A Psychic's Story

Synchronicity and the Awakening of the Soul

February 19, 2020 Nichole Bigley Episode 19
A Psychic's Story
Synchronicity and the Awakening of the Soul
A Psychic's Story
Synchronicity and the Awakening of the Soul
Feb 19, 2020 Episode 19
Nichole Bigley

Shana Olmstead joins A Psychic’s Story to talks about how her own spiritual awakening brought her on the path she is on today to help awaken the souls of others. She also shares what synchronicity is and how we can pay attention to signs and anxiety as a messenger. 

Find out more about Shana Olmstead at https://shanaolmstead.com

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Shana Olmstead joins A Psychic’s Story to talks about how her own spiritual awakening brought her on the path she is on today to help awaken the souls of others. She also shares what synchronicity is and how we can pay attention to signs and anxiety as a messenger. 

Find out more about Shana Olmstead at https://shanaolmstead.com

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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind Magic and more. Welcome to a psychic story. Well, Shane A thank you for joining us for this episode of a psychic story. Um, certainly excited Teoh here from your perspective on the topics that we have outlined today,

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I am having me,

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of course, of course. And how we like to dive in almost every episode. Here is when and how you got started into it, you know, in tow what it is that you dio And particularly I find it really interesting how you wanted to integrate intuition into your psychotherapy practice. Because to me, that's kind of what is missing in a lot of, you know, modalities and things that people who either go for the spiritual or they go for the mental in the physical, but they don't necessarily look into how old is it all integrate together. So I'd love to hear about your perspective on how you got to where you are.

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Yeah, So I thought I was in a marriage and I had two little kids and I was in the suburbs and, you know, like a lot of people that I work with actually stay home all up and kind of happy, but really felt like there was something more. And so I started going to yoga. I started doing my own therapy, actually, a I started reading off spiritual book that I have never read before and think they started opening up for me. And, um, you know, I actually had a moment. It was just crazy where I had a spiritual awakening. I was in the middle. It sounds really strange, but I was in the middle of an argument with my husband at the time, and somehow I'm not sure what happened. But in the middle of Hey just started saying all these wonderful things. Me and I think it's shift in my vibrations so dramatically from where I was before that all of the sudden everything seems in my consciousness on the things that I was reading and understanding, studying the it was all downloaded into me. So there was nothing that no problems that all my body was vibrating with energy, and I've never felt anything like this before. And I was so excited about it. It was amazing and like ending it. And then I tried to talk people in my world about it, people in my mom's group or my husband, and they would just kind of look at me like club

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Okay, thank you. But I was just in the day where, you know, I knew I knew that there was a bigger purpose. I understood that everything was connected, and we're all made of energy and all there is a love and and I really started resonating with people like Dr Wayne Dyer, who started out in the scientific world, right, and then the sex of therapy world. But he discovered spirituality along his path, and I just had to sleep knowing that that is my calling as well. Like, I didn't know what I was doing with my career life before then and then I just have this knowing that it's my calling who will be a spiritual counselor, which I didn't know what that meant at the time. And to help means dream people that didn't understand what that meant to kind of wake them up in a secret little way, if that makes any sense to you. Um, yeah. So it was. And then I just went. I went. I have to go back. Cool. I did my underground. I did my graduate studies. I was continuing to be yoga and read my own books and the spiritual practices on the side, you know, started meditating everything. And I haven't stopped something. And, yes, I just went straight through. I ended up getting a divorce along the way, and I took my two little kids and there was so many miracles along the way of my path. Once I surrender to the universe and just under my calling, it totally supported me the whole way through who were animals.

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So when you started out, did you have a psychotherapy degree? Or was that after

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all, combined together? Yeah, I didn't

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have my undergrad.

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Well, that's cool. That's that's great to hear because it's almost like So I wasn't sure if you had had it before, and then you had an experience and then went back and integrated into it, but you were able to action I

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even had a no, you know, along my path, I met it, hated and just followed all the signs, even know where I was going to go to school. I remember, you know, about 10 years before that I was driving along the road close to where I live now, and I just have the feeling that I'm gonna I'm gonna live here someday. I didn't know what that meant, but it was in the forest and was by water. I just had this knowing. And so when I was looking into schools, I knew I needed to go somewhere where it has psychotherapy, but also integrated the holistic and the natural. Pasig and the spiritual sense of everything that I was finding was in Colorado are in California. And again, I have two little kids at the time. Like I was pretty limited. I couldn't move away. I couldn't take them anywhere. And so I was meditating one day on the name he came up. I had not heard of that before. I didn't know what it waas if I went online and I googled it. And the degree that popped up was health, psychology and spirituality. So I remember I started crying because I was so grateful. And it was on that same road that I have driven on 10 years earlier, feeling

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like I live

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here, Yeah, from that in road. And so anyway, after the divorce has picked up and I'm with my kids, it was about 30 minutes away from where I was living with my husband, and we still live in the area because it's beautiful, their spores that can take hikes almost every day. There's a lake care. So anyway, so just miracles all along the way that supported need

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what you're describing that I have hood more recently of or more, I guess people are becoming more aware of it is that called the dark awakening of the soul, and some people kind of go through. It was a lot more faster, but some people go through it more aware, and some people don't, but it's almost like what we would. There was another episode that I did about this, but it's almost like what we would think of as a crisis. We normally attribute it to the outside forces. Like you said, we're going through a divorce. We've lost a job we don't know, almost like what people would say is a midlife crisis. So we're going to those kind of things. But in actuality and love to hear your perspective on this in my mind, it is about the fact that we have these evolution of our soul and our spiritual awakenings that we need to experience in order to get to the next level and not to undercut what you went through. But it sounds like you were able to turn that experience into very much a positive and then also into a solution for not just yourself but your clients.

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Absolutely right. And when I had my awakening, I was just like, How can everybody else little in the Senate and the feel good business? So, um, anything? I need everyone else to understand it and how it's possible and how it's not even that difficult. It's just justice, you know, it doesn't feel that difficult when you're on the other side of you know when you're

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no. You mentioned another thing about your husband talking to you at the time, and it's ship your vibration, and I find that very important for anyone who's listening and has an experienced before when we have relationships, whether their friendships, um, work relationships, personal relationships, what have you have you to find those? What happens is, is when you get to a certain level and it's almost like you said he, in a way shifted. I don't put words in your mouth, but shifted your vibration to a level that you needed to be on to be aware, right? Almost. You took it a step beyond, and then you just kept progressing. So how do you with your clients? And I guess that's a way for us to dive in. Really, because we're here talking about those anxiety is a messenger. And then synchronicity and house signs can, you know, help you progress within within your day to day because I think sometimes we tend to try and hold on to relationships or situations that no longer service

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your marr. You're right, Yeah, and I think that's a lot of the you know when people come into my office and they have unexplained anxiety, you know, when they tell their life story and what they're doing into their lives people, it's really pretty easy to understand or even people in their life that they need to just even have a conversation with it that might just the relationship Does that make

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sense? So

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yeah, And for me, you know, the anxiety that I was experiencing before my awakening it was just kind of under the surface of my brain with telling me this is what you wanted. You wanted anyone in a family wanted the stay home. This is perfect. What is wrong with you, you know, But that anxiety that they experiencing with around the relationship definitely was not a good fit for me. Especially after my awakening. I kept growing right and he was a beautiful person. But he listened. He didn't want to grow in the a way. So it just didn't make centrist just stay together any longer. I'm not a lot of the times, even though it's really hard for people. Bring 206 on or let go of the fantasy of what they want. The really density, no matter if it's with men work or a mother or is there anybody in their life where they're holding onto how they want it to be when that not the reality. A bit

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the 50 ways that it creates a lot of things piety right on a lot of time, you know, it's it's really a process of figuring out What do I need from this person, and how can I ask for it? Because a lot of inviting as well, like I said, is this unexpressed emotions or unexpressed conversations? And so first getting inside your own insight, quieting your mind enough on in a twist and see what he then you feel about the relationship because it's really hard. I work with mostly impasse, and so they're really sensitive people, as you know, and they pick up on other people's emotions so much. But it's hard to know how we feel even in a relationship with somebody else, because we might be overriding that with Okay, I don't want her persons feelings, for example. First of all, it's getting clear on what you really feel and then, you know, finding ways to express it to that person because they can't make the changes that you need to be happy in the relationship. If they don't know how you feel and then it's just discovering, are they able to hear you are they able to grow in this same way? Are they able to recognize what you're saying and make changes accordingly to meet your needs? And it's not best Okay, too. But then it comes back to yourself and just asking yourself some questions about how you want to keep living. Because if you're living in a relationship with someone that's not a different consciousness level than you, it's really hard to keep growing in the way that you want to grow and evolving in the way you want it.

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Yeah, I know. And you said a lot of important things. So before we get it, like, kind of go in and unpacked that I'd like to get into for me and this could take a little bit of time. But what exactly is anxiety? So I actually suffer from anxiety? I started when I was young. I want to say, almost before it was a teenager and my parents were very understanding, but they didn't necessarily understand what I was going through, right and back then, like gosh, I want to say, 25 years ago at this even more No. One, really. It wasn't like what it is today, where you're like, I'm feeling anxious. Oh, that's okay. Like, here's what you need to do, right? It was like But why you have this, this system that's going for you? I say that because it could've been a lot of things. It could have been my reaction and sure, in terms of how I was emotionally progressing my mental emotional area like that, I'm gonna just put to the side. But what I understand it foreign for the listeners is how scientists or doctors usually talk about anxiety is that we have this part of our brain that helps the fighter flight situation. And with that we usually perceive like Is there a tiger Will The tiger means that we have to run away because that's going to save us nowadays in modern day times, what happens is we have a perceived threat, and our body in a lot of ways reacts that we don't necessarily need to react to. But what I feel and what we were talking about earlier is that there is a component that we're not taking into consideration, and that's like the spiritually emotional or the intuition piece of it. And I think that makes it, and you tell me if I'm wrong, harder for people to necessarily understand. That might be where their anxiety is coming from a swell, right? So I give an example. You mentioned the impasse. There may be somebody that is picking up on somebody else's emotions, or it may be their emotions. Or let's say that there is a situation coming up and they may have an intuition. And because that's coming up, they don't necessarily know how to recognize that emotion. And then it's building, and it's creating this anxiousness or this level of anxiety. And so then we kind of just shut down and and I don't want to speak on your experiences or anybody else's. But I think that that's a big piece of it is that most people think it's a trigger as's faras a relationship, a job, this that the other. But it could be much more than that, right? So from your perspective, how do you really define anxiety? And when you're then working with someone, what are what does it look like? That you're going to help them process that anxiousness? And what does that look like?

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Yeah, that's so I think I've been and it's so unique forever individual, of course, right. But to me, generally, anxiety is the famous fear. It's the same thing, and our body picks it up from all different kind of places. You know, it can be our environment. It could be people were working less. It can be our relationship. It can be ah, lot in past I

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to pick up on the anxiety of the world overhaul

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I'm assuming for you. You know, if you're such a sensitive, beautiful, lovely soul about as a teenager and the same with meeting, right, just so sensitive everything and going into a high school or a little school.

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So like dinner and gave

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a array as so many kids of so many feelings, But they're not processing. And so people like us, we're gonna pick up on all of those things, and I think a lot of it, too, is the way our mind you're interpreting things. So our ego, you know, Timmy is the famous fear. And like you said, when it gets triggered and there's something that really going Teoh endanger our life, that's really important. So we want to think that response, actually for keeping us days. Thank you very much for keeping me safe, but you don't need it as much as we used to. Like you said in the case, Man ages because we are pretty face most of the time. There's just these underlying fear responses that are still present in our biology, which are super help well. But we need to find tools to calm those down because it's not happening like it used to be. Yeah, so I do think like what you were saying. A lot of the time people are describing anxiety, but it's really their brain trying to block something that intuitively there, so long come to know. And they're really scared to know what that is, because in their life, the pain, trade or their

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or their dog has to change or their relationship with their family has to change, which can be super scary. For some people have so many people that come to me and they don't you know, they say, Oh, I had a panic attack out of the blue. I have no no understanding of why this happened. When they Scribd, they're weak and they have their mother in law, for example, living with criticizing them every day. Or they had a holiday. Recently I had a client, and he grew up in a religion where they're not able to celebrate. Hall it. It's so she had a daughter's birthday and that he had a panic attack later that night and he couldn't understand the connection. But it was because he has so much guilt and anxiety and fear from growing up about holidays. So anyway, yeah, so anxieties to me. A lot is coming from our environment, coming from our brain, misinterpreting things, a threat. And it's also coming from intuition that we are scared to just open up, too. So we don't any changes in our life because

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of what you

spk_1:   15:52
fear. This stay, stay great

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and comfortable.

spk_1:   15:55
We're hearing that use alot. Then we're here to it, and then we're here to keep growing, and anxiety is actually, you know, it could be a sign and a highlighter toe What you're supposed to do in your lifetime in order to grow and expand, it can actually be a super exciting thing. And if you listen to that call and you make the changes even though you're scared your soul gets to evolve and then you don't have to come back another lifetime and repeat this fishing trip in less than over again, right? So it's exciting thing, as you look at it took

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a little bit more about that because I would say that there's I don't want to put it necessarily in this or that. But I'm in it for simplicity sake. I'm gonna say there's two camps. There's one that maybe somebody that's people that are highly functional and can have anxiety and use it, like you said, is something that pushes them forward to me, positive momentum and changes. And then they're people that are in the camp. That anxiety has just kind of paralyzed them, and they're in a situation where they feel that they can't get past it and that they're always gonna be anxious in their lives. I feel that the second camp you have an opportunity to move into the it doesn't have to be a part of your everyday life, and it's something that you can't evolve. But what are the in your experience and your practice? What are the differences in how people can get from the ladder, right? In terms of moving forward into the positive momentum.

spk_1:   17:17
Yeah, it really is again individual for the person. Um, but I mean so many people that you have gone to other therapist or other doctor voter, just like Okay, here's the pill. And yes, you're gonna have anxiety forever. And it's just kind of how you're wired of how you're born. And I think what are you talking doesn't make any sense to me because I agree with you. You know, I think it's something like you said as an awakened our But it doesn't have to be here for the rest of our lives. Yeah, So I think some of the differences are the main difference is the belief in the possibility that you can have that differently in your life? Does that make sense? If you don't believe it's possible, the shifter, anxiety or anxiety will never shift. And so I spent a lot of time with a lot of clients. You know, sometimes it happens really, really quickly for people would just be for exciting, but really just helping them convince their own souls and their cells and their whole body. But it's possible the live without anxiety and one second start shifting into that mindset a little bit more. It started. The practice has become so much easier to integrate consistently because if there's hope that it's gonna attains, of course there's more motivation to do the thing that will make it change. But if there's no hope, we're confident that that is going to permanently if there's a lot more resistance. And so and I believe you know, once they start doing little practices, being little fine, but they're invitee is just staying more permanently is the confidence and it both moment done. And so I'm a big believer. We talk a lot in, but I really make people do their homework so they can have direct everything for themselves of this stuff actually working. Does that make sense?

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Yeah, no, absolutely. And how do you feel about so I don't know if you've ever experienced actually having a panic attack? I have a friend of mine who recently, actually, the other day texted me and she's never had one in her life. But she knew that I had a radio. Yeah, it's scary. It's like you feel like you're dying and then most people in orderly exit emergency room. And you definitely need to look into what is your long term plan about talking to somebody and having that is a practice versus going into emergency room because it's not a short term fix. That's something that you have to look at in terms of bettering yourself over the long haul. Unfortunately, that's just what it is, right. But what happens is is that people aren't paying attention and hits you. So I say this because my friend asked me She's like with Dwight. Go to the emergency room, What do I do? And I mentioned her as like Unfortunately, what you need to do is like, go and do these steps And I said, Call your primary great to find a good therapist I say that because I think that we're in a society. Actually, I don't think I know where to society that everyone imagines that there's a pill or there's something that we can take. And it's a short term fix and then assumes we start somewhat feeling better than we kind of dismiss the work that we still need to dio and I say, Oh, my

spk_1:   20:07
God, no.

spk_0:   20:08
You say that because we had advice. Do you have for people? Because in ways it's easier for you when you're in a moment of crisis, to maybe ask for help and to take that step. But then once you start to feel better, I feel like some people just kind of let it go, right?

spk_1:   20:23
And so maybe there three panic attacks in a rower

spk_0:   20:26
gets really, really bad

spk_1:   20:28
and they get really fit for something like that, right?

spk_0:   20:30
And then

spk_1:   20:31
again, I think it's unique to each person. But I do think it has to kind of get bad. Sometimes where people have toe, I hear a lot in my office like I'm just so sick of myself. So because here it's so complain about this I'm so sick of this anxiety. So I think a lot of times that the shift is low and they just keep doing the same thing over and over and over again. And it's not working. Or if they do have someone that they're working with, you know, cause I see it all the time. This well, right? Someone help a panic attack and then and I have this actually last week to two people and same day. They both had a panic attack and both of the kind of attacks. We're related to conversations that they weren't having with people in their life that they

spk_0:   21:10
needed to talk to that

spk_1:   21:11
we from talking about. I'm like, OK, you know, in a really nice way in a loving way because it doesn't matter to me. Everybody evolves in their own time, right? So I don't have attachment to it, but I just understand. But if they don't do that, they're going to keep having panic attacks. If they don't make the changes in their life, say the things they say they're going to give having panic attacks and to me of panic Attack also is a kind of the check in with yourself more frequently, and so that's a lot of what I talk about with My client is starting out. You know, maybe once an hour and studying a hangar for yourself and taking you know, five deep breaths and just asking yourself if your hand on your belly, what am I feeling? Because the more frequently you can check in with how you're feeling and the more aware you are a bit more consistently. It doesn't build up to that point of a panic attack, because what that means is that you haven't been conscious of how you've been feeling for quite some time, which a lot of people are. You know, a lot of people are in our heads, so let's because we're living life or we're going toe work or we don't underst down the important

spk_0:   22:11

spk_1:   22:12
out of our heads. And so to me, you know, it's just a wake up call to check in with yourself more frequently. Be in your body, know how you're feeling. Get out of your head. Yeah, and so really again. Yeah, it depends on the individual, but a lot of chances of people getting sick enough of themselves make the dangers or getting loaded. I don't think people are motivated enough to feel good with me. It is my main priority. I really encouraged by my clients to make feeling good our main priority, because what that does is it connects the march or intuition when were higher vibration, and it also helped that help other people more. We can't spread out high by braces, energy and love and light of were not feeling good. It's really a humanity to prioritize your own happiness.

spk_0:   22:57
Yes, absolutely. And you have that. You said that because that's my biggest thing is one of my biggest things I should say is that if you look within yourself and you go to perfect yourself and make yourself a better person then and if every single person on the search did that instead of looking outward, they looked inward, then we would be a utopia. We would be so much more of a better society, and we would be ready to have you know, everything that's coming to us right now. So I think that's huge, like

spk_1:   23:25
the only way to feel knotting forever because that's also how you know what your purpose is right, And I find a lot of clients come to me with anxiety because they're not on purpose in their life, and either they know that or they don't know that. But until you find something to do with your life, it doesn't have to necessarily be a job. But most often I think it is that you're on purpose with and you're doing your life work. You're going to kind of feel the levelling. Another thing that I believe that

spk_0:   23:54
when you say job I've explained looks I former workaholic hair raising my hand. I mean, that defined my life. But that's a whole another, uh, episode for another day for me. What I explained to my friends, I don't need a job. I need a source of income. I need a purpose in life. That's a very different shift in your mindset, right, because when you say I need a job or career than that's, I need a title, I need a salary. I need benefits. I need all these other things that the find me versus what do you like to do? How are you getting your income and how is that better in your life? How are you fulfilling yourself and other people, that sort of thing? And so that's something that I think people should probably look at a swell in terms of it, because a big part of my anxiety was just that being a single person, you supporting myself, all those other things that is going to be and what you also mentioned about, um, I think it's important to talk about with the listeners that are, you know, here is we normally define ourselves by the my wife. Am I not a wife? So I have Children, Am I? You know these These have I hit these numbers at a certain level in life when I finally said to myself and I can't speak for everybody else and I can't speak for you. But when I finally said, all of that doesn't necessarily matter what's actually making me what is actually making me happy in life. Then that took away a lot of the I should be here at this agent life. I should be doing this. I should have accomplished this And that anxiety and other things that just kind of melted endlessly melted away, but just took down the barriers.

spk_1:   25:27
Amen. Again? Yeah, I do talk to a lot of claims that have the same reason years of you know I'm not married. Yeah, I don't have kids, Header, but this is it, huh? And yeah, I agree. You know there is No there is no timeline for anything. Everybody is right on time.

spk_0:   25:45
Right? So

spk_1:   25:46
when you could let that go and tune into what you really think and feel, you know, you are gonna be on your right path and there is Yeah, there's no timeline for anything, right? And trying to force that pushes further away.

spk_0:   25:57
Yeah, my dad when I was really young and I would get so anxious about things like if I had a quiz that I had to take or whatever it is like just minimal things. And I would just be all out of sorts. He would say, You can only do the best or you did the bass singeing good in that moment in time. Yeah, and I think that everybody here listening needs to know you're doing the best that you can at this moment in time. And you should just breathe and take into account that you are you and you're doing You're doing what you need to dio. And once you assess the situation and where you are, just bringing your light, everything is what matters.

spk_1:   26:39
I think you're just hitting on something so important with anxiety that self 11 of compassion is a huge component of decreasing anxiety because there's so many people that are accomplishing so much, and they have this belief system in them. but it because they're criticizing themselves or because they're pushing themselves. And if they stop doing that, they wouldn't be successful in their life. But it's really creating anxiety, right? And it's not helping at all. Oh,

spk_0:   27:04

spk_1:   27:04
have a lot of people that work in Texas company because I'm in Seattle area, and so it's just a huge. It's like a huge death toe. Start thinking that, Oh, if I let go a little bit and stop twisting and left really very kind and loving to myself, I'm going to be more successful in life. You know, people don't understand that, but once they start practicing it and it really, you know, start working, they get excited about it. So yeah, but thanks for bringing up this criticism in the self doubt because it's a huge, huge part of the work I do with people is helping them identify what they're talking about to themselves in their head and just being a lot more kinds of them. So you know, all day long, consistently

spk_0:   27:45
well before we shipped to the synchronicity which I actually think that it paying attention to signs and what that looks like makes is very similar turning to our anxiety, which is what I wanted to talk to you about. But I do wanna dive a little bit into self care because I feel that the whole self care movement, while I think, is fantastic, where we should all take time to take that as and put facial, give ourselves facials and give all of that almost feel like that movement. And if you buy a weighted blanket or using a stress ball. But I am not minimizing it by any means. I have awaited blanket. I do all those things. But the idea of what people do and that being considered self care versus what I actually consider the hard work of self care is vastly different. So I'd love to get your perspective being in the medical field what that looks like to you. Yeah,

spk_1:   28:38
I see what you're saying because what you're talking about, I think ISS it's almost been Nile, in a way, in our distraction in away from that, we could just lovely, you know, and I do encourage people to do all the things that you're talking about as well. But you know that Almost mask right. If you take a lot of breaks into a lot of health care in the way that you're talking about. It doesn't really get down deeper to the surface of the reasons that you're having anxiety in the first place

spk_0:   29:05
and and let

spk_1:   29:06
you make the distinction because memory to take them. And so I think, you know, doing those things but also integrating in. You know, one of my favorite things is, you know, combining a the size and nature together. Like I said, I have a part within five minutes of my house, and so I'm able to several times a week just go out in nature and get real quiet. You know, I don't bring headphones. I don't listen to a podcast. I'm not talking to a friend. I'm talking to nature on the forest and the trees on myself, and so I can connect with what's really happening internally for me. You know, it's hard when I'm around my Children or I'm around. Other people get down to the truth of us, and then I don't know how I feel. And then I don't know what I want, and I also get a lot of messages intuitively synchronous Stickley when I'm out there, you know, in that quiet space. And so I think that's one example of it and medicating, you know, kind of similar to that. But this putting meditation into your self care routines, I think again, medication and getting out of your mind is a really important for myself because it gets you out of that thinking mine. It gets into your intuition than your insight, which is going to allow you to make the changes that you need to make to release some of your anxiety. You know, I think talking to support people in your life can be definitely a form of both care as well, not people that you have to take care of. But people that Aaron Yurkiw that air spiritually connected and are growing as well. That is definitely a big part of health care journaling, you know, automatic writing, asking yourself how you're feeling. I really like to do some of the practices after meditation when you're out of your head even more, and asking ourselves some questions that maybe you I don't feel comfortable with. So the time they're getting to the truth, um, of the answers that are underneath where your brain is telling

spk_0:   30:51
the reality. It's super simple in the sense that if you just put it into your practice of every day light, it should. We're again right and should flow, and it should become a habit. It's not like we're asking you to run a marathon or ask you to do all this heavy lifting. But what happens is is if you feel a hesitation and you don't want to do well one. If you feel compelled to do it and you're very excited, great, just run with it and go with it. But if you're feeling super hesitant, then that means that that's exactly what you need.

spk_1:   31:19
I totally agree when there's a lot of resistance around, you know, intestine with people, too. We just I just keep staying with it. You don't let go. That's the highlighter again, something that really review process. And I think of myself because I have a lot of clients that do things that have been things you know distantly for years. But to me they're missing the piece of integrating it throughout all day long, right? I think a lot of clients like, OK, I meditate every day before bed. And I do this morning ritual of journaling or whatever, which is so great and don't stop doing that. But I really, you know, all day long is where the real practices using everything, virtual opportunity to grow and doing things proactively all day long to, you know, like every time I get in my car, I'm doing the wonderful affirmation everyday when I go to work. It's a ritual that I do that keeps my vibration high and linking at the things that we're already doing, you know, in our day, like driving or brushing your teeth and looking at your up in the mirror and telling yourself how much you love. Well, for every day when you're walking, you know, imagining earth energy flowing up into your body or source energy flowing down from the sky. And so does that make himself character. Me is practices that you do, but it's also a remembering of our truth all day long.

spk_0:   32:34
No, I think that's exactly you know, very poignant in the sense that moves. People aren't gonna necessarily know how to take it up that level right, But like you said, brushing your teeth like it ends up becoming a practice and a ritual based on how you integrate it into your life. So if you start with one thing like you said, it's not just because you meditate in the morning or at night or whichever it is, it's and then, when you feel comfortable with it, it becomes a daily practice. Add something else, right and almost like a workout in an exercise. You're exercising your mind, your mental state, your emotional state, your spiritual state or physical state. So you want to make sure that you're having that in every aspect of your life. But if it sounds like too much to take on, you take on a little bit of the time and then you just added on.

spk_1:   33:22
Yeah, I think that's really beautifully David, and you know, being really pencil to yourself when you forget

spk_0:   33:29

spk_1:   33:29
really quick,

spk_0:   33:30
traitorous lake

spk_1:   33:31
and just placing reminders throughout the day. You know, maybe you have a crystal somewhere. I wear bracelets every day. That means something to me that help me remember to take a breath were to be present or if you get connected again or had been white light around me, you know, having physical reminders. I think in your environment can be really helpful for self care again tuned back in about ancient wisdom and light and knowing that we are all born with that we we forget about and we just get away from by getting into my head. But it's all around us all the time wanting us to feel amazing every second,

spk_0:   34:05
so shifting gears, a bit synchronicity. So we were talking about, um, paying attention to signs how anxiety can be a messenger for us, that things aren't necessarily right in our lives and how we may need to make shifts. How do you describe synchronicity and what does that look like for those of us who may not have heard it, Which I Hopefully you have cause you've heard of the movie and seen the movie. But that said,

spk_1:   34:28
Yeah, yeah, so I think synchronicity.

spk_0:   34:31
Ah, lot

spk_1:   34:31
of the time when it going up is to help us know that we are in the linemen that were on the right path, that maybe these something that we were thinking about is really drawing resonant for us or if there was a new direction on our past as well. So

spk_0:   34:45
light something

spk_1:   34:46
up that we haven't seen. Like, you know, I'm thinking of the other day I was driving to work and I like to drive fast. I realized that I expect that in my later years I used to judge myself pork ribs. But no, I don't I

spk_0:   35:00
think it's really

spk_1:   35:00
fun. But, you know, I'm trying to get somewhere and cars in front of your going slow If I have to remind myself, Okay, breathe. Everything's fine. Um, and so I was kind of in that state of like, I want to get to work, and I was forgetting to breathe. And then I got back in my body for a moment, and then I started looking around, and then all of a sudden, when I got back in my body and I was aware I saw these little find around me like, um, I saw this license plate. We have abuser step around here, so it's kind of cool that these license plates there kind of common, but it's a magic Toyota dealership. So magic is really big on the license plate. Kreme. And so I saw that one and then I'm like OK, you for that beautiful reminder. I'm going to take a breath, go down and remember that everything Mexico and then my dad on the other side, and he gives me find all the time, too. And so in that moment I also saw someone on a motorcycle, which my dad was a big motorcycle writer, and I also about five minutes later, I saw this place plate frame that Walnut Creek on it, which is really strange, because up in California about through my dad was born. And so all those things together, you know those fine to me, that synchronicity and I was showing me that I'm connected, that my dad's right there to help me, that everything is perfect and wonderful and a lying on. I'm on the right track, so it really helped me to slow down, get back into my body and have a really break in.

spk_0:   36:26
So for each person and that's beautiful, Day said that, but for each person, it means that signs or, you know from the other side, everything else and even from your higher self, are customized or independent to that particular person and what I think and again What I'm just kind of like picking up on is that most people are so involved and I've got to get toe work. I've got to get home. I have to do this, set any other or whatever it is in their day to day lives that they're not necessarily looking out for our being open to the signs that the universe has been providing to us.

spk_1:   37:04
You're I think you're right about that. Yeah, and so to me, it's the practice. I remember. I texted life. I have this group of friends, but we all went to college together at that magical call it. But I went to, um so I told them about my experience that day because it was fighting. And then I most of them were like, I am not even aware enough to do you like, What are you talking about? I'm so in my head. So I think it's super common, you know, and my friends are really spiritually conscious as well. So for them to not even be aware, it's talents, right? And so I think it's just noticing every day when you're in your head and you're not in your body and practicing as much as you can, reminding yourself to get president, because the only way we're able to see the signs of synchronous City is Langley are present and we are in our body and we're not thinking too much. And so and then I think that's being for signs. Also, you know, asking for signs on the looking for them is a really good way. Teoh be able to see them. And I think also just even studying the intense is because I don't think enough people you've been setting that intention out. Teoh want to be fine, let alone pay sentence of them, let alone do what they're telling you to do, because a lot of times I think we're getting fine. We're ignoring them or not aware of them, or if you see the signs were here sometimes to take action on them as well.

spk_0:   38:25
I completely agree it sounds complicated. It's actually very simple in practice that when you feel something or you see something, you just kind of acknowledge it. Even if you feel a little bit like I'm going crazy or whatever, it's more like thank you very much for the message. Thank you for the sign, and I don't say brush it off, but at least just acknowledging it. You're, like, ahead of the game. But then, once you do that, more and more opportunities for recognition or awareness gonna pop up and those condone drastically and dramatically shift your life and where you're going. And most people think of the movie where Kate Beckinsale and you know all of that there was like this synchronicity. That's what it means. I'm gonna find my soul mate and I have to follow these signs Reality. When you look at that movie, it's because two people are very dedicated about finding each other, and what are the odds that they're actually going to go through with it to the links that they did? But the fact of the matter remains that regardless, if you have been listening and following your true self all along, he never even would have been in that path to begin with, right when people were thinking a synchronicity or the signs. I think it's super simple of just acknowledging where you are at that moment in time and why you were receiving that message, and it could be something as simple as just again acknowledging it and then letting it go. Or if there needs to be action to be taken thin, that's up to you. But it could be coming from your higher self, the other side and a guide, like in your case, your father who's passed on, which is a beautiful moment, and that you know that he's constantly they're giving you, you know, acknowledgment that he's there with you.

spk_1:   40:06
Yeah, and I think the more we, like you said, start seeing the signs of paying attention to them and acknowledging them, and it becomes a constant. You probably have this experience as well, and so you have where it's all day,

spk_0:   40:21
every time you

spk_1:   40:22
feel like

spk_0:   40:22
you're somebody mentioned, like if you are about to buy a certain type of car, right or you bought a car like let's say you bought a blue Kia or whatever. You've never seen them on the road, hardly in your life but you by one. And then all of a sudden every other car is a blue Kia right? It's also a part of your brain that just activated that you've seen it, and that is not not anything spiritually. That's something that's here in the present that you drag it rare. You knowledge ing it. So what happens is when you do that on emotional, spiritual level, then you are acknowledging it and then more can come to you. And those messages can be more aware. And you could be more conscious of it,

spk_1:   41:04

spk_0:   41:04

spk_1:   41:05
and the higher your frequency, you know, the more the signs keep coming, Teoh. Right. And I think that sometimes when you're around people that you really vibe with and you have a synchronous stick energy with it happens even more when you're with those people or between you and that person. Even if you're not present with, um, does that make sense?

spk_0:   41:23
Yeah, absolutely so out of the things that we talked about, whether it's anxiety or the synchronicity and message messages and just general signs and things that you've worked with with your clients, anything else that you wanted to share about your personal experience or others that the listeners should know about.

spk_1:   41:41
Yeah, I think that synchronicity, anxiety, spirituality, and twisting it all really kind of saying the same thing. You know, it's really the universal incest to get out of our thinking mind and connect to our deeper wisdom that has been there before. We were even born and help us live that life that were born to live without the fear. And so, yeah, so I think and the more we do that, the more we're able to be on her path and Steve out more clearly. And the more we're able to help other people in the world, you know, with our Yeah, So I would just say, you know, any time that you're feeling like you're having anxiety to slow down and to get really quiet And rather than doing something distracter so really checking with how you're really feeling And even if it meaning to write something down because that could be really helpful just getting quiet, maybe doing some meditations filling your mind, asking your higher self. You know, what am I really feeling underneath this anxiety and you know your answer. Everybody is your best healer, right? Everybody knows the answer When they come to me, they think they don't. But we really get down to the truth all of the time. And so everybody has that inner wisdom definitely inside of them. It's just finding ways to get down to it and toe, listen to it and not be too scared to pay attention because it does have your highest good in mind, even if it's scary, even if it means detained in your whole entire life. That little voice inside of you is the truth, and it's a cheerleader for you, and it's really positive, and it's really excited for your future. And so don't be scared.

spk_0:   43:25
It's a huge message, he said. Don't be scared in the sense that when you have anxiety in that panic attack or when you're having a message to you, it's really truly to embrace it in to feel it and then Teoh not disregard it and put it away in a box or suppress it right and your left. That moment go, and that anxiety will pass as soon as you recognize that it's almost like it's almost like your inner child of I am here. Have you recognized you and then we ignore it and then it's just gonna come right, and at that moment, once you do, then like you said, all those other things can happen because then you've recognized that this isn't gonna break you. This isn't And I speak from this from experience for people that are listening that it doesn't make her break you. It makes or breaks you because you haven't recognized it and you haven't let it go and you haven't embraced it. And once you do, then you know the world is is yours.

spk_1:   44:24
Yeah. I'm glad you brought that up because validates on a lot of us grew up. Um, not having our feelings validated by our parents who were trying their very best. And so when we are growing up, we need to repair in ourselves in that way rate. And so you're so right in that anxiety is raising its young saying that hey, at pace intensity. And so it's really important to acknowledge and validated. Tell yourself I understand how you feel that way. But we can also do these other tools, but acknowledging it because a kid, when their feelings aren't acknowledged, they start crying. They start yelling to start freaking out or they just stepped down right until they're feeling is like Wallace. And there's another concept in psychotherapy called Name it to tame it. And so you're right on that as well. As soon as you can leave bullet and understand, this is anxiety. It decreases.

spk_0:   45:17
No, that's really interesting. You say that, though, because I asked, I don't know how many doctors like. Okay, well, what is it that I had in it? And I understand the reason why some doctors don't necessarily want to label certain things but me. If I understand the issue or the problem, Hey, it's you you need at build up more self confidence. Or it's a combination of these things or these factors, or this is what it makes it easier for me to come up with a solution, right? And I'm not saying you have all the answers, but give me a piece of the answer. And so I think that also for people that are, you know, going through this, they shouldn't necessarily just think. Use your own intuition. You know yourself the best. You know whether or not if you need to go and talk to somebody about this, whether it's something that you could do on your own, a combination of things you just need to look at it as a opportunity as an opportunity of Ben, your soul bettering yourself over the course of time. And so how can people reach you? Or how would you like them to contact you if they're interested in finding out more?

spk_1:   46:19
Yeah, So I have a website on. That's just my name. You know dot com I have I really like instagram lately. I put a lot of things and I cooked videos as well. A lot of them are around the anxiety and into within. And so, yes. So those are some good ways to get a hold of me and my phone number and email or on the web by an Yeah, I would love to talk to you. I'm working on some new things for the new year. Well, some some resource is about energy medicine and how it will help with invite.

spk_0:   46:53
So everyone thank you again for listening. Machine Olmstead. That's S H A N a O l m s de a d dot com. They will be in the show notes as well and thank you so much. And we will be talking again. I'm sure again in the future. Thank you. Thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a second story dot com.