A Psychic's Story

Animal Communication

November 27, 2019 Nichole Bigley Episode 14
A Psychic's Story
Animal Communication
A Psychic's Story
Animal Communication
Nov 27, 2019 Episode 14
Nichole Bigley

On this episode of A Psychic’s Story, animal communicator Kathy George explains how intuition is an inherent part of who we are and how simple it can be to connect and communicate with animals.  Just like any muscle in our body, we need to use our intuition regularly in order to strengthen it. 

You can find Kathy George on Facebook at facebook.com/animaltalk2u/ or book a session with her at genbook.com/bookings/slot/reservation/30188254?category=459333191.

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On this episode of A Psychic’s Story, animal communicator Kathy George explains how intuition is an inherent part of who we are and how simple it can be to connect and communicate with animals.  Just like any muscle in our body, we need to use our intuition regularly in order to strengthen it. 

You can find Kathy George on Facebook at facebook.com/animaltalk2u/ or book a session with her at genbook.com/bookings/slot/reservation/30188254?category=459333191.

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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind magic and more. Welcome to a psychic story. Hi, everyone. Thank you for joining this episode of a psychic story. We have Kathy George Animal Communicator on with us and very excited to hear from her about her experience and how she got started in the overall business and the modality itself and what she's experienced. So welcome.

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Well, thank you so much for having me, Nicole. Real pleasure to come and speak with you today,

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of course. And for me being a huge animal lover, I remember just growing up. And luckily, my parents are also they love animals as well, so is able to grow up in a household with a ton of them. I think that for people that either don't grow up with animals or pets or haven't necessarily experienced that there is a different type of way that we communicate with them. And so before we get into that, I'd love to hear about how you got started. What made you really jump into this? And we'll go from there

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like everyone listening And anyone that had animals, Of course, I had a huge passion for them and always wanted horses. And like every girl I think wants the horse. But it really how I act like that started is where I'm from. Originally in Chester County, Pennsylvania. There's a wonderful woman by the name of the need occurred if and that is who helped me hone the skill. Uh, everyone very that I was involved with at that point in time at a boarding facility that I was working at. They were a couple of girls in there who had taken the need, of course. And one of them was actually a friend of hers was actually a quote unquote, I guess, did the animal communication of the profession. And they kept urging me to see if I was in a 1,000,005 questions all the time, got where the horses thinking feeling and so forth, and they urged me to move forward and just going take a need, of course. And I was amazed when I met Anita. I was so scared because I thought there was no way I was going to be able to do it. But what we forget, I think as people, because they're so club in all the time that we have, this ability doesn't kill it, a side of us. So I took a need a one day course and once I got over my own barriers, so to speak, I am Fears E came quite easily and I don't mean because the sky opened up in the big boys boom down on me That wasn't Enter the hall when I first learned I wouldn't that be nice,

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right? When

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I first learned how to do it, there were a lot of folks in the court and they were scared because they share our experiences to work with partners and I sort of model my classes after how Nida teaches. So in any event, a lot of people were talking about words they were hearing and things they were seeing, and I waited till the very end even share Mike period because that wasn't happening for May and what was happening for me that I needed making were very aware of that. I get body sensations and it was kind of I just thought for sure I wasn't getting it until she started quizzing me because we have all of our senses. Five senses that we're taught to use a kid. But outside of that we have, you know, our other senses that we don't think about using that incorporating your then so longer than short. I feel things for and body sensations. And that's exactly how it all got started. Blessed my family because I have an incredible support system for my own personal family. So when I got done the first course and everyone that introduced me to Anita and when I got done that first course, my sister would call me up because you have to practice what you learned, Correct?

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Exactly. Yes.

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So free up. She would put her friends on the phones. Andi lived out California. It's a Catholic Bless. This is my friend. So and so she has a cat here. Talk to

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cat. So

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that's how I got started. Anita was kind enough. He recognized something and was kind enough to I got to apprentice with her. So I go in teacup for you know, I on the works up and he help me enhance skill. And that's a fact forward version of how I got into what I'm doing.

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And so when you were before you even got into taking classes with Anita, did you ever experience anything as a child that you just felt more of a connection with animals? And that's what drew you in

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as a child. I guess a lot of people use the word

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I mean, I'm a sensitive person, that child. I was overly sensitive, but it wasn't really necessarily with animals. It was more along people. And so that's how it all started, and I remember kind of getting in trouble because of it. But that's really where it all came from with human. But as a child growing up, you don't understand it at all. You don't underst they're why you feel different energies. I mean, we all know when someone, everyone has that gut instinct. That person made him feel uncomfortable or just a very simple example. But growing up it was more on the human side, as I had, my father was got me a horse and I remember just being very comfortable around animals, a lot more settled, and so I guess that would be sort of the relationship. I wish I could say some big, monumental movement happened, but it was so subtle and soft as your intuitive nature. Is that how it really all began? But this far, the energies and I can't think of a better word to use Growing up, I would feel things and not understand what they weren't for. Some of the If this is making sense to you and your listeners, and I could never categorize anything. And then as I got older in my early twenties, things started to become a little more definite. And it's very daunting when you're not understanding why it was happening.

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I would definitely say that because my dad said, Gosh, you're so sensitive. I remember just being outside and asking kids not to step on the ants because it traumatized me and, you know, he's a great man, but I didn't understand why that hurt me so badly. And so what you're saying is, is that when, especially when your Children you don't know whether it's coming from you, the feeling is coming from someone else, or it's coming from any animal or another energy field. It's very hard to communicate that, especially if we haven't won. We don't know how to do it ourselves as adults. But then to be able, Teoh, explain that to a child and get them to open up.

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Absolutely. And you know, thankfully, my father used to say the same thing to me. You're just sensitive not being insensitive again. It wasn't anything more than my reaction to a situation, but thankfully, my mother had done astrology. So imagine being born in 1962 and your mother

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practicing yoga. She was definitely ahead of her time,

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very much ahead of her time. Plus, he was a very, very complex astrologer, and not with the computer programs that we have nowadays. We're talking about volumes and volumes of ephemera, asses and doing the mathematical calculations along with it. My father also analyze handwriting, and at that time he was pretty revered for it. So it wasn't as though I grew up in a family that was boxed into one way of thinking. Although this may sound funny is that we were brought up very hard core Catholics,

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I was just going to say I think that in some ways, you know, because I remember my dad teaching me when I was little. You know, when you go to sleep, this is how you meditate. This is what you do. And this was gosh in the early because I was born in the seventies. So he's telling me this in the eighties, right? But yet then you know my mom growing up Catholic and everything else, it was almost like that hidden secret of this is what we dio in our home. And you can talk about it among the family, but don't necessarily talk about it with everybody else. Which is why I feel so drawn and compelled. Teoh talk to others and kind of share their stories and let others know that we're not alone, right? And our weirdness, if that's what you want to say or you know our beliefs

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No, we're not alone. And I have absolutely gets that. You know, this is what we talked about doing home. But we can't explain it or don't discuss it outside because I remember it had to be in seventies when tm transcendental meditation really was hit the ground running. And my older siblings were five of us and my mom and my dad learned how to do TM, and so I guess they simply were too young at the time, and my dad would meditate quite today. He would just talk about how he would go in the car and fit for the 10 minutes. So yeah, these things you don't discuss openly, especially at that point in time, you know, in history. But this is so common. I when I speak and when I get out and I do farm calls and I need people one on one will share their stories. And it's so common for everyone to have these utility pits. And it really doesn't matter if your intuitive pit come with humans and they come with animals and I think animals are left threatening. So and I believe that's what people find them of comfort. That it's normal and crazy is that this is a totally normal because of the year in solution, a tool yard who were wired to be This is how we were all born, and it's a muscle and the muscle that we Hughes where we don't use and unfortunately we don't use it is often innately could or should, because we're so for cell phones and blacktop. It's microwaveable three seconds or less. I gotta have the information.

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I was just talking about that the other day, and I think that that's true. Is that for me? At least I can't speak for others. But when I'm talking Teoh animals or pets and I actually give you a horse example because this just like it's still even thinking back about it gives me chills. I was at a horse show and it was one where they were auctioning off horses. You know how people will either have them for her show or for a family and and so forth and some of this horse show. And they're just beautiful black horse, just stunning. And I was just sending it love in my mind, and I must have been, I guess, like, right around college time frame. And I'm sending this horse this love and just saying, Oh my gosh, you're so pretty And his back was to everybody else and he didn't want to talk to anybody or even be around, and he just all of sudden turned and made this eye contact with me. and walked over and just, like, kind of bowed his head. And that, to me, was it's simple in its gesture. But yet I think to your point, we forget that that's how simple it can be. Right is just toe send that thought of love and honoring and respect, and then they respond, or the animals responding command. And it's that type of simplicity that we don't think of when we're communicating and just talking or emailing or texting or what have you.

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We forget about the simplicity of it all. I don't think we're not. Presto have this difficult life that we create in my personal belief is that passed things are supposed to bay because our best reward, the best time we ever have are the most simplistic ones.

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And not to say that any of this is simple at by any means, right? It's one of those things where I've always said, and you probably heard on the show is that we are spiritually beans here to have a human experience, and so we do learn hard things right, and we are here to grow. That's not the point, just kind of like skirt over, but where we go and need to go back. We don't have to complicate it in order to understand or to communicate.

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That's a good example. You're right. And if it wasn't for the hard things in this world, we certainly would not be the people that we are today. But when I speak to others and they want to tap into it, you know, how do I do that, you know, basically got, you know, the phone rings and you're thinking of someone, and there they are. And that's the most simplistic LOL form of it. So bigon, when we don't know something that we actively thought about doing it, something in our subconscious that brought that kind of came forward of thinking of Susie and their Susie on the phone. And I always you know, I think writing things down, sort of help something things into your memory. But if we don't understand or if we don't make something part of our conscious thoughts and stays in our subconscious, we need to bring it forward, such as somebody who bite their fingernails and point out to them. Got you bite your fingernails and they don't realize that when they're having nervous moments that they're, you know, fighting a fingernails because someone let them know, possibly the next time they go to do that, they stop themselves because now they're more conscious of that act. When we have the subconscious, you know those intuitive hits and start making a journal about those into it. If it's no matter how simple it is, I'm thinking of so and so. And I ran into him in the store or the phone rank, for example, the past two nights coming home on the farm. I kept waiting to leave instead of leaving when I was finished up with my horses and both night major accidents on the way home. But was that intuitive hit was a part of it? I don't know, but I'll write it down. So learning to trust ourselves believe I think come forward is really hard. I think it's hard for anyone to say, Well, trust yourself, trust the information that's coming through and even for someone like myself, has been doing this for over 20 years, intentionally still questions because I'm human.

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One of the biggest gifts that my mother gave me was when I was little and I wasn't understanding everything that I was feeling is she said exactly that. She just said, Don't question trust. And if somebody else is questioning you and you feel differently and you still feel the strong conviction, trust it. And so that served me very well, growing up and throughout my life as if it's something a simple as oh my gosh, Like I'm running 15 minutes late because I can't find my keys. And most people would stress out rate, I think All right, this isn't divine order. I'm not supposed to find my keys. I'm not supposed to get in the car like you were saying. Whatever the reason is, we just don't know. And if we just kind of I want to say, sound all hippie with it, But go with the flow with that and trust the stronger and stronger your intuition gets because you are giving it that power of validating that you trust yourself?

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Yeah, absolutely. And learning to trust our decisions without

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the most when you were taking classes with the need or what would you? So if somebody is sitting at home thinking, Wow, I really wish I want to know what's on my dog's month in Germany. Cats endure. What have you are my horse? And what kind of things would you start to give us faras tips that people could do on an everyday basis to, you know, grow that connection and make it stronger so that they can start to have more one on one communication with their own animals.

spk_1:   14:29
So what? It comes from personal animals, and I include myself in this That is Ahmed emotional state. So day one of my horses isn't doing well. You know, I tend to get a little muddled because my emotions are high and so we can recognize our personal states being emotional, that it makes things sometimes a little muddled when it comes to our own animals and wanting to communicate that sometimes, as you said, sending love visual people seem to believe that animals don't see pictures but that they see pictures more from us. I think Shin leading from them because of our intent. If we're trying to communicate with personal animals at home, sometimes you friends of mine in bed that they do better if they're not around the

spk_0:   15:12
so real quick. Sorry 10 trip. But when you say the visual piece? Do you mean that animals don't communicate in to each other? They do. Okay. Okay, great.

spk_1:   15:22
If I want my dogs because the dog is jumping up in down,

spk_0:   15:26

spk_1:   15:26
the dog visual, don't jump up on me. You've already given them the visuals up on Make your visual. Is dog down so fit? That's a visual. Give them, You know, to start out with that, I need you down, down and keep giving them that visible. It's like saying they can't give misinformation. Basically, there's a yellow banana and the l A banana had black spot. Don't think of the black spot on the yellow banana. Just think of the yellow banana. You're gonna think of a banana with yellow spots.

spk_0:   15:54
Kind of like if you were. And I've used this example before because I grew up with German shepherds and my parents trained them themselves and when we would be walking them, you're I guess you're thinking at first if there's another dog that's aggressive or it's coming towards you, you immediately or like don't do that and you're sinking head like what the potential options could be. They get along, they don't get along, they whatever right? And it's exactly that is that don't think of the animals charging at each other. Stay calm, picture them walking beside and everything is copasetic. And that's counterintuitive as humans, I think, sometimes is that we we don't realize that animals can probably pick up that visual. Like you said,

spk_1:   16:37
No, it really put your mind in check.

spk_0:   16:39
You know, you think

spk_1:   16:39
about what you want in this world and not you know what action? What So I want from this animal for even from people. And that's what you want to put out there, not what you don't want, because that's what they pick up. And I know that sounds so simple and oh, that's not That can't happen. But it can happen. How we projector Thought for the animals. Love, dislike, apprehension, fear they pick up on all of it. Dogs know when you're afraid of them horses. No, when you have fear, I mean, that's very simple, but basically, if you think of the story of I always tell people, a woman named Jane goes to her neighbors, who invited her to a dinner party because he's new to the neighborhood and she walked in the house and they say, Hey, game, how you doing? Can he go to the kitchen? Is right over there. We need salt. And Jane, in her mind, thinks of My God, I've never been here. Where's the kitchen? And she walked in and he starts going through cabinets and he finds the spice Cabinet. And if you think your stuff in the works, gold is how much person that was. Builders. I've never been here, and she's standing there staring at the Cabinet seats assault. But she's not registering, seeing assault because he's already told herself. She doesn't know where it is. Already told herself, Can't somebody reaches behind her? Grabbed the felts Appear here it is so we can tell ourselves what we can and cannot do way sort of pills up for the animals. Get all of that. If that made that,

spk_0:   17:59
Yeah, yeah, I definitely know that animals feel on a deeper level. Was sailing deeper level than humans. I think that they're just more competent of it, right? And they're more in tune of why they're feeling it. They also from my opinion and I'd love to hear yours are easier to release certain things like grief or sadness or depression because they process it and then they move on on and for me, and I guess others listening as well. I'd love to know more about on a day to day basis what I could do. Or, you know, I guess to really tune into that and be more on the simpler side of nature and in tune with them because I feel like that the way that they live is the way that we want actually project ourselves and just be

spk_1:   18:44
I mean, you're asking, you know, how do I get along with my animals? Better correct.

spk_0:   18:48
Well, I'm asking more. How do you Yes, not just how do I get along with my animals Better. But if somebody is not intuitive and they haven't really communicated with their pet, how do they actually start to that communication process?

spk_1:   19:02
Sitting still, being quiet,

spk_0:   19:03
not expecting anything.

spk_1:   19:05
How do you say to someone just, you know, come with yourself? Don't expect in a result, except the results that come some people are basically because of how they live. Might have a very high powered job. You live in New York City So they have to get up early that I walk their pets and they have time. You know what is their mental? And I think that the first former is Where are you in your head? Space. I was people. They would meditate well, Meditation for something along those lines can take many forms. It could be a runner's high going for jogs, a bike ride, a walk? Yes, possibly meditating, mucking soul so relaxing and common self down to be able to hear the information leading the animals be themselves and just kind of best waken say is let the process unfold. It's kind of hard to put a thumb tack on there to say, Well, if you do A B and C and you're gonna get until it up it again, I go back to the journal journaling your until it up it running into someone the phone rings, traffic, something your animal has done. Many people will be thinking about their dogs or cat or horse for whatever reason. Them not being well and coming home or waking up that morning and the animals not well, write that down. Not you want to like that down first before you call that there's so many opportunities to know when you're having intuitive pit that if we don't write things down, you're not going to pick up on it. And I know that might

spk_0:   20:24
be a

spk_1:   20:25
little difficult for your list. The thing I want to learn how to do it well, learning how to do it and practicing

spk_0:   20:30
is doing it. And also right, like you said, writing down and seen the potential patterns because we may not necessarily recognize them until we see it written down in a more of, ah, methodical way right.

spk_1:   20:42
That's the best way to get yourself opened up, kill it and agreeing to the information that comes through because we're all gonna second guess yourself ago. That's crazy, You know, That's no way that, you know, I knew that. Or of course, I knew that on the charges, you know, because again comes down to trusting yourself Friends of mine that trained horses who think they don't do this. And dogs. I disagree with you completely because I bought a friend of mine were Ah, horse will come in and the horse will come off the trailer and immediately he already knows what needs to happen to that animal. What what's going on in that animal head? Physically, mentally, All of it. While the person who learns the horses talking a 1,000,000 miles an hour, that in itself is intuitive communication. People who train any kind of animal, anyone who does any kind of body work on an animal, any kind of therapy, chiropractic massage work will tell you they get information, something animals. And it's because they have relaxed and sells enough to get the information. As far as your listeners go on their own personal animals and becoming more in touch with him, I don't think it's because they're not in touch with their animals at all. Everyone is. That's why we have them because they bring something near and dear to us that's missing in our own personal lives. Companionship, the love. If you're able again, sit down and make a journal and I've repeated over and over again of your intuitive hits, whether it be with your animals or anyone else, you'll find that that side of you will begin to grow,

spk_0:   22:07
and I think that's a really important thing to mention is because we forget that and it's not necessarily and you can correct me if you for feel like I'm wrong. But it's not writing on your phone necessarily. It's actually the process of writing down on a pen and paper and letting that energy kind of flew through because there's something very different about when you do that vs than when you're just typing. And then you put a decide.

spk_1:   22:32
A lot of people think I talk to my own animals all the time, and I don't not at all. They know that at all. I mean that would they need me? They know how to find me. Is it the training is who or where we were heading a bump in the road on trying to get something clear? I mean, I will sit quiet and go, OK, look, what am I doing wrong? But what's happening here? Um, and I've gotten some great riding lessons off one of my horses, and I thought that was pretty interesting and that of course I had. We just kept hitting the walls and are working together, and basically we came to a good understanding and it was just like big night clips like the night today and we had any with how we project ourselves really matters a lot.

spk_0:   23:13
It's it sounds again. So I hate using the words simple, but it's simple because it's how we would interact with humans. Is that their different personalities? There's different preferences. There's different ways of working and just understanding. And when you can kind of find that groove and that understanding of all right, this is what the animal needs. And once this is what I needn't want, there's a happy medium between there's a partnership, then it works that way. And when you get information, so for me personally, I because I completely agree with you that if one of my animals not feeling well or something else, I am kind of out of it. In terms of me not being able to tune, it's almost like you're too close to the situation, right? But if I'm not on, I'm being objective, whether it's somebody else's animal or it's another person. When I'm looking or kind of scanning their body and I have approval to tune into their energy for me, I see it more in my mind's eye of where the body feels weak or where there's a message that needs to be received in a sense of knowing what is it like for you when you get information from different angles and it could be very different from type to type?

spk_1:   24:24
Yeah, I should have mentioned it when you said, How do your listener tappin back in? So

spk_0:   24:29
did you

spk_1:   24:29
back up and you think about in school? Your parents? Sesame Street taught us about five senses, and we know that we have five senses and that's the box to which we live in until someone throws you out of the box. Hey,

spk_0:   24:39
eight on top of that and it's actually 21 senses. I

spk_1:   24:42
had no

spk_0:   24:43
idea about getting

spk_1:   24:45
so. If we keep in mind that we have senselessly has, you know, we could taste things. We can smell things. We can hear things. We can see things we can touch people. That's how the intuitive communication comes through when we work with the animals. And so basically so as you would ask, you know, how do I get? I get it annulled? I feel things. I see things like smell thing. Everything comes through. So my strong suit is body sensations, and as time has gone, the other so called five senses have gotten much stronger. So I feel things. I see things, and I will hear words get visuals in the works. For myself, I'm probably way more visual and body sensations oriented than the other, although, you know, sometimes I'll smell. We're taste and taste sometimes isn't all that great when tasting. So that's how the information comes through for May. So that also helps those that Eliza may

spk_0:   25:36
and will

spk_1:   25:37
pay attention to. The subtleties tend to pay more attention to those subtleties. And this is something that I just kind of dio automatic now is that when you wake up in the morning, take a assessment of how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and so as your day goes on and you're very aware of who you are in that realm that will you run into different people or you're interacting with friends, animals or even your own animals are there settled these changing in your own personal body like you get a body sensation and it's very Clinton fact, um, did you feel a little sick to your stomach? Did you get a headache? You you know are you? Did you see something in your mind's eye that kind of flash in and last out? And that's how quick the communications some through so understanding your own physical being. And then as you go throughout the day and you're interacting with the world, pay attention to what your body is doing in this moment.

spk_0:   26:30
Yeah, absolutely. And I imagine a lot of people when we wake up, I mean myself included. I try not to be, but that we just wake up. We kind of get moving or let's have a cup of coffee. Let's do this. Let's go. We're not necessarily doing that check unless we're doing maybe a morning meditation, and it's part of a practice or something that we've implemented. And we wanna have that in place. And therefore and I think that this is probably something for a lot of people out there that are more sensitive or intuitive. And what what have you or in tune with, how others around them are feeling is What happens then is when you have an overwhelming sense or you have something different that doesn't necessarily feel like you. You can't discern it, right. You can't you don't know if it's from yourself for its from your pet or if it's from another person. So I love the idea that you are reminding people of Do that check in the morning. Probably, I would say a night to right before he go to bed where you at?

spk_1:   27:28
Because, you know, a lot of times we could put like you said, we wake up and just go So you know, for myself, I know that if I eat sugary foods or certain things, my body reacted a certain way. If I eat something, I know that I can sit well, my stomach If I came to the spicy I'm not gonna feel very good the next day, so I'm gonna have a harder time being able to work. So I know for my self I cited stays clean as I can so that my body is ableto physically function better. And when I'm able to physically function better, the record, that sort of falls into place. So being aware of things that will agitate you, eat the food wise TV news, that kind of stuff. You kind of want to clear it all out because you're trying to Hey, you want to say is like So I guess it's the best word I can find it that you want to stay light mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, so that when you do get up in the morning, I'm not saying life isn't gonna come by and clap your side ahead and kind of did not make you give me kind of a bad day. But if you can recognize what it's like to switch back and forth like that, things get easier and breathing because we don't breathe.

spk_0:   28:29
I'm the worst person about that. I literally have to sometimes remind myself of just just breathe and they actually have this product now It's like a whistle that you it looks like a necklace that you put on, and the fact that somebody had actually make that to me is just like, mind boggling. You know what I mean? That's one of the most important things I think for people and just honestly, sanity and balance. And also you gave me chills. And you said that because growing up, my father always said you are strong, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and that was something that he always said and it just resonated with me. And if you can cover those bases and you take care of yourself in that way, then you really wouldn't have a lot of the issues that we have nowadays.

spk_1:   29:15
No, we hold our breath to get the most

spk_0:   29:17
were most way

spk_1:   29:18
Salo breathing. And when we do our breathing, I think the oxygen just doesn't get to the brain. It says that we were making bad decisions

spk_0:   29:26
over angry for going breathe. That's taking.

spk_1:   29:32
So I case. I always laughed and I said, You know the bottom, you know, we have to learn to breathe because we become emotional. You can't Bama's No, I mean you can get through life, get through the day and I work at this every day of driving traffic, about staying calm and Christmas time. We're all very emotional.

spk_0:   29:49
We're making really

spk_1:   29:50
bad decisions, so you know our breathing and I use That is a funny example. But you know, our breathing becomes shallow when we're upset, angry dress. And so it's kind of hard to happens again that until it inside of us, when that does happen. So we make really good decisions when we remove ourselves from an emotional stake, so to speak. And we tap into that breathing or the whistle. That's a great idea. I

spk_0:   30:15
think it actually makes a sound. I literally saw it. It must have been the divine order. Whatever talking to you today is that it popped up and I was like, Oh, that's interesting. And then click. And then I thought, No, I'm gonna look at this later, So I'm gonna send you one. Yeah, I don't think it actually makes a noise. I think it's just one of those, like you breathe through it and it says it teaches you to become and to breathe and all of that so you and I can try it out, test it and let everybody know what we think. I'll definitely send you one after we chat here. But I'm so before we wrap

spk_1:   30:46
saying, you know, throughout the entire conversation, look again, I really appreciate is that you know, for your listeners again, intuition, something we're all born with, there's not one of us, including myself, any more special than anyone else walking around on the planet that we all have this ability and everybody has the ability to do with each other does. You know, basketball masks, you name it, but some of us more depth to it than others. But his math. I am not a mathematician. I have friends that are human calculators, and they blew me away. I have friends, airlines who are incredible athletes. Yes, I can run. But I

spk_0:   31:20
looked kind of

spk_1:   31:21
goofy. And the other friends of mine who, when they go jogging, they glide down the road. And they are. It's part of their makeup and everybody has strengths and weaknesses. And just because somebody is better, something more adept to something doesn't mean you can't do it. We just have to work harder at it. And as far as our intuitive nature and who we are, you know, it's learning how to slow ourselves down, breathe. Who cares what other people think and just let it flow. And basically, when I teach, I tell people reader satellite dishes were table over bunny ears. And just because the person with bunny ears is having a little bit of a hard time, a little bit of a struggle doesn't mean you can't learn to do this doesn't mean that you, on a regular basis the cap input better just means you have to work a little bit harder at it. And that's no big deal, because I'm the person using. I talked to a theory and ask her for my math

spk_0:   32:12
problems to. The

spk_1:   32:13
other thing is that animals have an incredible sense of humor and laugh with them. I mean, they think we're ridiculous at all the things that we dio and the big thing to take away when we're working with her animals. I have yet to ever, ever won in one animal that has hate in the hut. They don't have the capability, they have behavior. This is due to what may have been bestowed on them. But the bottom line they are full of love. And yes, they are who they are, because that's how God created them. And they have instinct until we honor their instincts. But as far behavior goes, the bottom, the first informers is that they're full of love.

spk_0:   32:49
And if

spk_1:   32:49
you're able to share that, great,

spk_0:   32:51
yeah, they're good teachers for us

spk_1:   32:53
on when you are able to feel that on the level that is like nothing you've ever experienced in your entire life, enjoy it.

spk_0:   33:02
Well, I was gonna ask you to wrap up, but I think that was perfect. If people want to get in touch with you, obviously you have a Facebook page and others. But how would you prefer people would contact you if they wanna book a session or learn more?

spk_1:   33:16
If you want to ask you if there's a Facebook page? Cathy George Animal Communications on the Web sites on that as well, and you can click to it and read things. Um, there's also a calendar to book to, and it is a lower case, and it's K a T H Y Dad George G E O R g e dot gen book in that g E and be ok dot com, and you can book an appointment from Bear. Just keep in mind, depending where you're calling from all those appointments on Eastern standard time. So you have to kind of calculate the differences in our time. But that's really basically good.

spk_0:   33:54
I just want to say thank you very much. It's always nice to hear I love I mean animals, air my heart and soul. And I loved ah, listening to and hearing you also validate just in some ways how simple things can be but what our intent is. And I'm very honored to have you on the show and thank you very much for sharing your story.

spk_1:   34:12
Oh, I I'm equally Thank you. Glad to be here. And I'm glad to talk about animal communication and all the other some things that go along with it. But does your viewers enjoy it? And you're not different? Your well, more like thing you have ever fathom

spk_0:   34:27
s and go adopt if you can. And, uh, if you don't already have a pet or if you have one, get to three. Is long as you could do it because, um, they have love in their hearts for us.

spk_1:   34:37
If you having a bad day,

spk_0:   34:43
breathe right, we'll get those whistles of this necrosis. All right, Well, thank you, Kathy, for your time and alleged Thank you. Yeah, absolutely. Have a great day. But I you know, thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a psychic story dot com