A Psychic's Story

All Hallow's Eve

October 30, 2019 Nichole Bigley Episode 12
A Psychic's Story
All Hallow's Eve
A Psychic's Story
All Hallow's Eve
Oct 30, 2019 Episode 12
Nichole Bigley

In honor of All Hallow’s Eve, this special Halloween episode features Heather Nicewander from Roswell Ghost Tours and electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings captured in Georgia. Hear how she got involved in ghost hunting and what the spirits have to say.

To find out more or book a tour, visit http://roswellghosttour.com


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In honor of All Hallow’s Eve, this special Halloween episode features Heather Nicewander from Roswell Ghost Tours and electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings captured in Georgia. Hear how she got involved in ghost hunting and what the spirits have to say.

To find out more or book a tour, visit http://roswellghosttour.com


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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who need supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind Magic and more Welcome to a psychic street leading up to Halloween. I have the privilege of speaking with Heather. Nice wonder of the Roswell Ghost Tours, based in Georgia. We discussed many things, including what a residual haunting versus an intelligent haunting is what the new theory is on cold spots and what limestone and granite have to do attract energy. It is a special episode because we also listen to four PDP's, also known as electronic voice phenomenon captured on ghost tours before you. But go up, however, and hear from our ghosts. I wanted to give you some history on Atlanta itself. In today's modern city sprawl, it's easy to forget that the Atlanta area in Georgia was once Cherokee country. In particular, northwest Georgia's red clay hillsides, riverbanks and grassy meadows were once home to Cherokee and Creek Indian villages and ceremonial sites. Other famous Native American tribes who played a part in the history of the state range from the Apalachee, Choctaw, a Cockney Shawnee and many more and because of its location and commercial importance, Atlanta Georgia was used as a center for military operations and is a supply route by the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. As a result, it also became a target for the Union Army. General Sherman and his troops captured the city in 18 64 burning most of it down. This is some important context for you to have before listening to this next episode. Now on with the show and Happy Halloween. Hi, everyone. You were in for a special treat for this episode of a psychic story. We are going to be speaking with Heather. Nice wonder she is with the Roswell Ghost Tour, and she has spent the last few years looking at an investigating paranormal activity around Georgia and in other areas. And I'm super excited to hear from her and get her perspective on what goes into ghost hunting and ghost tours. And we will have a special treat in listening to some of the e v. P is that her and the team have been a able to capture so thank you very much for joining us. Other.

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Hey, happy to be here.

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Great. And I thought we could start out first before we jump into some of the findings that you and the team have found. But really just toe say, Well, how do you get involved in this and what goes into it? And it makes you think one day when you wake up hey, I want to get involved in and go ghost hunting.

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So I got his balls with the rubble Goes for about four years ago or so, Um, and that's something that, you know, I just kind of grew up loving my dad and I are thing on Saturdays was the wake up and watch the marathon of ghost hunters. So it's kind of been at interest in my life. A After my 100 dried years, I had a lot of happened paranormal stuff happened in those years, so just kind of drew me in. So when I graduated, came back home, I went on a tour. A few months later, a friend of mine was like a weather hiring email toe our owner At that point, Diana, she was like, Yeah, by all means that it's a bio and we'll go ahead and get you trained So kind of how I got into it. It was kind of a for the moment kind of thing, but it is a lot of fun. I love doing it.

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Yeah, that sounds great, but that just sounds very interesting to me. And when you say that you were interested to just get involved as a whole like, is there something that just drew you in? More other than watching like the TV shows? Because I think there's some people that find the TV shows interesting but then actually go above and beyond and get involved. It seems like when you mentioned that there were some paranormal things that happened, Do you mind sharing like an example of what had happened that made you wanna look into it a little bit more and maybe get involved more proactively?

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Um, it's one of those things where because it's frightening for most people. I had something happened where it's like it doesn't bother me too much anymore. The only thing that scared me was he was back, probably about seven years ago. I was asleep one night and woke up at four in the morning and something sat on me. So that's kind of the last time that something scared me. I realized that wasn't paralysis of the time because I was able to roll over before it

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So that was kind of the last time. It really spooked me. But since then, I actually was fortunate enough to have two friends while I was in school. That were, I guess you could classify them as psychic medium, and they were sensitive to that kind of stuff. So when I started, they were confirming it. And so, uh, the three of us actually had been invited by another friend saying, Hey, something weird isn't going down and bite my boyfriend's house. So we were invited out there. We experienced stuff and we're like, Yeah, there's definitely something going on here, so I think it's being able to help people. There's always something I always leave the door open. If you ever need any help with something that you think could be spiritually going on, then I'm more than happy toe, you know, come out and help out.

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And I do think that what you said is exactly spot on is that a lot of people find it scary, especially when it's things that whether it's spiritually or paranormal or mystical, however you want to define it. A lot of people don't know necessarily how to communicate, explain it or where to go for help and what I've found in, you know, my experiences and just talking others on the show. As a lot of times there is an explanation that's, you know, 90% of it isn't necessarily scary per se. It's just the other side wanting to communicate and or make us aware and kind of help us just process the the next chapter in our lives. So I think that what you guys do is really great and knowing that people have a resource that they can turn Teoh if yes, they need it.

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Think it's a part of life that, you know, we just don't know what comes next, and so it does freak people out because it's the unknown. So you know, you get a conversation from somebody who is supposedly dead, that freak people out because it's like what we know seems so finite. But it might not be

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exactly, and from watching shows myself, Of course, those. It does not make me an expert. But in talking to some other people in just reading books on it and everything, as I understand that there's different types of energy when someone or when groups are looking into and investigating the paranormal and or what we call haunting some of its residual energy, some of it actually can be quote unquote ghosts or spirits. And so force. Do you mind sharing just a little bit of out what goes into or what the different types of energy are when you guys air going and investigating places.

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So on the tour, one of the things that we talk about is you can have a residual haunting. You can have an intelligent pot and the residual basically less over energy that kind of stuck, and it plays over and over again like a broken record. So that's something that, if you ever experience something that happens and you know you get multiple stories of the exact same thing, like there's a location in Roswell where people will come inside ready to take a tour of the house and they'll talk about this wouldn't like the great reenactment of a woman doing gardening in the garden. And, you know, when they first opened the house to tours, they were like, You don't do reenactments here. We don't know what you're talking about, and so that's kind of residual. They would see this woman in the garden doing her gardening, and that's something I never really deviate from what it does, but the intelligent haunt of the ones that interact with you. They're the ones that want to communicate on. Those are the ones you get when you have, like, an E V P conversation or a psychic medium goes in it, you know, having a conversation with somebody that's in there. But we also talked about There are four different kinds of ways that you can experience the haunting. So the first, of course, Hollywood would have you believe, is the most common way of experiencing haunting, which is clairvoyance. And that's being a full bodied apparition. Goes 100 called a gold mine, because that's actually the rarest form of experiencing a haunting. If you ever see a full bodied apparition, consider yourself lucky.

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a very rare thing to see you take them a lot of energy to manifest that way. Another way they can manifest is clear audience, which is hearing on thanks to those of the disembodied voices, the evey piece of footsteps, not things like that. There's clear Centeon, which is feeling the hauntings. I know for a while the paranormal community believes that when you felt cold, thought you were standing where intensity waas But they're actually believing now that that's an NTD drawing heat energy out of the air to try to manifest. So they

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actually think

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what you're feeling is a pocket of where they're trying to draw energy from toe show them felt so feeling a haunting we have. Ah, what some people have experienced on the tour up in the cemetery in particular is they'll feel a child hold their hands when they look down. There's nobody there. That was a pretty typical one that happened on our tours, but the last one is clear nations, but just smelling a whole pig. And that's when you know you've heard people say that they smell. They're very mother favor perfume. Years after she passed, I know in my how we smell my grandmother cigarette smoke. For years after she passed and nobody in our family smoke. So it's kind of a way that they the ways that they manifest in the way they use energy to manifest kind of is their way of letting us know you know what's going on and that there, there,

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Yeah, and that's a very good way of putting it, because I've had I obviously don't go on ghost hunts myself or do investigations, but I have been in situations where I feel I don't necessarily see anything. So I guess I would not consider myself lucky. And when you say, Ah, that there are like the 1st 1 when you were talking about, um, it's residual right Is that because, as that is something where there were, there was like a lot of emotion or there was something traumatic that happened. And it's an imprint because that space and whether it's physical space or just in general, it's holding on to that energy. And it's a repeat, like a pattern on a record that just kind of keeps plane

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right, And that's what I would think, Um, I think the only thing that kind of stands up me and sometimes it seems to be like the Mondays Thanks that you're hearing or seeing like, um, like you see a ghost walk through a wall that you find out that back with the house of first built, that there was a doorway there

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could have

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been, like the generic things happening. But I'm my personal, I think idea of it is that the place had a personal meeting to somebody in the energy that was manifested. There has caused images to kind of just stick. I know because one of the things that we talked about, at least in Rosel, that the reason we think it's so haunted is that were built on large deposits of limestone and granite.

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For whatever

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reason, those materials followed it paranormal energy Very, very well. So I think it also has to deal with, you know, the location. And you know what? What happens to be in the area? Naturally and Aiken hold onto that energy

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and in Roswell, too. I mean, especially around Atlanta, with the Civil War and everything else that happened, they were just a lot of experiences and situations that probably, you know, manifested and then is holding on whether it's through the limestone or whatever else to keep that energy, Um, a little bit more stagnant or in place.

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We do also talk about like you have to have a lot of leftover emotional energy. I mean, people have been living in Rob Lowe you for a couple of 1000 years, Like the Native Americans here. We're obviously here before we were on. So people been living in the area for a long, long time. But, um, we also during the Civil War, while Sherman never burned Wrobel to the ground, he did take all 400 women and Children, and he was gonna have them shipped up north where he could try them of treason for helping out the Confederate, um, war effort. And so that was kind of Ah, I mean, we even have a monument dedicated to that because we don't know what happened. All 400 of them. So we know that a lot of lives were in. Families were torn apart at that time. When we do you think that that has helped lead to the manifestations that we see of haunting the problem?

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Wow. I had no idea about that part of history. There's like so much about Atlanta having lived here for 20 years that you hear about things, especially with the Indians, Peach Tree Road, all the trails. So force and I had no idea about Roswell in that particular situation. Yeah. No, it really is. Um, and I'd love to do a tour at some point. I've always wanted toe kind of check it out. I've kind of gone on, if you just, you know, more of the laid back ones, different travels like New Orleans and other things like, but I feel like those air a little bit more dedicated, Teoh the voodoo area versus, like, the historical aspects of of other things that happen. Well, I was thinking now would be a really good time in, you know, honor of Halloween to talk about some of the e v p is that you guys were able to capture. But what I'd like to do first is maybe play the clips and then see if anyone can hear anything and then get an explanation from you and replay it and see if then people can hear it again and and kind of go from there. Okay, great. So I'm just gonna play a little bit into reversed rate. So the 1st 1 here, we'll play it one more time. Okay, So I definitely could hear that won the very first time I heard it without even knowing a lot. So if you could give a little bit of background of what what happened and leading up to it.

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So my understanding of when they captured this this is inside

spk_0:   13:48
of a

spk_1:   13:48
building that was a restaurant. But before was a restaurant. It was the general store, basically at the town back in the 18 fifties when it was Bill. And from what I understand, when Diana captured this, she what they were doing was they leave a recording device in the building for a while in the late so they can kind of hear the sounds of the building settling and things like that. And, um from my understanding, they had left the recording device in there for that time. And that was when the E V. P. Was captured. There was nobody in the building. I was also trained that when you do an investigation, you never whisper. You only talk to each other like we're talking right now. In fact, when we're doing the investigation, tours like we'll tell people, you know, if they kick the gravel, will tag it basically by saying that was just somebody kicking the gravel so that when we go back and listen, we know that's a pure The recording is, um, appears a composite Levi. So the fact that this has captured when nobody was in the building and that it was whispered, which is not something an investigator would dio. That's how we do that. You know, this is something that was not a living person. Um, I have talked to David, who is the owner of the go for now, and he used to be a general manager within that restaurant, and he is pretty sure that this is the voice of a man named Michael, um, who is? He's actually part of Russell's local legend that comes out of that building. So they he does believe that that's Michael's voice because through other investigations and stuff like that, he's heard a very similar voice when they've been speaking to Michael on. He was a union soldier, fell in love with a Southern belle, and that's kind of a bit of the legend. But we do believe that Michael on his either saying God will keep them or God will save them. Um, some people going back and listening, they'll hear either one. I hear both of them every time I hear it. But definitely God will pumping

spk_0:   15:32
And do you know why? And that some a romantic story. Is there a reason why it would be God will see them or God will save them.

spk_1:   15:40
I'm not entirely sure why. That would have been said by only get would be, you know, the south being the Bible Belt That it is. I I honestly I'm not sure, but I'm wondering if it has something to do with the culture back then and what they believe when it came to you know, God and things like that. But I will be completely honest. I'm not entirely sure why he would have said it like that.

spk_0:   16:05
They will play it one more time and see us. People can hear it again. Or if they if they didn't hear it the first time, maybe hear it now. Yeah, and I hear God will see you almost.

spk_1:   16:21
Yep. I think the first time I heard it. I was definitely hearing God will be you or God will be them.

spk_0:   16:26

spk_1:   16:27
so it's definitely what my first impression was when I first heard it for sure.

spk_0:   16:31
Yeah, that's definitely very, very interesting. Clipped it to see and I hear, Or here I mean, and I know, too. That was in Roswell. There's a lot of paranormal activity just because of the historical area, So I'd love to do some research in here more about what happened in that particular area. So I was fortunate enough. I remember when the Titanic exhibit came to Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium. I had a bunch of the exhibits up and and showing, and it was things from everything from a hair brush to all the different quarters, based on what level you were on in the Titanic. And when I was there, they were saying that any time that a Titanic exhibit would actually be in the different air, you know different areas in different places of the country and around the world that they would tend to experience paranormal activity. And I know that you guys were brought in on, and I was lucky enough to you after the dinner to actually be part of the investigation and where they gave us all the recordings and everything. I didn't personally capture anything. I don't know if any videos with with, you know, my team did per se, but I know that there was a lot capture before and after. So these two are from that. And before I play any of them, was there anything that you wanted? Teoh kind of share a preface before I played the clips.

spk_1:   17:57
The only thing that I know about these two is that the investor occassion team was invited, or Joe and Diana ah, in particular were invited to investigate this type of use of it with the ghost hunters. So this was stuff that they ended up capturing that evening. Um, these were sent out of guys, and it was really, really fun to hear them, cause I actually did go. That Titanic exhibit had no idea that it was haunted.

spk_0:   18:22
Yeah, and I would say to for me at least when I was there and, you know, I do have a little bit of intuition and and things of that nature to me, it just felt very melancholy, obviously, because three of the whole tragedy that happened, but also being told by some of the Georgia Aquarium staff that they had seen Indians in the exhibit. So obviously that was not Titanic related, but that, you know, different people have been touched that the temperatures would definitely go down. There was a lot of activity and just feeling, Ah, you know, walking around To me. It was a completely different vibe than I had ever felt, being in any other place, let alone at the aquarium and in the middle of the day, or even at night when there's other types of events. So we will play the 1st 1 and see if you guys can to safer in here what it says. So what I heard very clearly from that was iceberg. And I think that you guys were saying was that you were looking at or you were asking what had happened and there was a response that said iceberg,

spk_1:   19:43
right? And so my understanding of it was they were typically asking, you know, how did you die or what happens? And this was the response that they ended up. Getting was a very softly whispered iceberg um and I would always give people getting some when he played it for him. They're just like, Oh, my God. So it was just, like, proved some some kind of intelligence there, for sure

spk_0:   20:03
that was yeah, definitely gave me goose bumps when I heard that one. This next one. I don't have a ton of information on here other than earned eternal love to see that, Um, this was also the Titanic exhibit and that a lot of the patrons and the people that have been there, the volunteers had, you know, unexplainable event events since exhibit came in. And that during this particular investigation that there was a man's voice and he was asked, He's asking a question. Your for now. How do you make that noise again? And you can very clearly here the investigator obviously prompting and asking the questions. And then, very faintly, there's a question being answered. So play it one more time. How do you make that noise again? And what I heard was who's there,

spk_1:   21:18
right? And that the exact response they got, which has always left the question for me like Are they just going about their lives, not realizing that we're actually here

spk_0:   21:29

spk_1:   21:29
if they're asking the question, you know, is anybody here right now that all of that you get a male voice saying, Who's there? Almost like you? Confused like What the heck?

spk_0:   21:37
Yeah, well, I've hurts the maybe P clips before, and I'm trying to find it. I would like to play it during another episode, but there's one that just gives me the chills up and down my spine where there were some investigators here in Georgia and they were investigating. Ah, hunted library and they left a recording and there and there were two women talking. And as they were talking at the ends, they said they think we're dead. That, to me, was just blew my mind because I think that in some cases, maybe the spirits or the other, you know, on the other side they don't necessarily understand what's going on and that they're not among the living anymore.

spk_1:   22:19
Right over. They have a different understanding of what it means to be physically bad

spk_0:   22:23
and Rack Davies

spk_1:   22:24
big, spiritually, a lot, so that yeah, it definitely raises some questions. But it's really interesting to hear those recordings.

spk_0:   22:31
Yeah, no, that definitely. And then we have one more. And I don't know if there is a kind of, ah, recap that you wanna tell about this one before I play it, or if you wanna just play it, and then we can explain.

spk_1:   22:44
Yeah, I humbly and that I can I can explain

spk_0:   22:46
what's going on. Sounds great. All right. So listen carefully, cause a lot of these air a little bit lower in the volume, and we'll go from there. I know. It takes a lot of energy. You can take the heat from us. You can take it. I'll play it one more time. I know it takes a lot of energy. You can take the heat from us. You can take it. Okay, so that was different. That was not with the Georgia Aquarium. This was a different location.

spk_1:   23:27
Yeah. So this is back in the location of the 1st 1 um, back inside that restaurant and essentially, you hear Diana talking and she she understands, You know, it takes energy from the manifest that you say, take the heat energy, um, from us, and they get this response that says one more time. And they said that as they were doing this, they kept asking, you know, if you drop the temperature of the room by one degree and everything up limited asked what happened And so the last time, Diana, saying, You use our heat energy if he decides to to drop it one more degree and you hear the voice say one more time. They said they felt that if I feel the temperature, drop one more degree on the digital thermometer. Um so that was one interesting thing. Also, David. Pretty sure that Michael again,

spk_0:   24:12
I'll show you will be here also show you what I'm doing. But justice selects it one more time. Exactly. Thank you so much. I before we break, I thought maybe it would be good if people are in the Georgia area and they were interested in doing the ghost tour with you guys or learning more about it. Where could they find more information? And you know, any tips? If if they want to kind of do Cem exploration themselves and so forth?

spk_1:   24:45
Yeah. Um, so our website is Rosel ghost tour dot com. That's all one word all over case that's a great place to go to find, you know, our tour schedule. Who's giving tours? Each particular anything. We are year round on the weekend and then during the month of October, where every night of the week, long as we have a minimum of six will go out on a tour. And it's a 2 2.5 hour walk of Wrobel. That kind of learning the history but also hearing tales of, you know, this is still happening. This is stuff that were being but that are reported to us, and we have happen on our tours. Some kind of what we pride ourselves on is we're not necessarily a legend. Has it kind of tour were very much like, No, this is happening. It's still happening and we're here to tell you about it. So that's the tour we also have. Our Facebook page will post a lot of special events like we just recently had chipped coffee, whose world renowned psychic medium who's pretty good friends of the tour. He comes out every so often, and he'll still do a tour. He'll do a special event after the tour like a Q and A, and you'll see a video of him investigating certain locations around Broadwell. So we have him. We did have a visit past weekend but unfortunately got rained out. So you might want to keep an eye out to be, maybe breathe and back. But we have the gold, the ghost Brothers, that we're going to come out with us on, do a tour with us. But we also pose like leash, pet night investigation tours and those investigations worth or what I've been trained on. And essentially, what we do is we bring all the toys out. People could participate and, um, basically a many investigation at three of the locations, and that's always been a lot of fun. We'll bring out, you know, a spirit box. We had the laser good. We have K two meters and the M affraid er EVP recorders, and we just have a lot of fun on those evenings. I love doing those, but yeah, on our Facebook page is a great place to look for special events coming up. But then there's also our website that people are in town. Um, it's just kind of check out with the tour's about.

spk_0:   26:37
That's great. I'd love Teoh. Check it out a tour. And I am familiar with the Ghost Brothers. Actually, most recently with that, any example or their show that they did with where they brought in all the different teams. And then they did that 54 hour thing. That was pretty cool. That was, like, the first term of actually seen where they've done the different, you know, teams and then done it live and then streamed it and ask people from social media. So I was pretty cool as well.

spk_1:   27:03
I love the live streamed ones that they do that there was so much from the

spk_0:   27:06
Yes, exactly. Well, thank you so much again for your time and sharing our experiences with us. And with that will close. And I will be in touch. And again if anyone wants to reach you guys. Roswell ghost tours dot com also on Facebook. And you guys confined them any time. And thank you again. You hear? Welcome. Thank you so much. Okay. Have a great one. I you buy Thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a second story dot com.