A Psychic's Story

Psychic Development for Everyday Living

March 11, 2020 Nichole Bigley Season 2 Episode 4
A Psychic's Story
Psychic Development for Everyday Living
A Psychic's Story
Psychic Development for Everyday Living
Mar 11, 2020 Season 2 Episode 4
Nichole Bigley

World renowned intuitive and parapsychologist psychic to the stars Maria Papapetros joins the show and shares the secrets to her successful workshop taught since 1975 – Psychic Development for Everyday Living. According to Maria, her quest in life is to help demystify the supernatural by removing the misconception that it only belongs to a “chosen few” and believes, as I do, that we are all psychic. Just like any other talent, it too can be developed. It just takes patience and practice.

You can contact Maria Papapetros or book a consultation at www.mpapapetros.com

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World renowned intuitive and parapsychologist psychic to the stars Maria Papapetros joins the show and shares the secrets to her successful workshop taught since 1975 – Psychic Development for Everyday Living. According to Maria, her quest in life is to help demystify the supernatural by removing the misconception that it only belongs to a “chosen few” and believes, as I do, that we are all psychic. Just like any other talent, it too can be developed. It just takes patience and practice.

You can contact Maria Papapetros or book a consultation at www.mpapapetros.com

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you are listening to a psychic story, a podcast that shares behind the scenes insights of people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. And I'm your host, Nicole Bigly. Join me every other Wednesday as I dispel the myths behind magic and more. Welcome to a psychic story. Hi, everyone. Thank you for joining a psychic story. And in this episode we are speaking with Maria Pup Petros, and she is a psychic and spiritual healer. She has been serving as a spiritual consultant to people ranging from law enforcement to the entertainment industry. And I could go on and on but very honored to have her today. And we will be talking about every day development for psychics. And if you are looking to develop your own intuitive guests, inabilities what that could look like for you. But Maria, before we go into that and what it takes and how people can, you know, grow their abilities. I wanted to just get from you. What is your story? I looked online, and I know that you have been gifted with this since and knew about it from a very young age at the age of 12. But how did your family react? And how did you embrace your guests?

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I did not know it. I thought everybody was Think I went back. Lacking that. I could tell that I you might seriously, when I was younger, But I didn't think anything of it because, um, I thought everybody was thinking the same degree, which, by the way, every single person, the nurses fighting as long as we have the psyche like we can greet psyche greed. So the call your site is very simple. It's like the voice you have a voice to think, not some people of the single stage and family shower. So it is a talent people normally have get fine. And if I have a duty attended, we all have did so. It is a challenge, and as any other thousands, these two can be developed. So that is what I come in when I teach. I usually ever have various workshops, one of them for the Arctic development. But everyday living is a three hour workshop. When people does coming from all walks of life and they of course, don't know how. I think they are not usually the clients of mine that comment that will bring somebody in along with the usual people come to court to get that 13 psychic question. Because what I offer in the classes for three hour workshop, I would love one psyche question personal practice,

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question for all participants. So gonna find me that, you know, it's normal. I would have done the same, I guess, because they some people, you know, the baby was going to know something. And so they come for that one question, maybe something they did not ask in the reading or whatever that is. So they go home with much more than that because they can read one another is well, doing. We're better with a perfect and has never done it before. I make it for easy and the sound bite stuff. They just And I'll tell you why it is good for all of us. Developed the ability within it. I have to get more mileage out of life. I definitely do believe in God. Amo Fashion does. You know the guy the guy with grey beard and

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the Martians don't have play.

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And yup, yup. And I remember from the Greek Church, the icons who have. I couldn't fight it. And we have, you know, God's image on And, uh so I didn't believe in God. Here's your number. And God has an agenda for all of us because you, me and God says to give or chocolate just told my case because he has a very sensitive stomach. And so but a little God, I mean, it is about it area of my life. However, I believe that God also gives us three willing for and I have a feeling God will not in here with a three when they actually gave us. So we have choices. Unfortunately, I have found with the year on and all the places of the off the world that I teach and raising from Greece, 30 Japan, the state, of course, which is a side Mexico, whatever. Either I I have found that most people believe that their faith in you

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where he was meant to be. And it was meant to be, was meant to be. God wasn't willing and cleaning in, um needless country. God wasn't I'm sure you heard that. You know, uh, well, God is always were you were the one way It's an easy way off blaming what happened to someone else? Usually the state golden God.

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Do you believe then that before you come to earth that you cause I completely agree with you, I think that we all have a path and we have a destiny. But we also have free choice and will. So, for example, if you come here and you decide halfway through your life, you don't want to go down that path, you want to pick the harder path or whatever that Lou would be or look like. Then, in that instance, you are still heading in the direction that you originally had agreed to before you came on this Earth plane.

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I think what to say And the truth is that where you put it? Because people may think, But the fatalism again. Certainly I believe that we Yeah, there's a part where the choice, I mean, where we have to go somewhere as the work do it we create the past is go on words like Think of yourself in the jungle

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you have to cut

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the vegetation toe Look, we create our fast as we go. We create week great and that is the idea to always go own words always go God's word. Because if you look back, the prince has been right. You know what I think

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going And, boy, I feel I like what you said it. So I you know, hard. I said, God has the last word anyway.

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things you know what? Because God created really after, is it that you want? We played that all the time. Don't week for by God. But unless when it doesn't suit us, then the

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way that I have seen it or felt it at least because as a young child growing up and you mentioned before we started a record that you picked up, that I was intuitive and think extremely untreatable. Thank you. I will take that. Is I for me Unless I experience it then to me, I don't have always open to possibilities. But at the same time, I don't necessarily hold a certain belief because I feel that unless, um, experience that or I just know it intuitively. Then I don't want it to hinder me. And so I ask this question for you and this is actually something I haven't shared before on the show. But you said that God doesn't interfere. However, when I was growing up, I actually took my little sister, who at the time she could barely walk. It was right down the street from a town house that we were living in my family. And I remember this is the only time I've ever actually heard a voice in my head. It was I'm more of a knowing person and a feeling person in a visual person, but not an audience, you know, an audio clairvoyant. And I heard in my left ear like this booming voice. Get out, Get out now! And we were only there for gosh, not even five minutes, and this car pulled up anyway. Long story short is I left. And as a result of that situation, there was a child abductor in the area. And so, yes, so I have always wondered We always have our guardians and our guides and are angels looking out for us

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because you are very exciting, even if you think claiming he did not know about it. So I'm scientists. You know what I'm saying? But you were and you were all day long we get messages, but we don't take. You don't trust you know what? The trusted your gut. And that's where you say the situation. The messages are there. Some of us may your limits. Some of us the here to voice Something happens. But so it is again. The guys that also booed us when I say the doctor would not interfere. But by God, by God, our guys on all the running, that's what they do. Yeah, and there's a date in. I don't think it here. They can tell you what to do. But do they pull you up off the road? Know that Parliament that only here that is not gonna be up. So the dangerous But no. But they send you. He was your choice. You're talking about this. He was your choice, right? Right. But you did it. You, Charles, Go. That was an amazing example.

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I'm very grateful for the for the abilities that I have, but it's the first time that actually heard. Yeah. I mean, it's helped me so many times in my life and other people as well. And you know, I'm not

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the voice. Now do you hear the way I'm seeing it also from what you return it. You get your answer.

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Okay. God will not interfere. But why did happen? Well, because you are into He doesn't think unquote do not to do. You heard something

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going for you.

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What is your guys? Your highest up? Whatever you wanna call it. Call it. But you trusted it. Some down trust to strengthen me. You did not say that, OK? Oh, yeah. Maybe you don't know my neck. You know, your thoughts passed unheeded.

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you see more? Are you?

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Yes. Yeah, absolutely. And for me, it was more, I guess because that was more of, ah, very direct instruction

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that what it's called Miracle. And before I've been writing books, um, super PACs settling in Europe. Now I'm ready to go here. Everything? Yeah. You know, discover your about the someone connecting with with their higher that ability about tactic development. But it's in the form of a book of the story instead of instructional situations. And you, you love you love you about the book. But it is, I think, these elements in detail in the damp work of writing a book and nothing that I write new when I read are other Auker say, Oh my God,

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I wish

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read it I mean, really robbery I'll tear their road Legal by God did on ever, ever, ever, ever opened my eyes and my heart in my soul that beautiful work out there,

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those air, the inspiring stories that I want to hear more about because I feel that a lot of people put out there more of the supernatural, mystical and negative that it has to be scary. And it's not

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not a I read a lot of courses. So many wonderful people writing all their wonderful my one of my heroes, Dr Joseph Murphy, the power who was a mind want to read about You read a call and he's being long gone. And it was an amazing experience having dinner within one in Los Angeles. And he was telling me, you know, movie Every day you get up and say that the best you will ever have, And I will have some 10 toe trying to tell me I couldn't get it. So after you didn't deserve you shocks me, sort of. Maria, what do you say? The best four about about

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that, I

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think is the best. That tomorrow is gonna be a less day. There's no tomorrow, you There's something. And of course, he refers to teach a big part of what I think about the power for the roads of conscious minds that knows nor does not know right from wrong Know that they have a sense of humor. So we create our world through word acts of thought and, uh, half of the world preferences with a No no. Maria, you're right. No, he couldn't raise. Let's is the press is now 40 cents. No uses. Second word like none other bodies for I'm sitting a quest. You say yes or no answer. Are you hungry? You know I'm not hungry. Uh, you Now, when you press it, though the with the word no, you press it and these is you put out negative energy that it has nothing put here itself to because it's not unanswered. Something not think half of the world does the same thing you do. You are bothering you right now. I like process with the no. After the wide become three huge All the martyrs of negative in the ghost who are is I say sometimes toe around Karnik Bank and then something. We want something to happen. Very minds want to know he's gonna call. We're going to know it's been a windy going to know if you go here, there and universal No, you already know if I know I come a child like present tension from doing right now. But that is the best way. Some people together, we must assume responsibility for what it is that we create. Yes, I said earlier, the guard has the last word, However, how we didn't gonna get tested. How are going to I we're going to pass in the school that were the blessings off some meaning to who were bored and only was our behavior, I would go through it. And, uh so the idea of stability to be in charge off what it is that will create I don't know. Did I?

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Yes. Well, yes, exactly. It's it's perfect because I heard this one time this sane that you are living the life that you want to live. And in my mind, I was like, Yep, and I was like, No, I'm not like I want to be more financial abundance. I wanna I wanna you know, all these things. And then I thought just what you said is that here in my mind whether or not I'm verbally saying it or acting out on the actions, I'm thinking things like, Well, what about a year from now? Two years from now, three years from now. I'm not being present. I'm not being in the moment. Right. So it's so true that you were People want

spk_1:   16:09
to know what? Your mother All

spk_0:   16:11
right? True. Right. But then I also say which and I can't take credit cause this is not my quote, but that were spiritually beings having a human experience. And if we all knew that

spk_1:   16:22
bottle that one

spk_0:   16:25
sure were spiritually beans here on earth, having a human experience, Yes. So what that means is we're all here trying to force ourselves into this like human experience. And we're like, No, I want this and this and doing this. But in reality, the point for us to learn and love and grow is the spiritual growths rate. That

spk_1:   16:46
is one of the best I have heard.

spk_0:   16:48
I'm glad I could teach you somebody Video. You

spk_1:   16:52
are you social media you like with some Your Uh

spk_0:   16:57
Yes. I just actually started following you on instagram. I checked out your page. I'm on

spk_1:   17:03
a little bit. Cool your mind?

spk_0:   17:05
Well, definitely. If I use any of them, I will give you credit and tank. You it,

spk_1:   17:09
please go ahead. I won't. I will cooled someone. Oi, These everybody schools I love it. But is that you think would have come from one

spk_0:   17:24
studio? I

spk_1:   17:25
did not know what is. What is your luck? Me?

spk_0:   17:29
Bigly b i g l e y

spk_1:   17:32
All right. So as you can see, a very passionate about the subject off static developments

spk_0:   17:38
in me And

spk_1:   17:39
I want to say to the world we are all cited Every single one of us. He has a Viking. Your Partick that's tinkle and way in court order Doesn't say Oh, I knew it.

spk_0:   17:54

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Nobody told you. I knew it Well, really. And the doctor opens fun. And that car we did not know that would not hear dumped of this place. You know what I mean? These guys Then I learned a lot. Uh, you call a lot. A lot of that's possible is you ready in my background, I became aware off. No, I wasn't packet experiences, but I have not told them that at the time because I did not know the difference. They will. Whatever, uh, later on, for seven years, 25. From that, I think I found out I got visiting a another A professional. The wonderful, wonderful would cry kick. And during the kinds of us and, um told me that I wasn't looking from there and, uh, so much prepared I will get you story of the things that has helped me a lot is predictions that I need June the team off 81. I told the remember Look, I lived in the Hotel California, and I told my sister one day I was having lunch. She I said, I don't remember the date because it was my pictures of her birthday. Will Very cold city. And I go on my sister. Oh, I'm gonna die. You know, uh, and, uh, my sister going you go do with the old Christian calendar is called the allegory. Very like God, like Ananda move. And he was like that, making the kind of the cross how? There you tell

spk_0:   19:42

spk_1:   19:42
in your eating. I said, that means that I'm going to have maybe an experience letting rebirth.

spk_0:   19:48
It wasn't like a physical death. It was just ah, you know, Yeah,

spk_1:   19:53
but But then I was seeing those, and they came again. He wasn't coming, and I was getting a continued. Now I saw I felt that I was at a mortuary and, um, I saw and I felt that that there was a you know, someone was laid out and he was And, uh, if you could I think so, Yeah, I see. I see the the mortuary, though that would be a big change, I guess in a horrible through And for me to see that and your was you know, hearing the answer. She said to me, Oh, yeah. Another. You're going to tell us the date. Ah, when I

spk_0:   20:41
know. Yeah.

spk_1:   20:41
ST Marina's Day. Now

spk_0:   20:43

spk_1:   20:43
calendar. We will celebrate name days Like my name. Day Marie, eyes that every day is close is over 16 forest, I said, Oh, thank Marina Day. I did not know what sailor in the day was, but he had agree calendar in the pantry to want it because people that's of infused off Dylan. So I just start talking about other things that Mr Forgot all about it and seventies of the line. I agree with the mortuary Piers mortuary viewing the biggest part of me being laid out, that with my son, who died of no cars, Um, the rifle team a year, no cause and the day of the trial today off because but because he was under age 16.5, not 18 could not arrive natural causes. So they took time to put him down. So ended up doing waas 17th of July. Now, this is rare because of that, with radical its founding a year later as situations I cannot be denied. So that has become a go to this day. I mean, the day I cried in Camaguey thing, I'm cold. I'm trying to hold up right now, but I've learned so much because I took a year Exactly. And I started communicating. And, uh, he was an interesting situation. So how they're going to be all in my book that you're going to read an unpublished because I have proved them written like a federally now the teen years are that the closest thing to death prediction that have come. People are some people that it I want to hear that

spk_0:   22:32
right or they don't want to hear the answer than that They know themselves. Who,

spk_1:   22:37
however, with my spirit, is Nicole cannot predict that I It was the closest that the only time I afterwards, like I had people who will come to the table by God, Maria, you told my grandma would move back to Montana into her green, beautiful, lush green pastures that she left when she was a child. And she was right. And he told me she was going to move. Is there a September 1? So we'll get what she moved to other pastures, but they So in that respect you get, sometimes you can see it later on. Oh, that's what money and must have meant. But that cannot be predicted. There some psychic tablets, um, that they either they want that our people, whatever the reason being, is that they predict death. And from what I know, some clients come to see me the wrong anyway, so, to me, the way I work, I cannot

spk_0:   23:34
I have a question for you about me because when I was and I very rarely do this because I wanted to be about the listeners and what information they can get. But when I was really young, I told my mom that I didn't think that I was gonna live past 20 or whatever. And it wasn't big. It wasn't morbid. So can you explain to me what that was? Cause she's like, Stop saying that. And I said, Well, I can see myself up into a certain age but then I can't see past that. And that, to me, was weird. It's almost like having vision and then having vision taken away from you or smell and sent.

spk_1:   24:10
Ah, of all. When you start feeling talk Eternity 12 13 years old, he can scare you a bit. And maybe you remember. But don't be digging Will feel it because I think you were treated a very young age and he's goto blocked it. If you had nice change, that comforting to 20 you would have had a lot. You know what I'm saying?

spk_0:   24:35

spk_1:   24:36
dead, But you need, like a normal child and, uh, the so you came into your shoes By 20. It was a change worker change. Maybe he cannot count, but it's now. But think about it. Common things change. You're playing around with the choices that we're all most of us are born. I caught a little with a piece of the puzzle. You had more than one. That was before we talked that you have been fighting to wear. You know what I mean?

spk_0:   25:07
He was

spk_1:   25:08
unconscious at the time. You you're getting that. We didn't have the education of the tactic. Well, so call it any different. And you felt God, you know your life Well, way doesn't make you

spk_0:   25:28
Oh, absolutely. Yeah, it was more, Um it was just as I was growing up, my family would say, Well, you're gonna get married and have kids. You're gonna do this. And I was like, No, I'm not or yes, I am. And I was just very determined. And when they said well, about a certain age, I'm like, Well, I don't know, I couldn't see past that time frame. And to me, that was a foreign concept because but what you're saying totally resonates because it was almost like a path, right? It was a choice of and, um like, he said, whether protecting or blocking or whatever so that I could have that experience and have not normal,

spk_1:   26:05
right, because it was her parents. They have blown them beautiful settlement in the inner or he's got a very wife who doesn't have no matter what does that have to do anything just because they want to recreate himself. But what most of the time, the parents, the lesson, you know and the But you really be really special. You had to go through your life is worth 20 old enough to know things Well, the you're so so and you that so it wasn't a trace on the day was the

spk_0:   26:45
voice was the first that I remember that I recall

spk_1:   26:48
you had bad

spk_0:   26:50
when you say the miracle, what to me? And I want to share this with the listeners because and I'm sure my mom would be fine with this. Is that the double miracle with that? Was that, um, my mother was in the house and she had a vision, and she shook the vision out of her mind. And then as she shook it out of her mind, it kept coming back, and she actually got out of the shower, looked out the window, saw the person out of the car and said girls and actually called me in which case and that man, Rian. So we had both of our guard eating her guides and are angels looking out for us in that fit familial situation and that spiritual situation. And so that's why I call it out in particular because that was something that, to me, was so powerful that, um, it makes me grateful. But at the same time, there is a lot of what's positive in the world. There's also negative, and you do need to be aware and protect yourself in those instances.

spk_1:   27:54
Absolutely. I'm telling you now, by the way, you're multitalented. You good with food. You're good with our anything to do with that. You should be done thing. Listen to music and dance. It's very important for you to gun for that appeal. You do Enough of that and nothing you cannot do you personally are multitalented. Just do not pay attention to your talent. Writing books would have to a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot because you couldn't see the fact that you are. And I hope to God you indicate the biggest part of my work is medication is our 10 year later have about 25.7 medications corn Donna YouTube channel, Sana, Syrian A, uh, that is formed by George Brown because they can't gang member and all you need to do goto YouTube asana and but my name scene with her and wallah.

spk_0:   28:58
I will definitely put that in the show notes for sure and let people know.

spk_1:   29:02
And many, quite a few of the

spk_0:   29:05
guidance of

spk_1:   29:06
my friends are amazing. Williams she announces many and then we do meditations together And, um really awesome. Yeah. You know, nickel, we do not pray enough. We do not medicated, not the work. Miracles happen.

spk_0:   29:28
Yeah, you're absolutely right. I pray every day and I make it a practice every night before I go to bed. Maybe not as much in the morning, but I did do this. If people haven't tried it out or you haven't tried it out, there's this app called headspace. And you can go. You can download it and they have meditations. You can do a world meditation. It will tell you what time and how many people are connected online and doing that? But I for the first time one day I did a morning meditation because I'm not a morning person. It just has never been in my, you know, wheelhouse. But I did that. And it so balanced me for the rest of the day that I want to try and do that as we're

spk_1:   30:12
going check my medicine, let me know right down, because I

spk_0:   30:20
guess headspace. Yeah. Yeah. It's a great business concept, because what they do is if you have anxiety or if you have sleeping problems or whatever it is, you can turn on anxiety

spk_1:   30:34
ever. So, by God, Thank you so much.

spk_0:   30:39
Okay, no problem. Yeah. No, thank you So much for anyone that's interested. You can follow Maria online, and I will add the information in the show. Notes. Have a great one, Maria. Thank you so much. Thank you. Okay. Absolutely have a great one. But fucking But thank you for listening to a psychic story. Please be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode and doing the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are free on your favorite podcast player or at a second story dot com.