A Psychic's Story

The Meaning Behind Soul Signs

September 18, 2019 Rosemary Altea Episode 9
A Psychic's Story
The Meaning Behind Soul Signs
A Psychic's Story
The Meaning Behind Soul Signs
Sep 18, 2019 Episode 9
Rosemary Altea

Rosemary Altea, best-selling author, spiritual medium and healer joins A Psychic’s Story to share how a chance encounter at a private party catapulted her confidence into the metaphysical. We also go deep into what a Soul Sign is – which are very different than the zodiac signs we grew up learning about. 

To contact Rosemary Altea, email rosemary@rosemaryaltea.com.

Check out her free YouTube show at youtube.com/channel/UCEZHvb7-OtcnJnB8OMNTE0w

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Rosemary Altea, best-selling author, spiritual medium and healer joins A Psychic’s Story to share how a chance encounter at a private party catapulted her confidence into the metaphysical. We also go deep into what a Soul Sign is – which are very different than the zodiac signs we grew up learning about. 

To contact Rosemary Altea, email rosemary@rosemaryaltea.com.

Check out her free YouTube show at youtube.com/channel/UCEZHvb7-OtcnJnB8OMNTE0w

A Psychic’s Story wouldn’t be possible without your support so THANK YOU for listening. And if you would like to help out, please consider:

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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind Magic and more. Welcome to a psychic story in this episode of a psychic story, we have the pleasure of hearing from Rosemary Altea, a medium in healer. When she began to have psychic visions from a young age, Rosemary's parents threatened to commit her to a mental asylum despite experiencing trials and tribulations at an early age. Rosemary went on to found four healing centers to help others and published several books, some of them New York Times best sellers that have since been translated into multiple languages. She also appeared over the years on various TV shows such as Oprah and Larry King Live. We kick off our conversation with Rosemary, sharing how a chance encounter at a private party catapulted her confidence and the metaphysical and go deeper until one of her books, Soul Signs, which is very different than the Zodiac signs we grew up learning about. Please join me in welcoming Rosemary to the show

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because I was, you know, seeming to do weird things. However, afterwards the reaction except one guy the reaction of most people there with curiosity or what have you on the man? Who? The house. Itwas He sat me down on TV. You know, they may be a cook potato. Very nice. Makes Andi. Then, as I left the house, it could wait. Get out. That's be honest. If I wanted to get out and go home on, uh, because now everybody, then who? I was crazy. Andi disheveled me out. His name was pulled in. He won't be out the call. He said May. He held my hand and he said, I know you think you're crazy, Rosemary, and I know you think I'm crazy food. But one day, very soon you're going to realize that you will want to explain to people on the the and he was right on. We call me the next day. So I called me the next day on my let's say my coming

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way are all these years.

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So your friend Teeter called Riedel in the house. And when you started getting information and you were really worried about it, and he was kind of your first confirmation in terms of

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No, no, it's actually para probably doesn't give me any information at all. It was me who was giving the information. I kept saying its cards and thinking that that was sitting right next time. I kept thinking, You know, that's That's the May I metal Red Star cause in my life last thinking that that's to say that every time I put caught down at some point, he says, we rose. May I think he saw that the U but I shrunk back into my shell. But then, at some point, without any warning whatsoever, this crazy crazy thing happened and I went from Fourth Triumph State. Andi. I saw things under NBA knows the map with counting these things to everybody. When I finally came to, I was sitting in a room full of strangers. Have never met any of these people before. We're sitting in a room full of strangers. It was staring at me like I was a crazy person. Um, I saw have gone and done it because it was not the first time I had a trans experience, but always before I've been on my own because I didn't want to be around. People get myself myself and about anyone, and all of a sudden I'm sitting there is streaming down my face because I see what I saw in the vision that I saw that I had inadvertently recounted to everybody and everybody. There was completely enough in the shock looking at me, staring at me like that was great. And then, of course, then it was compelled, mate. But I am afraid so. It really want the Tarapaca Reda begin to have anything to say to me that was anything but all relevance to May. And he was He became such a small part of it. It was pulled down and insulted when he took me one side. But it won't be out because it says to me, uh, you know, one day soon and he called me the next morning and said, Tony, come and talk to us. I think I can help you on Duh. By this time, I have to send me my soul to it this time around, 10 years old and I was pretty desperate because divisions becoming stronger and stronger. The voices I was hearing work louder and louder on the you know, it was It was a long day. Every day I felt as if I was drowning in these where experiences and couldn't escape them. So when the cauldron and said to me Come and talk mapping, Captain healthier It was all those. If he held out the lifeline to May Andi, I grabbed it, not even knowing where it would take me. But anything has to be better than what I was doing. But so no, it was a trouble. That steak uh, it's very dramatic, doesn't it?

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sounding dramatic because I'm a very He called the ground kind of a plus. And I tried toe by calling, sent to everything that I do everything that happens on. And so I know what I'm having this tale that I know what it sounds like. It sounds like I'm crazy. Good. But that's the way that it Woz That's how it happens. And then something with Full Hammond. He's why they told me stories about the feeler on. They told me different stories about things, and then they suggested that we need everyone's be nice to as a cold. It they wanted to help me to develop this against that, they were sure that I had. And it was on that very first Wednesday night that I went. The long ball is invited some other people as well that we all realized that it wasn't the question of sitting in a development group. It was it was very much like somebody shaking a champagne bottle and popping the court and everything came out on. But that was when Cool realized he actually made that night. You know, one day I believe that you'll be one of the greatest meetings the world has seen. I don't proposed in any way to buy out, but I do know that that traveled all over the world that had some amazing experiences, and I've seen on more TV is back in town, and I've been very, very black with my

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That's just amazing and especially that like he said, things don't just happen at random. It's always with a purpose on the fact that he was there and that it was a lifeline, so to speak, that he gave to you. What was it like when you first started, kind of having, as you described them trances, and you were communicating to what it is that you experience now,

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Um, well, when I you know, I my first possible courses a little by myself and so points, and I'll give you an example, I would be sitting on this on the server. I'm not sure that you would say that this is a trance state, but I've been sitting on this by myself reading a book. I have look up and on the opposite sofa. Uh, that did the math on, uh, you know, instead of screaming and running from the house, most people would I would It has a very curious person, Carlos Timoteo, will you? And I know that that's no normal. Don't think that I know that that's not more So I was coming. This really abnormal behavior, you know? Who are you and what he wants, some people would say, was effective. But to me, he was He was solid. He was really you know, that not just him, but that happens most often in bore, very often in in my life, from one other girl. Sit down when I started working, let's say professionally, Andi, sort of really understanding what it wa since I was doing I mean, I have to be honest with when I first that I could do this. I was a nightmare you would not have liked May I was hours I was also became a horrible person. I was so full of myself. I knew just how good I waas. Nobody could tell me that I was wrong on that. Lasted prove about a month. It was like I went from being nothing from being shy from being afraid to look atyou. Wow. So you know, on then my favorite guy, Raedle made sure to put me in a situation. Then I ended up in a house that was so that he will be horrible on my snobbish behaviour was look down my nose so I can't work with 30. Well, of course, of course. I could work in a dirty houses, not about the house, and say to the houses about feats in the house on. But I did some of my best work in that. How, when I walked out of that, knowing absolutely, that Grable's have fucked me down. Given Mitt in the very sweet, nice way he picks me. Don't ever say that what you know, unless it's right for you, your investors and that you're more than that on, he told me. Humility. Uh, it is something that I think all good needed should happen. No good medium to have some humility went a long way to, you know, making me realize Hold on. It's not me who is special. It's the gift that is special on. From then on, I realized started Appreciate. I set up my own healing center. We ended up with four healing senses altogether when I was doing on Bond. So I was not only working with my mediumship, but I was working at the dealers well, and then I became very fortunate. My first book, The Eagle on the Roads, became a New York Times bestseller on and, you know, totally flawed everybody. But that gave me the opportunity when I thought it learning with real money in that way, that gave me the opportunity to do another side of my work. Where did Jobs and I've never charged the healing happen on have been very fortunate to be able to afford to, You know, when you get something, it's always the right thing. It gives back. I tried to get back more than I get, but it's not possible because I get so much out of it. No matter how hard I try to give back at least as much I can never quite without, because I get so much more from what I do not be, I said. Nicole have been very, very blessed in my in my work in in my life. I've traveled all over the world and I've seen some wonderful people. I stayed in palaces. Denies being the bubble, have people saying you treat the princess. The princess is in the same way you treat the you know, the regular person on the street. A little person who's enough little hold up dirty little place. You got them to you. You put your long around 12 after rules. You know, we're all born of God outweighs

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for one and the same.

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We try and that's where humility comes in a Well, you know. I mean, I get taken out by people do it. But other people might sales that famous personal. This is things, person, everybody. Then book certainly is defined. So the part of that and I could let it go to my head. That's truthfully. You know, the people of people and a rich man could be It is as much pain as calm as under, you know, So you have to treat people just as individuals that they are. You know that. I think that's the only way that the only way that I could be are learning humidity three on acting on that humility, I think.

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Well, first, I wanted to say thank you very much for just being a pioneer in this industry. Because the fact of the matter is this is that I think it would it would. You also had a lot of success. I'm assuming as well because you have the courage to be up front and share your experience and your gift with others in your abilities. And then you also mentioned the healing piece of it. So what? How did? Okay, so from communicating with the, you know, loved ones you passed all Han Teoh healing. What was that bridge? How did you get involved in that?

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Where I thought no. My clientele grew and grew in grew and, um, you know, there was a time and I ridiculously So I had something like a 70 year wasting this ridiculous on. You know, I thought that but what happened? Wasit. The people who were coming to May to communicate with their loved one. We are the found through my loved ones. Oh, my the guy. Great evil. We found that una la city people have their own abilities but more and more and more so well in their abilities and before mediumship their list is our work toward feeling that I believe that everybody on the planet has biscuit feeling. Some have great again. Uh, some have elect. But I think we all can hardly offer Zeeland on. So people coming May on. Do you know more and more people were saying Do you take classes? You see, except your next Vetra on. So I find us. I found myself If we go back to the Poland hiring Dennen story, uh, this purple usedto have people Every Friday night. I have a group of seasons, had invited guests and then at some point, they went away for a few weeks and that's me. I would take over and do it for them. So I did Well, then the group started, speak more, more people who wanted to learn about feeling on. That's how my classes began. And that's how you know we started. I did start two feet, please, without feeling. Now the funny thing about this call is that having bean myself very thick so many years ago and had that to the major surgeries, like threatening surgeries being in hospital than the relapse, I hate it to go into hospitals. I hated to be around sick people. Not that I hated to sick people themselves. If I hate to be around and I avoid it that that side of things, the full cost, because having gone through it myself, it didn't want to be involved. But here I not allow teaching people about feeling, helping them to develop, that gets the healing. And inevitably, at some point, there's only so that she could speak before you say Okay, we have to take an action now, so we set about those feelings, says where we have patients coming in full over the place. Sick people do. I places I found myself then are in some ways force but willingly sort of willing before today, with people would on that I got them called from doctors. Hospitals become into those places on my past doing the one thing I really hate to do it. But once again, you know it's about humility. Once you set your own fell to sign your fears and you're going to see somebody who is dying or you're going extinct on it has a brain to where you're going to see ah, little child we've got he knows 7% burns all over the body, this sort of thing. You set your own self. Uh, you go away afterwards and you might cry. I tell you, I've tried lots of times, but when you are there, is there for that person you own seen So Massa, Andi Because I connect with my spirit Guys raedle on because I connect with the spirit world generally, don't think for one minute that people weren't with me and supporting me, and they were absolutely the fruit world supported me in all of this and I could not possibly have done the things device have done. I could not possibly help people in these awful circumstances, were it not for the strength to buy gathered from those in the spirit world who were so supportive off

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well, you touched on something very important. And that is that in terms of healing and when you were there a lot of times. And I completely agree with you that we all have the ability to heal, whether it's ourselves or others were all made up of energy. And that energy is transmitted depending on how we present ourselves, how we live our lives and the fact that you were there to hold the energy for somebody else, regardless of where that healing energy is coming from, whether you want to say it's a certain god or spirit or what have you that spiritually world that's out there, that is also energy. And you are here in the present, holding that space, holding that energy so that then the good things can comes through and trans mutant hell on that end. So I think that that's just amazing, that you do that and then you experience that and then, you know, set up the healing centers and everything else for people

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I don't really feel, but it is amazing on my part. When I was a little, my mother used descendants of my cell from my sisters to a church and we went every Sunday so that she could have the Sunday afternoon also want the Sunday movie. She never went Judge Tool. But we went and then I you know, my traveling I was in a very difficult environment. My parents hated each other mind, but they hated me. And on a nominal Paco's that losing. Moving on from that, my chub people in my church became my family. They became my protective. They became the people don't listen to. They were kind to me. They were loving May I'm So you know, I became emboldened, Judge and I learned all about cry. I considered him my savior. I grew up knowing him on I noticed Brogan already with ways to some people. But I have seen him. I once had a hare. The friend of mine come into my house when we were giving feeling to ah ah, young boy who was very sick on the I was sitting with my head bad. I was praying I was spending my hearing anti and I made the what river read on looks up and I have a very old rocking chair, starting by the rocking chair was with my savior, Jesus Christ starting there in light of the group, I looked at it again. He smiled at me in the next thing he was gone. I feel him sometimes, Um, when I put my hands all the patients are fairly times over mine, so it's not so much that it's amazing. I think it's from What about saying, You know, most people, if you ask the more, say I I have a face saving God are facing user. Whatever you believe. I have faith having faith on living yourself, walking, living with your fable, living your faith, walking every day with that, say, no matter how difficult life becomes, holding on to that safe and having faith that things are going to work out as they should. I think you know, it's very hard for live. Use a very, very hard, Uh, but because unfortunate, I think it. I don't think I'm an amazing person anyway. I just think I'm so fortunate because I have everything with my own eyes. I thought he's is a fruit world all the time. I have my spirit guys great able to reassure me help you guide me, so maybe it's easier for me to live my face and this is most people. But I try to have my say that Who's they somewhat me, because just to be done. So I opened the healing sense of my students because here they all know anything about seizing. But once I have a going to practice it, Okay, let's give him a job on the on. That organization went on for over 25 years until I moved, uh, to America. And even after I blew it when you use a truck, moved its blend onto the 10 years the wheel, the same, the old to baggage to carry up

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Well, I think I mean what you said in terms of your not amazing. I think we all are amazing. But it's amazing that you're able to have that connection with the spirit world and with that energy, because you are open to it and you've embraced it. And the humbleness piece that comes from just I think, a obviously experience, but then a knowing and understanding that you it is a gift and it is living in gratitude and that we're all not perfect but that if we can just try a little bit, you know, every day to make ourselves better. And then also the fact to that you know, we again have this ability and just to be open to it and not so scared because, you know, very important for people that are listening toe, you know, understand So shifting gears a little bit What gave you the idea to write and publish soul signs? A guide to your spiritual destiny?

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Well, I do want to say because my latest book, but it is an amazing book sold signs. You know, you've heard the phrase when the student is ready to see you come right you could that praise. And so for a long time, the years years I was doing my work with the brilliance to the fact that they were, in fact soul find that was a really ist of the fact that, you know, sold. Created in a search of the way there certain pockets of energy which he sold is created. I was oblivious to all of that and still great. We decided one day I guess he must have thought Ok, you're ready for the next thing because I as a medium and a tequila I mean, I I am open toe learning my students actually, just as much as I see. So I think you know, I'm always goes into musings. And it was Grable. I was actually in California. I was enough friends proxy on the beach. And I was just sort of, you know, hanging out with, you know, just just hanging out, really on the great look. Thought it told me that somebody had asked me I am I an old because you hear people focus want tol also cheese And also And so I got into a conversation we bring about oh told insensitive things and also on. But he smiled at me and you know you when the students asked the question, that usually means that they're ready for the answer on. So he says he knows you are nothing. Also, you are a warrior soul. But that ain't my interest in nice. It will be What is it that what is worrying? So what is it? And oh, go. And he began to talk to me about the different elements of those elements by up both air and water uh, but there's also 1/5 abdomens, which people don't often think about, which is the element of self. And so he began to describe all these elements and how we are off bounds. Sold all of all those over to our officer. We are bound, sold. We are, you know, we are created from these particular our energies on. So he start described me Percival how it's almost as if he could visualize the pocket of energy by on your in law pockets with loss of certain energies. The elements of of, for instance, or somebody else is in the pocket that major Taliban is at and somebody else is in that, you know, in another pocket with major elements is both on those energies. We know everything that you want to call you Authority said that Iran. We know that everything of around everything we are about energy, I'm so grateful started to describe how our soul is actually valid. Andi from these different types off energies on the basic elemental vanities. And so so, First of all, he described that May on. Then he described it. For instance, if you are a, uh, soul, which I am There are three different Holstein Now, when I thought about this people, people think, always disliked astrology. It is nothing like astrology except the back. We know that everything is connected with everything at but this is This is not about planetary At as much as the energy of the soul Aunt, how the soul be and how we, you know we are. We were placed into an environment when we're born. Visitor in this environment encourages those character traits that have been created with the sole or you know for so on. And so how of environment, uh, important visit Surefire sign our energy is and courage Oh, it's current on. So some of our character straight from the old time straight are encouraged in some of fiscal, depending on who you are, where you are, where you live so long. And so the whole idea of soul Fine. There are 13 go find in all these on in our earth class stuff. It's called a cluster of custard sold And so our our custody is so crust is made of a surfing different? No, fine. They're all full groups. So I should say five groups or five groups on 13 actual soul. Fine. I'm going suggest if anybody wants to read the book play and you have to email me Rose, my rose, my outside dot com a. We can tell the wife get the book and when you read it, I do write it clearly in the book there is a golden rule. The golden rule is first of all, you choose your group So you either on a sign of water sign and a sign there up the call where a war or five side Thank you. Say, well, that's another element or you are a stultifying. Very few people are on that Probably the group that unless you are still the time you don't want to be narrative or anywhere near it. But anyway, so you know. So in order to find out what sold fine you are. First of all, you need to find your group on. Then once you found your group instead of having 13 soul time to choose from, you then only have three trees. So you know you choose your group for and then from there is a process of elimination. You could find yourself when you are am in a fine on on the Warriors. So my daughter is in the sun. She's visionary souls on on old socks. Under what about old souls? An old soul is act actually a water fine. Ah, water. Fine is the compromise of the soul, sister. A lot of signs, all compromises, more science. Of those people who try to make peace, they want to have peace amongst each other and their family.

spk_1:   28:31
Like a mother Theresa or a Gandhi type of peace.

spk_0:   28:35
Yeah, yes. So they would probably be, you know, war, son. A fire. Fine. You know that you don't have to be a B C to look out a fire. Finding the person who is often visit from within on can ignite Christie. Fast of fire signs is generally people who are very emotional, emotionally responsive. Lots of actors and actresses. Earth signs tend to be a lot of policy. Should have a lot of politicians in their group. They all the The plan is in the action takers. The water signs of the compromises that fire signs of those people who, you know, boots do acts and reacts on their emotions. And then the air. Fine. I love a fine because they're just so out there. They're just floating out there and there's people who just first the shoulders and rarely gets it that they rarely they ready, you know, they just sort of allowed things just happen and just go along, go with flow as as their find indicate So the a lot of these elements holy one of us that the soul is created from a pocket the certain pockets of energy which then determined their actions their reactions. It explains Nicole, How Know how you get siblings, how long citizen get on really well with another, but doesn't get on a full with the other one. How your mother loves you, brother. Bold and she loves you and so on and so forth. It explains the characteristics of people compatible crimes on earth time in the war to finer Greenlee compatible. Godspeed, war work. Well, I should say water beads, uh gives water a place. Today. The earth signs more find extremely compatible. You can find your soulmate looking to this broken following the rules of pickle and as signs and Firesign very compatible, for instance, without a fire doesn't think it the world combinations of possibly house is an earth final bias that my mother and myself because fire will school but in the heart be us and put out fire life back. So it's a practice book. It is fascinating cars that just, you know, people read this book and then it becomes like the Bible.

spk_1:   31:10
I was going to say it sounds almost a Ziff. It was It's the fundamentals because we think of as you mentioned astrology, that it's when we're born on this earth, and it's where the planets are aligned. And then there's all this math, medical and science behind it. But this takes a different approach, which is looking at when our souls not our physical bodies in this lifetime but our souls air born, What does that mean? And where did we actually come from? And I'm very curious to hear because you mentioned I hadn't heard a sulfur really is a sign before. Why a sulfur? It makes a little bit more sense with the earth, air fire and water. But sulphur,

spk_0:   31:48
you would ask this question

spk_1:   31:49
way brought it up in a piqued my interest. So

spk_0:   31:54
I did you know that over it pretty quick Well, all right. Anyone on this planet who believes that there is not able amongst us there are loving and a wonderful but very naive person Because we all know especially that is this to do involve ourselves in this work. The who are involved with this Great. Well, we know that evil book. In certain places, we know that they could cough any time I have personally safe evil. Andi. Fortunately, I just explained you have an army. He's very well, you have helped me with that. But I talked about it in my book about this third, certain people who simply just there's no reason for it. You know, you can bring up a child in that gift of the perfect environment is not child just, you know, cool winds up about the fly and that section exceptions. There were people who had just empty born duh. So those false fine is about dark souls and there is a sweet main started sold stock sold those people who choose to come here. You know, most of us to come in and let's be clear about this. The majority of us are off God off the lights and so on most but dark souls come here like the rest of it. They come for the Has he come to grow, but they come to learn and become, to grow, to become more and more dark. There are people who can straight to the dark side, but nevertheless, they still have that little bit of God within them. But, Doc, all the people, they're not interested in the light. They're not interesting. God, they're just, you know, they just want the learning the guard to become more and more dark. So I've written about them well, because Greg Alas, meters, those done going to do with them us, because I think it's important for us all to know that there are these elements will force about that that are good and they're not kind and so on. But if we know about them, we can prepare our so and there are things that we could do, And I always will save people that you know, advises when you look good and evil. If you have two rooms 555 and one is filled with life and the other is dull. When you open the door between the two rooms, What happens Dark does not let the life com because the like is stronger. The life is more powerful than life is more vibrant. What happens is the light. When you open the door to that between the dark with the light room, my infiltrates, it just writes the ways about. So the light is stronger than the more powerful I'm a volatile week, you know, Go go straying often do silly things or things you know, Wait, try to live off. Eight. Best camp Whether or not we found we do all of this failed again and again, I Sidoti. I try to live my faith every day, but don't think I don't fail because I do all the time. But of all of we have that element of goodness in the wrong. We have a little bit of kindness in that little bit of kindness is like it's pure lives with your beautiful energy. It's been coy. God entity called University court. What to buy, but it's beautiful. Right on will dissipate. Get rid of the dog every single time, so there's no need for anybody to be afraid. All this evil on the blower we aware of its any puts is on our God. If we ever comes into that face, whether is this evil working? And then what we do is that I've done on a few occasions when I say people off, what I do is not great. I trust had I lay my faith, but the feet of my boss I lay my steak is the seat of the those in the straight world. And I say over to you guys because you're better at this than I am.

spk_1:   36:04
Yeah, I would say, Do you think that the reason for that in terms of having a the sulfur signs and everything else is just a matter of balance? Because we wouldn't have anything to compare it to?

spk_0:   36:16
Yeah, I mean the universe. And then if you think it's different, then I think you must be roughly anyone listening to this thinking that there is seeing people, you lovely, lovely person, that you also extreme united because we know that evil thing happened. We know that bad things happen and we know they're about people on this planet and the father we might want to turn our faces away and ignore them is neither independent still exist. There is a balance to everything. As we know, Dunning energy is a balance thing. If it gets too far one way, uh, then, you know, we're all out of kilter, so that to be this, uh, balance in life And I think that has to be a balance within as human beings mean, Don't tell me they call that you've been a perfect person the rest of your life. You never did anything naughty. When would this go? Because we know that that's not true. But that's a good thing because it means that you balance You know that the crime.

spk_1:   37:16
Well, maybe not as a little girl, but maybe as an adult section of slips, right? Just getting no, no, no, I completely great. And also, when people say, Well, why do bad things happen to good people? Are all of that? I think it's just a matter of and correct me if you think something differently. But not only is it a matter of perception, but it is about that balance. And you may think, Well, that's not fair. But the fact is, and you're the one that opened my eyes to this is that We are all human beings having a spiritual experience and spirits here. We're having that spiritual experience, and hopefully it's more spirituals. So we're learning through that and making sure that we understand where we are in the stays. If I want to say our life but our soul life right and just to know And like you said, it's nothing to be afraid of as much as it's more to be aware of. And if we each think about ourselves and look at improving ourselves, it's not about being perfect, but looking at improving ourselves, then the world would be just a much better place instead of worrying about your neighbor or your coworker or your significant other, which all that rape,

spk_0:   38:24
Well, I'll tell you a very try and be brief, but there is a story which is very, very relevant to me. Years and years ago. I have so many doubts and so many days about doing the right thing, and my life was really not great and I have no relationship. You know how it goes. Start for yourself over. It started out about what he used you. Have you a good person on this particular day with Sunny Day and I thought, Stop with the more bling sort, go out and have a walk I went out into the driveway and I started to walk and I started to walk this beautiful huge yellow, but a black was clutching around and around and around my head. So it says, if I stopped and just what eventually And I'm thinking to myself, Wow, this is what a perfect, beautiful thing that it on that she wouldn't me. What a perfect this is. And it lands on my shoulder and I look, Dallas did on, and I realized that it wanted it swings. His tour quite established. Um, I hear Raisel faith in not perfect, but yet still beautiful. Andi. I think that's how we are season being. We are not perfect, but yet we are still beautiful. We all have a chance to be beautiful. Don't be afraid if you fail, but the only way I believe you could fail in. Like if you don't try like don't be afraid. If you fail, don't be afraid. They'll be afraid of what? Some of the bed. Don't be afraid of what's going to come out and say booty it because because I just think this way. If you're afraid of the spread wallet was you will afraid of ghosts or whatever. Whatever your finger, those who love you in the spirit world, those you have lost gone with they wouldn't harm when they were here. They certainly are not going to harm you when they're walking over you trying to guy trying to stay here trying to help you. And my job is a that the Cangzhou It is to be the voice for the spirit world because because they will have no boy. So can't be card in any of the way they used those of us who are able to communicate. They use us to be their voice on the, you know, does a patient sometimes to put your own voice in there as well have telling, especially if you agree with what someone in the spirit world says you want to add to. It is a conversation, but the rules are my rules. You know, you know not about you, about what North and things about Harry. Somebody here what someone is saying, trying to explain how they're feeling, and there's nothing to be fearful of it that way. And, you know, God is the ever present for those of us who want him to be that

spk_1:   41:30
that's very true. However you define God or what that is, it's very true. We all came from something. And so I think that that's just a beautiful thing toe remind everybody about before we break because it's bidden. I could just talk on and on and on with you, but I'm gonna give you back your time. What? Tell us about your YouTube channel on and how people can connect with you that way.

spk_0:   41:50
Well, I my third, I have a Thursday morning. You do talent. 11 a.m. Eastern standard time. They can find it on YouTube. The spirit world sees all on bond if they go into their way. We have a live chat rooms, a quick trapped in the corner and in the bottom right hand corner. And that with the chaplain, they can ask any questions. They like, uh, the altar. We also do a a Friday night show. I do that with my friends out that those on YouTube it's also you can get it from my Facebook page. Onda and all the faithful take if you go to everything is attitude because it really is. You know that this What is it? My friends just says, um attitude of gratitude. We all need to have an attitude of gratitude. On this week, I've got my new assistant coming on death. She broke a hip very badly. So she points. He told me about her Jude and what happened to her on. So we have guests on from time time doing that. So that's a lot of fun as well. And I also do all my classes for anybody who's interested them again. If Nicole anybody wants to connect with us Rosemary at rosemary alpa dot Find me that.

spk_1:   43:11
Well, that's just awesome and amazing. I know you told me not to use those words, but I am anyway, attitude of gratitude and had a contact You and I know I wasn't able to join the last one, but the Michelle mentioned your assistant, but I definitely will be joining the next ones. I'm looking forward to that

spk_0:   43:27
You like we're hardly with.

spk_1:   43:29
Okay, Awesome. I think I would love that in the future, for sure. Absolutely. All right. Well, Rosemary, Altea, everyone and you confined Rosemary. If you're just now tuning and hopefully you're not, go back to the beginning of the episode. But you confined rosemary on all the primary platforms. That's Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. And of course, you can pick up any of her books, including soul Signs, which we discussed online, and I found it on Amazon. So that's always a good way. And I will include any additional info like her email in the show notes. And again, Thank you so much, Rosemary. And I will see you on the next Thursday time.

spk_0:   44:05
It was so nice to talk to you. By the way, you come from Yemen. Grammas. Well, it was so nice it'll use Nicole. Thank you so much for inviting on. It's been a real pleasure. And thank you to all of you listening to on for all of you out there, remember, Have a very, very work at this. Now have a very blessed blessed day.

spk_1:   44:26
You as well. Thank you so much, Rosemary. Have a blessed day. Go back, Captain. Episode of a psychic story one. Find your tribe people that fully support you and what you dio to trust your feelings and your gut. Three. Have faith. Live with your fates. Walk every day with that face, things will always work out for all of us on this Earth Earthbound souls and represent one of the five elements or signs fire, earth, air, water or sulfur. Our souls were created by these particular earth energies. Five. Related to the five elements of fire earth, air, water and sulfur. There are three soul signs for each, which helps souls develop over time. These 13 soul signs are considered a cluster of souls. Six Light is more powerful than dark, Dark can't flood delight because light infiltrates and wipes away the dark. Seven. Kindness and goodness within us is the light, and it is pure, beautiful energy. This goodness helps to dissipate and get rid of the dark ate. The only way you can fail in life is if you don't try. Thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a second story dot com.