A Psychic's Story

Solving Cold Cases Through Intuition

October 16, 2019 Nichole Bigley Episode 11
A Psychic's Story
Solving Cold Cases Through Intuition
A Psychic's Story
Solving Cold Cases Through Intuition
Oct 16, 2019 Episode 11
Nichole Bigley

Can psychic mediums solve cold cases when all else fails? Troy Griffin works with police, the FBI and loved ones to investigate missing persons and murder cases. He joins A Psychic’s Story to share what a psychic investigation involves and how he got started in this line of work. 

Find out more information about Troy Griffin, his work and services at psychicmediumtroy.com

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Can psychic mediums solve cold cases when all else fails? Troy Griffin works with police, the FBI and loved ones to investigate missing persons and murder cases. He joins A Psychic’s Story to share what a psychic investigation involves and how he got started in this line of work. 

Find out more information about Troy Griffin, his work and services at psychicmediumtroy.com

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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host. Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind Magic and more Welcome to a psychic story, Everyone. Troy Griffin has agreed to join the psychic story to talk about his story as a psychic, but also the journey that he and others have gone on throughout it all and severe. Excited to talk to him as a psychic medium adviser, life coach, an intuitive investigator. Welcome to the show, Troy. So what got you started into your psychic intuitive line of work? What's the story about Troy?

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Well, look on the Internet. Find work. Waas Obviously not be a coincidence for me And that waas almost 15 years ago, I was out of friends, get shop getting a heart for my wife's anniversary, and she does card reading there, which I don't do any divination tools so they don't do card. So they got a car, work came in. Her name was Dianna and interviews just and Diana. I was a psychic. I never used that word paid much attention to it. Although I knew I have a gift. And for some reason, I said yes. She told me that she was working on a missing person case for the Bronx Police Department and asked me what I saw. Yeah, consciously. Whoa. Through that. It was a murder and boyfriend. And it wasn across days what he hit her with the killer out to where very body was very at our money. And so, about 3.5 4 weeks later by the gift shop again. And to find out that I would pretty actor on the case and that Diane, who was referred to me, the psychic workmen on it, told the Bronx police departments that I was the one that had this information. And so she probably lost that account and didn't want to speak to me anymore. So it that being bad, dumbfounded, You know, I didn't do anything intellectually want to me. I don't know where it came from. Another case came to me of a girl missing and made Carolina, and I worked on that case. It was really acted on. That been about a month or so soul searching Cray and from what I should be doing and just came to the conclusion through my prayers of medication that this is my calling. So that's how I actually got a vaulted there.

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And so as a whole, like what was going through your mind when she asked you about the case, like, How do you get in the mindset to get the information and or any of your cases really and start to dive in? Because I know different mediums and psychics and intuitive is they use different types of tools, and we're all different about how we can tap into our sixth sense. Or could I like to call? Probably. It might look more like our 20 seconds because we have so many that we haven't necessarily, you know, tapped in to acknowledge How do you get into that mindset?

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So for me, it just comes naturally. So when I have a conversation at the gift shop, it was just naturally came through, didn't know where it came from, but these days, 15 years later, you know, it's tempting aspirate. I don't use any tools. Well, I should say that I don't use what people consider psychic told of What happened to me is like when I get a case, I have to connect through the victim. But once I do that and I just want a picture of them the missing person's flier or a regular picture and last known location At that point, I just let my intuition guide me by usually starting just looking on Google maps, but the last no location. And then I just looked intuition, guys, things as you know, being intuitive. And a lot of people know some that don't is it doesn't all come at war, but we have to take it as it comes. So I see pictures, place this things I can remote view. So once I have the last known location holding my intuition guide me, I feel like I'm a location I want to look into more. I'll go to the Earth in kind of bread, you out to see what's around there. But again, I have pictures, places, things that come through me, and that I really get started

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when you are getting that information. And you said it's like intuitive for people that may or may not have experienced it before. Is that intuition more of like that gut feel, Or do you also see things in your mind's eye and so forth?

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So for me, it's not really a good bill. You have done it for so long that it just comes naturally that I don't know any different. So for me, I just received the pictures, places things named is what I received. So I just have to put everything together. So, you know, I used to say it was always a good feeling. Sometimes it is on other things, but for me, once I connected to close naturally. So you know, I know other people work differently. It's just form. A natural is just part of who I am because I've never been in a development class. I've never been to a psychic teaching class, so for me it's just natural. I don't know any different.

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And was there anyone in your family that they experienced the same thing? Or was, are you the first person in your family? Teoh have these abilities.

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I think my grandmother was intuitive that she passed away when I was very, very young. Um, but besides that, you know, I think she was. But I have no idea Anybody else?

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Yeah, because in my instance, my family, For those who haven't listened to an episode before my family on both sides, they all have kind of different abilities or modalities. However, you want to talk about it. And so, as a child growing up, I was blessed with the ability to or the opportunity should say, to experience it and have somebody confirm it. Or at least not just, you know, discredit what I was feeling. And since

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what's interesting is, I have a mother from another mother, Mauer, here in Los Angeles when I lived in Colorado and I met her in 1984 5 and I would come out to visit and these from work out here. And she would always give me this book about how to develop your psychic gifts for what Adobe and Psychic And I always thought, Well, that's strange. So I would drive back out to the airport. When I got to the car rental place, I would just throw my trash. What am I gonna do with them? So she knew way before I did, or before I was going to accept anything, man. So so 30 years later, I finally had to come out. You know how the second book she gave me, I threw him away. So she knew. Yeah,

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yeah, and that's it's good. Like, I think that again, like you said, it's the path that you're gonna be on and that you prayed for it. And then you were able to bring a sense of closure to people that have gone through it, and some may look at it and say, Well, why even bring in a psychic? But I don't think that what people me personally. Thank goodness I've never experienced something like a kidnapping or murder whatever, where there is something that's been just hanging over you as a friend or family member, and you have to go through such a tragedy, and when you're in that can only imagine that you want answers. So if you're not getting those answers, whether they're from the police or even the police themselves, and we know that you know, in the past, FBI and CIA even and police have reached out to psychics for when they haven't gotten the leads that they need to get, and so I think that that's just something that and sometimes they come out with, just like I would imagine, any investigation, not necessarily all the answers, because, I mean, you can argue and look at things, especially when you don't have all the pieces of the puzzle together. You know,

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right, and sometimes that happens. You know, First of all, we need to deal with law enforcement, FBI. They're not going. Teoh say that a psychic help solve the case just because of what the community or other people's perception would be that they couldn't solve it, that they have a psychic do it. But a lot of times when I work with law enforcement, I do a lot of validation. So people need to understand that when law enforcement contact somebody like me, we don't ever get to see the case file, and we don't get much information on the case, and they can't do that because it's an active case that's still being worked. So again, just give me the choir and some names, but from location, a lot of times when I do for those type people, Tom, if I don't go out and investigate on my own is a lot of allegation of what they already know. So you know they're on the right path. I have the same information, but I'm getting that days look same suspect things along those lines. Every case is a little bit different.

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And when they reach out to you, is it something where they are? Obviously, some people have your contact information, right, and they just returned normally. But are there also like family or friends? Or how does somebody just usually get in contact with you?

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So I get about 8 10 sometimes 12 inquiry of the day and it comes up my website or comes off Facebook or comes from a referral. So they just continually come a lot of find me on the Internet. I'm I had a gal the other day that it was her daughter and I said, Well, how do you find me? And she said that her daughter led me to her, and so she knew what she was looking forward, didn't know my name, but it's gonna be on the Internet. So people that have crossed over can refer to me, so come from just a wide range of different sources. So this woman out of New York and her family never heard of me before in their life. They felt like her daughter directed her, and I was the one that they were supposed to speak to.

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Yeah, they really do leave us signs and give us messages from the other side and help us in in their transition, I should say, in helping their rude ones who they leave behind, especially if something has been, you know, has happened in in a tragedy or something. What are some of the things that you would say for me? I have actually been two psychics. I've had readings myself. I've done them for other people. Not that that's my full time job, but sometimes, like what it. The way I like to explain it is it's almost like a radio signal. So sometimes you have a really good day and you're on, and it also depends on so many things how open you are, how open the person is, and the signal could be strong or weak. In some cases, we had some technical difficulties, even catching up together for the last, and that's the way I kind of see it. But when I've gone to people, I Comptel pretty early on whether or not that person is being legitimate in terms of second greetings and and so forth only because there are kind of tell tale signs of how they're reading me, right? Like usually it's what, your birthday, all these other things, and so their tips that if somebody were looking for a a second group medium to help them with a case that you would recommend that they look that they look for as faras credibility goes,

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we'll have a lot like you that I don't let people read for me, and I tell people that so on. And it's not that I'm better than anybody in what I do or Hume who I am as a person. But I can go to the psychic. There's and I've done this for years. I don't go every year, of course, but I can walk past all the readers and tell you the real ones, our and you want the real one. I don't you know, mind by people if they're real is really focused on what type of reading you want. So if you go to a psychic and they're asking for your birthday, things like that where they do in astrology reading? Because, you know, I don't understand astrology myself overall, So I'm not looking for an astrology readings, so they don't need my birthday. In my opinion, the other thing that you have to do is I think that you have to reserve the reader even over the phone of schedule appointment for a reader. You know, meet them. Say hi to them first before you started reading and use your gut feeling. So you mentioned gun feeling earlier. You gotta use your gut killing. But, you know, if you if you could talk to the reader, you'll get a gut feeling that they're good or not. And that's really the best way you can go it. So you really don't know if the readers really good being a ray person or if they're not, until you actually read with him again from can be off on one day? I mean, I pick up energy. Are you? Maybe take it on somebody else. If if I see somebody that's so heavily into the card, you know that's a turn off for me. A lot of people like kick start it fine for them. It's also some visual and entertaining. But, you know, I feel like it has true intuitive. They don't necessarily need the card. So, for example, when I'm not a psychic there and I see rear that season card, you know, I see readers that'll put out one card and then go with the flow, you know? But, you know, here's what I've got to say blah, blah, blah, blah. And then they'll put out another one where you have readers such a spread em all out. You know, what is a card that I don't know what they spread out, and they just go card to card a card, a card, a card? Is that a real reader? A real intuitive. I don't know, You know, I don't know. I have a report, but my gut feeling is no, because they're using the card, which all have meaning instead of, you know, this season, it maybe four starter or, you know, let's get this. You know what I did? General readings. I kind of have a wheel that I work up to make sure we talk about your career, your money, your life, you know, family, friends, because it all is equal. But those air words it's not using cars that have a meeting. So you really have to go with your gut going on what you feel and a lot of it is. It's energetic billions. If you don't feel it, don't go to them.

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Yeah, and for what you were saying to especially, I love the fact that you're You're saying, Use your gut feeling, use your intuition. But also I can imagine a lot of times, even myself included. When I can't get a read on something in my own life, sometimes I will well, you know occasionally reach out and say, Well, I need almost more validation that I'm going in the right direction, let more or less. And I think when you use something like that and it's not an and don't be all like it's an oracle, then that could certainly help you along. And in order to also, I would imagine Celexa me. It's almost kind of like if you were hate to minimize it, but it's almost like a friendship or a relationship or a dating situation where either you hit it off for you don't want that person, and also you want to make sure that they're not necessarily using leading questions. Like, for example, I don't like a lot of information, and I will give the information. And then when I'm giving the information, if then somebody and then I'll say, Well, I'm not really sure if this is meaningful to you because sometimes this stuff is random, right? And so all you need to or I need to know personally is okay, Well, is this resonating with you? Or if I feel like I need a new answer in order to get a slight piece of information, not something like, Do you know, a David? I mean, how many people know David's in their lives or whatever, right? You know, those leading questions to me were a little bit weird. However, if I'm like all of a sudden, an image of sunflowers pops in my mind or I'm seeing flowers being delivered on a regular basis, in which case there was a woman that I did just a healing on for Ricky and I had no idea, and I mentioned sunflowers and she's just started tearing up and I said, Are you OK? And that was a sign from her daughter who had passed on that she wanted to give her because of the sunflowers and that it's a very specific but yet random enough where it was a recommendation for her versus me saying

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and you and I read a lot together and I'm glad you bring that up because, you know, for me to in my mediumship reading, you know, I don't channel people first of all, federal summons people. They come naturally again through pictures. Look on who they are, but a lot of time when people cross over. Um, it's not a tragedy, per se it could be. But then, at the burial, you know, we don't cross over toward a lot of people considers heaven, and I'll explain that in a minute. Our soul, our spirit, still hangs around these things. A lot of times I can say you know how to reading the other day and I'll say one that I didn't connected separating the other day, this lady's son passed away just on the eighth of December from an illness, and I said, Tell me about the note you put in his pocket in the casket. You know, of course, she breaks down because she did put a note in his pocket and I said, You know, he still Yeah, he still has that note, you know, again. So, like you, that's my validation. One thing that I really hate it when you go to a psychic in their life doesn't make sense to you. Do you understand that? That makes sense. Look, you know, are you fishing? Are you validating what? That I don't be? I don't have to do all those validations. I'm just gonna tell you what comes through. Like you said with the sunflowers, I'm gonna tell you what comes true. It may not make sense here, maybe something that you picked up later. But my job is to really I think when you're doing a lot of those questions about he's just get that media factor that you're trying to validate your own self and not really the person you're helping until that really bothers me And again, like we talked about a few minutes ago is like I had a reading just this morning. I couldn't connect. I can't do it all the time. I just got nothing from it. But I am the one. And this is where I think we get a lot of bad exposure remained, too. It If I can't connect or help you, I'm not going to keep the EU paid me. I'm gonna give it back to because again, I can't help everybody. And if I can help you, it's not fair for me to try. Where again? If you want a really good intuitive, they won't try. If they can't do it, I mean, they'll try. I try. But if I can't do it, I'm not gonna continue and just try to throw things out there. I can't do it. So those are the other things that you have to watch out for. Is all that energy and matter vibe the kid, my validation. Like here you have the sunflowers. I have the note. I get birds. I get it, you know? And those are just the validation. As we go through the reading, some else may come up and also tell me why. Tell me. He used to say this all the time, you know, And it can be somebody different because when we cross over, we have so many people around her. And as I mentioned, when we cross over. We're in a size tidy that religion is very important for most people, religion is very black and like so, when we cross over, I always explain to people The reason I think we could connect primarily with the people on the other side is because if you're religious in the Bible, heaven isn't created till revelations were not in our final risk. Scientists are finding a lot of planets that resemble Earth. So they're too hard to believe that when our soul, our leaves our physical body on this earth that we don't go to another planet or another world that's similar to what we have here. And if that's the case in heaven isn't created yet, But we're not in our final resting place. So why can't we communicate? We're still

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Yeah, No, absolutely. And we may have different views on heaven and hell. I think that I don't have all the answers. I haven't experienced it. I don't have the answer. I'm not gonna say that it necessarily have it. So I do believe that there is a God. I don't necessarily believe in the true or I would say, the hard and fast definition of what most people think of his heaven and hell. I think of our spirit as continuously evolving. Whatever the news that we are, we're all connected somehow. Which is why, if we better ourselves or others and so forth, I don't necessarily know you're right. We could be going into a different dimension. We could be going to a different planet. We could be whatever that next phase or that evolution is of our energy and that step in our soul soulfulness in our soul processes. One thing right, so I don't know that peace. But I do think that if I had the question on, is there heaven? Until I do, I feel that everyone has a chance to be good. But there are some people in some things out there that are just There's a balance of the incident, the yang right, and whether there's

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heaven on earth or hell on earth or whatever that is. It's a making of our own energy and our own manifestations. And so in that case, I believe in a heaven in hell. But it's more of like a positive negative, outweighing the good and bad thing.

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I really think You know, the thing is more than we crossed over. As you said it a different way our journey continues. So we are ever evolving. And what is our next journey? We won't know till we go there, right? But we are ever evolving and continuing our journey in this life and beyond, as far as you know, the heaven and how I have mixed feelings on that. But I don't think everybody goes toe what people consider heaven. Um, I don't really know necessarily about hyo. And then when you say, can they ask for forgiveness? I had a case years ago where it was a, um a man that was actually an alcoholic and caused problems in bars. So he was out this far, and they kicked him out of the bar because he was drunk and rude and obnoxious. And he was so mad that he went to his truck and pulled out a pistol out of the glove compartment, Buck with the intentions of going back up to the bouncer to shoot and kill. So he pulled out the gun and his life that he would do that and headed up to the bouncer with a gun pointed at the bouncer and the opportunity police officers, security guards shot and killed him. Is he going to what people consider heaven? It may just be my human police, but I don't think so. Because he had the intentions of killing somebody else. And, you know, how do you pray for the body? Pray, you know, because it was so insistent that you were killed by tryingto kill somebody else. Is there a chance? I don't know. So that particular person, just because not just because of that situation. But when I had this reading with why it was like the evil things that he did his entire life. So he was not a good cut. So can I believe that you just go? Hey, I did this in my coming over. No, thank you's out there in the limbo, takes some or whatever limbo is.

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And I'm glad you brought that up about limbo because whatever exactly that is the in air quotes. That definition is what I tend to believe. So I do feel that there is ultimate forgiveness or there has to be all and maybe not for me, right? I'm not that evolved. There's a process that we go through, I should say to get to that point of forgiveness. There is true love. It exists somewhere out there that sometimes it can then manifest and help whether that's a soul, evolution from being negative or get or in an evil spotter are at a level over on. And that place I would imagine and the way I kind of think about it is it's almost like a school where you go back and not to use the word rehabilitation. But it is a okay, Well, what did you what happened while you were here in this lifetime? What lessons did you learn? Where you going? And like you said, if whether it's in a different dimension plane, what have you planned? And even then, that is what we're doing as faras bettering ourselves. But it's not a either or like you're gonna be burning in hell. You're gonna be flying along the clouds and the sky with the angels. Necessarily. There's levels that it goes in terms of how it is that we're getting there.

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Absolutely, absolutely, very. With 100% in this particular reason, I feel like he's gone anywhere. I don't think, and that takes time. And it's been years ago he made. But I didn't feel like he's answered for what he's done, just from picking up what he was in real life. And so, you know, maybe has crossed on now. So whatever that you know. So, yeah, I just didn't feel like at the time that he has accepted what he did, I guess is the right word. So he's kind of stuck and doesn't mean that he can't go, you know, towards the light out of the darkness. I don't know I at that point, I just felt like he wasn't either or,

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and the only thing in those situations that I imagine you probably talked to his wife about our others as well is that there's what we can do is kind of release it and let it go as much as we can, mentally, physically or spiritually, emotionally, and just let them be, because that is not our fight to necessarily fight for them. That is just something that we need. Teoh, you know, evolve themselves and work on themselves into dio and in terms of like just kind of like shifting gears are there anything like Have you ever gotten information and proactively reached out to someone? The reason I bring this up is I. Again I mentioned listening to some podcasts and watching some, you know, shows on the TV and streaming channels that we have nowadays. I feel like true crime and all these other things air just so heightened right now in our society. For whatever reason, we could debate that all day, right? But ultimately, I've never really kinda dived into that, um, or into that John. Or I should say, until I feel like the podcast world is couldn't completely exploded with true crime. And so it's almost kind, like reading a book because you're not watching a movie. You're not seen visuals of things like pictures, images, you know, maps and so forth. And then feeling like you're getting the narration where than with in conjunction with those images, you then are almost kind of taken down a past. I feel like I'm listening to a story. We're reading it. Then I It's up to me to kind of visualize that in, see how I feel about it a little bit more So what was happening to me recently is I was getting information from podcasts from stories about some of these true crime. Some of them are cold cases. Some of them had actually been assault and the ones that had been solved, what was interesting to meet now it was hit or miss like I'm not saying I was super good at it or anything of that nature. But what was interesting is that as I was picturing things, sometimes things would pop in my head. And then later on, it would either be validated or or so forth to say Okay, well, this person was found in water or this that and the other. So I asked you gotten information of other cases or other situations where than you've been proactive in giving that information because I usually don't get on Lee. Get that proactive information if it's a family or friend member who knows my abilities. Or like I said, if I'm like watching that they were listening to something and I'm just not intentionally but accidentally kind of tapping into it, and I get the message or the information.

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Yeah, that happens to me a lot to a little bit different than me and I don't watch those shows. And for me, what a little bit different. I used to watch those shows on TV and stuff, and within the 1st 5 10 minutes I would blurt out my wife exactly how it's gonna end So that doesn't work When that didn't work with her. And, you know, I got to the point where man I could have done for mouse for the last 15 minutes. So I stopped watching those. But yes, what you said, if I do have things come to me, um, I have toe let people know

spk_0:   25:38
because there's like there's the debate kind of in our supernatural or are intuitive world that most people will say Well, if you weren't given permission for you didn't receive that information on purpose like then you shouldn't necessarily reach out. And I feel differently. I feel like there's a difference between intentionally taking over someone's space or getting those messages where you're almost kind of like I like. I try and told explain my friends and family, I can't read you Really, unless I have your permission, right? So I'm not like scanning you like intentionally and trying to catch you like. That's not what it is that I dio. But if I am guarantee a message, I am inclined to think it's your higher self. It's your guides or your angels, or it's something that they've been trying to get a message to you or your loved ones on the other side. They have been trying to get a message to you, and you just haven't been able to proactively get it just like the radio waves. Sometimes you're at a higher frequency or not, you can just tune in. And so then it is my job. So that's why I asked the question, because I would imagine. But if you get it, especially since you're not listening or watching those shows, then it's even more of ah inclination that you would want to give somebody the results of something.

spk_1:   26:43
I'm glad you said that I have mixed feelings about that. So again, you're a lot like me where I don't read people, not my job, because you haven't given me permission in my personal life. My practice. I don't read for family or friends. I will say something like you pick something that is important life threatening. Don't do this, I will say, Think I did a pilot with the production company that produces the Long Island medium. Yeah, and everybody that knows that show She does three people in public. And when I went and did the pilot with his production company, the first thing that I said to them is everything that you know about the Long Island medium is how she works on the complete opposite. This is people's personal space. I don't have a right to invade that unless there's something that's gonna harm them unless they asked me. So when I see a show like that and it's just going up, that doesn't work for me. That is not why we're supposed these are gift. So for me, you know, not knocking anybody down. I don't know she Israel. I don't know if you're not, but that's manipulate monopolizing, um, on other people's feelings and emotions. And I don't subscribe to that at all for me. And my price is my readings are personal in private. They're not out for the world to see a little bit different, and that's the same way. So like you, I have my set of boundaries that I stick by, Um, if I pick up somebody in a dream or vision that I can make a difference Even when I do my investigative work, I have to believe I'm looking at this, that I could make a difference. There's some company, and I think I can make a difference. Yes, I'm going to reach out. Um, and that's okay, but I'm I'm not going to go in the full mode. I want to call it attack on, But I'm not gonna bring up personal stuff. I'm just gonna say no. Here's what came to me. This is who I am. If I can help you with anything else, please let me know and then let it go from there.

spk_0:   28:33
I completely agree. I actually used to watch that show and also others. And what I found interesting is a couple things. One I'm not knocking like you said anybody. But there are certain people that have their styles. And just like some people like to reach out to other, whether you're raking master and acupuncture us to psychic medium And what However you define it, that what it is that you dio There's a reason that those people justice for you to reach out, right? But I will say that a lot of times when I'm like you weren't you were walking through the You know, the psychic Fair show, and you can kind of tell whether or not somebody is legitimate. That's the same way, kind of with me, right? Going back to what you had said earlier about people feeling comfortable is it feels like something that your lead to do to reach out to somebody, whether it's for your personal information or somebody else like a loved one or something's happened. Well, then you shouldn't necessarily be afraid of it. And just make sure that, just like with anything else that you need to be, there are people out there that you know there are scams, so you do need to be careful from that standpoint. But if you feel comfortable with it and you don't mind and they're giving you information, then don't feel like you're crazy asking for it because we all have this intuitive aspect of ourselves in just some are a little bit more adapt to tapping into it.

spk_1:   29:47
Correct? No, Still what? Their energy. You know, the other thing I used to joke with production companies. I'm not gonna go read people in public because I don't want some guy knocking me out, right? I mean, you could happen. You know, you never know. I'm not a female, so you know, they may death me before I'm not into it. But I could. You is there, Come through and you're supposed to say something. Then don't be afraid of it. It's just how you approach

spk_0:   30:11
anything. There's something different, like if you are a television show and you have a production aspect and you're out there to make stories and the stories evolve, there is a sense of drama and things that you want to obviously have viewers engaged rate. So I'm not saying it's a fictionalizing one aspect, but I like it to be more private because there are messages. Sometimes you get that I may not understand or but it's important. I would say it's a secret, but it's personal to that person. And so there's a level of just, um, openness and different set of energy. I feel like is exchanged and information given when you can have that were comfortable private, you know, space with someone. What are some other tips outside of if somebody is looking for someone and they need, you know, we're looking for reading what other things, Like, I also try and give if I can. If we are trying to tap into our own abilities. You have any advice for people especially knowing that you, um it just been part of who you are for so long that you would share with somebody or that you're being led to share for our listeners?

spk_1:   31:15
Sure. So what? I tell a lot of people that have made this question is I ask people tell me kind about their experience was on the phone this morning with the gal who was telling me that she's having these dreams from our last conversation where people are coming through. So it's a matter. Well, what are they telling you? We've got to put the pieces together. Or she said she was on a business trip and there were, for instance, on that she knew what this person was gonna say or what they were gonna tell her. And so what? I tell people like that we all have intuition. You should use it. But let it flow naturally. So in speaking with the scale, today were an example, she said. I was in a comedy club, and then if I got to the door, I said that it was the right there is going to call on me And she said they called on me and I said, But that's part of being, you know, intuitive. You know it's gonna happen. So you have to trust yourself. So start making notes. Trust yourself. What I tell people about developing their own is be open minded, right as things happen and you pick up on them being open minded, which we don't want to close minded and maybe make a note and to see where you're at the start, learning if it your intuition or your own personal No, you have to accept it. I think as we get older, no matter who we are, intuition comes through stronger, and you have to accept that it's part of you. And because you didn't go to card, you did or whatever. It's natural for you. If you're called to go to a Tero class for development class, then that's your calling for whatever that may be. Work for you Do you have to accept? So it's really just trusting yourself and not be afraid. Biggest problem with people that, you know, learning themselves or developing it is they live in a fear. You gotta let that fear go. That's the biggest thing I can tell you.

spk_0:   32:53
Yeah, it's a very important point is what you basically said is, don't discredit how you're feeling right on any level. So if you're getting that information and a lot of people in their mind would like Oh, that's just coincidence or that's not something that whatever and sometimes is little tidbits of information are what hope you strengthen it. Just like a memory muscle in your brain or you're going to work out and so forth is that you're strengthening that aspect of yourself, that you're giving yourself permission to validate it, and that it's OK to get that information. And the more you do that, then the more natural just becomes. That's pretty much I mean, it sounds simple, but it's really that simple, right?

spk_1:   33:30
It's not because of the way we were brought up in society with religion, society brand, family, you know, the discounted whatever, whatever his heart again. I would say that, you know, we're all the questions. Let's say that your ah, you know, it's just the holidays in your Thanksgiving and, you know, Uncle ready. Something's gonna happen till, you know, I just feel like I see him falling over. You know, he's not gonna be breathing. Yeah, those are the things that you mentioned. It's how you mentioned them. But that's your own intuition that you've gotta trust. You know, for me it because something like can somebody watch him a little bit closely? You know, you feeling all right, Melo, concerning how you approach it. But again, it all comes to trust in your no and let it flow naturally question yourself so much

spk_0:   34:11
right? And I truly believe in this day and age now, with so many opportunities that it's way different than even when I was growing up in my lifetime about how people are more accepting. I think like you brought up religion Will. I do have friends that are extremely religious on one hand, but they also believe in the supernatural and other things because they feel differently and they just that's a knowing inside themselves. But they incorporate both in their lives. When I was first grade at my parents would say, All right, maybe you shouldn't be necessarily telling someone like X, Y and Z because that's not something they never said not to feel it, but they just said, like you mentioned, it's a personal thing. It's how you approach it versus you just blurting it out and saying, Yeah, I'm seeing this is in this in this because it's not something that's commonplace in our society. A Spitler were just sharing all of what we see and feel right, so I can be a little bit. It's heartening from that standpoint, Um, if you're getting information, you're not expecting it from like a five year old. So I grew up from that where it's like respect others boundaries, but also trust your own instincts, and that's how you will allow it to grow.

spk_1:   35:17
Correct. I agree with you on your person. Allow it to grow is a key word.

spk_0:   35:21
Yes, you

spk_1:   35:22
know, don't discount. I don't poo poo it, allow it to grow, see where it takes you and one of things I tell people that's so amazing about why is allowing yourself to grow because you don't know what's next. No, They cut anything about life. I don't know what tomorrow is gonna be. I don't know what this year is gonna be in next year's Kennedy. It isn't that the exciting part of life. So if I step, these things help me grow to be who I am. Yeah, go for right. But you got to live.

spk_0:   35:50
And that's also a powerful message heading into 2020. And this year is from so many people that I've talked Teoh and even just not even just listening. They've said this is gonna be a very powerful year. And again that could take another show, our episode about why 2020 and everything. But ultimately I feel like we're entering this era or this time of change, where people are tired of just kind of sitting around and not allowing themselves to car. At least maybe that's me being hopeful and that they will be empowering themselves Teoh face and to go into other situations and other opportunities that they may not have before

spk_1:   36:28
correct, and that begin where you just have to let it flow.

spk_0:   36:32
Yeah, but I do think that that's something hard for people, right? We always say like it were at most of us, especially in the United States, are a type A personalities, or we want to be aware if we can't control something in particular than that's, you know, we we go to school, we get jobs, we get married, we have kids. There's these steps, right? But ultimately, like just let life happen. Isn't that the exciting thing? I think we forget that there is this other aspect of the unknown that that's what makes life reciting and also about the evolution of us is people or spiritual beans. And so that's something that you know. And I've had to work on a lot myself because I do like to be in control of a lot of situations, probably because of my intuition and that sort of thing that I feel like if I can control certain things right. But that's also part of what we're here to do is learn about that growth aspect and not the control aspect of it. So meaning that if I am intuitive than I can turn it on and off in a lot of ways, because if you're learning that just like if I choose to run down the street or not run down the street and that's something that you can choose to tap into. So just think about it from that standpoint to and I think that'll take you a lot. Is that you can tap into when you want Teoh after a while. But not like you said discredit the fact that if you're experiencing it and you are interested in allowing yourself to grow in that way, then there is the opportunity and to just kind of embrace it. From that standpoint, I am being led to ask you, Yeah, one question, and that's fine. If you're not fish, I can ask it again. But is Are you getting any information for somebody like a lit that you feel like is listening right now,

spk_1:   38:10
that's always a tough think so And I'm gonna tell you why. Because, as you said, you can turn it on and you can turn it off, which some have toe learn today, mind not on. So what happens with my intuition and you may do the same thing is that when I do reading our case, when I hang up the phone or close that file. I have to treat it like a business, and I'm done so in this particular interview, it's not a case are reading. So my intuition, I'm you know, so subconscious to me, like it is probably for you now that I'm not tuning into anything, Um, which is kind of nice.

spk_0:   38:46
Yeah, I guess the reason, I ask is because a lot of times when and if you've listened Teoh a psychic story for a while is that you can have a set of questions where I can have a set of questions and you can send them and you can prepare and you can do whatever you want. But it's not scripted. So when we're asking the questions a lot times, it's led by our spirit or our own intuition about where the conversation is gonna take us. So it was a little bit conscious mind and stream of consciousness. What have you And so maybe it's not for a specific person, but I think that there's something that is missing in the conversation. Or at least I'm picking up on it that there's so we talked about just a kind of recap like not to be afraid of things, too, like allow yourself to be open to the possibilities if you're really interested. And we also talked about what to look for if you're interested in reaching out to someone so one how to grow your own intuition. But then also if you're looking for somebody to do reading. But if there was something else, you felt lead as far as a message to share with people that are listening. So maybe it's not specific for a person, but it's more for the general population.

spk_1:   39:50
E think the only thing that's coming to mind as I think about this is we talked about. Don't be afraid. And if you need to reach out somebody like a it's okay, you're not gonna go to hell. You're not gonna get punished. You know, there's so much hurt up here and being an empathetic like I am, we feel a lot of the hurt, and I think, really just kind of years, very hurtful for a lot of people for past love one. But I think the message I have in that point is, remember that they're always around us. We have to let him in the same thing about letting your intuition, and it's a matter of we have blurred past. Love ones come in. So if you feel a president Mel, jump in, let him in. And don't be afraid.

spk_0:   40:25
I love that because it is something that born Mawr throughout my life, I've noticed if you allow yourself Teoh, sometimes we're so grief stricken that in the loss of someone or someone who was passed over that we are, we aren't open necessarily to getting those messages, whether it's a thought of them in our minds that come in or that scent of perfume or what have you. But if we allow ourselves to be in as you mentioned, not try so hard, we can actually still feel their energy around us because, as you mentioned, their physical body may have left us, but their hearts and their souls and whatever comprised of their personality and who they were to you has not gone away. You can tap into that piece of it and just feel them still near buying clothes. If you allow yourself to

spk_1:   41:14
the other thing that people have to remember, melty have experienced this, but in my experience is that. You know, when people cross over, we have to give them time to transition. So I get a lot of calls or emails that Oh, my somebody passed away three days ago. I really can't help you because this person is still transferring over. And you're in so much grief that it really doesn't matter what's gonna come through me. Um, you're not really gonna listen on the other side. Sometimes we try to connect, and they're still transitioning, you know, because we both believe and we know, not necessary, believe that we go on to our next journey. So it's not just the end, you know, it's like starting a new job or new relationship. We have to transition into that first. So people want to call me a few days after somebody passed are a week, you know, Let's give him some time. You know, go ahead and call me in about three weeks, four weeks, because you've got agree for and they need the transition.

spk_0:   42:10
But like moving, it's like packing up your house, packing up the boxes and especially his joining is that I can imagine it would be physical to spiritual and everything that they're going through a zealous what you're going through and some people do believe. Or they said that there's like a transition time period out unnecessarily. How much I believe this. I feel like it to me. What I intuitively feels that world different, meaning that I may stay a day, I may go right away to the light. Some people out there really believe when they practice. The mediumship aspect is that there's three days, and within those three days, that person who's passed on is stained with their loved ones. And then once there's the funeral, which is why do you think we have a lot of these? Funeral processes is not just for us physically, but in some way. We knew that right to have this spirit. The soldier was on. But I'm not so hard and fast to say it's exactly 72 hours or it's, you know, 48 hours or so forth. I think that it all depends on the situation and how the person also left two and how connected they were the people around them. But you may feel differently.

spk_1:   43:10
I feel the same way, and it's also on the human side I tell a lot of people we mourn differently and nobody can tell you how long you're gonna mourn for or how you're supposed to. More world different. So it's the same thing. As you said on the other side. I can't give you two days or three days. I don't know, right? That sounds like he said, on the situation on the person just like us, right? It's our soul or spirit that more right now. That's what more and I don't know how you're gonna mourn. I don't know how long it's gonna take. I can't tell you that. But I just can't do a reading for you three days later because obviously you are in mourning whether you know you are not so you know, can I tell you that they come back in three days from now? It'll be fun. I can't. My whole thing with people is go ahead and mourn, but let's connect a little bit further down the line. Teoh. See where everybody that settle into

spk_0:   43:55

spk_1:   43:55
new no norm,

spk_0:   43:57
And that's good, too, because, like you said, when they're grieving, you are in a state where you are just desperate to have some sort of answer or closure. Or also I would imagine having still some connection with someone who's passed over, which is a very emotional thing. But you need to go through the process toe where you're feeling more grounded and more of yourself to then be open and received, so that I imagine that it's easier for you as well. To tap in to get the message is to show him somebody, um, like we were talking about before. If sometimes I feel completely closed off and I can't even get answers on my own alone, give a reading order, help somebody else and so that's the part of being human. But also being spiritual is that it's all energy for So, like you said yes, if people are interested, give yourselves time and yourselves being yourself and then also your loved one that you would like to receive messages for, because it is a process

spk_1:   44:52
right and write down questions. If you have questions, you know I love people. Ask me questions and make sure I answer their questions. But, you know, thing is, when we talk about morning, that's a soul. That's our spirit that moves you know the bodies, just the shell. And so our spirit raised the body, which we all know. So it has. The more I mean, it's just it's are sold to. We are, um, and all that takes time. I mean, you know, can I re tucked people week later and everything's good? Sure, sure. But do I want to try it or go? It's going to give him a little bit more time to make sure he's there For me to say, Let's just give it a little bit more fun. And some people don't like that, though. There's somebody else, I get it. But depending on the situation, you could be mad. Yeah, I mean, you have been to the cages the morning, or one of them is being mad and angry, and you don't let's try to get through some of that first so that we can have a real connection.

spk_0:   45:36
Yeah, I can see that, too. I mean, having been somebody who has, you know, wanted to have a reading like stat almost like going to the emergency room there, situations where you go to the emergency room. This is not one of those situations in my opinion. Unless, of course, it's do or die like lifesaving connecting and you're trying to tap ins. And other than that, we're a society myself included that you have to continually remind yourself that just because we have these immediacy ease of we order food and it comes to our house like within 30 minutes, we have something, and within 24 hours it's delivered on our doorstep. That doesn't necessarily mean the same thing translates to our spirit, our soul and our emotional experiences. We need to work through the process of it.

spk_1:   46:17
Sure. And a lot of people like what I'm gonna say. But there are no psychic emergency. Sorry. There is. You know, if you want to call me because your suicidal I'm not the person you need to be talking to. You need to be talking to an expert and can help immediately. I can't do that for you. Can I call 911 wants to try to give me the information which you know so realistically In this whole situation, there really are no psychic emergencies. Even with the test love one. Begin. You mourn a little bit, Let them morning transfer a little bit, and it must have a good conversation if you have questions as your morning right about, you know, I tell people to write down questions a lot. And then when we talk to you, So when I ask that question, have they come to you already? Have you got that question answered? No. Let's have a really good conversation. Connects strongly bomb. And let's do that. So I can I people don't like me say there's no second emergencies, but there isn't. So, you know.

spk_0:   47:08
Yeah, No, there really isn't. The only reason I mentioned it is because I've I found myself in that situation. We're usually if you're in that situation like you feel, you need to talk to somebody right now and you need to have an answer. You kind of already know the answer or example. We're going through a break up, and you're like, Is he gonna call me back? Is she gonna call me back? I feel like they're my soul mate. Well, you're asking that question then. Probably because they're not. Or you're trying to make something work that is not for you. And for your best in highest good and so like you mentioned there's not a psychic emergency, but you feel like it is because going through a situation that you're trying to control or get the answer you want. So in which cater. And if somebody is gonna pick up the phone and take your money and your okay with that, then that should be fine. Then if that's the exchange you wanna make But know that there are people out there that really, truly do you want to help and, you know, sometimes weaken the information accurately. Sometimes we don't. It just all depends on the openness on both sides

spk_1:   48:06
and again when we talk relationships in all people, though, you know he hasn't talked for three days. Okay, well, you know, what do you want me to tell you? Does he like you? Sure you, like you may be is busy? Maybe, you know, look, I mean, you went out with him once. Amazing. Called in three days, you know? And then you have the ones that will call up and say so. I don't get a lot of relationship questions there. You and your Well, it's natural. Realized Here is ok. Oh, I went on two days with this guy, and he hasn't called me. And seven, When is he gonna call me?

spk_0:   48:33

spk_1:   48:33
Hello. You You don't need a psychic, you know? Hello. Let's think about I'm not gonna take your money. So, you know, maybe it's a minute you're gonna pay whatever their because you call me through a line or whatever he answered. Think about it. If he hasn't called you in seven weeks and probably not Do you want to retail and say hi? I'm sure what he got. So But if he doesn't respond, you gotta move on. That's you know, that's what things that I want. Something with more meat and substance. So somebody has been calling after one date in three days. Still call me. I'm not that type. And if you want a psychic that does that, I really believe their truth. Psychics? I don't directly That's just take the money. Sure, sure. The because, you know, we all have our own personal life, and we all operate different a lot of times being Mel. And you probably know this melt don't communicate very well. So, you know, if we go on a day, we don't call you the next day. Maybe it's because we're just busy or watching the football game and didn't think about it. You know, we're different, But again, I want people. These are common sense, and that's a problem. A lot of them don't. So when you say when you find somebody to be a reader for you like a for you, use your common sense first and then go from there. But you know it, you know, And I have to go but have written up the Internet about me because I didn't give masses. They wanted the other thing. You want permanent to it of a psychic reading, as you want. Truth. Look, not everything in life is gonna be candy coated and fun and fabulous and fantastic. Life doesn't work that way. It doesn't work that way. So find somebody that is completely honest and example of people call me up and say, You know, I have this great career, but I have a new boss. Am I gonna get fired? Well, I want to call it firing like tell me about the changes they're making. Oh, we got all new Mannix. Mayor and departments are being reduced in size. Okay, Well, unfortunately, I think you're gonna be part of that reduction. Oh, that's not what I wanted to hear. Click. What am I tell you what we

spk_0:   50:21
owe right, And you may, or you may not to like, I'm like, you say common sense. Like you don't need a psychic to say. Well, if your company is going through reorg, you may or may not be a part of that. Now, granted, do you need to know? And if that person that told you yes, you are No, you're not. The fact of the matter is still plan is if you are like that's again Cartman sends of if you're doing, there's no loyalty from a company. Right? Um, four year, right? What job? You're you're getting paid for a job. And so yes, So I get it. Um, and I also love the way that you mentioned about how you read for people where you have career love, friends, family, that whole sing. Because a lot of us get stuck in one aspect of what makes us whole a part of our lives. And with that, then that you're almost covering the entire life, Riel, right? About how people can go through and making sure that you're touching upon a little bit of it. Because sometimes we're so focused on, for example, career or love life. We forget about our health, forgetting about those other things. And so it's also nice to have somebody kind of tap into that for us. In case we're like, OK, well, I always like to ask the question, Is there anything else that I haven't asked or that you would like to ask me kind of thing? Because sometimes just like us and that other person make it another question or an intuitive, prompt task something that they weren't thinking of before, even if they come with a list of questions. So what kind of things outside of the relationship thing, which you don't do that you love Teoh, have people reach out to you for And how can they get a holding up

spk_1:   51:49
where I left? People reach out to me for me. Questions. What I mean by that I love doing meeting ship, how people move forward, not always good, but I like to help people move through their lives. So pretty much anything but relationship are really good for me. again, as you talked about. We go through the whole store. Copa milk. Could be how to get rid of me, that everything that I go through affect everything. You know, if you're not having a good career, you probably haven't unhappy relationship because we bring it home. You know, if you're not making enough money, your specs, your fun and your leisure, you may not feel like you're growing because you're stuck in this job, you know? So they all intertwined with each other. So So again, I ask him to before and the conversation. Is there anything you haven't asked me? That may have come up during this reading. Please let me know. I also always open the door that if you want me to know something, send me an email. Doesn't mean I'm gonna be able to answer it. But send me an email. I'm OK with that. And that's just how I walk. So how people can get a hold of me or my website is the W w w psychic Medium Troy. A psychic medium t r o y dot com on. And that's the best way to get a hold of me. You can read it more about me and my website being Gholami. You'll learn a lot about me on Google. And if you click on the schedule, it'll pick you to my scheduling calendar and you can take whatever reading you want and, um, and then schedule it and then we just go from there.

spk_0:   53:12
Well, thank you so much. And I will say to the listeners that it's very easy to schedule time with Troy, even though both of us were sick for a while and then we had some technical difficulties. His online system for booking is great, very flexible, and I really appreciate you joining the show and just sharing your insights and your experience. I think that, you know, this is very good messages and things that people needed to hear going Teoh the New Year as we progress. And I hope you have a fantastic 2020. You, too, and for all your listeners out a great 2020 and thank you for your time in the interview and, uh, you know, for you and your family, thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a psychic story dot com.