A Psychic's Story

The Law of Resonance

October 02, 2019 Nichole Bigley Episode 10
A Psychic's Story
The Law of Resonance
A Psychic's Story
The Law of Resonance
Oct 02, 2019 Episode 10
Nichole Bigley

Shamanic coach and acupuncturist Dave Eyerman joins A Psychic’s Story to talk about how the law of attraction is actually the law of resonance – “everything is energy and all energy vibrates.” Combined with the knowledge that we are souls first and humans second, we can better discover what our limitations are and how we can grow beyond them. 

You can reach Dave Eyerman at dave@daveeyerman.com or get more details at daveeyerman.com

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Shamanic coach and acupuncturist Dave Eyerman joins A Psychic’s Story to talk about how the law of attraction is actually the law of resonance – “everything is energy and all energy vibrates.” Combined with the knowledge that we are souls first and humans second, we can better discover what our limitations are and how we can grow beyond them. 

You can reach Dave Eyerman at dave@daveeyerman.com or get more details at daveeyerman.com

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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who need supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind Magic and more. Welcome to a psychic story. Hi, everyone. Thank you for joining this episode of a psychic story. Today we have Dave Fireman here, and he has a wells of expertise. His company and website is personal freedom advocate, and he's everything from a licensed acupuncturist to a Chamonix practitioner. He's also a certified life coach, array, key, master and teacher. He also is a reader for the akashic records and meditation teacher and much, much more. I also personally love the Angel messenger aspect of it as well and just very thrilled to have him here on the show. So thank you, Dave, for joining us. Well, thanks again for being here. And when we were talking before and just corresponding, one of the things that came up is what people think of nowadays of the law of attraction. And I remember gosh might have been like over 10 years ago, or even more when people were talking about the secret and everything else, and even more so nowadays that people talk about affirmations and how we can manifest things. And for me, what was very eye opening is that you were saying it's not necessarily less about the law of attraction, but that people have a misunderstanding or misrepresentation of what that looks like. So I'd love to hear more from your perspective about what that is. But before we get into that, more importantly, just about how you personally got involved into all of this, I think that it's not necessarily a path modern day way that most people wouldn't necessarily pursue. So maybe we can get into that a little bit and hear from you just how you got started.

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Sure, absolutely. Within a very winding road, which I think is typical typical of the healing path Special Path is, it's really rare that it's a straightforward state line up straight up the mountain and easy wanting those up. $10 invested my journey. So have the career of a computer program of the high school teacher from all sorts of different things. And really, when I was teaching high school, my wife we were just being at the time of my life. Now my suggested that I go to acupuncture schools because I have been receiving acupuncture treatment. I really liked it. And what I like most about teaching was working with students 11 not necessarily about getting them to run math. I do have a passion for Mass that it was more about the interaction with students. You know, whether the issue was academic or personal. That was really what got me up in the morning. That really got me excited. So my life suggested I got acupuncture school because I loved receiving acupuncture treatments. And this is this would be a way that I could work with people one on one, take the best part of my child and make it a full time thing. So at the time of the very loving, open hearted boyfriend, I said No way out of your

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I could never do that. But she was right, because she's always right and few months later, out in the open Alistair Acupuncture School. And that's why I went and it just was a winding road. I dabbled a little bit breaky and I was curious about shamanism. I was curious about this. I just think, sort of started to show up and it was just kind of piqued. My curiosity makes called curious about that. Okay, I'll What about the akashic record? It was more like having had received the benefit of for myself. But the client that I said, I think this is a really wonderful tool and I want to learn about it. And it was for a while there, it got a little overwhelming. If I'm doing this, something bad and I'm all over the place. But we're really What I realized is that all of the modality are just means to an end. So it's more about how someone is practically making and how someone is practicing acupuncture. More so than the specifics of what that modality is. The way that I use these tools. But I have learned it is right in my wheelhouse is helping people really make change in their life. You know that people take what a wonderful tool and they can help people with wide, wide riot posted issues. But if someone not actually making changes in their life, they're gonna end up back in my office the following week with the same stuff. So the way that I end up using acupuncture or Ricky or shamanism or talking with the contradictory is really to help someone grow and the changes to the way they see themselves with the life and that is the crux of it. So for me, it's less about the specifics of the modalities, but more so how then you?

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Oh, absolutely. And I think that's one of the most important things is because for me, what I've noticed both for myself and others when I work on them, regardless of what the modality is, is that it really depends on what people are open to and also what works the best for them. And for me, acupuncture. I just find fascinating in the sense that we all have meridians. We'll have energy points within her body, and sometimes we forget that from a modern day society that there are ways for us to access that energy and access the release of it and so forth in the healing. Right. So there's that. But then also yeah, and also I'm very curious on the shamanism part that you know. So how did you go from acupuncture to shamanism? And also, if you can give a little bit of explanation on, obviously there's big differences. But just what was the jump and what made you wanna, like, learn a little bit more into that? A modality?

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Yeah. I wouldn't call it a jump. I didn't because all these acupuncture behind when I did that, I had been curious about shamanism for a lot in my life and and curious in a way of like, when I would hear about it, like does a kid watching TV and there would be a Native American elders, a character on the show. My ears is gonna open a little bit more. I didn't know what I was listening to. Why? But I was like, This is really interesting. Fascinating. And I was in my early twenties, I just started picking up some books. The local bookstore. I'm really interested in this one book about the medicine that the sheriff can make. I don't know why that what kind of jumped off the self at me. It's always been in a very quiet interest of mine. And then I, through the great find the way life is. I met people and they said, Hey, there's there's a training here Years of information we can go into the sweat lodge And I felt really right to make fell coming home and that was independent of my career paths. This was something that I was just pursuing because I thought it was really made an assault. Very resident today. And welcome back to that law residents but itself, very home, toder very connected to who I really am. So I was in acupuncture school, But then I would take a weekend class in shamanism. Oh, I would talk to other people who were in that world and just just so learn more and still get up. Not really. I think they have a goal with it. I wouldn't think I'm going to take this workshop. So that way I could do this Other people. I was took it because under the curious about how to connect with the spirits of nature more, I'm really curious how I can live my life in a more natural way and not natural, necessarily as dying next. If I feel that a part of it was more of living connecting with the land connecting with a spirit of weather connecting list the big thread of life that connects all and looking at life in my perspective and appreciating life that perspective instead of just the western my head of the solitary separate I capitalist consumer self And so it was just curious, curious about it. And then it turned into like, Oh, I could see how this could look into healing work. Concealer can incorporate this thin. It wasn't necessarily a gold from the

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that makes sense. Did anyone ever during this exploration say to you that maybe this was something that the reason why it resonated so much was in your past life?

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Yes. And I'm all four on the worldview and the special do that I work with definitely hold onto past wiser multiple lives and being cry nation as a central tenant how we live. And also it just doesn't matter too much because my Syrians of it is This feels really calling today. I don't know if I need to put a particular label on it today. That definitely I was an elder in this particular tribe. You know, in this past, life as powerful as this could be. It is just a story, and for these one like this might help give me context and explain it. But can you just feel awesome? It feels right and coming. I feel drawn to its almost like, you know, you could listen to a symphony and you could describe it in very specific terms. So maybe I was most hard in a previous lifetime. I was like, Violinist. That's why I love it so much. But who cares? I mean, I just feel really drawn to the music, and I love it so much that it feels really good, and I want to learn more about it. So, yes, I do believe that I have that connection on the same branch. I don't know how much that matters could It still feels very right to me.

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And I think for you, especially in others who are open to it and have had, I would say, when we feel comfortable with that, that answer resonates 100%. But for people that mayor, you know, may not realize that they feel a connection to something that may be completely different on how they grew up with understand, it is a good kind of reference point to say. Well, maybe there is a connection from a different time. A different, you know, aspect of energy and that way that they just feel comfortable about it.

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Totally, Absolutely.

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Give people permission to Florida, you know, and they be like, OK, why a little have a little more ownership over it. If I feel I could direct connection to that.

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Yeah, it's empowering.

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Yeah, right. Absolutely. No. And I've had moments when you're learning, practicing or teaching things on shamanism. Aha. Moment. Like Okay. But I'm a white boy from Jersey. Like what right do I have to do this work? What right do I have to teach this? Because genetically, biologically, I don't have time. Of course, you could go far, far, far back enough. You know, 23 generations for all indigenous, but, like, you know, I wasn't born into a tribal, was born in the suburbs off New York City.

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It was

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really the way. So my to explain it, which I really appreciate, is that these are tools. I don't call myself a shaman. That's not a right that I have. I said that I have the Samana tools, and I am a shamanic healers find a practitioner. But the term shaman is really a community driven term village together. Did you are the healer? You have the gift or the existing Simon. We trained apprentices like that was the most water community setting. Okay, Our community stand, you are our person for that and for me to just use that term for myself. That's something I don't feel comfortable doing. But I will say that I appreciate, in honor of the working very deeply and I could take but these these are tools better for everybody. And it's no different to say that I have to be Japanese or Chinese north to practice acupuncture. This is a tool, and it could be applied by anybody. And just as I was saying before about how these tools replied, he knows if they're applied with respect with honor, with as much as I'm understanding as possible of where came from in the context of these tools that I feel completely apiece with using them or or any anything off in that world

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when I really appreciate you saying that, too, because the whole purpose of this show are the reason why I started it was because it's called a psychic story because of the fact that people have misperceptions of what a quote unquote psychic is right. And it doesn't necessarily mean that you're just intuitive, that you're a medium, you're a shaman and this at any other are astrologer. I've had people turned down interviews just because they said, I've spent my whole life branding myself to not be that. And the whole point of it is is that we all have such an abundance of wealth and gifts available inabilities to us as humans and spiritually beans here that it's important to know that you know, you have this these resource is that you can go to. So I very much respect the fact that you see that and also that you have joined to talk about your journey. Because to me, that's just important to help educate people to know that we have options and just opening up our minds and understanding where we can go with it.

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Oh, absolutely. My way of practising is empowering, and when I teach, my goal is not to stand up and say, Look how much I know and like and processing. In that way, it's one that I want people to own these tools for themselves. So they could when a client come to see me on my goal is to I joke that it's a really lousy business model,

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my goal is to get them to not need to see me. My goal is like, How do we get you to the tools? That way you're able to manage yourself manager anxiety. Better to be able to understand where your headaches are coming from and against them. That future for you to make changes in your life that are gonna be a long lasting. And so that's why I call myself a personal freedom advocate. I'm advocating for my client's personal freedom freedom from these things that have kept that bound to get the limited Captain Small kept them in certain patterns of behavior, of certain kinds of relationships with just don't serve them and they want to move beyond it. I'm not gonna Someone comes in and got a client a couple years ago who had migraine headaches and, well, yes, I can treat the headaches just as they are. My thing is, why were they here in of being because she was trying to be super mom and she wanted to give her kid, actually, everything and everything was perfect. And there was, which is a lovely want, but it was really trying Teoh to a lot of stress in a lot of anxiety and a lot of physical detriment. So to what I can alleviate the migraines. Which team in my goal was to help her set up that she didn't have to be actually had to be the first mark, But it was okay if the Christmas tree didn't come down the day after Christmas, you know that not every everything was perfectly parking clean every single time. Something care house that, like the cost of that was hurting her in a body with demonstrating that to carpenter headaches. So, you know, for me that my aiming I'm advocating for you to free yourself from those beliefs and from those limitations and that which is going to show up in some sort of discomfort, whether mental, emotional, physical, and be acupuncture or bakkie or the cash quicker Czar Angel investors. All of that is aides to that end. So the agriculture isn't necessarily appropriate for every client every time they come in. You know, sometimes I love the free form of some clients that today we're going to Chamonix feeling this time we're gonna do acupuncture. This time. I'm going to read he never talk to your akashic records, But the next appointment and it ends up just being a flow. And these all just different tools that I have my true box to that end.

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Yeah, I know. And I'm really glad that you mentioned that, too, because the common theme for me when I'm hearing from every practitioner, is that if you focus on yourself and make yourself a little bit better every single day and that doesn't mean you need to be perfect, it just means that you embrace things. You're grateful and you look at okay, how can I change and not control? Then the world would be completely different than what it is today. And that's really I think the message Ray and we all looked outside like I want to go to a doctor. I want to go to a reiki practitioner. Whatever have you and sometimes you absolutely need hope. That's why we're here. As you knew a community and humanity. But if we were to look inward and do the work that we really need to dio it, then we would be in a completely different place. So I'd love to get to the law of residents. But before that you mentioned the Akashic records and I personally, I've only done a little bit of research on this because I feel like it's super, super deep. But for our listeners who may not be familiar with it, if you don't mind just explaining a little bit what what those entail. And then we can kind of get into the good stuff on the law residence.

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Sure, the idea behind it is that we are sold first of a human second, and it sits this model that we are. You come around into multiple incarnations and different bodies of just in time in human life, in human history. Got to be 40. We can look some of the write my biography for the last 40 years like Okay, this is what happened in Dave's life, you know, even the souls life, who in this particular body in his vessel decapitate date for this amount of time and we could see the big scenes and to see the lessons the customer records take at the next level and see Okay, we're going to be a biography of your souls of lifetimes in my sent a lifetime so we can start to see your soul is here to learn certain lessons, you know? So the maybe why you're stuck in a particular kind of relationship with a particular kind of person could be Understand, as you're trying to work out a particular trying to work out with their own boundaries or stuff well, their self worth or how to care for your body in a particular way, like big teams that will be talk to the akashic records. The caution workers are going to give big perspective of possible on what you're experiencing now. It's kind of like the deepest wise you're going through something in the deepest. So what? So this is happening. And so what? You know what we talked about past lives? A lot of times I found the story of the past Life gets glorified. Oh, I was just person in this lifetime account like that doesn't matter so much Details of the story I find out matter so much more of the energy of the story and the meeting of its kind like it doesn't matter whether it was revolutionary time or Civil War time or the Renaissance. You're still working through the steam of betrayal. That's the energy. That's what really matters. How do you understand your current context, your current situation with your current partner? Why it hard for you to open up and you know your own particular fear, intimacy from that perspective. So it's less about the speed, the details of those stories rather than the energy of it. So talking to be a constant record can be incredibly healing to the gives this really big perspective when we often get very locked into a small minded view of what's happening to be what my probably but my symptoms are what was happening in my relationship or what happening in my world finances. But because they okay instead of you know, the country, records are not going to say you should play the lottery numbers did not. Predictive that way is more around. OK, well, you're learning the value of self worth, and so when you are able to work with that a little bit like these challenges that you could see in life you can see like Okay, I'm limit, declare my worst and then the money book follow. It's a big, somatic big picture of you on what's happening for you currently,

spk_0:   19:48
and for me, the motto or the mantra that I've lived. Buyer I've been trying. Teoh is we are not human beings. Having a spiritual experience were spiritually beings having a human experience. And if people were to realize that, then I feel like 99% of the quote unquote problems or issues that we're having in this lifetime would kind of go by the wayside because that's why we experienced the struggles that we do is because we're looking at the physical and not the spiritual growth aspect of things.

spk_1:   20:23
Yes, we're looking at the physical only way We still have to deal with the physical living a spiritual life. I still have Teoh eat well and exercise and take care of my physical

spk_0:   20:32
contact. It's

spk_1:   20:33
not the only thing that with spirituality in any form, even if the door guns, religion, spirituality provide the context bigger picture for us to understand what happened

spk_0:   20:44
Exactly. I love that. And hopefully that really resonates with people that are listening, because for me it's simple toe here. But it's also hard Teoh kind of practice and listen to it and put it into your every day. And then after a while once you dio you will definitely feel a shift for sure, at least from my perspective.

spk_1:   21:08
Absolutely. Yeah, that's been my experience. It's not to be beautiful human. So 20 familiar This year one of our dogs was ill and choose old, and she eventually asked the wait a month ago and it was very hard. So my wife and I were having very much our human experience of greens of lots of pain, of questioning wise. You have to have been, what can we get her for a little more time? But at the same time, we had the special perspective right there with us, so it sort of rounded the corners a little bit, took the sharpness offered. We still very much had a human grief, and you very much had our team. It issues with it, but we were also able to see the big picture and like she's done our work with her lesson is with us or complete. She's ready to move on. She's graduating on to the next level and when she was passing like, This isn't goodbye that this is the seas, that you go on up ahead and we'll catch up to you. That was nice and really sweet. It didn't take away for paying. That didn't take away the Cuban hood. Still very much present, but it's softening. It was kind of running parallel to it, which gave me a break from just being in the human all the time.

spk_0:   22:20
And I'm very sorry to hear about your dog. I recently lost mine, and what I found with it is it was the hardest thing. So I completely have compassion for you guys. I have another dog. They were very closely bonded, and she was sad. I'm not saying that she's still not sad, right? But the difference was between her grief and my grief was that she accepted it a lot more freely and quickly, right, and then also I could just still feel the presence like the energy doesn't go anywhere. Maybe the physical body does, but the energy doesn't go anywhere. The love the compassion, everything else and for me, like you just said it. It's a C later and by the way, not even see you later like I am still here. You know, in a lot of ways they were still around and they're not going to go anywhere because for me, love transcends all times. So now moving on. I would love to hear your perspective about the law residents, because when we were, you know, communicating back and forth. And we're talking about law of attraction. And I've been doing a lot of reading about it over the last 15 years or so. And from my perspective, I feel like people in a lot of ways kind of, um say approach it in an incorrect way. They might not necessarily know how to approach it the right way and what it actually means. So would love to just hear from your perspective what that means and get some tips, perhaps for listeners.

spk_1:   23:55
Sure, I definitely have riled some people up in the past with some of the talk my language a little bit, but

spk_0:   24:03
don't worry about softening it. Don't just be honest, just be yourself. My whole thing is about transparency. That's all it is, so you won't offend me. And if you find others than that means that you've actually hit a truce button.

spk_1:   24:18
Sure, right, I I used to say there is no such thing as a long attraction. That's what bottle people, because it's not a long it's. The study of the special is a marketing term. It is is not to say that you know, the makeup miracle is it's crap or that the secret doesn't work. Amount of the station is it really is just that the under that name, it's a little misleading. So it's really the law of physics and ensure the law. President says everything is energy and all energy vibrates. And so I'm fine said this Right that equal, Don't you squared? All energies matter all matters energy, and it's just wrong vibrating a different thing. So the idea is that anything can vibrate at pretty much any frequency, so you could walk into a room and the room feels really nice, and you walk into a room who something doesn't feel good in here, and you're just feeling the energy of the room. The room doesn't necessarily actually changed The atoms in the room don't necessarily change in the way of their actual chemical structure. However, the energy of it is different. So we could say that the space around us can vibrate in any way we can vibrate many way in. No way is just getting leave. My break of the way is if you take a moment and you think about something that really bothers you and you just really can't feel bad. Think about that. I don't step to you that you kind of feel your body start to change a little bit. Maybe you're breathing. Changes committee, go type of Dorchester picnic stomach re furrow your brow. You're actually resonating in that upset. That is the energy that is the primary energy that you're putting out. You can also then let that go and think of something that brings you up. Choice that they do. A lot of happiness is something that is very, very easy to love in life and might notice the usual. This drop your chest puffed out a little bit. You feel a little bit lighter. You're now resonating in another energy so we can vary. How were resident begin, vary on vibration. And not only is it us, but it's the area right around the neck. Start to respond. Teoh. So the law residents does. Everything is energy, all energy vibrates, and it describes what happens Get free energies interlocked. So if I am happy and someone else nearly is happy that we actually create a bigger deal than energetic field to the two of us that amplifies happen if I am happy and someone else is sad, the rule is whoever loudest win. So what I mean by that is not available to be locally loud. But if my energy, if I am more happy than how sad someone is I am really in love and like it's a beautiful day and I'm skipping down the street and I'm just on cloud nine and this person just covered up whatever day just go like OK, whatever, you know, I got a feeling texture, my teenager. Okay, fine. That, like, is just kind of bug. Just by being near me, they're naturally going to start to feel better because I'm louder and my happiness, if they are, is there. Still, However, if I on the flip side, if I'm just happy. I'm just doing my thing having a decent day. And this person is in a brutal space, like they marriage of 25 years just fell apart. And the parents just died all within a week there, just like feeling really, really down in a very loud bay. I'm going to start to steal more the way they're feeling that because of simply energy, But just by the law, physics that I'm going to kind of buy start vibrating the way they are. So the idea is that when unrivaled in a particular way, the area around we start the vibrate that way to the language of like, attraction Is that like, if you are thinking about abundance and you know and feeling abundant for the Bennetts will be attracted to you. But I'm saying that it's rather the area around you Could life can vibrate in any way life could vibrate funded by breaking black could be a great enjoy or fear or anxiety. And as you are in that space, you're actually going to create the energy around. You set the energy around you to what? Your bike More like you.

spk_0:   28:30
So wanna unpack that a little bit for people that are listening cause my mind's balloon and I completely agree with everything that you've said. The first thing Please stop me. If I see anything that's incorrect. The way that I see it is that everything around us is actually not physical. What it is is it's vibrations Adams vibrating at such a fast capacity that it's creating a physical realm is number one, right? So you were physical body. You're home that you're sitting in your whatever that is. Those are Adams compiled by protons and everything else that just vibrates super fast. And NASA. What creates are quote unquote physical reality, Right? Okay. I just want to make sure I'm following you correctly for everybody else. Yep. Yeah, very cool. So then, as a result, what happens is is we think or don't think anything that we say verbally or in our minds are not necessarily as important or a strong Is that physical reality that we're sitting in because what we're seeing is visual and its sound related, and we may not necessarily hear everything. So what I was saying is is that when I'm sitting here, for example, talking to you. I see my dining room table. I see my house and I see everything else and I'm talking to you and to me, that's the most important thing. But in reality, what probably is the most powerful and those important is what I'm sinking and what I'm saying, even though I can't see it, that vibration is more powerful on a higher residence level.

spk_1:   30:22
I will change that, are missing the higher I would say you're producing it. You producing the thought you're producing the feelings, Do you actually getting the energy of you and around you? If you were to leave things in your room would still be there. And you know where you if you could perceive them, but and how? Your proceeding it is definitely gonna be filtered by how you're looking at yourself in the world. But the I'm paying more put under your control is like what you are, how your resonating You can choose to resonate in love and joy and turn on city. Or you can choose to resonate in misery and self swallowing and and depression. And like I'm not knocking anybody who have a particular issue and I'm not saying that we have to be perfect. You know, it's kind of different from the weather and the climate. So the weather is what it's like right now in the moment. But the climate is we aggregate all the data together we look back at How is the weather for New England been for the last five years? That's crime it. So we're resonating it. Meanwhile, yester we have day to day moments moment, fluctuations. It's really what we're gonna manifest on how our world around us got to shape how we as a residence is over time. It's not happy right now that all the sudden I would be happy thing. And it's not about trying to eliminate the lousy in life. It's more about like, but still producing her place of positivity, enjoy and opportunity.

spk_0:   31:48
Yeah, and I guess my point without is more that people don't necessarily sink that. A lot of times we have thoughts going through our heads that were not cognisant off, right. So as a result, you have that vibration. You have the energy that you're putting out, and you're not aware that you're filling in that energy or that empty space I should say right? So there's, um, a gentleman that I had spoken Teoh. His name's David Kennett and he does soul sounding, which essentially is You take drums, you take music, you take vibrations and you fill that space that void that you have your physical space, of course. But then you fill that void, and then, as a result, you are being able to manifest and bring that in more into fruition. And for me, what was so groundbreaking and eye opening with it is that I never thought which after 20 actually 40 years of living on the surface. But 20 years of really doing this practice is that I didn't think of the sense that vibration and sound actually transcend your physical and your spiritual and fills that void. And so for me, I think that that's that's the reason why I brought it up is that I am looking here physically. I'm talking to you. I'm cognisant and conscious of all of these other things we're talking about, but I'm not. And to your point I can walk away. But that doesn't mean that me walking away from a physical space actually changes the energy. If I'm not, um, intentionally putting it out there.

spk_1:   33:28
Yes, I'm gonna after that. And a little bit. Another layer to it to

spk_0:   33:31
Yeah, sure, Absolutely. I'm learning here, as is everybody else.

spk_1:   33:38
So I'll say that sounds my guess. This Chris sounded energy and so absolutely weaken your, uh, our mind, body soul, our energy, who we are gonna react to the energy of the sound, and it's going to produce a certain thing is no different. You know, you have the pure tones of bowls or rebelled, and there's also, But if you're walking around and you walk past the store your car, that's playing, you know, death metal, you're gonna feel a certain way. You know, an energy walk past someone playing Tchaikovsky or Beethoven. You'll feel differently. And if the energy of that that we respond to the the the other level that I want to mention was so there's what we're constantly thinking and that is what we're unconsciously believing. The composite of it is what makes our energy what it is. So if I might be thinking, you know, one of the things say with manifestations, I might be thinking all right, I want to manifest the new car in a manifested to card, an amount of US car. But if subconsciously or deeper down, I think I don't look. I don't deserve that or that we can't really happen or that that is going to send a mixed message to the universe. That is part of the energy signal that are standing out even if I'm not consciously aware. So all of it together when I'm thinking consciously and what's going on subconsciously is definitely going Teoh as a composite energy of who? I have another vote.

spk_0:   35:05
So what are some things that people can dio? Because that's I feel like it's I would say it's a hard habit to break, but because we're programmed or we just like you said, we're not necessarily aware of it all. What can people do to at least start that practice of being in that? And in that mindset, that actually is more of that positive manifestation?

spk_1:   35:31
Sure, I love that question. To be curious about yourself. Be curious about all right, well, if I take a look at how my life is and what I don't like about it or what I'm trying to manifest and it's not really working out. Let me be curious about, you know, Is there something in me that is sending out a different signal? And I'm walking around saying I want to track love. I want to trap love. I want to track love. But a deeper part of me says, Oh, no, I'm actually really scared and like, Oh, I don't deserve that. Or look at, you know, the biggest thing to be curious

spk_0:   36:03
where I don't want it.

spk_1:   36:05
Yes, right, Exactly. Then the biggest thing I would say is to invite my area. Way to be curious. Typically, we had a point of frustration. Why hasn't this person shown up yet? Or why haven't I gotten that job yet or what? Why hasn't this happened? There's like instead of getting frustrated, totally normal, and I have absolutely experience it. I will invite myself and everybody to find that level curiosity like, Is there some mixed signals I'm sending out right? And if there's the curiosity is gonna be a real because when we could be open to what is happening in our subconscious, then that's what we turned the subconscious to the conscious and were able to make changes I'm not aware that I have a fear of intimacy it's given. Might take a partner to point that out to me. And then I have to be curious. It's like, Well, why is it that there? What? So I actually believe about love? What? I actually believe about opening my heart, where those beliefs come from and do my personal work around that. And that could be a coach, rest therapist or acupuncture, a energy worker, shamanism, astound healing or anything under the sun. But you approach it with that intention of like, I'm curious about what is in my way here, what is inside me that might be setting out a different

spk_0:   37:24
Yeah, I love that. I think that makes ah, ton of sense right, cause a lot of times we ask for things. I want that house. I want that job. I want that marriage, that relationship Children. But in reality we think that sometimes that's just because that's what society wants you to have. But in reality is that what's going to make you happy and soulful,

spk_1:   37:46
right? Absolutely. When I work with people on a manifestation, I always invite them to be curious about what resistant shows up when they go to manifest something. If they're like, I wanna you know, we go through medication and okay. And like a studio. So the process that shown they in the club miracles or secret, I think still works. Really? Well, I just don't really care for the term of law of attraction. But when you start with gratitude and like, I'm feeling in a place of positivity, enjoy. Now I want to call this new thing. But if you say I'm gonna call my new thing and then you might feel a little bit like cooker inside a little twisting of ever tightening and that you know that it's not about just necessary straight piling through and ignoring that because that's gonna still parents could usually muck up the works. It's owned by people to be curious. Like, what was that like? What was that little pick up inside and say Okay, well, I really want a manifest love, but Okay, some part of these really scared some part of me. Definitely possible. Some part of the, uh, really cherish is my independent that I don't want to get to release Chip just to be curious about that. Not necessarily strongarm if it to the do some work with it and then I'm like, OK, now can manifest more clearly because I understand that theory there. But I I'm OK with the fear, but I'm going and this is what I want anyway I will work with this year. Adam go as opposed to just being frustrated. Why happening wise in the habit like No, it's the curiosity of what is happening in our own subconscious and why we ended up in certain patterns of relationship for certain patterns of struggle in life in our life. That is where the good it is really could be curious about it. Then we could start to explore what it at what are be resonating with what you know. What part of me is manifesting in this external way? Why am I creating my reality? Why? Why am how my setting the vibration, the residents of the world around me, that this is not affecting the chicken away in this jerk of a boss in this bully of a classmate in this ridiculous financial situation got too put shame on it, but rather understand, Curious. Now if I understand it. I'm aware that now, clearly

spk_0:   40:00
right. And I heard from one of my spiritual teachers that they said you are living the life right now that you want to live, which just kind of blew me away because you know my mind. Do I wanna have financial struggles? Do I wanna you know, all these things, they're going through it. And in reality, I think a lot of times we just don't want to accept the fact that we are in the situations that we are in because we're learning and as long as we look at it is lessons that we're learning and we need to move past it to grow and to be stronger than we will be out of it a lot faster versus putting blame another, you know, situations and things to get to that point,

spk_1:   40:44
right? And I think it's also really important to mention that there are still force is stronger than us, that quite. But the other thing that I always talk about when I talk about manifestations that, like I might mind and manifest this particular life but this stronger forces at play, whether it's gonna call it karma or my soul, but my soul's path or my guys guardians were guiding me along the way. Yeah, that's nice. You manifest that. But that's actually not gonna be helpful for a lifetime. This is actually more helpful. We're gonna great. We're gonna create distance that for you. You know, the manifestation has some limits. I can't actually, I'm not going to fight the laws of the universe. I can't fight the laws of gravity for physics just by manifested and even like on a personal that there would be some like, there could be some systemic. And we can't, you know, ignores systemic, uh, racism or misogyny that our personal manifesting know individually is that, you know, is not actually going to change the history of police brutality or other issues that are bigger social agenda issues. It's a little bit of a very personal process. It's not necessarily and like a group of people, take this together. We're all gonna worked Amanda's best equality or greater equity. Then, like absolutely, but it's a little bit. I want toe talk to somebody recently about, like, some of the privilege. You know, that we have the ability to Matt Passmore. Yes, that's open to anybody truly like those who are not sure where food is gonna come from for themselves or the kids weren't coming under. They even have the ability to walk down the street in a way that is not you know, the words there, they're gonna be safe. That is, that the slightly different eyes looking as potentially. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm totally open to being wrong. But I kind of feel like there is gonna be some other things that this is a little bit of a privileged space to be a big You know what? I can manifest my life,

spk_0:   42:38
you know, I can see that. I do think if people are in this those particular situations, they are like you said karmically they're not because it's, ah, bad, good. Whatever situation, it's in a situation that we're all empowered to try and make our lives and others lives a little bit better. And some people obviously have struggles that we can't necessarily like solve in a day. But we are all responsible as a community to help and to serve and to not let it be just on one person, right or one situation. So I see that

spk_1:   43:19
I also like my purview is also myself. Like what I have most control over. I'm getting upset about the state of politics or our planet or some issues truly like what is most under my control is myself and how I'm operating. You know what? And I doing that I can you know what consciousness unconsciously happening within me. And how do I have to patrol over that? That is a point of reference. Okay. I mean, come back to me. And how do I make some adjustments internally to live to respond in a healthier way and more effectively make change for others?

spk_0:   43:57
Exactly in the fact that people a lot of times, whether they come from a place of privilege or not and there's complaints and in my mind, I'm thinking, OK, well, what are you doing in to actually implement change? To implement an impact and to help your community and the people in your neighbors that you serve? And if you don't do that, then I don't have any compassion. If you're actually trying, Teoh, reach out and to help and do all of these things from whether it's manifestation prayer. What have you There are people out there so But before we break what I would love to dio is also ask you So I've heard some things about you know If you are going to manifest, you create a vision board Don't roll your eyes shut. Ah, Creative Vision Board Create a list of things What are some tips? Because I've also heard some things of what? Not to dio. So when you are trying to bring something into your life physically, mentally, spiritually there are some tips that are best practices and I'd love to be able to share that with the listeners.

spk_1:   45:07
Sure. Well, step one to stay positive. In your manifestation, we want a boy. Negatives one avoid double negatives like I don't want debt. That's not And the reason is that we're months. We're seeing it. I don't want this. You're still defining your experience in relationship to the thing you don't want. Your focus is still on the thing that you don't want where instead I want financial freedom. I want joy. You know, I'm manifesting this energy in my life. So that's the biggest evident authorities to stay in a possible and the next thing you get to come back to Or is it just a curious about what you that educating in that way and then lastly is to stay consistent where, you know, my wife calls herself persistent as all heck on. And it's true if they see they with an issue that she gets really determined, she's like, I'm not let it must go. I know this is gonna happen. I know that's gonna happen. This really can, uh this can be a thing. And so too blessed with that confidence. A lot of times, like I don't know how you do know that she is. So I think that knowing that you can have it and the party doesn't believe that you can have it That's a great place to start. That's a great place. That something in the way you know, to be cures that Why don't I believe that? I think this is possible. How do I rearranged myself? So I do leave this impossible. And so it takes. That's toward that. Not not. Let go.

spk_0:   46:33
Yeah, No, let go. I love that the persistence of it. And when somebody saying information do you feel differently on, for example, if somebody says I will be rich versus I am rich because I've heard different feedback. Yeah, and I think that a lot of people tend to write affirmations or say it. Our mantra is every day to be like I will be rich. I will do this. Satin Other Auri will find love. Yeah, And I heard that you should be like I am loved. I am in a loving relationship. I do have abundance. Is that something that you would recommend?

spk_1:   47:10
Yeah, I like that language Better is the present. I am. I am an abundant person.

spk_0:   47:16
And to feel it right to, like actually like seal it.

spk_1:   47:20
Yeah, but truly I think I could argue it both ways. I actually can. And I think this is where I would invite people to see what to see. What resonates with more because you could say I will be is like I can look at my bank account they like right now I'm in kind of $300. How the hell can I say that? I have abundant like, you know, I've got better is calling me every day. Like what kind of how Got possibly say that that's a pipe dream, so you might have. So for that person, they might have to play with the language a little bit, So really land with them with manifestation. It's really what's in your heart more than what's in your mind. So if you are saying I am abundant, but you're not believing it because you're looking at your bank account in believing that more than it's possible that the I will be could be a better you a little bit.

spk_0:   48:09
And I think that Tilly makes sense. And I love the fact that you said whatever resonates the most with people, and then as they progress into it, I personally like the fact of embracing it and because you could be rich in many ways, right? You can be rich in in love and in family and friends, and when you find that, I guess it just really depends on what you're looking for and toe have that be as much present. It's almost like that figure team make it like it just brings it into being, but I can see both ways so well. Is there anything else

spk_1:   48:43
that could refer back to the the needed secret about the secret where they talk about really believing it, leaving that you already have seen the world stealing the world already. Have it that that is, that you're setting that into your setting yourself. In that resident, it's not just a spot cost, because our heart, the electromagnetic field of our heart, is actually 2.5 times bigger than the electric magnetic field of our brain. So if I'm stinking something that I'm feeling something different, the feeling is gonna win.

spk_0:   49:11
I'm pumping my hands in the air because it was just what recently from some study that they said that the heart actually dictates the brain. And it wasn't until just, you know, just recently where everybody thought that the brain lead and the fact that the heart actually controls physical, spiritually emotional. I'm glad that you said that because this you're the first person that I've been talking to you that mentioned that I truly, truly have always believed that even as a child,

spk_1:   49:41
yeah, and actually, one more thing that I just thought about preventive station is that the language that's often used for people to manifest is see, it is if it's already happened, and I'm gonna invite people that if you know your particular intuitive sense, seeing may not be your strongest thing. So for me particular, my strongest into dissent is one can aesthetic it's feeling rather than seeing So I'm gonna work on manifestation. I'm going to go through my strongest. That extend my storm is clear sense, which is kind of confusion. It was gonna be like, always gonna feel like the have the but someone who is very usual what they meditated to do guided meditations attended more visual than auditory or feeling That's a cool visualized. So it's kind of like working with the way that you are most strongly plugged into the Matrix. So

spk_0:   50:31
that's perfect because it really, truly is customized or should be customized based on each person and what works for them. So I think that's great. Well, before you break, is there anything else you would like to add? And then also, how can people reach you?

spk_1:   50:48
I was Thank you. This has been a very lovely conversation. I really enjoyed talking about things for someone with a like mind, and I want to bring this to other people. This is a real pleasure that so for people to reach me by website id personal freedom advocate dot com I'm on Facebook. I do have a Twitter account, but I don't really use it that much. Um, and I work in Massachusetts. I have an office in the Hampton Massive office and end our I also work remotely so any of the work that I do And yes, even acupuncture I could do remotely. Not so much that I'm going to be telling you had a but to fix it on your skin. It's more about there's an energetic component that I could give you that treated from the justice. So this really the way that I work in be done anywhere?

spk_0:   51:34
That's cool. So is that like acupuncture, plus a combination or a key? Is that how you do it?

spk_1:   51:39

spk_0:   51:42
okay, Just yeah, because I've always said that Ray Key is when people ask me and they don't know anything about it. I say that it's like acupuncture, but without the needles, is how I kind of explain it to just give people a visual or a sense. Yeah,

spk_1:   51:58
so I worked locally and remotely and happy Teoh talk with anybody is curious about that and feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Or maybe Teoh happy to share. Listen, don't talk to other people that because that that is really cool.

spk_0:   52:12
Well, thanks again, Dave. And again, anyone that wants street gym personal freedom advocate dot com You can reach him on the website and I definitely convey Vouch for him and anything else. Good to a psychic story. And you will find more about this recording if you weren't able to listen to it from the start. So thank you again, Dave, And look forward to speaking with you again in the future. Thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a second story dot com.