens each other out to hell. 11. Honor yourself. Love yourself. Love all the cells in your body by honoring and being authentic with ourselves, the more change we will see in the external world. Thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a second story dot com.