A Psychic's Story

The Wound is Where the Light Enters

December 11, 2019 Nichole Bigley Episode 15
A Psychic's Story
The Wound is Where the Light Enters
A Psychic's Story
The Wound is Where the Light Enters
Dec 11, 2019 Episode 15
Nichole Bigley

Alan Waugh joins the show to share how his journey from depression to Buddhism to studying extensively with Peruvian shamans led him to his current spiritual healing path to help others. We discuss many things including the power of imagination, guided and chemical hypnotherapy and how going through difficult times make us stronger than ever before.

“The wound is where the light enters.” –Rumi

For more information about Alan Waugh, visit https://spiritwisdomhealing.com/


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Alan Waugh joins the show to share how his journey from depression to Buddhism to studying extensively with Peruvian shamans led him to his current spiritual healing path to help others. We discuss many things including the power of imagination, guided and chemical hypnotherapy and how going through difficult times make us stronger than ever before.

“The wound is where the light enters.” –Rumi

For more information about Alan Waugh, visit https://spiritwisdomhealing.com/


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you're listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind magic and more. Welcome to a psychic story. Hi, Alan. Welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us. Thank you. Yes. And so you've dedicated your life to create a better world by helping others achieve fulfillment. Walk us through how you began to change your approach to life and get started on your own spiritual path.

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Okay, Well, uh, most of my twenties I was pretty badly chronically depressed. Andi, I had suicidal ideation for a lot of that time. Andi, I about the age of 28. I had a voice inside of me saying, Alan, do you want to live? Well, do you want to die? And I made the choice that I wanted to live. And then that guiding voice, which has been a very powerful guiding influence since that time, said, Well, if you want to live, you got to change the circumstances of your life. The actions have consequences. And if you continue doing the same thing and living the same life that you've always been living, then you're going to die. And so you have to change your life and changed circumstances that actions have consequences. And the boy said of you are Where you got to do is you got to leave England and you're gonna travel for 18 months. The Asia you're gonna discover about Eastern philosophies and religions on that's off finding yourself, young man. And that's what I did. Three months later, I gave my business to my partner and I were the backpack I took off, and I spent 18 months traveling in Asia on bond. That's solid. I exploring Buddhists most very psychology on. And I followed a Buddhist way for about 15 years until I moved more into the shamanic world.

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And when you said you heard that voice, was it something that you were like spiritually religious before then? And how did that kind of come about? Because, you know, talking other people and then also receiving messages myself. For me, sometimes it's a knowing and then others. It's actually is more of you actually hear that voice like what? What was that like for you. How did you tap into it?

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Yeah, I mean, like the girlfriend, Very Christian, of bringing those to a boy, monks and nuns on. Do you know, my father definitely is quite a Catholic fundamentalist. I did pray, and I did look for guidance from higher beings and gods because Jesus. So I definitely was talking to non ordinary reality energies. But I didn't really get get clear voices as that one. It it felt like an autonomous voice on guy. Do you still have that connection? Whether it is my higher self talking, whether it's actually a purely autonomous voice, other that I'm not sure, but I It's one that I have a lot of trust in. And I have, Dr Whenever that voice speaks of me, it's big. From place is a deep love and can and wisdom. And I, without question, say yes for that. You know, I follow that that guidance.

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Yeah, and that's amazing that you had that foundation of face and was able to be open to it and follow through with it because I think sometimes people either think brush it aside and don't necessarily pay attention. So the fact that you were able to change your life in such a you know, good way in dramatic way that brings you where you are today is just amusing.

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Death on I was always in a desperate place that I was looking for help by a president. Kept kept that stuff to myself. Nobody really knew what I was going through when I heard that beautiful, powerful, loving boy saying, This is what you're gonna do And do you want to make this choice for yourself? Do you want to live visited? You do. I'm going to show you how that you're gonna do that. I needed that support, you know, Definitely did that school from something outside of myself because I wasn't doing that well with everything going on

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and you mentioned that you spent 15 years learning more of the Buddhist way, what did that 15 years look like? As you were diving and mawr and learning about that, you know, not just the religion, but the way life.

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Yeah, well, you're very much is a way of life and the law of karma being the actions have consequences. As I mentioned before, I kind of developed that viewpoint. Even before I knew it was a Buddhist philosophy that actions have consequences. So if you act in a way, this causes suffering, then act in another way. And if you act in a way that you find is bringing you happiness that continue acting in that way and that the Buddhist stations air fairly simple in that there there is such a thing is suffering. And but there was also a path that leads from suffering. And that part that leads from suffering is practice of wisdom and the practice of compassion. And so what I did is I actually started to live in much more compassionate life. I started to focus on the others because when when you depress, you become totally, totally self absorbed. Andi, I recognized that I needed to stop focusing on other people, helping them and in doing so, developing compassion for others. I would learn to develop compassion for myself. And I spotted that part. I started doing volunteer work and help, you know, helping others. The primary thing I did was cost this word. I vomited in hospice for 20 years. In some Cisco I arrived. The census go the the height of the AIDS epidemic, and a lot of my friends were suffering from that condition and dying, and I decided that I wanted to help. And so I recognized that I was doing this work. You know, the volunteer work as a way to help ease my own suffering. And but in doing that, I was also hoping, other than and it became, at some point more than else altruistic, offering where, rather than doing it for my own benefit, I was doing it for others benefit. And in doing so, I recognize that I actually wasn't the president on that ship off doing it for myself to fully doing it. For others, the depression went away, and I have been depressed,

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and it seems to be a common message or a consistent message. I should say, and speaking with people in this show is that when we are looking inwards and working on ourselves, we end up becoming the best people spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally that we can be so that then we can truly help others, whether it's holding energy, helping them down their path, and so it seems like you were able to really find that balance and that alignment throughout your you know, the journey in the process that you went through to then, you know, get to where you are today, so that's really great. And you also mentioned about, you know, the suffering aspect and the Buddhist way of life, and I firmly believe when we're here in part, no one necessarily loves going through. Challenging times, however, really does make a stronger. It's almost like if you were to physically break a bone in your body, that bone once it heals it actually stronger than what it was before. And for me, that journey in that process of kind of experiencing it and then understanding why you go through it again, just makes you stronger and in a better place. And that's my viewpoint would love to hear if you feel the same way, or if you have different thoughts on that.

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Oh yeah, that's the the love of the roomy for what the cracks where the light getting and so really aware struggles. All the tests that we have in our life are the way that we develop our wisdom. If we didn't have challenges in Life, Way would not develop wisdom from the end. It's really the beautiful thing about about transforming through. Let's call it suffering views. A Buddhist ER is the way that you develop inside. You develop the capacity to love all the parts of you that you tend to push away in shame and fear and self loathing. We tend to bury that because it's too painful to look at a lot of people. We'll release the ties themselves against looking at that because it's so painful by taking drugs or some other edited pattern, and when you actually start to look at it and bring the light shine that light into the places of you that you push into the recesses of your subconscious. That's where the transformation happens. When you learn to love all those aspects, you learn what you love, what love is and when you love yourself do relate to the world in a way in a in that place, from a place of love that might. My belief is that all relationships that you have in your your life of projection, of the feelings that you have about yourself or your own self you. So if you have a critical or your judgmental of yourself. You're going to project that onto others. And if you love yourself, you're going to do not only project on once, but you're gonna attract of are able to receive. I love,

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like attracts, like is definitely true And from my own experience, you know, I almost in denial standpoint, thank you said, if you don't necessarily look at the things that you don't wanna, um, embrace of yourself what I've found is the sooner I recognize it and accept it and let myself feel it. It actually, whether it's sadness or anger, me moral, human. So those feelings do come up. But I find that it's easier to release it and more quickly versus holding it in and not necessarily letting it go and embracing it. And then the feelings become even more prevalent and stronger. And, like you said, you attract that. And so, if any advice or tips I would like to share with the listeners is, you know, don't be afraid of necessarily feeling that, um and being in that place because that empowers you to then move on and become stronger in the process.

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Absolutely. And you know relationships with others. Let's say not family relationships so much. But relationship with significant others really are a testament to where where we are in our own lives. Because if we keep repeating relationships the, you know, sort, no fulfilling our own highest ideal, or whether we re attract people that are abusive or critical or controlling, then group. So we still need to do work on ourselves. According there in, you know, at some point those relationships service any longer because we don't see ourselves in their way.

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Let's dive in a little bit more. Also, you've done some deep training in the Peruvian healing traditions. How did then you shift from You're looking at the Buddhist way of life and diving and looking into that. But then going into the Peruvian um, healing methods,

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Yeah, when I was in my and what that did for me is it showed me that the human consciousness or the capacity to imagine was way vaster than I'd ever experienced, A said. I grew up in a Christian environment, and, like I said, you know, my thoughts and finishing was very much influenced by that. And then when I started taking LSD, I saw a whole dish in a world of possibilities. So that's off how I got introduced to using consciousness and in a very different way. And then forward Teoh went My arriving in Sam's just go in 1990 bean following a Buddhist path up to that point and went deeper into that hole. But I also had this capacity to imagine nobody had taught me. It was the honesty that had shown me that mine own minds is done. The work and it was that I was able to do so. Meditation touches allowed me to incorporate that. Imagine and imagine all faculty in in a way beyond what I was talking by my meditation teachers, and I recognized that something else was going on in an argument. See somebody hypnotherapist, actually, to find out what what was going on with me hit. My therapist happens to be a teacher of shamanism. Come influence on, she said. What you're doing is shamanic journey. And so I was fascinated by this. I decided Teoh take classes with you to a teacher in San Francisco, and so I moved more into that realm and I recognized it was it was more in eight way of practice, you know, spiritual practice that I had on I Even though I still have very strong beliefs and Buddhist ideals, I move that story in a way that incorporated this what seemed like a natural capacities for me to do. Shamanic, shamanic journeying which is what an owner sold flight or entering normal ordinary states of reality for a particular purpose on. So that that's how I got into it. Really. I was already doing it without recognizing it. The name. When I started training in it, I was like to use the capacity to into these non ordinary states of reality for a specific purpose. On in shamanism, the shaman is somebody that can at will. To say out will be important to a desire it for a particular intention going to these non ordinary states of reality to connect with the spiritual force or energy for the benefit of another offered the tribe or whoever you're working for.

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And I've heard from others that because I definitely want to get into more details about that, that people that are whatever you wanna call it or however you want to define it sensitive, intuitive, that sort of thing that sometimes if somebody has a glass of wine, or if you take something that actually calms you down like an herbal remedy or something of that nature, then you can tap into more of that that level that vibrational level of yourself that gives you those insights, as you mentioned, that we're not necessarily always connected to 100% or at least recognizing it. So with that in the practice, because I saw in your ribs that you have the alchemical hypnotherapy and also what you learned in trained in this, what types of things are, you know that goes involved when you're trying to tap into that that realm and use herbs or medicine and plant based methods

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like I took a little bit about how I got into. Plant medicine

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very different from something produced in the laboratory, this primary plant medicines in the world that used by shamanic practitioners. I have to be clear about that. Most most of these people aren't shamanic practitioners that animist the practitioners jump Shamanism believes that or a Sharman is somebody that they're enters non ordinary reality to engage with the helping

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in some cosmic realm to and it could be an ancestor. Or was somebody completely separate from your family lineage? Who will guide you or God shaman and the Sominex is an intermediary between the spirit world and the the physical corporeal world, believing that or elements happen in the spiritual domain or realm, that's where the healing happens. And then we'll bring that energy back for the benefit of their client or or the tribal. Let the tribe no, with the buffalo or whatever it is they're doing it for His animism is the belief, the more ancient beliefs that everything has spare, everything has consciousness. Everything's off, everything is alive. And so the plants were. Practitioners tend to be more from that role, more from the animistic. Well, even though that there is a general term of shamanism now, it's actually very specific to one area of the world, but the generalized turmoil that shamanism incorporates the animistic belief. But you know, just to be more specific, that's not really accurate, and some people quite purist about that. I tend to be much more generalized in that shamanism has a has a belief that covers a lot of those you know you can enter astral realms. Weaken, connect directly with spirits, the guiding spirit. Or you can connect with the spirits of the trees on the rocks of the mountains. So I was in Peru in the early two thousands. I was in my wife and we were living down in the sacred values through on because I was already interested in shamanism. I decided to find a local shaman who I could experience. I Waseca with you probably heard of that then, Sen. It's becoming very well known, and through those experiences I was actually shown. Now this was my path for the rest of my life that that voice against it to the decision part You're here and this is this is your part of the rest of your life. And I said Yes, That's why that's what it kind of. I knew that that was true, but I hadn't thought pretty believed in myself. That's what my path would be burnt. With the advice and the encouragement and support of that particular plant spirit, I developed like my confidence is strong, but I just knew that was my part the rest of my life ever since that day is like my epiphany moment. I haven't wavered from that on. There was about 17 years ago, so I followed that part of sins. So I just start off by just doing helium of that isn't really receiving any training other than through the long ally. And I I do hear you I convict with responding. Oh, my God. What did you do? You know, I really don't know. Very confident in what I was gonna help is part of the process. And then I recognised, actually becoming from a Western mental of background. I recognized that there was the different ways of of helping people in the US were primarily work. That ship's you notions called a shamanic Practices are indigenous practice remains within traditions and that they're not really our traditions. We've for gotten a lot of those those traditions and practices. And, you know, for somebody growing up in a village in the Amazon rainforest, that is part of their culture, that's part of the tradition. They're very superstitious in it. They have those beliefs completely support the work of the practices that happening down there, and then the shamans, or their uncle or a grandfather that their father or sister or something, so that they're very familiar and they understand it. But in the West, we could go down there. We have this during experiences, that thing. I want you experiences or some others experiences and is not part of our culture. And so all this time we don't know what to do with it. And we're also going going to see the showman with my stroke coming like the way we go to a doctor in this country and giving up all power to that person. And they would tell you to do something or but not really fully understanding in. So I recognize it. In in the West, we need a street I needed to do to introduce something else. I started training in other techniques, one of which, the momentum was alchemical hypnotherapy really techniques that that within power, that find that they could understand because we're stuck toe so that analytical culture in the mind both culture. I recognize that to help develop that mind body relationship that we have, they're not clear on the sand here. Then they would say that in the proving main for its protection, that's more effective than I I recognize. And when I started using this techniques that it was actually more effective when people say it could take these practices, are you home with them? But also, you know, be much more fully self empowered, which is really important when you're doing you look into hail

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right and also the fact that in a lot of these cultures around the world, they are more in tuned or tuned to nature because it just happens to be the their way life for part of their way of life. The fact that here in the Western world or Western culture, if we aren't, you know, as grounded in nature, experience it, but then also understand that there are other options for us when it comes to healing than that could be half the battle right. Just being introduced to something mixing it. How do you go about? I know each person's different as faras, what they're experiencing and what they need to work through from a healing standpoint. But how do you go about deciding Tiu No work and he'll with somebody with a particular way, whether it's Ricky or, um, the hypnotherapy piece or any of that other stuff.

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Yeah, well, interested me. Enough is like I said before, I didn't know what I was doing. People responding very positively to the work that I was doing it purely any energy work

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spk_1:   20:53
And I didn't know what you know really won over how? How? I was hoping that, you know, I have to say Butto ask in any sort. You know, Shulman and Mr Halo or energy here, what they're doing is helping the person, you know, they might say the same thing. So precise. I stick to me. So I don't really know how I'm helping. I know I am helping them, and I know how to help them if there no able to to hail like I have different techniques. It if in different ways and even even words can be very powerful here. So I can't just give them everything you know. I don't I don't necessarily think through what this This would be better for that business a bit. That suddenly an intuitive process. But I also know that some people respond. Teoh can't know therapy. Some don't. Some people response to acupuncture sometime, so I give them everything. You know. I don't sort of limit. But what I offer somebody, and in terms of how I approach a healing session and then something might walk through. I don't know what people are coming with. You know, it could be depression. It could be cancer. It could be five per mile. Joe. Notify their stocks seriously, or their relationships like home. Keep relationships what? Whatever it is, I want to get pregnant conditions that people walk through the door. Or I'm always looking at What is the core limiting belief in the first? What is this or foundational cause off a limiting view or fear or Dow imbalance or disharmony? I'm always looking at that because I know I said before the you know, this is the view of the demonic viewers. Will. Holistic view is, it's a whole body feeling, and it really starts with the spiritual component you are. Is that person spiritually empowered, although are they spiritually depleted? And so I'm looking for the cause of that, and then when shoppers and me. But for the soul retrieval that that tends to be so lost tends to be the primary cause off limitation which not dealt with, will become an emotional conditioning, that's all that would become a physical manifestation of some limitation. And so, you know, to help somebody to fully heal and not just deal with symptoms like a Band Aid technique.

spk_0:   23:07
I'm looking

spk_1:   23:07
to get the very roots or the off a condition that they come with, and I'm only peripherally interested in what they come with. Really. What I'm interested in is what is the root cause of any limitation in their life? Because I've found that if I do that work, things that they didn't even come with, works full change, people who've coming on my great, you wouldn't believe

spk_0:   23:26
I spoke

spk_1:   23:26
to my father for 15 years. He called me yesterday. You know, they didn't come with that. The condition, So that's a beautiful thing about going really deep is you can actually change people's life enough in the way. So Pius

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Yeah, and he said something very important. And that is sometimes when people come and they think it might be one thing, it could be a ripple effect of a bunch of different things, or something that is more powerful in the sense of once that peace is healed than the other things can follow in alignment. And so I think that that's definitely an important thing for people understand. And when you talk about soul retrieval, I have some thoughts on what that means. But for people that might not be as familiar with that, what goes into that and what does that look like?

spk_1:   24:12
Okay, so the view is that when were killed, most of the stuff happens when when we're young, we live in an unsafe environment. So you know there's boil it in the house or a piece of some Seiple. You know, one of your parents is kind of erratic behavior, erratic, attended temper explosions or something that we live in. Uncertain embroiling. When we live in an uncertain environment, your much more sort like prone to responding in it in a sort open way to say, criticism or not being shown love about that, you're much more prone to believing the story that what you're doing is is shameful. You should hold guilt, and so part of you saw escaped is too painful to deal with that, and so part of you run wasn't eyesight, runs for the hills on or goes into some cave and then that's not sold or somewhere before he called. It's on a psychic split, Andi. So actually, part of you just disappears. It leaves, and that that becomes you've heard the expression the wounded child does become elements of begin wounded. Chelsea is if you have so lost and that soul part is associating too. Some experience you had when you say three you've been in your will, hold the experience for the rest of your life. If it's not dealt with from the shamanic do point, you have to go and retrieve that part of the soul to bring it back into the into the soul essence of that person, them ever to lose that it happens to be self loathing. You know, you were told that you use this. You need to be, you know, love by anybody. And you believe that because you believe everything your parents tell you and your your young So you live the rest of your life believing that you're unlovable, where you can only rectify that. If you actually find the practitioner who can help you to go often find that part of the solar went into hiding, ran for the hills associated with that particular aspect of self loathing, and you can have more than one soldiers. Franklin's one part, could be associates is so broken, once thought to be associate to abandon ago or could be associated with fear of, you know, alligators, will it work with these different things that have been a general fears and each one year ago, students and search each one of those little parts of soul to bring them back? And if you don't, those are actually what we call triggers. And so we're in a situation that say we have a fear of abandonment. Where about that gives? Look, and I'm just going out. I'm leaving. I'm going to the bar or something. You know, We were that trigger inside of us. Remind us of that time, Amir little kid, where our father did the same thing. We thought that they would never coming back and react from that place we have. That's all that wounded Children placed in. The only way you can actually remedy that it's to go find somebody to help you to bring that part of the soul back. So that's what that's what a lot of my work is actually personal, discovering through self inquiry with the client. What are those? What are their triggers? Nowhere, whether they come from and then actually helping them to bring those parts back so they don't have those triggers on. And this is a miraculous way of working with people. Booth. Transformational possibilities, enormous.

spk_0:   27:16
My experience with that is, when I was going through becoming a raking master, I I actually had my teacher at the time working on me, and she was good about sometimes. When you go to Ricky, um, practitioners, they it's just in their minds, and then they share with you after the fact. But she was great about saying the prayer work or saying affirmations over music. Kind of one feel the things that were happening to me as they were occurring. But then also, when she would verbalize things, it was interesting to hear what that looked like, and she mentioned soul fragments, and she mentioned having them being, you know, brought back, um, into my being for my best in highest good and that they can even transcend not just this lifetime but other lifetimes and just that feeling of being grounded. And Cole was amazing because you don't necessarily think about that as you mentioned on a metaphysical level or a soul level, that you can have these traumatic experiences, some maybe smaller nature, some larger nature. But over time, that definitely, you know, is a part of you that isn't necessarily fully healed until you you do the work or go to someone that can do that.

spk_1:   28:27
I know that I could say something like psychotherapy therapy could be really helpful in identifying the cause of the condition, but it doesn't really go deep enough because you know, you're not retrieving those parts of brought back on board there. That's when the tree transformation happens. But the foundational. But what I have to do when people have a lot of beer is helping to feel safe because what you know, that they have a short attention inside of them that their feels unsafe and they get I see also committing these. Each of these soulless is there's attention associated with it and that that's the trigger. So they said, this is soul fragment fragmentation around the abandonment issue. Whenever some situation comes up in in a relationship where you feel like you're gonna be abandoned, even though you're not really going to the abandoned. You fear that you tend in that particular place and that tension is send. Send a message to the, you know, the the imagination that but this person is going to leave. And so you have been emotional reaction Well, that bring that soul pop back that she helps you to release that tension, help you to lease that trigger put on. Unless that's why break it. So help

spk_0:   29:32
us help

spk_1:   29:33
you to relax on. Do you know if you can relax and you know, 10 and when when you were like you can actually feel stake in those parts of your body where you don't feel safe? And that's when when you do the soul retrieval work, it's more likely to stick. I say I sticks more like to integrate

spk_0:   29:49
because you're

spk_1:   29:50
actually releasing the tension or the fear based response in that part of the different sort layers of doing doing the work. But you know what? You're ready, Master. His name is helpful part of that process,

spk_0:   30:02
yes, definitely amazing is in also another thing that I one of the practices that I can I do, And I think people who are listening it could be somewhat easy or simple for them to think about is when you are falling asleep or about to work, you wake up. If you think about your energy level almost like a fuel tank rate, like a gas tank. And a lot of times during the day or just over time, our energy can be depleted for a variety of reasons, whether we've been sitting down too often and haven't been moving or you had a conversation with somebody that was just training. And if you just visualize your fuel tanks being brought up to full, you know, literally filling back up I and having that be, um, you know, the positive energy that positive fuel that you need for your body in your mind in your spirit, your soul, then that also can help you ground, which is separate from the soul fragmentation. But it's an easier visualisation practice to put into mind. If you're feeling depleted energetically,

spk_1:   31:02
that's a good

spk_0:   31:05

spk_1:   31:06
That is the most important work that I don't It was very shamanic we're working is what capacity is the Sharman using to interact or engage with these other realms is their imagination. And, you know, might might believe the reason I use hypnotherapy and guided imagery things is that the imagination is really what is behind the mind body relationship. And if we have a belief that we're not good enough in that we're not worthy to be like way, imagine that way. Imagine all wells in one where were not worthy to be loved. And so we maybe that we don't live in a way that will attract love, you know, So the only way to transform that is to start to imagine the world that is filled with blood, that you are loveable, that you're healthy that, you know, you have your guests tanks filled on Dettori. Imagine that you create a different reality. I call it dreaming into being. If one reality is working for you, how about you create another reality through your imagination? Because we imagine I'll you know the expression. I think therefore I am. It will take you deeper, I imagine. Therefore, I am thinking this is has limitations. Where's imagination has unlimited potential with you if you allow that some people who have limited capacity to imagine But you know, if you develop and expand on it and build confidence that you have unlimited capacity to imagine and with with energy behind that, that's how miracle has happened and its transformation happens where it's like, Yes, I could I could be anything I want And I You can incorporate things by guy memories, you imagery or affirmations and things like to actually support that work on. So that is the real work, that that is the magical work that allow holistic feelers you can use to the benefit of their client on Do you know, like I kind of but with the way I thought I recognized it was saying sexual fantasy. You know, I recognize that in sexual fantasy, there's a physiological response. You get aroused in sexual offenses, and so you just by imagining something that probably isn't gonna happen, your body responds in in a way that it changes something physiologically. So if your mind works in that way, that the more obviously how about you imagine a world that is happy and healthy, your body is going to respond it some level to allow that to happen. And so that's why I use him being guided imagery to help support that person's capacity to change something inside of themselves that allow he that allow signaling

spk_0:   33:39
and imagination and creativity is a whole another realm of reality that we often forget. We think that again, it may be just a fantasy, but in reality it is another realm and one of another kind of tips that I had learned. And I was like, Oh, that's actually pretty cool and fascinating is if you close your eyes and you think that you're holding onto a lemon and you're taking a bite of that lemon and you're smelling it, your mouth just automatically starts to drool like you said, like that physical aspect. And so the fact that our minds and the thoughts that we are, you know, sinking about and having Do you have a physical manifestation? And that's what helps us also create. Um, you know, additional realities and bring things forced into the physical realm.

spk_1:   34:26
And so a lot of a lot of our our worldview are imagine imagination Kressley to imagine has bean affected by these early childhood experiences where we're not good enough, we're going to be abandoned or, you know we're in the unsafe environment. So we developed imagining that the world is shaped by that. If you change that, it is not that difficult to change that. There's definitely some foundational work that you can dio I do to help make it feel more authentic. But if you change that that view of the world that it's not an unsafe place, you're not going to be abandoned. Just working through the mind on bringing back, sold part to support at work. You know you like, will change that. I have changed my life completely changed, But I have been depressed with the 30 years I never thought I'd reached that u S o just just through those different practices and through no, definitely getting help from people because it's really hard to do this work if you'll just trying to do on your get help from skillful people can guide you in this process is your life will change. And I know I you know, I guess I'm living proof of

spk_0:   35:35

spk_1:   35:37
Seeing this not that dramatic changes that people have gone through in their lives by developing confidence that they have the capacity to transform.

spk_0:   35:45
Yeah, and that's very important because we thrive on community and support. And I think we sometimes become more distant nowadays from each other when we have technology and other things that don't necessarily allow us to be there. And so knowing that you can't necessarily do it on your own and that there are resource is and support out there for whatever you're going through, which is another reason why I have. The show is just toe. Give people additional options to not just merging needed to be to reach out. So that's great they have before we break. If there was one thing that you want people to take away from our conversation today or a couple things, that's fun, too. What is it and what would you like them to know?

spk_1:   36:26
You did mention something about about people being disconnected from from nature or separated from nature. We are full of nature, were animals and a lot of the causes or the conditions for our disharmony is actually that way, disconnected from nature with a lot of us live in cities and concrete buildings, can we separate ourselves? Measure And I love that most look at nature is always a resource of what we can we can take from for our own benefit. And so we don't see ourselves as part of nature was Maybe look a tree are go that's beautiful or a mountain and go hiking, but then go back to our cubicle on. So that is the cause of a lot of the you know, this harmony or their sickness in modern society, Western society. So bring yourself back into harmony mean spending time in nature have been spending. That's why vision questions that they're so powerful, it actually spending time, being quiet and trying trying to harmonize yourself with the natural world, which means bringing yourself back into harm harmony with yourself because you're part of that. So I do not see yourself a separate related to see yourself with that same overriding spiritual essence that permeates all things to try and harmonize yourself back that by sitting still by hugging the tree by lying, I like like my face down on the earth hugging, hugging here that in itself is out one of the most feeding things on and self apparent things that you can do and to enter make offering studio learn to love the earth again. If you don't know, Do you know I have to do that then and you you'll find that you'll be healthier and happier.

spk_0:   37:59
Yes, I love that. And are there any, like, natural herbs or plants and things outside of just being in nature and going and feeling the Sandra the grass was in your feet And, um, experiencing out there that you, um, like teas and other things that are healthy for people. Teoh, take Teoh, also help ground themselves and be within nature.

spk_1:   38:19
Yeah, I mean, I'm not not relaxed, but I believe that there is every every condition out there in the world, though there's a plant based remedy for it. That's not really my area of expertise and hopeless. And, uh, people are good at that. I just, uh, very encouraged that you eat healthily,

spk_0:   38:36

spk_1:   38:37
organically that don't use process food because everything that you put in your body is is the medicine as well a critical so have the opposite effect. So it should be mindful about what you're eating in eat in a way that is helping your body to support your body toe. Reward your body for keeping keeping you so healthy? I mean, just just what incredible machine his body is. They can keep us healthy, weaken views in so many ways, and able bring itself back to some sort of high mere static balance. And to reward its I thank you body for really keeping me healthy and happy. And and And I recognized that I haven't been treated you that well. So here you are. Here's a beautiful organic teach. And I'm just going to really, uh, reward you for being such a beautiful ally on my journey on this cell. For so, you know, I would encourage the everything that you you you eat. You can shoe has some beneficial quality through

spk_0:   39:32
just definitely fuel on energy for your body. And like you said, something that is natural and not processed can go a long way and helping and like you said even just being in gratitude for what your body has done so far and where you're at. But I've really enjoyed this conversation. And if you've enjoyed of this episode as a listener and want to hear more about Alan or get in touch with him, please check out his website, which is spirit wisdom healing dot com. And it has details about services, classes, trips and retreats, as well as links to all of his social media pages. Thanks again for joining Alan and I look forward Teoh speaking with you again in the future, and I hope you have a fantastic 2020. Thank you, Thank you, Alan. But by thank you for listening to a psychic story, please be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a second story dot com.