A Psychic's Story

Drumming the Soul Awake

November 13, 2019 Nichole Bigley Episode 13
A Psychic's Story
Drumming the Soul Awake
A Psychic's Story
Drumming the Soul Awake
Nov 13, 2019 Episode 13
Nichole Bigley

Jaime Meyer, author of the book “Drumming the Soul Awake,” joins A Psychic’s Story to give a behind-the-scenes look into shamanism and all it entails. He also dives into how we can better discern between our ego and spirit selves, explaining that lower vibrations are focused on trying to raise your status as compared to others. Whereas higher vibrations and energies seek to be inspired and in awe.

Learn more about Jaime Meyer and his offerings as a shaman at drummingthesoulawake.com

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Jaime Meyer, author of the book “Drumming the Soul Awake,” joins A Psychic’s Story to give a behind-the-scenes look into shamanism and all it entails. He also dives into how we can better discern between our ego and spirit selves, explaining that lower vibrations are focused on trying to raise your status as compared to others. Whereas higher vibrations and energies seek to be inspired and in awe.

Learn more about Jaime Meyer and his offerings as a shaman at drummingthesoulawake.com

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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind Magic and more. Welcome to a psychic story. Hi, everyone. Welcome, Teoh. A psychic story on this episode We have Jamie Meyer from drumming the soul awake and he is a shamanism and has a ton of experience in the energy Rome and very excited to be speaking with him and hearing more about shamanism in particular. Because for me, I haven't really experienced it myself directly and really excited to just hear from him his perspective and help educate the rest of our listeners. So, Jamie, welcome to the show. Thanks again. So I guess what we like to do in the beginning is really just to get backgrounds and hear from each guests perspective on how they even got started and got to the past that they're on so would loved, Ah, to hear your back story and get a little bit of information about that.

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Sure, you know, there's so many ways that people find their way onto their spiritual path in so many ways that people find their way into shamanism and studying it in practicing it. A lot of people end up saying, Oh, you know what? You're on a spiritual path. A lot of people think, Oh, you know, I think I've always been on this. I can look back to my life. And even as a child, I was kind of like mad for the half. I kind of feel like that for me. They're kind of a historian, demonic tradition that the weird kid in the village often marked as being like the one that will

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send a shaman

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later to get trained. And I was always kind of that weird kid. No, not like like, weird, scary but just, you know, weird, been one time alone, have lot of imaginary friends, and that aspect of my personality just kind of was with me when I went into junior high. You know, I ended up spending a lot of time alone and writing love, poetry and nature poetry. Long has a 10 elective stuff that other kids didn't do. That sort of, you know, solidified the kind of writer's life for me. And then I ended up moving into play, writing a playwright for a long time and wrote about the place and one of my playwright college. You like to say I made literally tens of dollars a year professional play, right?

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There was a

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great career spot. What it did for me. One. Give me many years of really focusing on listening to inner voice, you know, for me personally, writing plays was an act of having what some people have called their characters speak to them and what I ended up eventually seeing as a spirit taking to me, I think the process for me anywhere really civilised. So after a while I started to realize that my playwriting was Mawr demonic, that I want theatrical like I was actually less interested in getting my place produced that I waas in doing the writing because that's what I was really intrigued with, was listening to the voices said that I would put into the voices of the bodies of characters and play. But once I started to study shamanism or like the middle late 19 eighties, and I started to realize what my process wasn't the writer I started kind of think. I think I'm kind of more ceremonial and more Chamonix than I am theatrical. And then Ben just kind of kept opening of the started studying with teachers, digits, teachers and other teachers started just really shift my, I guess my identity from being Oregon, our playwright yet to be a ceremony leader or social worker.

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I just have a question before we move on. Is Do you think that cause you mentioned creativity and listening to voices? And I'm firm believer that our imagination and our creativity comes from a soulful place. However, you want to really define that and whatever background you come from, and people like Shakespeare and others and just writers like that has to be, in my mind, downloaded or received on a vibrational level, some in a completely different way than we probably think about it and process it. Do you feel that that was the case for you?

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Yeah, well, no. I think that we have a lot of voices enough.

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lot of voices come from the ego from cultural imprinting, family imprinting and things like that. But we also have the voice in a the come from the greater energy, spirit and nature and things like that. And I think that part of the process of and maybe this is the process that distinguishes somebody who's the path of a spiritual worker as opposed to change from the path of an artist, a part maker and that is that the spiritual worker really learn to hopefully learns to discern which voices are of ego, which are the culture on which our spirit and start to work with those voices of spirits and allow them, in a way, all know that there's a lot of forces in our culture in Western culture.

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I would like Teoh understand the dissemination or the difference between the artistic aspect and then the spiritual aspect and how people can kind of tell the difference when they're going through that.

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There's a lot of voices in each of us. Human being is like, Oh, no, a voice factory like way have a lot of what's going on all things. And I think the thing that might be different for somebody who becomes spiritual worker, that just think from somebody who become a part maker and not better or worse. It's a difference is discerning, which voices air coming from the ego which are coming from cultural imprinting, family imprinting, our own personal. When I called Dragon, you know, our trauma voices things like that. The voices that one of warm A into being obedient members of society generally or rebels society. And then there's other voices that come, I think, from spirits that come from beyond culture beyond the boundaries of our imagination, actually, and every human have accepted those voices as well. And so the work or a spiritual worker is to discern the voice. Is he actually a communist? Sometimes they call this the tournament of the Spirit. You know, figuring out which kind of spirit is talking to you right now because a lot of years want to tell you wonderful things. And then when I guide you and they wanna trying to do this, do that or they want to tell you all your life if you're like that. And so really, we want to always ask what kind of spirit is talking to me right now? Is it one from a lower realm closer to the physical world, one from the lower rooms of the astral plane that tryingto like, you know, get whatever it wants for me. Or is it a voice that is, you know, large and immense boys from spirit that if mawr embedded or more and beauty went divinity with the powers of love and wisdom and knowledge, So this discernment of the voices of the discernment of spirits is a really important topic. And so I think it's a life long tack for people who, especially people who want to go deeper in their special skill, whether it's a teacher or a healer, energy, work or whatever. It's always some discernment of these boys.

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And when you were just saying earlier about you learned that you started, it's not as much artistic but the shaman aspect in the shamanism. How would you explain or describe to someone? And I understand it probably would be different from person to person, but when we say we hear voices air, we are listening voices and energy fields. It's not something that's scary, so that's kind of what I would also clear up right. It's almost just like a knowing right, at least for me. That's how it is. How is it for you? How do you receive the information. And how did you know it was coming from a different place

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for me personally, Like when I say hear voices. There have been many times in my work where avoid actually comes to me in words. It's not common for me and not something that I would say, Oh, I always worked like that for me a lot of what I would call the boy or called a communication if something comes visual images. And that's, I think, why I'm so well suited to the Chamonix

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so much in shamanism visual. So I just have kind of a natural ability. That's also my skill was playwright, you know, it was able to visualize the scene and visualize how characters look at how the that might be built on things like that and in shamanism, like a lot of stuff comes to be a visual imagery. Sometimes imagery like that you would see as actual spirits like sometimes they're human shapes on their animal shaped. Sometimes they're more abstract, but there's a lot that calm used that just from this kind of sense of knowing which is difficult thing

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is work

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and half like what do you mean by knowing How do you know what knowing may know. And it comes down to this very private part of people that really no one from the outside can never really tell you. The difference is something that you figure out at over time. Hopefully, you have a teacher's both, you know, human teachers in this world and books, and also teachers from the other world that you can trust that can help you work that out, that figure it out what it means so that when you have an experience, I've had quite a few potent experience. Is that when I checked it out with, like my otherworldly teacher with my local real world teachers and with my, oh, knowing it like, you know what? That's not a good thing like that. That's a misdirected voice. So So this is why it's good to have human teachers a swell at otherworldly teachers. And ultimately, this all comes down to your own personal power, your own personal discretion. But it's good to have a community that can help you decide how things go. You know, the community of like minded people that you've contracted no human teachers, you can talk to and otherworldly teachers Literary, exactly get kind of dicey, too. But if

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you trump sounds,

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you know, then you have a source. So, yeah, it's a really difficult issue, if you know I mean the world beautiful marketplace is chock full of books and people on teachers and all tryingto help guys people how to do the core bank, which is trust the voice and trust spirit, trusting spirit of the single hardest.

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And that just gave me chills because that's the number. One reason why I wanted to start this end of the show is to really explain and help people that educate but inform as much as possible to say You can put a definition on things however you want to, whether it's Ricky shamanism, somebody being a psychic and intuitive medium, what have you right? But at the end of the day, the only person that you really in my mind contrast is yourself in your heart. And if you believe truly in yourself and that your intent is coming from a place of good, then you really can't stray and also to, yes, do your due diligence and finding out what it is But if you feel led to a go down a certain path or learn more about something, then that's probably because it's speaking from your heart and from your soul. And that's something that you should explore, and that's that. That's the biggest thing for me. And the reason why I had wanted to talk to you as much is because I was looking up shamanism and what it means to me because I am a reiki master. I've done some, you know, have done different types of education and things of that nature. But to me it's slightly different path right and how people go about it and what that means. And so I'd love to dive into that a little bit more about how you approach it and what is what is that difference when you're looking at that type of mentality.

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This is one of the major, well, sometimes frustration of students of the mysteries. No are of energy worker shamanism are breaking out. The frustration is no one can really tell them for sure what's happening. They have to figure it out on their own, and so it can be very isolating for people, which is one of the reasons why I say that shamanism. But I think no other path selective shamanism can be a very lonely path because you're spending so much time between you and spirit and doing this work of trying to figure out what are the voices, what's really know what ah, higher voice with lower voice, things like that. I think that the maybe the best guidance I can give and all guidance is incomplete and, you know, whatever but the best guys. I think I could give you that when I'm saying I'm working and I get that No way. I get that boys get some guide for get a visual image, and I get a chance of like, Oh, this is a communication from spirit and it can make you feel really good can make you feel powerful. Commence. Usually there's also a tinge or more than attention fear involved. That's all. I think, the proper signals that when you're in conversation or were in communication or the president's spirit, you're gonna have what the old theologians is to call that the spirit of fear and awe. But simultaneously, beer and all the excess of being bossed Ra and that that's the nature coming, the presence of because it's so big because the big beyond our comprehension, so you'll have that sense. But you can have that sense if you're talking to a lower spirit or a lower being you can have. That says, if you're talking to the power of the Christ, you know? So how do you know? And so for me, the way that I guided myself or something that I've learned over the years has been that the lower voices of the lower fears, if you want to call the things they're telling you, are wanting to do always have a tinge of raising your status among your fellow human beings. Reading your status, you know, making you appear powerful compared to other human beings more interesting or more alluring or or spiritually or whatever. But is the underlying sense here. If I do this, or if I tell this story or whatever, it will raise my status compared to other human beings. And so that's one thing that happened. I think when you're in conversation with the higher energy will the bigger energy you're raising your status in comparison to the great immensity of creation. You're stepping up to meet on the mention that has really nothing to do with your place and culture,

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that I don't know if that makes sense and really that a lot of words saying you know it ego are here, you know? I mean, ego wants you to be part of culture and usually wants you to win in some way against culture.

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spirit doesn't care about winning. It doesn't care about other things. But it does care about you stepping up out of your smaller place into places that you weren't filled with awe and with trembling at all

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in the way I see that that you kind of explained it is another way to kind of put it is we're all of God. And when you are in the presence of a higher vibration or a vibration that you want to be elevated to or you need to be elevated, Teoh your vibration and raises in that direction, and there's no lack. So what? The way I see it is, for example, if you wanna have abundance in your life, if you want to be 100% healthy, if you want to attract more love, friendship, whatever that is. There's no reason why somebody else has toe lack that and order for you to gain it right? So if you're tapped into a higher vibration and heat and we all are and and we're giving in that sense, then we are all rewarded and we all experience whatever it ISS versus the opposite where, like you said, you feel like you have to do something to get ahead or be better than somebody, or that this that the other because we are all connected. And world one is the message that I kind of got from that.

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Yeah, I agree with that. And we can play so many words on this, and it still comes down to the moment when it happens to you and you are filled with like, Oh, I think I just have this experience. But did I really? What kind of experience was that? It was a good one that I would have. You can view that frustrating and disappointing like Why can't I ever just get something clear and positive? And what can I just sees that with love? And I guess there's a lot of feel of the glasses. Why the universe's structure? The way it is, why we are. But I look at it as reframing into the fun. You know, like what? Playwriting. You know, you're writing a long and you'll get stock or any kind of creative actor moving along. Then you get done. And you're like, Ah, man, this whole thing I've been working on, I think it's gonna be really stupid, you know, and everything crash it and all the joy that you itself were stuff. You can't figure out what you know, where the team goes after, whatever is your stuff, and you can think of it, you know, disappointment. That's why I don't have to be so frustrating for you can also you can think of it as, Oh, this is where the fun starts because now I get to disassemble whatever powers Aaron me at the moment that are blocking and I get to work on those and then I get to reopen it. And that's where that trust comes. Because if you trust that you will reopen again, then that moment of frustration become a fun challenge. Like any other challenge of life that we do what we do is play the piano or whatever, you know, just getting better at anything. So I try to view those kind of frustrating moment. That's where the fun that, yes, I know that sounds that concerned. Kind of like tens of people who really feel frustration, but they try to approach it

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well, and I think we should approach things like instead of it being a challenge. It's an opportunity. And as you mentioned, some people may roll their eyes or be frustrated by. But it's true because that's the reason why we're here is to learn and to grow spiritually and, you know, experience the things that life has to offer that we wouldn't necessarily have on if we weren't on the Earth plane. Um, as faras shamanism for me, I want I think the more fascinating things is what people tend to think that shamanism is and what it's not great. Do you mind giving just some examples or some things of like what people you think of? I think normally the you look into it's something that its an ancient practice, that you go in and then you have teachers and then they teach you and It's very secretive and that sort of thing. But in reality, the way you've been describing it is it's while it may be a lonelier path because you're going through this, Pino the spirit and your absorbing and learning all those things Just explain a little bit about what shamanism, actually it is all about

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Well, you know, the blessing and the curse of the Internet. Everything about for graft, final word, shamanistic work, shaman. They've become kind of meaning with terms. They're meaningless arguments, you know about who could use that word and apply it. And then it all becomes part of the background noise for me. What distinguishes shamanism from other kinds of happened I could be completely wrong about this is they don't know everything about other paths. But for me, what distinguishes shamanism from other spiritual path is that you're working directly with the power of nature as the power of spirit embedded inside nature, and so you can have people you know better onto it. If our energy worker, all sorts of workers can move energy and all kinds of different ways, and they could be open to bare it all kinds of different ways. but I think what makes shamanism distinct If you're very clearly aligning yourself, add merging with the power of the spiritual creative powers inside nature and you're moving energies. Do you think those helpers in nature and nature meaning the many, many layers of reality that might, you know, we might talk about the flowers, the plants and the animals and the winds, and then get bigger and bigger into the several powers of the you know, the quantum field in the power of the dark between the stars, either All helpers, Yeah, a lot in the Chamonix path. And so what I like about it. I think that even though shamanism a big word, it could be ungainly and get abstract. Pretty fat. I say shamanism as a very comfortable riel world path without a lot of abstract energy in it. You know, everything you say about, you know, mystical work become kind of a silly because you use all the support that course showing that can handle this abstract things in it. But for me, it's very grounded, and it's not intellectual. This is what I've learned studying with Shannon Group, working with the plant medicine and working with the plant. The big lesson I've learned there. So what I do when I goto through, you know, go to the village and work with the family of shamans there. And every time I go colder Deanna, which is the Spanish word that means diet. But you're basically it's a ceremonial container, my particular one, but one that they do it with me of eight. Date process. Where you going? Fast from really fast food and water for most the time. You have one meal a day, basically the evening, and have water after the day is over. But there's a lot of fasting, a lot of clearing and you. Then you adjust a single plant for the whole eight day and the purpose beyond behind them to merge your conscious with the consciousness and the ability of that single plant. And these aren't typically like hallucinogens. It's not like you know, I walked. It was like, Oh, you

spk_0:   21:57
think I want because then you have. You

spk_1:   21:59
know, all these visions for these plants are not typically traditionally elusive plants of power. For example, well, the first plant tobacco is hallucinogenic of the wreck form stand very powerful in a way. But after that, like the second that I didn't read it here with, You know, nobody here would know about it. Defined the girls in the jungle. They use it for some kind of healing. But its power is that it deals the emotional body. And so when you take on a relationship with Brenda Kia and if you do it right and you put your heart into it containers right in your prayers were writing all that stuff, Then she will comments will merge with you and that she then lend you her power of working with the emotional body. So then I can put that into my work with my clients, students and myself like that. But the beauty is the work with the plan is really the whole week of mostly silent. You were saying something, Some prayers, but what's the day began? The shaman prepares a through Rennick EI buddies with a brew actually developed tobacco juice. And tobacco is also included in every one of the foundational plant and Carrie fault. And are you drink this group and every day you drink a little bit more. Sometimes the bruise of different plants tastes Okay. Something's really, really horrible and you can't

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stand it.

spk_1:   23:20
But you take on more and more planting today, and then you spend the day in silence in the career in your asking, the plant. Come and be with me and teach me your power. Show yourself and it's completely non intellectual like I can't explain in words really what happened or how it happened. But all I know is that when I come home from that, my energy has shifted my work shift, my ability shift and it sounds completely insane in a certain way. But it's like, yeah, because I now have Rennick er on board with me,

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spk_1:   23:52
I'm able to call her and work with her and she can work through me. So when I sing a song, rent a key, I when I think her song over a client or, like, I think, respond into somebody's body. Her spiritual, energetic patter can move it through their energy, feels and work with it because she's agreed to work with me because I've done the work with hurts so non rational and so none intellectual, embattled What I love about and I think that is a key too much demonic practice is that it's really not rational and not intellectual in some ways. Cannot be explained very well and work. I mean, although people do have the right books.

spk_0:   24:33
No, I love that explanation. Because when I was listening to you, what really resonated with me is that we I think most of us as humans have lost connection with Mother Earth or with Earth, right were in our houses. We have air conditioning, we eat whatever types of foods. And when you look back at our ancestors, we lived under the stars and we ate more natural foods. We didn't eat necessarily three times a day, four times a day. Whatever. What have you So to be back in that that natural setting within nature and toe have our bodies and our spirits and our minds resonate on that vibrational level. However it works for you, I can see how. Then you feel more balanced and connected to the Earth because you are right. You've been charged by that recharged by that energy.

spk_1:   25:26
Yeah, I think that's a really simple way of looking at it. That is that for all the reasons that people talk about Western culture and urban industrial culture. It's very difficult for us to really enter into palatable than that the earth powers of the Earth plant operate in with us. On this energetic level, we can look at everything as material.

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So you know that

spk_1:   25:52
plant has its elite and it looks like this, and it has these chemical properties and chemical properties. If you ingest, it will do this and this and this. And that's what's interesting. For example, Grand a key. I can't remember what they used for medicinal way, but they'll use. Reinecke has to treat sicknesses that you feel the cough or Mestre problems like that. Like I said, I can't remember what medications used. Part of it is like, but for them, it also has other elements that you can work with that maybe not separate from the body. But it works on a different layer of the body so you can call in her work on the emotional energy bad as well as treat other things in the more visible world. Well, and I think we have one of our struggles of urban West. Dr West, we're shutting along fine during away. Go back to that understanding that everything of made of energy. And yes, you can take this chemicals. They will do this in the body, but they also carry these other energy that work also on other, more subtle areas of the body. We're finding our way toward that, but it's very difficult for us because we've been trained out of that wall

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and where we may not necessarily know where to turn or where to go. You know, we're in such a world right now where you can go online and you can have something delivered in a couple hours right on. And it's more the immediacy of it versus okay, well would actually do we need and what does that look like? And let me do a little bit of research and do what's best for my mind, body and soul kind of thing. So

spk_1:   27:21
you know what? You just kind of goes back to this idea about how to discern the spirit, another kind of fundamental element of demonic practice that I like a lot and that is very frustrating for a lot of my brothers and sisters in the urban industrial environment. One of the core elements of shamanism yes, that things take a long time to learn. And for us, if you just said Where is a very quick paced world that promises all of saying quickly immediate on Who wouldn't want that? You know who wouldn't want to get on the Internet? And, you know, a day later you get something that changes your entire life. One where are Who wouldn't want to go to the workshop that, in the fan of two days will absolutely transformed all of your trauma and two gold, you know? But what journalism has taught me, yes, that's so like along the lines of the spirit, that telling you something that the spirit is telling you, you can have a tremendous amount of power, a tremendous amount of this or whatever in a very, very short time. That's generally appear it to mistrust. And it's very difficulty in our culture because there's a lot of suffering, a lot of feel that a lot of spiritual Millais illness in our culture and a lot of desperation. Yeah, then our marketplace designed to show you something fast and quick, so it's very, very difficult. So one of the hardest messages that I find myself, but living and delivering my students patients and open and that's the same thing with creativity. But book is not going to right itself in 10 minutes with the player or the painting or whatever and spiritual awareness or spiritual power. It's not gonna be delivered in a very short time. And we have the stories of people who have normal people are walking on the road and get past my God. I don't think those stories are untrue, but for the vast majority of it, the long, whoa plotting, uncomfortable process full of a lot of uncomfortable thanks. So it's important for me to kind of remember that

spk_0:   29:29
man and I say this summer sun on every episode. But for me, it's a good reminder that we are spiritually beings having a human experience, not the other way around. And if we were to have everything where it was instant gratification, then there's really no reason why we would need to be here. You know what I mean? It's like we're here because, like you were saying earlier, the path of learning it should be the fun part of it, because that's what we're here. We're in school toe, Learn to be gracious and just Teoh experience what life has to offer in the physical realm. But again is being spiritually beans. So if somebody were looking, you know, how does one go about normally for me? If I am sick and I have a cold, I decided maybe I and I can't fight it. Naturally, I go to a doctor. If I I need to talk to somebody about my You know, my problems. I may call therapists that sort of thing. If I have a bad back, I will go to, you know, an acupuncturist. How does somebody go into our look up or or know that going to a shaman, um, and hiring somebody would be one an option and two, that that would be the, you know, stuff that they should take.

spk_1:   30:40
I guess you can. Only after that I kind of looking through in my mind, the client that I work with, I say between about 15 and 20 clients per month. And then I had a lot of student that no work is very familiar with. And there there are a couple of story for a couple of perspective that emerge. Really the most people. For example, With my client, I I asked everybody that comes to see me if they have had. Well, the way I ask it is on the spectrum. We're gonna talk about therapy on the spectrum of I've never had therapy on one end to the other end, which is that has a huge butt load of there be my whole life. Where would you place yourself and most people? And they come to me anyway. Answer no, somewhere in the middle or towards the, you know, huge and a lot of mostly flexi have had some therapy or a lot there and what they say frequently, I'm like so frequently that I would almost say, like every time in 30. It was great works for this event is very helpful in all these ways, but for some reason it couldn't get to something. There's something still there, that there, if you can't get too. That's what people think of me all the time and my response to them. If that it's because therapy is not designed to work on certain energetic think therapy, the science based intellectual and rational process, even some of the wilder therapies are still funneled through the scientific months. And therapy just really isn't the science to move down in the energetic centers to work on the patterning or, you know what Spanish they call the hooch. Oh, with a follow on the energetic level. And that's why people have therapy for a long time and it works great. Something left great, but it works in the way for the work. And then they end up thinking there's something still missing or something that have Penny got. And sometimes they think it's because I'm like, you know, permanently, you know, crazy or permanently messed up or whatever or whatever the therapy didn't work with. But because there's an energetic element to what's going on that cannot be reached through rational channel got to be reached through the irrational through the pathway that goes around logic and goes outside of the rational. And that's what shamanism could do. And that's what a lot of energy feeling up to it goes through. It doesn't take the route of going through the rational avenue goes around or back around to the back door.

spk_0:   33:09
That totally makes sense. I can see that because I also think that in a lot of ways, with therapy, it's more you're talking about things like you said. It doesn't necessarily get to the root of the energy aspect. And a lot of times it's more validating in the sense of It's okay, you can feel that way and it's more of an enablement. I feel like not to say that therapy and other things are not good solutions, but I do think that when you can combine it with other air B and therapeutic practices and energy healing and holistic options, it can definitely be even more powerful.

spk_1:   33:42
Yeah, and I think that the point is that we were talking earlier about the sense of competition. You know, I like your spirit comes to you and that used to be in competition with other then that's kind of a lower spirit and the same thing of what you have spent. We should think of all of the gift of healing as complementary. So it's not, oh, therapy versus ceremony or 30 shaman or versus energy work, whatever it is that there are many, many layers to our B and different tools work differently. If my the Taj you know like I had experience had a shoulder injury a few years ago, and then it lingered and lingered and lingered and lingered. And I thought, Oh, man, Sanoma, hand drummers. I put a lot of pressure on the left shoulder because of the way Hold the drum and I'm like this hurt all the time. And if there's no strength in my arm and you know I'm older and there's no doubt I'm gonna have to have surgery and have rotator cuff surgery or whatever, you know, just a field that Frank and then one of my students of a massage therapist like Well, what you come to me for? Some sessions will see, and he worked on it, and it hurt like living hell

spk_0:   34:48

spk_1:   34:49
that he did. But after maybe 34 months of working on it about a couple times a month of the shoulders, he'll if that does not feel better if he'll track the fact there's no paying full motion and things like that. So, like, I'm not saying that surgery is a bad thing. If my shoulder was really that bad, I probably would have gone to go get surgery. But having the option of all sorts of treatments to see before we get invasive in the body or the thinking with other kind of therapeutic models before we move toe prescription or in addition of medicines or whatever, having the sense that there's all kinds of ways with work on the 12 very, very helpful, as opposed to one thing. And if it doesn't work because I know you're screwed No,

spk_0:   35:34
exactly, exactly. Well, I really enjoyed our conversation and before he break, I wanted Teoh. Also, if somebody were interested in getting the session with you, I think some people also don't know necessarily that you don't have to be in person to have a session. You can also do things long distance, how people can get in touch with you and what they can expect.

spk_1:   35:55
Thanks for saying that, you know, it's an area I've always been really focused on working. Why face the face of people, even like back in the theater of war in the theater than it? You know that what you really love the communal, live human experience. And when I started Teoh work Mawr, people like oh, you should dio remote DeLay was really resisted to it but I don't know, really gonna be take the face. But you know, I do a fair amount of remote healing. Now it's guys. So there's actually a visual beloved come to the phone, and I've been really pleasantly surprised at how effective it could be. Something learning her for May. But I have a website that people can go to its drumming the whole await dot com. I have to make sure that they say the K in a way that one time a few years ago I said about my website and said it was drumming the full awake. That comment, she said, drumming the soul away.

spk_0:   36:49

spk_1:   36:55
wait, So you're running the whole weight dot com? Yeah, there, you know, have there a special appointment schedule of in person appointments. Schedule a guy one of has actually been pretty pretty cool because it was a learning curve for working remotely cool.

spk_0:   37:12
And I've had ah, some long distance healing sessions myself done, and it's very relaxing because you just lay there will, depending on the practitioner and what they would like to do. But I just it's almost like taking a mini nap, but you haven't really taken a nap, and you just you are just completely re energized. So, yeah,

spk_1:   37:30
so, like when somebody called me, it's usually a 30 minute call, and what we do is we'll talk for a very short time and sometimes olive oil drum and journey for them, which is a way of my way Talking appeared. So what they hear is just me walking on the drone for about 55 or six minutes, and then I'll tell them we'll hear what the spirit say and it will work from there. Every call I end up hanging over them were saying for them singing some kind of feel. Like I said, I worked with all these. Plan provided seven plants now so I can draw on the seven plants on that as well as my other healthy spirit. So I'll end up singing and rattling for them, which could be really Slesers like, he says, really relaxing. Somebody could be very energizing, but I'm seeing a healing into their body, pathetic feel being protection around them from lower forces, stuff like that. But I think it usually ends up being really pleasant for people.

spk_0:   38:23
Well, that's awesome. Well, thank you so much. And so everyone. Jamie Meyer. Hey, does drum circle Chamonix training and shamanic healing? And he can if you're not, I'm located where he is. He can do them long distance as well. And as always, you can find more information in the show notes of a psychic story. And thanks again, Jamie. I really look forward to having a session with you at some point. All right, Thank you. Have a great day. Thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a second story dot com, Okay?